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Random Musings – Laughter Is The Best Medicine

This isn’t so much a news post as just some stuff that made me laugh this week:
-The Densha Otoko Deluxe Special aired yesterday. There were some funny moments (like the end of the episode, but I won’t spoil it), but it was actually overall quite serious, though also very corny/campy at certain points. At two hours, it was a bit long, but definitely worth watching if you’re a Densha Otoko fan, especially since they brought back what appeared to be the entire cast and played all the familiar songs from the soundtrack. They updated the OP with some new shots of Mina (courtesy of GONZO), which I’ve included above. On that note, the real Mina anime that GONZO is making now has a website. Yes, if you haven’t heard, Mina, in the same fake-title-getting-a-real-animation sense as Kujibiki Unbalance, is getting an anime coming in January.
-Maritan Concentration Drills is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time. See Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C. There’s nothing like a loli spewing profusely profane Full Metal Jacket quotations to make my day. All under the guise of teaching unconventional English. :)
-Site’s been down a bit these past few days. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it except complain to Maestro or Dreamhost. Hopefully Dreamhost will improve their uptime in these coming days.

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Random Musings – Jumping the Shark Edition

-For those of you who are Densha Otoko fans, there will be a 2-hour special airing at 9:00PM JST on September 23rd, 2006 called 「電車男デラックス~最後の聖戦~」 (Densha Otoko Deluxe ~The Last Crusade~). According to the first announcement from back in July, Densha Otoko is planning to marry Saori, but along comes a new rival (played by Kitamura Kazuki). It will apparently take place in Tahiti and will also feature Saori’s grandfather (played by Fujimura Shunji), along with most of the original cast (including Shiraishi Miho). I’m interested, but it’s more like cautiously optimistic. A special like this can easily turn out to be complete crap. Incidentally, Sept. 23rd is the same day as the last episode of Blood+.

-The web preview of the next episode of Zero no Tsukaima is up.
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-Rumor has it that the ending song to the final episode of Fate/stay night, 「君との明日」 (Kimi to no Ashita), performed by Tainaka Sachi, will be released on November 22nd, 2006. This is based on rumblings about it on various bbs, but I haven’t seen any concrete proof yet (i.e. an Amazon.co.jp or Neowing listing or something similar). We’ll have to wait and see for more news.

-And finally, some good news and bad news. Bad news: it seems that Naakay will be unable to blog Honey and Clover II. For now, that show is in limbo because I don’t have the time to blog it myself. Good news: on the other hand, wh0sj0hngalt is signing onto the team to help out with the rest of Ouran High School Host Club.

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Densha Otoko – Special

Short Summary:
While Saori and Tsuyoshi are on their trip together, we flashback to the beginning of the series, after Tsuyoshi first helps Saori in the subway. The story then proceeds from two different perspectives: Ushijima (the Hanshin Tigers fan) and Matsunaga & Kawamoto (Tsuyoshi’s friends).

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Densha Otoko – 11 (END)

Short Summary:
Reading the entire message board, Saori is moved to tears by Tsuyoshi’s messages as Densha Otoko. She rushes out to find him, but Kazuya has other plans.

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Live Action Series News

  • Manga Jouhou is reporting that “Boku wa Imouto ni Koi o Suru will be adapted into a live action drama. Right now they are auditioning for misc. characters.”
    I watched the OVA a while back (even blogged it), and I’ve read some of the manga, but I had no idea the series was that popular. When this drama comes out, I’ll definitely be watching it out of morbid curiosity on how they handle the siscon issues in a live action setting.
  • They are also linking an article that says that there will be a Densha Otoko drama side story, featuring “Guitar Otoko.” It will air on October 6th under the tentative title “Densha Otoko・Another Story“. That’s two weeks after the final episode this week. It’ll feature Matsunaga Yusaku (he’s one of Tsuyoshi’s otaku friends), played by Gekidan Hitori, as the protagonist. You can count on me watching this too…
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    Densha Otoko – 10

    Short Summary:
    After getting beat up by Keisuke and rejected by Saori, Tsuyoshi returns home to tell his bbs friends the news. Deciding that the best course of action is to not post there anymore, he turns off his computer.

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    Densha Otoko – 09

    Short Summary:
    Tsuyoshi and Saori go out on a date to Akihabara, amazing all the otakus there. He even takes her to his secret spot overlooking the area, but is unable to take advantage of the situation and confess.

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    Densha Otoko – 08

    Short Summary:
    Kazuya reluctantly helps Tsuyoshi to the hospital, but starts a campaign to make Saori his and deter Tsuyoshi. He introduces himself her fiancé to Tsuyoshi’s face, and goes as far as to block Tsuyoshi on her cell phone.

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    Densha Otoko – 07

    Short Summary:
    Tsuyoshi is devastated by Saori’s words. Unfortunately, his state of shock is jarred when he and Misuzu run into Saori and Keisuke.

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    Densha Otoko – 06

    Short Summary:
    Tsuyoshi gets invited to Saori’s house for tea and a movie. His online friends urge him to confess, but he is unable to. They make another date, but Tsuyoshi later learns that Comiket lands on the same day.

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    Densha Otoko – 05

    Short Summary:
    Saori invites Tsuyoshi to a triple date with her friends. Tsuyoshi tries to find co-workers to go, but ends up taking his otaku friends.

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    Densha Otoko – 04

    Short Summary:
    It turns that that Saori’s friend Sawazaki Kaho doesn’t recognize Tsuyoshi. The dinner goes decently well, despite some meddling by Saori’s friend. Tsuyoshi ends up calling Saori afterwords and they set another date, this time to go to the ocean.

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    Densha Otoko – 03

    Short Summary:
    The date between Tsuyoshi and Saori goes rather well, despite Tsuyoshi’s social ineptness. Although it ends rather uneventfully, he manages to call her the next day and set up another date.

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    Densha Otoko – 01, 02

    Short Summary:
    Aoyama Saori and Yamada Tsuyoshi are from completely different worlds. She is from an affluent high society family while he is a middle class otaku. One day, Tsuyoshi defends Saori, a beautiful stranger to him, from a drunkard on the train.

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