With the cultural festival coming up, the upperclassmen and the lowerclassmen are each tasked with putting on a play. The three student councils and the Étoile are having a meeting to decide which play to do, and they start discussing Carmen. In terms of cast, Spica’s student council president Shion suggests Shizuma for the role of Carmen and Amane for the role of Don José. However, Miyuki gets the final say on the cast, and she’s the one who selects Tamao to write the script first. That night, Shion pays a visit to Tamao and Nagisa’s room, bringing them cookies. Shion tries to influence Tamao’s script by suggesting that Shizuma and Amane are ideal for the roles. And it doesn’t help that after Shion leaves, Nagisa tells Tamao that she also wants to see Shizuma as Carmen. By the next day, rumors are flying around school about Shizuma and Amane’s roles. Amane herself isn’t too keen on the idea, but Shion pressures her in front of Hikari to do it. Over at Lulim, Kizuna and Remon aren’t happy that Chikaru didn’t get chosen for a part, but Chikaru is fine with just making the costumes.
Once Tamao finishes the script, she brings it to Miyuki who reads it over and approves it. During dinner that night, Miyuki announces her decisions on the cast. She surprises everyone by choosing Chikaru as Carmen, Shizuno as Don José, Kaname as Zuniga, Momomi as Micaëla, and Amane as Escamillo. Shion is furious at this arrangement and confronts Miyuki about it later, but Miyuki doesn’t budge. The announcement for Carmen is on everyone’s minds, even as Yaya is trying to organize the lowerclassmen for their play, Romeo and Juliet. It seems that all the girls want a part, so they end up deciding through thumb wrestling. And because Kagome beats Yaya at it, Kagome gets to be Romeo. She’ll be starring opposite Tsubomi as Juliet. That night, Yaya is alone in her room because Hikari has gone to see Amane, who is in the library reading over her lines. At the same time, Tamao is watching from her room as Nagisa helps Shizuma practice her lines outside the dorm. Nagisa’s acting causes Shizuma to start laughing, which in turn gets Nagisa embarrassed. Once Shizuma stops laughing though, she thanks Nagisa for helping her.

First things first, since the topic is the opera Carmen, I point you to the Wikipedia entry for more information.
Lots of politics at play here with Shion trying to promote Amane for the role of Don José and Shizuma for Carmen. I think she tried a bit too hard and it seemed almost inevitable that Miyuki would piss her off. That bright and shiny forehead of hers though…kinda freaky lol. It is a shame that Miyuki didn’t give those parts to Shizuno or Amane though, I agree with Shion and everyone else that they were perfect for the roles.
With Nagisa acting Carmen’s part to help Shizuno practice as Don José, maybe something will happen to Chikaru and Nagisa will have to substitute in as Carmen when the time of the play comes around, which should be next episode. I’m actually more curious about how the Romeo and Juliet play goes with Kagome (and her teddy bear Percival) as Romeo.


  1. the POWER OF YURINESS!!! 😉
    I I am feeling a secret theme behind this yuriness like : “I hate my dick”or penis let´s cut them off….(LOL)….er…just kidding of course dudes LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  2. LMAO thats a funny comment but anyways the ep is good a lot of kisses for everyone………….damn i wish Shizuno and Amane had gotten the parts that would have been awesome

  3. It’s be interesting if next week turns out to be Nagisa plays Carmen while Shizuma plays Don José. I can’t stop myself from imagination how in the world could Kagome gonna play Romeo since I never seen her apart from her BEAR! kekekekekeekeke…..this is so funny and I can’t stop imagining.

  4. hmm it had be nice if it would happen that way, having nagisa be carmen for the next weeks episode. that had be some interesting play. on the thought of kagome and the bear wont this just be cute xD

  5. Watched the raw and I can tell you this episode is real fun to watch. Not boring like last week’s episode. Also I don’t understand Japanese at all but I’m enjoying every minute of it. I so so so love the last part where Shizuma was laughing and how Nagisa acted out was hillarious. Not to mention the bath tub *drool* was so hot although I don’t get what they’re discussing.

  6. Great ep and I hope we can to see chikaru-sama and etoile-sama kiss in the play jajajaja perhaps Amane and chikaru kissing too jajajaja I’ll be a little more than surprise if etoile-sama kiss her in-play “fiance” Momomi. Oh wait what would disappoint me is if there is not kissing at all!! Arrgh…I need to pray that it’ll turn out as sweet as it is.

    Shizuma x Nagisa Forever! Yeah!

  7. lol why did i see this coming…a school full of girls it was bound to happen…they had to bring in the theater drama lol…lets just say that I love what Miyuki did I thought that she would make Shizuma the main lead in the play but man was i suprised when she goes and switches everything around super twist i have to say cuz i was out of my seat when i found out lol…all so i seem to notice that most of u who post are guys so does that make me wired for being a girl…lol…what can i say i just really like this anime even if i am a girl!!!


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