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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – 05

「吉田くんちの事情」 (Yoshida Kunchi no Jijou)
“Yoshida Family Matters”

Today’s episode wasn’t all sweet as Yuuzan would like, but rather shook the foundations of Mitty and Haru’s relationship. Also, enter Hanazawa Kana.

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Little Busters! – 04

「幸せのひだまりを作るのです」 (Shiawase no Hidamari o Tsukuru no desu)
“I’ll Make a Happy Sunny Spot”

When I said Maeda Jun series always have at least one moemoe character “or two” – I didn’t think I’d be proven right quite so quickly.

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Shin Sekai Yori – 05

「逃亡の熱帯夜」 (Tobo no Nettaiya)
“A Sweltering Night on the Run”

Following last episode’s game-changer, Shin Sekai Yori is upping the ante considerably on all fronts. The characters are seeing quite a bit of action – in more ways than one – and the scale of the story is getting larger than ever. And the best part? We’ve barely scraped the surface of this show.

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Hiiro no Kakera: Dai Ni Shou – 05

「涙の真実」 (Namida no Shinjitsu)
“The Truth Behind the Tears”

Oy, oy, oy oy, Grandma. I don’t even –

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