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Sakamichi no Apollon – 06

“You Don’t Know What Love is”

If you ask me what my favorite NoitaminA series this season is, my answer might have to be “What time is it?”

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Medaka Box – 07

「誰にでもこういうことするの?/勝手でなければ!!」 (Darenidemo Kouiu Koto suru no? / Katte Denakereba!!)
“Does She Do This to Everyone? / My own tune!!”

It looks like I may have a new favourite character after this week’s episode!

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My Way or the Anime – Does This Need to Exist?

Objection! Does this post need to exist? o.O

Generally, I’m a pretty happy, optimistic guy, at least when it comes to anime. Sure, not every show is a masterpiece, but what’s the point of getting worked up about at TV show? It’s far better to just enjoy it for what it is and get worked up about important things, like why the couple who lives next door always comes back and blares music at 2 o’clock in the morning when I have work the next day and IS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO PUT YOUR TRASH OUT IN THE NUDE!?!?

Ahem. Anyway…

More after the jump.

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Mouretsu Pirates – 19

「四人の絆」 (Yonin no Kizuna)
“The Bonds of the Four”

Seems as if this series is following up each major arc with two filler episodes, and contrary to the title, the first one of the pair actually wasn’t really about bonding at all.

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