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Eureka Seven AO – 09

「イン・ザ・ダーク・ウィー・リヴ/enemy below」 (In Za Dāku Wī Rivu)
“In the Dark We Live”

The classic introduction of an anime villain is surely, “Hey – you’re that guy from the toilet!”

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FAIRY TAIL 286 – Laxus VS. Alexei

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Sankarea – 10

「強い…思い…」 (Tsuyoi… Omoi…)
“Strong… Feelings…”

The long awaited explanation for Rea’s distant and alcoholic mother… and it’s a much better background story than last week’s.

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Chihayafuru – Season 2 Announced

Sometimes the good guys win after all.

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Mouretsu Pirates – 22

「海賊狩り」 (Kaizoki Gari)
“Pirate Hunting”

Turns out life as a pirate still involves the risking of life and limb, as Mouretsu Pirates begins with its final story arc with a bang. Literally. As in explosions.

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Aquarion EVOL – 22, 23

「復活の翼/神話センリツ」 (Fukkatsu no Tsubasa/Shinwa Senritsu)
“Wings of Rebirth/Song of Legend”

The original golden Aquarion has a great finish. 12,000 years worth of grime came off like magic!

I’m assuming everyone has seen the current episode by now but if you haven’t: massive spoilers ahead under episode 23′s write-up! You have been warned.

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