Mawaru Penguindrum – 13

「僕と君の罪と罰」 (Boku to Kimi no Tsumi to Batsu)
“Our Crime and Punishment”

Hmm, it sounds like someone wants to try and fight against the Attractor Field in Mawaru Penguindrum. Evidently, Sanetoshi hasn’t seen the endless hell that Kyouma went through when he unknowingly tried to do the same. Someone should really tell him that the secret lies in fooling the world. *uses a deep badass voice* 「最初のお前を騙せ。世界を騙せ!」 (Saisho no omae wo damase. Sekai wo damase!)

Mawaru Penguindrum – 12

「僕たちを巡る輪」 (Bokutachi wo Meguru Wa)
“The Ring that Spins Us Around”

After sitting on this episode for the better part of a day, I’d like to say I’ve come up with some brilliant theory to explain how the story of Mary and her lambs ties in with the Takakuras, but I’m still lacking enough information to formulate an idea that I’m even convinced about.

Mawaru Penguindrum – 11

「ようやく君は気がついたのさ」 (Youyaku Kimi wa Kigatsuita no sa)
“You Finally Realized It”

It was as if the stars penguin drums aligned this episode, as all my suspicions last episode somehow turned out to be correct. From Masako and her obsession with Kanba to Mario and the need for Ringo’s diary, there were plenty of confirmations to around. Best of all, they’re pushing the Shouma x Ringo pairing like I’ve been hoping.

Mawaru Penguindrum – 08

「君の恋が嘘でも僕は」 (Kimi no Koi ga Uso demo Boku wa)
“Even If Your Love is a Lie, I…”

They say that opposites attract, so I’d like to believe the Shouma x Ringo pairing that’s been played up will see the light of day at some point. Maybe all it takes to get through to a psychopath like Ringo is someone risking their life to save hers.

Mawaru Penguindrum – 07

「タマホマレする女」 (Tamahomare Suru Shoujo)
“The Egg Worshipping Girl”

Holy fabulous max Batman. I don’t recall the last time Noto Mamiko’s been in such a persuasive role. I really don’t know what Ringo can do against Yuri at this point, except maybe raping Kenju in his sleep and having his babies. Wait what? She’s really doing that? Well I’ll be damned.

Mawaru Penguindrum – 06

「Mでつながる私とあなた 」 (M de Tsunagaru Watashi to Anata)
“You and I are Bound by M”

So it looks like I wasn’t completely off the mark when I had my doubt’s about Ringo’s diary. I wasn’t banking on the older sister angle, but the name Momoka does put a new perspective on the peach “destiny” stamps seen before. (“Momo” means “peach” in Japanese.)

Mawaru Penguindrum – 05

「だから僕はそれをするのさ」 (Dakara Boku wa Sore wo Suru no sa)
“That’s Why I Do This”

“Seizon Senryaku” is back and everything in the Mawaru Penguindrum world feels right again. Well, about as right as it can be with Ringo getting dragged into this alternate dimension for the very first time and making her mark on it almost immediately.