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「友情ヨーソロー」 (Yuujyouu Yoosoroo)
“Friendly Yoosoroo”

With a full night’s sleep and my head on straight, let’s jump straight into this!

Yoosoroo Time!

Starting as my favorite character but slightly getting edged out by the likes of Hanamaru and Kanan, You still holds a spot in my heart as one of the slightly more serious characters in the show. Unless it involves a costume, she’s usually the one who’ll keep her head on straight. A characteristic that I really appreciate since you can only have some many characters that move at their own pace before it starts to grow old. Anyways, even though it wasn’t as emotional as I thought it would be, I loved how a season worth of buildup finally paid off this week. From the glances You would cast toward Chika or the faces she’d make when Chika was brought up, it was nice to get some affirmation that there was something going on behind it and that it wasn’t just all in my head.

Anyways, even though it may have been a little quick, I’m glad the show didn’t mope around too long with the drama involving the second years. With lots of bigger things at stake (like seeing our girls qualify for the actual Love Live competition) and who knows how many more trials still left (like getting to wipe the smirks off of Saint Snow), I would have been super angry if we ended up with some stupid miscommunication issue that turned into the second coming of the third years. In the end though, we had a pretty touching moment between the two oldest Aqours members as You finally let her emotions out and you know what? I don’t think I would have preferred it any other way.

Random Thoughts

Sprinkled throughout the entire episode, in-between all the serious moments, were some pure gold when it came to our other girls. From Hanamaru showing off her love for technology to Ruby dropping her catchphrase, there was also some judo-esque flipping and even some kabedon-ing just for good measure. Things that really had no significance in the grand scheme of things, but were sure fun to watch.

Looking Ahead

With another roadblock cleared, it feels like there’s nothing left standing in Aqours’ way as they try to get closer and closer to their goal. Something that I hope lasts for a little while but not for too long since it’s never good to fall into a state of being too uncomfortable. Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week! See you!

  • Insert Song: 想いよひとつになれ by 高海千歌(伊波杏樹)、松浦果南(諏訪ななか)、黒澤ダイヤ(小宮有紗)、渡辺曜(斉藤朱夏)、津島善子(小林愛香)、国木田花丸(高槻かなこ)、小原鞠莉(鈴木愛奈)、黒澤ルビィ(降幡愛)
  • My current rankings: Hanamaru/Kanan, Dia/Mari, Ruby/You, Chika, Yoshiko, Riko. No big change this week.



September 11, 2016 at 7:26 pm