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  • I apologize for the lack of Daily Doses recently. The Summer 2008 Preview is taking a lot longer than I thought to write because I have quite a bit to say about some of the series. I’m compiling this Daily Dose because I don’t want to fall too far behind on the news, and because I want to point people to the newest Parallel Works video.
  • This week’s Gurren Lagann Parallel Works belongs to artist SUEZEN, and it combines the instrumental track BafBaf! Sonna ni Moeru no ga…Suki Kai? with video of Viral and the others playing a Gurren Lagann themed pachinko machine. It’s an amusing watch, though I still like last week’s more, both in song and in accompanying video. It’s hard to beat “raw! raw! fight the power!”
  • Gonzo plans to stream the upcoming summer anime Strike Witches on crunchyroll and YouTube like it did with Druaga and Blassreiter.
  • There were a lot of new anime announced this week. First up, MOON PHASE reports that kiss x sis, the manga by Mahoromatic author Ditama Bow, is getting a television anime series. Details will be released in next issue of Bessatsu Young Magazine.
  • Tabletop RPG Queen’s Blade is also getting a television anime series.
  • Popular shoujo manga Skip Beat! is getting a television anime series this fall as well. It will be produced by Hal Film Maker and will be directed by Sayama Kiyoko.
  • Game company Leaf‘s White Album is also getting an anime and a PS3 port.
  • In music news, the new ED theme for SOUL EATER will be Style by Nishino Kana. The new ED theme for D.Gray-man will be Changin’ by Stephanie. The new ED theme for Bleach will be Gallop by pe’zmoku. Thanks Haz.
  • The website for upcoming summer anime Koihime Musou has (finally) updated with new information.
  • If you find anything that you think I should mention on any particular day’s Daily Dose, please send me an email with the words “ANIME NEWS” somewhere in the subject line.
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    Allison & Lillia – 12

    「リリアーヌの長い一日」 (Ririaane no Nagai Ichinichi)
    “Long First Day in Lilliane”

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    CODE GEASS R2 – 11

    Everyone at Ashford is relieved to hear that Milly is okay, and Lelouch offers Shirley a handkerchief because she had been so worried.

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    Kanokon – 12 (END)

    「ついにしちゃう?」 (Tsui ni Shichau?)
    “Finally Do It?”

    Episode at a Glance:
    Having not received a proper answer from Kouta at the beach, Chizuru begins worrying about how he really feels about her.

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