Inside the hold of a ship caught in a terrifying storm is a chained-up woman. The ship goes down, but the woman somehow survives and emerges from the water onto the beach where her captors fled to. She slaughters all of them with her bare hands, and Oboro and Kurou discover her standing beside the bloody bodies. After she faints, they bring her back to the castle and put her in a jail cell. Hakuoro learns from the others that the ship was from Na-Tunku, a country from the south famous for its slave trade. Oboro and Kurou report that the only person left was the woman they picked up who had the giant metal choker around her neck. This woman actually interrupts their conversation after having knocked out her guards and broken free. She introduces herself as Karura and confirms that she killed all the sailors. Karura asks Hakuoro what he plans to do to her, suggesting that he’d give her back to Na-Tunku or even kill her. Hakuoro wants her to first go with Eruru and get her wounds healed. Benaui opposes keeping her here because it might cause an attack by Na-Tunku, but Hakuoro is still worried about Shikeripechimu and how Niue vowed that they’ll meet again.
While getting her wounds dressed, Karura becomes friends with Eruru, which starts with some teasing and moves on to Eruru talking about the country and asking Karura about removing the chains. After this conversation, Eruru goes to ask Hakuoro to let Karura out of jail, which he agrees to do on the condition that she is not to leave the castle. Eruru introduces Karura to Aruru and Mukkuru. Aruru becomes fixated on the metal choker around Karura’s neck, so Karura makes her a necklace of flowers. Eruru is going to go prepare a room for her, but Karura is ok with her jail cell, though she does ask for some sake. Eruru later finds numerous jugs of alcohol piled up in Karura’s cell. During this time, Urutorii and Kamyu have returned to the castle as the Yomoru and her assistant. Kamyu goes off to play with Aruru and Yuzuha, whereas Urutorii and Karura seem surprised to see each other. Eruru passes by Urutorii’s room afterwards and notices Karura and Urutorii enjoying sake together, as if they’re old friends.
Hakuoro and the others are having another meeting about the current situation when Karura once again intrudes. This time, she offers to become a soldier for him (she used to be a Nakuan) in repayment for Hakuoro saving her life. He wants to see how strong she is, and both Oboro and Kurou jump at the chance to fight her. But it’s Benaui who decides to do it himself. With a single sword, Karura faces off against Benaui and his polearm. Benaui makes the first attack, but she easily blocks it. Karura complains to Hakuoro that Benaui isn’t fighting seriously, so Hakuoro gives Benaui the go ahead. This time, Karura charges and almost breaks Benaui’s weapon, but he knocks her to his side. She instantly regains her footing and counters him, but it has no effect because her blade broke when she had hit the ground. Karura goes to the sidelines and borrows two swords, crushing their guards and tying them together. However, even this reinforced sword breaks when Benaui dodges Karura’s next attack and she slams them into the ground again. Having seen enough, Hakuoro calls off the fight.
Sometime later, a custom weapon arrives for Karura via the shady merchant. Kurou tries to pick it up, but it’s way too heavy for him to lift more than a few inches off the ground. Karura, however, easily picks it up and starts waving it around. She takes it outside and uses it to smash a stone into two. She decides to take it and walks off happily humming to herself, with all the guys still gaping at what she did.


Another girl joins Hakuoro’s harem 🙂
I found the beginning of this episode to be quite impressive, almost like a different series in the way it made Karura out to be so psycho killer creepy. The rest of the episode makes her out to be a much nicer character though. I also found it interesting that she and Urutorii seem to know each other despite their seemingly different backgrounds (princess and slave). The whole weapon debacle was just amusing, especially watching Kurou’s face through it all. With people as strong as this, how can any normal army stand against them? I guess the enemy will need strong hero-class characters too lol.
Plenty of juicy images in this week’s preview, including another girl for the harem (Touka), more war, and Aruru bawling, which is never a good thing…


  1. Looking at the preview shots, it looks like they’re at least incorporating some of the more important and impactful bits of what follows.


  2. No, none of the swords Karura used could withstand the force of her attacks, so they all broke. Hakuoro called off the fight, so it was more like a draw. And that’s why she had to get a weapon custom made.

  3. overall I’d say…

    Genjimaru > Touka = Karura > Benawi > Kurou > Oboro

    but strength wise, Karura is ace.

    How exactly do you parry that hunk of metal? YOU CAN’T! —> splat!

  4. Hakuoro keeps getting more girls!!! this seems a bit of a harem anime if you ask me… i bet you more damned girls will pop out of nowhere!!! and of course Hakuoro is right there to “catch” them…

    I wonder what would happen if they were to remove the seal off Hakuoro… hmmm…. yummy!!!

  5. Yeah. According to Fansub TV, its genre include HAREM. I wonder who Hakuoro gonna end up with. I want him to end up with Eruru but he only sees her as his sister. Too bad.

  6. “whats that red hair girl?”

    Red-hair? You mean Touka, in the preview, right? Her hair is purple, not red. Your monitor settings must be borked or something. :p

    I have no idea what she is. Her race has little eagle-wings for ears. :p

  7. What amazes me is that Utawarerumono already went over a great deal of story in just ten episodes, and the series has yet to truely warm up; quite impressive in all respects. In regard to the preview, is Teoro standing next to a coffin? Perhaps his wife died.

  8. “In regard to the preview, is Teoro standing next to a coffin? Perhaps his wife died.”

    maybe some slight spoilers…
    Show Spoiler ▼


    Man I really share your thoughts!! 😉
    Omni your blog is like a traffic racing light!I´s like when every time we access the blog and see the animes we want to see, we race to a faster p2p or raw site to download and always in FASTER ways too!! 😉 I just want to say to you thank dude, for this funny racing game you propose us every day! 😉 😉

  10. Touka FTW. She’s the funniest character IMO. Utaware just isn’t Utaware without her.

    And folks, Utawarerumono IS harem. It’s not your typical love romance. By which I’ve been greatly disappointed to have found out in the game by the way.

  11. Thats the problem with anime they skip part of the story Kuuya should be introduce before Touka, cause if we saw Kuuya then we would not be asking questions like what race is Touka with those angel wings as ears.

  12. We saw Kamyu and Urutorii this ep but last ep’s preview didn’t have them.

    So we might get Kuuya early in ep 11, and then the whole thing with Touka and everything else that happens during the latter half. I think it could work, but they would have to probably abridge some of Kuuya’s parts.

  13. Karura + Touka = Me in Heaven

    This is seriously awesome. I get my favorite girls, my Karura and my Touka, introduced in back to back episodes. Hakuoro is definitely one lucky SOB to have those two angels in his harem, I’m jealous.

  14. I am currently reading the story now, seems to be a bit sad even in the beginning, “3510 ” for those that read the story I am sure they understand what those number means sob sob.

  15. “Karura in bed = a lot of broken bones. XD”

    LMAO!!! Maybe…ok probably. But you know, Hakuoro really didn’t seem to think about that very much in the game and everything worked out for him with no broken bones at all 😀

  16. For those wanting this episode and using Tokyo toshokan, the people that usually distribute this are not posting the episode in Bt and doing only IRC channel distribution.

  17. For Shana-tan

    I find two site where I can read the story but first one is half-finish.
    The other site has the full story even mention how he got the mask and what it represents and what 3510 means ” sad story sob :(” but not as detail as the english website, it gives us the major storyplot but not very detail like how he meant everyone and what strategy he use in the war, just plain and simple like two side fight Hakuoro side win. That one is in Chinese sadly for some.

  18. Wonder if they make it with 26 episodes totally, we at episodes 11 already and still theres like a bunch of major battle with many different kingdoms left to go. I be damn if they have to skip a lot more of the story to made it fit to 15 episodes but the way it look now, thats probably the only way left to go.

  19. As much fun and exciting this anime series is, for those that played the game we do realize it is actually a very sad story at the beginning and at the end. Don’t know how they goner do the ending now, stay with the game or with a new ending.

    If they do a new ending I hope Hakuoro grab up all the girls :D, hes a king damn it, I am sure Polygamy is as common as eating 3 meals a day back then.

  20. Believe me, you don’t want to know how the game ends, and I really hope that they don’t end the anime series in the same way. KGNE levels of sadness approaches…

    Jade Maehara

    If you really want it, here it is.

    Seriously though, you probably don’t want it…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  22. @Rift
    Show Spoiler ▼

  23. Question.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  24. what is the heck. is this the Fate Stay night thread? Oh dear, the cycle starts again…

    first comes the not really accurate spoilers
    then comes the people with their own weird interpretations of the story (despite not having played the game)
    then finally comes the dissapointment when those false expectations aren’t met…

    please take these as a warning. learn from Fate.

    read: just learn to watch the darn show, OK?

  25. I can’t understand people who ask for spoilers. If you’re not going to watch the show to enjoy it, stop wasting your time and go do or watch something you enjoy.

    On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with having weird interpretations of a story.

  26. yes T_I what’s your problem actualy having your own interpretations is what makes this world go on, that’¡s the first the second is that if this is what you don’t like (this to become like fate) then why do you read the comments? why don’t you start posting the same things too (like interpretations or something evene questions ^^)?(ans YES I FINISHED THE GAME) quite a WTF NOOOOOOOOOO ending but anyways I really love those kinds of endings after FFVII ^^
    Show Spoiler ▼

  27. No, you obviously don’t get it.

    The problem is never playing the game at all.. reading some synopses on let’s say.. moonlit world…or in this case, what’s her name’s board…

    and suddenly act as if he knows everything.. yapping (incorrect) spoilers left and right.

    then finally whining about it when the anime “butchers” the game

    Re: Rickaz

    Show Spoiler ▼

  28. whew, I managed to resist reading all the spoilers.

    I feel really sorry for Oboro, for some reason. Kabitzin mentioned how he was good for nothing but taking out scrub units and with all his protesting this episode, he really seems inadequate.

    I have a *slight* idea what may happen in the end, but I already predicted it in the first episode. I mean, could someone with an irremovable mask and a mysterious past be a the Ice Cream man, for God’s sake?


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