Honey & Clover – 23 Insert Song

Today’s insert song is Suga Shikao’s 「Room201」 from his 2001 album 「Sugarless」. It’s a nice slow song. Today’s episode of Honey & Clover continues on with Takemoto’s journey (that looks to be what ep 24 is about too). Now if only C1 or Solar would sub episode 22….
Edit a few hours later: I spoke too soon….

Live Action Series News

  • Manga Jouhou is reporting that “Boku wa Imouto ni Koi o Suru will be adapted into a live action drama. Right now they are auditioning for misc. characters.”
    I watched the OVA a while back (even blogged it), and I’ve read some of the manga, but I had no idea the series was that popular. When this drama comes out, I’ll definitely be watching it out of morbid curiosity on how they handle the siscon issues in a live action setting.
  • They are also linking an article that says that there will be a Densha Otoko drama side story, featuring “Guitar Otoko.” It will air on October 6th under the tentative title “Densha Otoko・Another Story“. That’s two weeks after the final episode this week. It’ll feature Matsunaga Yusaku (he’s one of Tsuyoshi’s otaku friends), played by Gekidan Hitori, as the protagonist. You can count on me watching this too…