Centaur no Nayami – 05

「南極人って噂が一人歩きしてるみたい. / でも, 結局, 南極人って歴史もルーツも謎だよね.」 (Nankyokujintte Uwasa ga Hitori Aruki Shiteru Mitai. / Demo, Kekkyoku, Nankyokujintte Rekishi mo Roots mo Nazo Da yo ne.)
“Antarcticans Are Like Walking Rumors. / But in the End, the Antarcticans` History and Roots Are a Mystery, Too.”

Would Snakes on a Plane be this universe’s The Birth of a Nation?

Centaur no Nayami – 04

「ラブレターをもらって困惑する… その心は? / UFO, UMAの類を信じるか信じないかでタイプが分かれるよね.」 (Love Letter o Moratte Konwaku Suru… Sono Kokoro wa? / UFO, UMA no Rui o Shinjinaika de Type ga Wakareru yo ne.)
“Why Are We So Bewildered When We Receive a Love Letter? / You Can Tell What Type a Person Is by Whether They Believe in UMAs and UFOs or Not.”

They have the Discovery Channel, don’t they?
ACHTUNG! Some images may be NSFW just in case