Show Airtime in Japan (GMT +9) Airtime in US (EDT, GMT -4) ANN Entry Blogged?
Sousei no Aquarion Monday, 25:00 Monday, 12:00 Link Raw
Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge Monday, 26:15 Monday, 13:15 Link Dropped
Bleach Tuesday, 18:30 Tuesday, 5:30 Link Raw
Kamichu! Tuesday, 26:40 Tuesday, 13:40 Link Subbed
FMP! The Second Raid Wednesday, 24:00 Wednesday, 11:00 Link Raw
Suzuka Wednesday, 25:00 Wednesday, 12:00 Link Raw
Densha Otoko Thursday, 22:00 Thursday, 9:00 Link Raw
SHUFFLE! Thursday, 24:30 Thursday, 11:30 Link Raw
Ichigo Mashimaro Thursday, 25:55 Thursday, 12:55 Link No
Amaenaideyo!! Friday, 10:00 Thursday, 21:00 Link Dropped
Zettai Shounen Saturday, 8:06 Friday, 19:06 Link Raw
Gundam SEED Destiny Saturday, 18:00 Saturday, 5:00 Link Raw
Tsubasa Chronicle Saturday, 18:30 Saturday, 5:30 Link Subbed
Da Capo Second Season Saturday, 24:30 Saturday, 11:30 Link Raw
Oku-sama wa Joshi Kousei Saturday, 25:30 Saturday, 12:30 Link Subbed
Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo Sunday, 24:00 Sunday, 11:00 Link Raw
Paniponi Dash! Sunday, 24:30 Sunday, 11:30 Link No

Note: All times are given in a 24 hour format, using what I call relative day time where times are extended to show which day they belong to. For instance, Friday morning at 1:30AM would become Thurday at 25:30 to show that the episode aired late Thursday night. This list is by no means complete, it’s just stuff I keep track of and/or watch.

Music Releases I’m looking forward to (this list is more for personal reference):
Wednesday, July 20th: Honey and Clover ED2 (Mistake by THE BAND HAS NO NAME)
Thursday, July 21st: D.C.S.S. OP (サクライロノキセツ by yozuca*), Amaenaideyo!! OST (includes OP and ED)
Wednesday, July 27th: Gundam SEED Destiny OP4 (Wing of Words by CHEMISTRY), Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo OP and ED single (ホーム&アウェイ by Melocure and jewelry by Inoue Kikuko)
Wednesday, August 3rd: Gundam SEED Destiny ED4 (君は僕に似ている by See-Saw), SHUFFLE! OP (YOU by YURIA), Densha Otoko ED (世界はそれを愛と呼ぶんだぜ by サンボマスター)
Wednesday, August 10th: Gundam SEED Destiny Insert (vestige by T.M. Revolution), XXXHOLiC movie Main Theme Song (サナギ by Suga Shikao (!!!!!!!!!!))
Saturday, August 13th: Suzuka OP and ED single (スタートライン and 青いフィールド by COACH☆)
Thursday, August 18th: FMP! TSR OP (南風 by Shimokawa Mikuni)
Wednesday, August 24th: SHUFFLE! ED (innocence by Hashimoto Miyuki), D.C.S.S. ED (暁に咲く詩 by CooRie), Sousei no Aquarion OP2 (GO TIGHT! by AKINO)
Wednesday, August 31th: NANA Movie Theme Song (Glamorous Sky by Mika Nakashima [who plays Nana!])
Wednesday, September 7th: BLEACH ED4 (happypeople by Skoop On Somebody)

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