OP Sequence

OP: 「幸せ」 (Shiawase) by (Omoinotake)

「修学旅行」 (Shūgakuryokō)
“Class Trip”

After watching this premiere, I had just one thing to say- Why? That they entitle this season “Pieces” is no joke- it’s literally in pieces. I totally forgot that these chapters hadn’t been adapted. It seemed thrown together- like the Kyoto trip then the pool back to back, no chronological connection- like random tidbits mushed together. Couldn’t they have turned this into two seasons of just the story from beginning to end or just one proper season with everything in there? It’s like making a meat pie but forgetting to put the filling in when you baked it and then going back later and baking the filling you forgot. With just the filling out of its proper context, it’ll fall apart.

We had the Kyoto visit and Miyamura’s tattoo trouble in the bathroom (Hori saves the day), before Horimiya became a couple. Not much to comment on that part (or on the following part with Miyamura’s try-on and subsequent rooftop discussion), except that it’s nice to see some Hori x Miya together. Oh yeah, and the weird stills with the paint splotches in the background were annoying, but those might have been a relic from the previous season, if I remember correctly.

Then, there’s Miyamura (Uchiyama Kouki) and his tattoo trouble in the pool. They went out there with the whole exploding arm and Miya getting a period excuse to cover up Miyamura and Sengoku’s (Okamoto Nobuhiko) real reasons for avoiding the pool, namely Miyamura’s tattoos and Sengoku’s struggle with body image. The contrived excuses were so bizarre and incomprehensible that they would be almost chuckle-worthy – except that it’s clear that they have no understanding of what they’re actually talking about in a very low brow way. I’m sure Hori (Tomatsu Haruka) would give Miyamura a good chewing out if she heard him (maybe)- or at least I would. No teacher in their right mind would buy those reasons- but their homeroom teacher does (and I doubt he’s in his right mind either). It works out ok for the boys in the end and they get cleaning duty instead of pool time.

I will say, I did quite like the OP. It had the same vibes as the OP (which I thought was good) from the previous season. As a fan of the manga, I will still watch this jigsaw puzzle of an add on, but it will always leave me wishing the adaptation had turned out differently than it did.

ED Sequence

ED: 「URL」 by (Ami Sakaguchi)


  1. It’s nice to see the characters again, and feeling natural, which they really weren’t toward the end of season 1, but the whole thing just feels disjointed.

    For right now, the appeal of the characters themselves is going to get me to episode 2, as I remembered how much I really did love them

  2. If only they had made these episodes in the first season instead of the usual classics 12 episodes!!! I suppose they didn’t expect such a success. The OP as usual is wonderful.

  3. If you want just good slice-of-life fun, then this series’ episodes would serve as a bunch of “OVAs/specials” mashed together for a bit of giggles. I suppose we’ll see a bit more classroom student or “youth” times before the cast graduates.

    random viewer
  4. It feels more like the cut scenes or extra scenes on a DVD that the production cut for whatever reason…

    I think if you’ve read the series multiple times (I have) then these random pieces are enjoyable, but otherwise there’s not going to be much of an audience for them.

    Nevertheless, despite how stupid both boys’ excuses were, I nearly cried laughing when I read the manga, and I was cackling at the animated version bringing back the humor I experienced while reading. So, I will be tuning in for the rest of the episodes.


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