Through a thick fog, the Tousukuru army forms up, ready to face the Shikeripechimu forces. As the fog clears, they see the enemy lined up across the river; Oboro estimates they’re up against 50,000. Benaui smiles because they’ve accomplished their goal of attracting the main enemy force. The enemy cavalry charge starts things off and is met by Tousukuru arrows and spears. Everyone fights in this battle, even Aruru and Mukkuru. For Hakuoro’s sake, Benaui knows that they have to buy time with this battle. During this, Hakuoro and his small band of fighters have reached Niwe’s castle. After Touka handles the guards, Karura busts through the front gate. They are met by more troops led by the same three generals from before. The regular soldiers are no match for Hakuoro’s group, and Karura urges everyone else ahead while she handles the three generals. Karura dodges all of their attacks, though she ends up taking two hits to her arms so that she can smash the third general in half.
Inside the castle, Touka, Hakuoro, Eruru, and a few loyal men come to a circular room with some stairs up ahead. The door behind them closes and all the other doors around them open. Out come hordes of red-eyed zombie men, and they quickly surround Hakuoro’s group. Niwe appears to taunt Hakuoro and laugh some more before he sics his zombies on them. Hakuoro and Touka’s attacks have little effect on the zombies who keep getting back up. Fortunately, the door behind them comes crashing down because Karura has arrived after finishing off the earlier three. She’s able to smash through the zombies, leaving nothing to get back up. Touka asks Hakuoro to go after Niwe while the rest of them handle the zombies. Hakuoro wants Eruru to stay here but she insists on going with him. The two follow Niwe into his throne room where Niwe tries to build up Hakuoro’s hatred even more by setting his own city on fire. Hearing the cries of everyone outside, Eruru covers her ears with a painful look on her face.
Hakuoro and Niwe start fighting even as Niwe continues to try to piss Hakuoro off. It is only after Niwe knocks away Hakuoro’s tessen and then charges at Hakuoro’s face with his sword does Hakuoro start to react. Seeing the beast vision again, Hakuoro’s right hand becomes covered with darkness and he throws Niwe back. Niwe is happy because this is what he’s been waiting for. As Touka and the others enter the throne room, Hakuoro tells them not to get closer. Niwe decides to go further into the castle away from everyone else, and Hakuoro follows him alone after Touka throws him her sword. Unable to control her tears anymore, Eruru falls down crying. At the very top of the castle, Niwe and Hakuoro continue their fight and Hakuoro begins to feel his body ache. When the two stab each other in the shoulder at the same time, Hakuoro finally awakens with his anger over how Niwe trifled with so many tens of thousands of lives. Even after Hakuoro’s beast form rips out Niwe’s eye, Niwe is still laughing with glee. Hakuoro returns to his human form soon after Niwe has been completely decapitated and disemboweled. Rain starts falling on the castle and also on the battlefield where Benaui and company have held their ground. Holding the tessen, Eruru waits for Hakuoro to come out and hugs him when he does.


Well I guess Hakuoro can easily handle Niwe when he goes into his beast form. He delivered a rather gruesome death (entrails everywhere) to Niwe, though Niwe had it coming. And the best thing is, we don’t have to hear any more of that stupid laugh.
So…assuming that Niwe’s plan for awakening Hakuoro through anger and hatred worked, doesn’t it kind of make Hakuoro like the Incredible Hulk? It’s the whole anger-brings-out-the-inner monster-with-huge-power thing.
Animation style is back to normal (compared to last week), and VERY high quality this episode. And that’s good because this was pretty much entirely a fighting episode so we get to see some cool stuff. Karura has some really awesome moves, like vaulting herself up into the air and away from her enemy, then retrieving her sword via wire. Plus she just smashed things into bloody messes, including those three generals. Though come to think about it, those three’s attacks reminded me a little of Jet Stream Attack of the Black Tri-Stars.
Next week, the introduction of some new characters.


  1. seems like it’s going to be a good epi. the stubby fingers (middle screenie on the second to last row) don’t have blood coming out of them! XD

    thank gosh that guy is dead, altho for some reason i thought he’d be kicking around for a little while longer. agreed with omni, that dude’s laugh is really annoying

  2. I played the game yesterday and finally reached THIS part of the series….It will be cool to see how Hakuoro gets this guy, just like in the game…I finished this stage and I will watch this in its fully animated glory…double reward this week.:)…and I must agree with everyone…Thank God, Niwe is gone…:P…For a villain, his laugh was sort of ridiculous…

  3. This does make me wonder how much of Kuuya they’re going to bring out… namely
    Show Spoiler ▼

    All signs point to no though. :-p

  4. By Omni: “So…assuming that Niwe’s plan for awakening Hakuoro through anger and hatred worked, doesn’t it kind of make Hakuoro like the Incredible Hulk? It’s the whole anger-brings-out-the-inner monster-with-huge-power thing.”

    Aaaah…If only you knew what slept within Hakuoro…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Aww….decent episode. Btw, to those who played the game, did Hakuoro get overcome by his beast form in the future? I sort of read the game ending (courtesy of wikipedia) and is kinda worried about the future of Hakuoro in the anime….

  6. @dward: we can’t really say it’s a beast when you know what exactly Hakuoro bears in him – let’s say this: when you’re angry, you’re angry. And when you’ve got power – well, of course you’ll be viewed as a beast. Show Spoiler ▼

    To answer your question:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Okay, let’s stop the spoilers here.

  7. Well, in the game, actually only Niwe and Dei which actually look at Hakuoro’s true form.. The others will see in some other time.. Maybe they’re making Eruru see it to make more tension for her, which is actually maybe will make her more rational than the others when the next transformation occurs..

  8. For T_I:
    They are tagging the spoilers, don’t get angry at them when you were the one that clicked on the spoiler tag, really blame yourselve for not being able to resist. I can understand the reasoning.

  9. I cleared the game, golthin. Which you can’t say for some of those people who are giving out spoilers, ironically..

    I’ve been ranting about this since the days of Fate Stay Night threads and I see the same problems (incorrect spoiler, blatant thread disruption) that happened back then is happening now to.

    But alas, this seems to be futile battle is it? Fine. Very well, then. I will use a different weapon. If I can’t these people I shall join them.. gleefully.

    I’m not joking, this is a spoiler

    this is something that you shouldn’t read, you have warned

    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. >> If I can’t these people I shall join them.. gleefully.

    OK then I shall join you in lashing out at people.

    You seem to think that you are better than the other posters for having played some H games. You also seem to think that you are fighting a holy war of some sort against those other posters. Well, I think you just have nothing better to do.

    Some people actually want spoilers (slightly inaccurate or not), and the ones that don’t want them don’t have to read them as long as there are spoiler tags. As far as I can see, you are the one that disrupts the threads by telling people to shut up. And now, with your latest post, you are just being childish.

    Oh well. I don’t know why I bothered writing this. I will go to sleep now.

  11. I was better in a way that kept my mouth shut despite knowing sensitive information and actually letting people *gasp* enjoy the show as it is.

    But yes, I’ve fallen now.

    However, I don’t want to cause Omni any more trouble (especially since he just recovered), and I’ll say nothing more from now on.

  12. Quit being a hypocrite. How did you manage to “fight” against incorrect spoilers when you are misinformed yourself? I won’t say which spoiler you got it wrong since you seem to hate them so much, but maybe you should play the game again.

  13. Hakuoro’s transformation actually reminded me of Vincent Valentine’s Chaos Limit Break… tearing up the opposition…

    The series are a bit past halfway, so things are getting really hot.

  14. @rasmiel

    Show Spoiler ▼

    that’s one of the archetypical old geezer laughs.

    It looks annoying even in font

  15. This is my own translation of this episode. Please feel free to use this for whatever purpose you can think of. And if you feel this takes too much space, I’m sorry for that.

    Oboro:It looks like we’re at the border.
    Kurou:But it’s too foggy to find out where the enemies are.
    Benawi:They are…very near.
    Aruru: Fog…going away.
    Kurou:It could be ten thousand.
    Oboro:Nah, fifty.
    Benawi:Hmph, I’m relieved. Now I can see we have fulfilled our assignment, which is to draw attention of the main part of their force.
    Kurou:I see. So now, let’s kick some butts big time.
    Oboro:Hell yeah.

    Dorii/Graa:Archers, get set! …Fire!
    Enemy general:Don’t get daunted! Crush them off!
    Benawi:Spears, forward! Never give them a chance to reach the bank.
    Kurou:All right! We’re gonna push them back…
    Kurou:Captain..Why not?
    Benawi:Our goal is to draw attention of the enemy and buy some time.
    Benawi:If we stop keeping defensive, we won’t last half an hour.
    Kurou:Bah, then all we can do is to pray for our big boss to get the job done.
    Benawi:I wish you make it, Your Majesty.
    Niwe:Kak Kak Kak Kak…It smells…Smell of the beast. The beast which brings extinction, is about to come.
    Hakuoro:Good job, Touka.
    Karura:Now it’s my turn.
    (S=the smallest, L=the largest, and M=the medium one the tri-generals)
    L:Good, good…
    Touka: Hakuoro-dono.
    L:Now it seems we can get rid of boredom at last.
    L:Hakuoro! Your head will roll right here, you see?
    Hakuoro:Eruru, stay close to me.
    Niwe:Let the party begin!
    Karura:Now it’s surprising, for you to be able to defend my attack.
    L:Wh..what a monster!
    Karura:Oh, it’s rude of you to call me like that.
    L:Stop kidding around.
    S:We’re at the best when all we three work together.
    Karura:Please leave them to me and go ahead.
    Hakuoro:Thank you!
    L:Bah, we can’t let him go…Let’s get this one off as quickly as possible, and catch up to Hakuoro!
    Karura:I guess it’s not so easy for you to do that.
    L:Now you are impressive to avoid that attack.
    M:But you will not win forever if you just keep fencing off.
    Karura:Thank you for your kind advice.
    S:Keep your mouth shut.
    Karura:I’ve just followed your advice. You can’t win just by fencing off. So I decided to focus just on one. You two don’t matter when I attack the other one.
    S:Wh…what a monster she is!
    Karura:So, who’s next?
    Touka:The throne room is upstairs.
    Hakuoro:What on the earth are these people?
    Niwe:Kak kak kak. How do you like these beasts of mine?
    Niwe:These are the best personnel I found in all those countries I’ve destroyed. They are excited to have a chance to quench their thirst for blood.
    Hakuoro:What did you do to them?
    Niwe:I just made their beast-ness within them awake. None of them were able to reach my standard, though.
    Niwe:But still, they could be somewhat useful to get the real beast awake, Kak Kak Kak…Ok, my puppies, go eat their blood and fresh as much as you want!
    Touka:Protect Hakuoro-dono!
    Touka:They seem to get no damage at all.
    Karura:If cutting is not enough, just make them to pieces.
    Touka:Hakuoro-dono, leave them to us and get Niwe…
    Hakuoro:Eruru, stay here with Touka and the squad.
    Eruru:I’m going too.
    Eruru:I want to see whatever way you are going to go.
    Hakuoro:Niwe, I got you!
    Niwe:Welcome, my dearest beast.
    Hakuoro:Now your defeat is not evitable. If you surrender to us right here, I will let you stay alive.
    Niwe:Kak Kak Kak…surrender, huh? Kak Kak Kak.
    Hakuoro:Why are you laughing?
    Niwe:A war is a hunting. You set traps very carefully, and wait for the game. When you face the game at last, it’s all about that you eat it or you are eaten.
    Hakuoro:Stop kidding around.
    Niwe:Is this not enough? Then let me show you some entertainment stuff.
    Hakuoro:Wh…what sound is this?
    Niwe Kak Kak Kak, I tell you, that sound means we now have a fire all over this city of Sikeripechimu.
    Hakuoro:You can’t…you are insane!
    Niwe:Well, that’s not a big deal. I guess you better take care of yourself after all, huh?
    Eruru:Ah, th…this is horrible.
    Niwe:Can you hear the screams of people desperately trying to escape from the fire?
    Hakuoro:Niwe, you are…
    Niwe:Everyone sees you are the one who caused this. Hakuoro, the man of atrocity, kills innocent people by fire. Kak Kak Kak Kak.
    Hakuoro:Bastard, now I can’t let you stay alive.
    Niwe:Good voice to hear, filled with anger and hatred.
    Niwe:This is the time I’ve waited for so long.
    Niwe:Good, good.
    Niwe Kak Kak Kak Kak Kak, now you meet my expectations. I’ve invested my effort in numbers of people, but you are clearly the best.
    Niwe:Can’t you see? That Orikakan guy, this burning city, all those people who got killed and all…Everything was offered as a sacrifice, just for you to grow as a beast.
    Hakuoro:Is there any limit of your cruelty?
    Niwe:You see it wrong way. People of Yamayura village, Orikakan, people of Tousukuru and people of Sikeripechimu, everyone dies for you, because of you. You are the beast that brings death to all the people. If you want to curse, go ahead and curse yourself.
    Hakuoro:No! You are the one who brought this disaster. I will kill you and eradicate the root of the evil!
    Niwe:Is that your best, huh?
    Niwe:This is it…This what I’ve waited for.
    Hakuoro:Don’t come! I am the one to kill Niwe.
    Niwe:Kak Kak Kak Kak, now your eyes look very much like a beast’s ones. Come with me, Hakuoro! Let’s enjoy it where no one can interrupt.
    Hakuoro:Take care of Eruru.
    Niwe:Dancing…my arms are dancing with joy! You are the best game ever.
    Hakuoro:What…is this elevation? Fire is burning the throat…and roasting the muscle… but itching…the body is itching…the blood is boiling.
    Niwe:Kek Kek Kek Kek, pleasant pain, right? Hakuoro…
    Hakuoro:Is this the ending you hoped for? Did you toy with thousands of, tens thousand of lives, just because of such thing? Niwe!
    Niwe:Y…you are…
    Niwe:Kak Kak Kek Kek Kek, after…after all I was right. You…you are the greatest beast of alleat me, because the only thing we can share is the rule, eat or get eaten. Kak Kak Kak Kak Kak…
    Hakuoro:What on the earth have happened?
    Benawi:It appears that His Majesty has made it.

  16. The animation is more consistent. And the character designs are better. Although, the fights are more fluid, I prefer seeing characters that aren’t 1)ugly and 2)putty. Why is it necessary for the fans of episode 14’s animation to forget to turn off cap locks?


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