Mikami Teru was a boy with a strong sense of justice who could tell the difference between good and bad. When he was in elementary school, Mikami stood up against bullies, and although he got beat up, he was happy to be thanked by the victim he helped. He sometimes even rallied his classmates to his side and proved his own justice. However, this changed once he got to junior high school as his enemies grew in number. His mother had tried to stop him because she didn’t want him to get bullied, but Mikami believed that she was wrong. And then, a miracle happened: four of Mikami’s bullies were killed in a car accident that also killed his mother. Although Mikami had been horrified at first, he realized that these deaths would make his classmates happy. He soon found that he was right because his classroom became a peaceful place, and he came to believe that evil acts should be met with punishment. Thus, evil must be eliminated. When media reports of Kira appeared, Mikami felt that God had come to Earth and that everything that happened around him wasn’t a coincidence but rather divine justice. Because of this, Mikami went wherever he though God’s would be watching, and he was overjoyed when he eventually got the Death Note. He felt that God had approved of him, and now that he has God’s power, he is focused on eliminating people.

Light isn’t too happy that Mikami killed Demegawa on his own, and it comes as a surprise when he finds out that Mikami has chosen a new spokesman: Takada Kiyomi. Mikami had selected her knowing that she had a tendency towards Kira’s way of thinking, but she’s also the girl Light had pretended to date in college, and Light decides that he can use her again. He tells the rest of the investigation team that Takada represents their best way to get clues about Kira, and since he still knows her cell phone number, he is going to set up a meeting with her. Light makes it clear to the team that it might be hard getting her to cooperate because she’s one of Kira’s admirers, but he welcomes the group to listen in on his conversation with her. As part of the plan, Light calls Takada up and claims that he has something important he wants to talk about with her. Light’s sweet-talking convinces her to meet him after her news report tonight. Even when Takada points out Light’s relationship with Misa, he tells her that Misa’s intelligence isn’t enough for her to be his partner. At this time, Misa is under Mogi’s care and is being listened in on by Mello, though Mello is starting to doubt that Misa is the second Kira.

On Takada’s television news report, she announces that Kira will be judging not only those with harmful existences, but also those who don’t contribute to society even though they have the ability to do so. Hearing this, Light thinks that Mikami is moving too fast and feels that he must contact Mikami. Aizawa meanwhile finishes bugging the room Light will be meeting Mikami in, and she arrives soon after. Light’s first words to Takada tell her that he wanted to see her, which catches her a little off guard. A silence ensues between the two of them, and Takada’s cell phone soon starts ringing. To her surprise, the caller is Kira. Takada tells Mikami about her meeting with a friend, so Mikami asks her to put this person on the phone. When Mikami asks Light who he is, instead of answering the question, Light pretends that Mikami had mentioned something about November 26th and five sheets of paper. This serves the purpose of tricking the investigation team who are eavesdropping into thinking that Light doesn’t know what Kira is talking about, and at the same time, it tips off Mikami that the person he’s talking to is the real Kira because that date and those documents are coincide with the arrival of the Death Note.

To prove that he is Kira, Mikami kills off the current host of Kingdom of Kira, and Light then pretends that Kira wants all the listening devices in the room removed. Once those are gone, Light is free to admit to Takada that he is Kira, and that the person she thought was Kira was someone that Light had shared power with. Takada is so impressed that she declares that Light was the only man she accepted and respected in her life, so him being Kira makes it too wonderful for her. Light responds by suggesting that she can be the goddess of the new world beside him. He later calls up the investigation team to tell them that he’ll be going out with Takada from now on and searching for Kira. Mikami meanwhile, having been inspired by the talk with his God, continues his fervent killings with the Death Note.


I find myself liking Takada Kiyomi a lot more than Misa as she’s portrayed these days. Both girls are very devoted to Light, and although I think Misa has a stronger reason to worship Kira/Light, Takada comes off as so much more professional and mature. It doesn’t help that Misa’s just been prancing around in lingerie in past episodes. Regardless, Misa’s not going to be happy if or when she finds out about this, but she doesn’t have the Death Note power to kill Takada off. I also doubt that Light is serious about any of the relationships he enters into – they’re all just chess pieces to him.
They skipped over pretty much all of the Near and Mello stuff that was in the manga around these parts, but I don’t feel that we really lost anything from the story being told this way. It’s possible they could just be putting it all off until next week’s episode which will likely feature more of both of them based on what the preview shows.


  1. They actually made the second part of the manga (which was useless) into something that can be watched without gritting your teeth. I wonder what they’ll do for an ending though.

  2. Poor misa is going to be dropped, now that she is a simple citizen without the power and knowledge of the death note. And with takada, maybe light cannot resist his human nature and sees he needs her will of justice? doubt it though. Those who end up with a death note, end up alone.

  3. Show Spoiler ▼

    the part where light takes the phoneee…

    and mikamii was soo…


    one of the best eps evahh >_

  5. Mikami’s fucking psychotic at the end of the episode… I find his loyalty towards Light very disturbing but admirable at the same time. Funny how Mikami’s exceeded Light’s expectations (according to the subs).

  6. Does Makami except that the supposed kami is actually just a human? I haven’t read the manga but it feels like makami is going to want to become Kami because the power he has is consuming.

  7. This episode should definitely be called “Ouran Note Host Club” mainly because of Maaya Sakamoto (Kiyomi / Haruhi) being reunited with Miyano Mamoru (Light / Tamaki), and in a hotel room of all places, lol.

    Kinny Riddle
  8. I could feal some pretty neat vibes on this episode. The selection of both Takada and Mikami are the best choices and now I need to see the next episode. Next episode pls!

  9. Anoniem, Show Spoiler ▼

    You won’t accomplish anything by spoiling nor will you get rewarded for it. I will not call you a noob because your situation is pretty understandable but I sincerely ask you to not spoil any further.

    Regarding this episode, Death note just continues to get better and better. It just keeps you getting surprised and surprised. The way how these geniuses plan all of their moves its like watching a chess match in hot session. The creator of death note seems to have learned a lot about strategies from his past anime Hikaru no Go. Poor Misa…she is so cute. Too bad she is just a puppet to Light. Does even Light have emotions? Mikami seems kinda cool. I don’t know about Takada. I still prefer Misa for her girly attitude. But yeah Takada does seem more mature.

  10. I might be a little paranoid at this ever since that whole feet-washing-light-L-Jesus-disciples thing but when Mikami got the death note in the mail and held it up, didn`t it look a little like Moses holding up the ten commandments?

  11. I agree with you on liking Takada more than Misa-Misa. I never liked Misa. She annoys me, I’m not too fond of Takada either. It’s confusing really. I hate Takada more than Misa in some reasons but like her more than Misa in others.

    I don’t care for any of them really.

    You should’ve showed Matty.


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