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The Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of Uruk~ – 12 (END)

With Druaga rampaging about, Jil proposes a plan where he lures it to the spot above them in order to restrict the monster’s movements.

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To LOVE-Ru – 12

「戦慄!体育祭」 (Seiritsu! Taiikusai)
“Shudder! The Sports Festival”

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kurenai – 12 (END)

「われ存在り」 (Ware Ari)
“I Exist”

Realizing that Shinkurou headed back to the Kuhouin household, Benika and Yayoi also decide to head back, but are pursued by Lin Chenshin. In the Inner Sanctuary, Shinkurou is met by Renjou, who tells him to leave if he doesn’t want to die.

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