The mini-concert that Nana gave was so loud that the neighbors came to complain. One of them mentions in passing about something taboo with apartment 707, which Hachi thinks means that someone was murdered there. In fear, she tells a bathing Nana, but Nana realizes that there’s no basis for what Hachi’s saying and kicks her out of the bathroom. Hachi convinces Nobu to take her bed and be asleep by the time Nana gets out of the bath so that Nana will have no choice but to share her own bed.
While getting acquainted with her room, Nobu tells Hachi that their band needs new members, though he really wants Yasu to play the drums again. When Nana asks who played bass, Nobu doesn’t answer her directly, saying only that it was someone who was helping them out but was in another band. According to Nobu, Nana’s dream is to earn a living through her songs. He wants Tokyo to hear those songs as soon as possible; Hachi feels the same way and thinks that she should help them search for members.
The next day, Hachi puts up an advertisement in the Sabrina store window for new band members for Nana and Nobu. Over lunch, she fills Shouji in on everything that’s happened and even invites him out for karaoke with Nana that night. Unfortunately Shouji has to work, which gets Hachi complaining that he doesn’t spend enough time with her. Shouji remembers that Hachi was the one who went home early last time and says that she should put more effort into their relationship. The bartender interrupts the silence that develops to tell them that their burgers are ready, and Hachi takes the opportunity to ask him if she can hang up another poster for Nana and Nobu.
Shouji decides to go back to work, but first mentions the mail that Hachi sent him the previous night. Since she doesn’t seem to remember, he assumes it was nothing important and leaves. Only after she checks her message logs does Hachi remember that she had indeed sent him a message on the way home last night. She feels guilty for complaining to Shouji earlier and spends her hours at work trying to think up a way to make it up to him. She’s interrupted by a young man carrying a guitar who is asking about the poster outside. Meanwhile, at the restaurant he works at, Shouji gets introduced to a new employee, ironically named Sachiko.
Hachi brings the new boy, named Okazaki Shinichi, to audition for Nana. But Hachi doesn’t want the neighbors to complain again, so they decide to go rent a studio. Nana has him play Nobu’s new song, but soon stops singing along just so that she can just listen to the new kid, who is playing much better than she thought he could. When Nana asks him which guitarist he respects the most, Shin reveals that it’s none other than Ren from Trapnest. Shin wanted to play bass because of Ren’s bass playing, even though Ren plays guitar now for Trapnest. In fact, Shin knows quite a bit about Ren and his music. Nana decides to allow him into the band, but gives one condition: Shin has to surpass Ren.
On the way home, Hachi is quite happy that they found another member so quickly and takes credit for finding Shin. Since Hachi wants a reward, Nana gives her a kiss. At that same time, Shouji is going home from work and encounters Sachiko going the same way. The two start chatting and run to catch the train together. Sachiko gets off at a stop before Shouji’s and waves him good night. He thinks to himself that she’s really cute and that he shouldn’t get too involved with her. That night, Nana and Hachi once again sleep together in the same bed. In retrospect, Hachi thinks that she can honestly say that her attraction to Nana was like love. In this reality where she can’t become an adult and is already so spoiled, Nana showed her a sweet dream. It was like a very happy first love.

That studio scene was probably my favorite from the episode, followed closely by the kiss. The former was done well because of how they incorporated Shin’s bass sound into Nana and Nobu’s song. Of course, the bass is much more pronounced without the drums going in the background. I like the latter scene because it exemplifies the carefree side of Nana and the needy side of Hachi. And as Hachi hints at, this is like a love between the two girls.
And in the irony of this series, Sachiko finally appears! Nana’s imaginary character is an actual person now, and Shouji’s more than a little attracted to her. It’s right during a time when his relationship with Nana isn’t going the best too…
I do have to mention that it was hard for me not to think of Ishida Akira‘s other roles (Nagi in Otome, Athrun in GS/D) while listening to Shin. I hadn’t realized he was voicing Shin, so I guess I was caught a little off-guard.
Next week, Blast will be complete!
As a closing thought, I’m glad that a little pain‘s PV is out because now I can listen to the song on repeat 🙂


  1. For some reason I thought you knew that Ishida Akira is voicing Shin for this series. Oh well. I’ve been waiting for Shin to appear in this series just so I could hear Ishida Akira, since he’s a good VA and all. On the other hand I’m not sure of this animated version of Shin. He looks less punk compared to the live-action version and even the manga version.

    I can’t wait to see this episode. And yes it’s great to finally hear the full version of “A Little Pain” on repeat =)

  2. It’s still cute how Hachi gets frightened and then has to scurry into the ‘older’ Nana’s bed – it shows how innocent and relatively underdeveloped she is here, emotionally and socially. Especially as they’ve set up for the affair with the introduction, and the more obvious way that Shouji’s attracted to Sachiko is a bit better at foreshadowing the future than the live action was, IMO.


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