Nagisa is looking forward to summer, but first she has to get through her end of term exams. The subject that’s got her most worried is French, so Tamao helps her study. One night, Shizuma sees Nagisa frustrated about the subject, so she offers to teach her. Since even Tamao urges her to take the offer, Nagisa goes to Shizuma for help. It starts off hard for Nagisa, but she eventually gets pumped up and starts studying all the time, even skipping sleep. That studying mindset carries over for Nagisa’s other exams until she’s done with all of them. Going back to the dorm after her exams are over, Nagisa happens to fall asleep by the lake. She wakes up briefly and sees Shizuma’s face looking down on her, but then falls asleep again. She doesn’t realize that she’s actually in Shizuma’s lap, and she ends up thinking it was all a dream because Shizuma is gone by the time she wakes up again. Days later, she gets her tests back and it seems that she’s overjoyed that she passed.
With Chikaru and company’s help, she makes cookies for Shizuma as thanks. But in her rush to bring them over, Nagisa trips and accidentally crushes some of them. She does eventually meet Shizuma in the greenhouse and gives her the cookies. Shizuma accepts them and thanks Nagisa, which makes her quite happy. She confirms that she passed her exams and then gets so excited while talking about what she’s going to do this summer that she accidentally knocks down a watering can. She falls while trying to catch it and Shizuma falls with her, right on top of her. In the heat of the moment, Shizuma leans in for a kiss, but once again they are interrupted just micrometers away from each other’s lips. This time it’s because Nagisa noticed that they fell on the cookies, which are now even more crushed. Shizuma doesn’t mind and eats them anyway, saying that they’re delicious. Miyuki walks into the greenhouse and sees Shizuma and Nagisa laughing together happily. Shizuma even gives Nagisa some potted flowers for her room for helping around the greenhouse all the time. Miyuki later thanks Shizuma for what she did, since Miyuki had been worried about Nagisa passing. Shizuma says that it’s not necessary because Nagisa was the one who worked hard.

Another episode that advances Shizuma and Nagisa’s relationship a little. Still no kiss, but by this point was anyone really expecting it to go through? Heck, if Shizuma really wanted a kiss, she should have stolen one while Nagisa was sleeping.
Nothing much more to say about this episode. I’m still waiting for the return of Kaname and Momomi. Next week is swimsuits! 🙂 That’s a nice swimsuit, but I think Chikaru should have done something else with her hair lol.


  1. So did they get interupted again? Haven’t Shizuma figured out that God Itself is cockblocking her? Give it up girl Nagisa belongs to Tamao. In any case the Nagisa angle is not what I’m looking forward to. Here’s hoping for the advent of the Evil Lesbian Menage a Trois. Oh yes and Chikaru in a color coordinated bikini = WIN.

  2. My usual source hasn’t had the torrent up yet. *sighs* Usually, I would have watched it by now. Guess I will have to go to bed and see it tomorrow, after work… urgh.

    Thanks a bunch for the summary. Else, I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep. *lol*

    Btw, Shizuma x Nagisa all the way!

  3. Yeahhh At Last summary……..

    ohh man this so graet I really need download and see this chap

    only this can expres me—-> 8|

    awesome this chap looks cool but the preview its the best some one wake up me the next Tuesday

    Sir Drk Sha
  4. hahaha this time the thign that stop them is cookies ^^ this is a really nice episode~
    look forward to it especially those who support nagisa x shizuma to become couple
    love this couple as well ^^

  5. Wrong direction. I’m sure that we WILL get our Shizuma-Nagisa kiss in this show, but the other way round: It’s gotta be Nagisa who kisses Shizuma first.

    Wanna bet? 😉


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