I know I’ve been posting a lot of PVs lately, but there have just been a lot of good songs and videos that have gotten my interest. May’n’s latest falls into the former category. You may remember that I wasn’t too keen about Shangri-la as a series, however one of the bright spots was the May’n opening song. It’s very catchy, and May’n shows off more of the vocal talents that we heard in Macross Frontier. The title also has some interesting background to it because it’s based on an old poem of the same name by Yosano Akiko. The PV, unfortunately, isn’t that great since it just has May’n singing and dancing, and there’s not a lot of variety in camera shots. I realize of course that I’ve been spoiled by some good videos lately, so your mileage may vary. In fact, when Divine saw the video, he mentioned that he was content with just watching May’n dancing in that outfit for four minutes. In any case, I love the song, but the PV not so much, and I’m still not that inclined to find the time to watch Shangri-la.

The single for Kimi Shinitamou koto nakare is already out.


  1. Only good thing out of Sharing-la is this OP and Takahashi Mikako. But yeah.. don’t know how I managed one episode… but they tranny’s totally threw me off it. That and carbon talk and gonzo xD;;
    But I totally love this OP, so catchy and I was looping it a few times when I got the single.

  2. Fair enough^^^

    btw OMNI Lucky Star just seen first episode!! OMG my head hurts iun the best possible way but i love it!!! (TELL NO ONE!!!!) 😛

    as for shan gri la it might be somthing awesome later but for now theres a lot left unexplained

  3. Do any of you remember a long time ago in the UK, Sony did this weird advert for the PS1 where they took a good looking girl and diritally edited her to look like an alien?

    May’n reminds me of that girl in the ad in some of the scenes…

    but yeah song rocks (tho I think I still prefer Iteza gogo 9Ji don’t be late)

  4. Shangri-la screams gonzo in every sense, but the series gets interesting actually, I have been enjoying it. May’n’ song is great, it’s good to listen to her again.

  5. don’t like d song n quite disappointed with may’n. i always believe dat after she pull off with Macross, she would be able to go much further.. but after listening to OP, i was like wtf!?

  6. Shangri-la is a really good anime
    go read up some background info about Carbon tax and the state of Tokyo and Atlas
    the series is super intriguing if you like drama
    it’s one of the higher ranking anime this season imo
    don’t just say it’s a shit anime cuz you don’t know how to enjoy it
    I’ve always loved animes that take a guess at the future(gundam 00)
    if you don’t know anything about this anime, STFU *directed at Syllen*


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