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kurenai – 07

「女」 (Onna)

While watching an eating contest on television, Murasaki, Tamaki, and Yamie discuss about where to find a good man. Hearing this prompts Murasaki to suggest Shinkurou, because she thinks he’s kind and strong, but Tamaki says he’s still a lolicon, despite clearing all the requirements.

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Allison & Lillia – 07

「託された者たち」 (Takusareta Monotachi)
“Entrusted People”

In order to grant Fiona’s request, Allison and the others stop by the Sou Beil base to borrow some airplanes. Using his hero status, Benedict also asks for one of the latest fighter planes to be prepared, unbeknownst to the maintenance crew that Allison’s planning to snatch it for her own personal use. (i.e. sightseeing with Wil.)

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Macross Frontier – 07

While Sheryl is holding her goodbye concert, the Macross Frontier fleet arrives on the battlefield with the mission of rescuing the surviving ships and collecting data on the Vajra.

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