As Haruhi starts walking towards the exit, Kyon knows that he can’t let her leave, and he tries to desperately to think of something to stop her. At the last possible moment, he remembers what they had talked about after playing with fireworks, and he yells across the room to Haruhi about the homework that he hasn’t done yet. Kyon claims that his summer can’t end without doing it, and he gets Itsuki, Yuki, and Mikuru to agree to come to his house to do it together. Haruhi is furious that Kyon is deciding things on his own, but she ends up declaring that she’s coming as well. Two days later, on the first of September, Kyon wakes up and finds his room a mess, but his homework is done. At school, it’s just him and Itsuki in the club room, and they talk about how the summer homework wasn’t a burden for Haruhi and how only they on the 15532nd iteration returned to the correct time stream. The two also play a hand of poker, and Kyon ends up getting a royal flush, causing him to think that if he got the chance to repeat the day, then he’d remember to bet on the hand for sure.


As I said earlier, this was actually a pretty good ending to the arc. I especially liked the music they used for the end scenes, and it was great to see Kyon finally be able to say something and be actually quite assertive for once. It was amusing as well to see Haruhi get worked up about that, and the royal flush at the end was a nice way to finish the episode. Of course, homework is really kind of a stupid solution, especially given how much it has been built up with the failure of each week for the past seven weeks, and you were likely disappointed if you were expecting something more clever. But I had known coming into this that homework was the answer, and it wasn’t as bad an anti-climactic moment as I had feared. The majority of this episode was still repeat though, and really only the final five or so minutes are worth watching. So basically, while this episode exceeded my expectations, it alone can’t make up for all of the repeats, and if I were to recommend this series to a friend, I’d probably tell them to watch only the first and last Endless Eight episodes.

In any case, I’m just happy that it’s over and that it didn’t actually last until the end of August or the end of the summer season. We can now finally move on to the next part of the story that takes place chronologically in the second volume of the novels, The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi.


  1. Aw, I was waiting for this post <3
    The ep was infact good (I watched them all)
    And it was nice to see their season 1 bathing suits again XD!
    Thanks for following the series even with this repetition =p

  2. Kind of a bummer, I thought it would be a more clever ending like she wanted to go flying or something because of all those sky scenes in the one of those Endless Eight episode. But glad its over :D.

  3. You know, they could have done this for the 3 EE episode & it would have been all good…still boring but all good. Yay, my sarcasm came back. The end of EE has refreshed me. BTW, I’ve been playing poker for 23 years & only made a royal straight flush twice. You have to be stone dead not to bet the farm on that hand. Anyway, since I wasn’t dumb enough to watch all 8 EEs, I found the episode in general to be pretty good, especially the last 5 minutes. But I’m sure that after the 1st real episode & the last 6 repeating plotlines, very few folks found those last 5 minutes worth it. But I did watch the first two & this one. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t watch the 2nd at all. The first & last more than proved the point.

    Too bad the only thing I got out of this ‘arc’ was “Kyon-kun, denwa”. Sayaka Aoki, I salute you for playing such a cute nameless character that only says 2 1/2 words for 8 episodes!!!

  4. I watched the first, second and last of this episodes and I thought that the ending would be something clever as Omni has said. This is really disappointing because the little differences was a complete waste. There was nothing profound to be found at all just a simple solution to a long problem. It was wise of me not to watch all the episodes. If Kyoani wants to send a message give it to us straight don’t linger and waste other people’s time.

  5. At last Endless Eight is over T.T

    Now we can finally get to the good stuff (Although seeing as so many episodes have been wasted I wonder if they can fit in The Dissappearance. I don’t think I can wait another 3 years for the next season to come out, if they even manage to get another season after this.)

  6. Gah it be over. Finally.

    I watched all of it, got a bit bored. Yeah. I watched Endless Eight 1-3, and then this one. And I still felt bored.

    If anyone could manage to sit through all 8 EE’s at once, I’d give em a medal.

  7. lol@ Kyon telling the rest to let him copy their work. I guess anyone can convince anybody into doing anything with the right tone of voice. XD

    Anyway, well played, Kadokawa, well played.

  8. OMG FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I liked how it was ended and everything. i was just about to give up. the idea of the repeation was good but a bit boring but i think it is necesary for the story and i would say dont skip any episodes no matter how tempting.

  9. IS it confirmed that the Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya are being done next? That would be cool. I remember seeing the first episode of season 1 thinking “wth did I just watch”, so seeing how they made the movie will be awesome.

  10. Very nice! I watched 1 , 2 and this one. Maybe someday I’ll watch all the eight. (I hope this doesn’t cause me to enter into a loop) I think this episode was not exactly the same as in the novels but I’m happy with it. (going to read endless eight again to see If im right)

    Btw to the people who watched all the episodes I salute you.

  11. I watched 7 of the 8 of the Endless Eight episodes, only because I couldn’t have time to really enjoy it so I just said “to hell with it, I’ll just watch next weeks”. The royal flush was indeed nice to end this all and what Kyon said made this a classic “If I could repeat today, I’d bet on this hand” mixed with the music made me forgive the EE’s. In the end for some reason, it really does have a moral of the story: Get your homework done because you won’t get a chance like this show in a lifetime.

  12. @volks: What? ‘Sighs’ is great. Not as great as ‘Disappearance’, I admit, but still great. ‘Disappearance’ will come too, don’t worry.

    But if we get ‘Sighs’ next week, does that mean we get those 12 more episodes we deserve? I sure hope so!

  13. I think watching all eight in a row would be impossible for me, but being subjected to eight weeks of hoping it will end all the way till the last few minutes of the episode was kind of interesting. Both knowing what is going to happen and being unsure it will happen at the same time built up a lot of tension and I kept coming back somehow. Definitely not re-watchable but what a great experiment.

  14. Animating Sighs means animating Haruhi at her lowest, I wonder if they’ll go through with it when the time comes. Then again, if the fans can get through the anime’s version of Endless Eight they can probably forgive anything…

  15. My thoughts were screaming out at those last few seconds while Haruhi was walking out. “SAY SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!!” And sure enough he screamed out to her and she….STOPPED! It’s like I could envision an entire crowd of people cheering and crying as Kyon was yelling out his confession of not doing his homework! The music, The yelling, Haruhi’s snaps and pecks. It just made my heart rise in supreme happiness.

    I guess after watching each Endless Eight episode, it’s the only way to get that effect of ultimate relief! I feel so excited now! Bravo KyoAni. Y’know it’s not their fault that Endless Eight was 8 episodes. I’m applauding them for going through with the reanimations and giving their top effort on it!

    Ahhh that was great but NEVER DO THAT AGAIN >=(

  16. the last 5 minutes of this episode was one of the most relieving things ive ever seen in ANY anime series. That rare moment where your: “O_O *mouth open* because were so used to seeing kyon always failing to do something!!

    when kyon yelled that he’s not done his list of things to do, and haruhi stopped walking, then slowly turned around… never in my life has my heart beats a thousand times per-second (cept for the last eps of Gurren Lagann)
    the music was perfect, the atmosphere was so foreign to us who sat through all 8 episodes of this MADNESS. Foreign, but… awesome. I swear… i felt tears building up my eyes… ITS FINALLY OVER!! YESSSSSS

  17. you know what… there’s no need to worry about this show anymore O_O i’ve just realized… why watch/read this… when the gender bending stories and so forth are SO MUCH more entertaining :3… where did Patrik go.. he should poke around those…

  18. Was kinda hoping for something more cleaver as a solution. I mean c’mon homework is what stopped the time loop, thats pretty lame. The “i love you bit” as the “time loop stopper” would of at least made things interesting and would of ‘Almost’ been worth the repeats…Almost.

  19. Pretty safe to say that the rest of the season will go like this:

    20: The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi I
    21: The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi II
    22: The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi III
    23: The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi IV
    24: The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi V
    25: Asahina Mikuru’s Adventure Episode 00
    26: Live A Live
    27: The Day of Sagittarius
    28: Someday in the Rain

    With the possiblity of removing one “The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi” for another anime original episode.

    Which leaves season 3 (or 2 if you consider the re-airing to be 1.5) for the animation of the episodes from December of their first year of High School and onwards.

  20. woot finally its over! i know all u guys arent exactly thrilled about this arc but you have to admit that you’ve never experienced this type of anime before rite? u gotta atleast give them credit for their attempt at a unique storyline even though it failed pretty badly u cant say it wasnt totally different from all the hack and slash or romance animes that seem to be the status quo these days. and if u think about it the reason that haruhi suzumiya is so popular is because its different and the endless eight arc if nothing else was atleast different =P

  21. IT feels weird to know that Endless Eight is finally over…

    I have a feeling Yuki would probably feel the same way. Would have been nice to see more reaction from her in regards to Kyon actually saying something at the end!

  22. Actually. with only 5 new episodes left, if they move into the Sighs then that’s less or no Disappearance. Which would top their spectacular marketing and endless eight for stupid decisions.

  23. Well… I’ve finally watched this. Well I must say though this ep quite good. I’m guessing if the disappearance will be missing… I’m thinking they’re included with the DVD’s…. Might be a possibility… I mean they’re THAT dumb releasing the E8 ep only in DVD. Or are they?

  24. @Squigi

    I can’t agree with you more.. I was almost teary eyed.. That music was perfect here. It’s really getting in to me. To the point that I was screaming in my thoughts “C’MON!!!!! DO IT!!!!”

  25. Those that didn’t watch all 8 episodes, or almost all of them for sure are those that will be the most disappointed with this ending.

    But for those that sticked to it, this was like when you’re playing a hard game and you lost and lost and lost against that random boss you didn’t see coming, but your save file is stocked right before it and you can’t go back and level up, but after trying for weeks, you finally make it. The feeling is short, but very nice.

    Still the cost for that was a bit too high.

  26. oh fuck yes, i loved this episode with repetition and all. i never even imagined the homework had anything to do with the endless loop. but meh, something as mundane as homework had to be the key to ending summer. after all, if you dont finish your homework, you cant really enjoy yourself during summer. nee

  27. yay~ now there will be no more damn annoying complaining. That makes me more happy than the endless eight ending, in fact.
    I thought this episode was a really good way to end it.
    Haruhi’s outburst was great xD
    But through each and every endless eight episode, there was one scene I looked forward to every time.
    Try to guess?
    Three words.
    I. LAV. YOU.

  28. The ‘Disappearence’ arc has cured me of Haruhi. I stopped watching the series once I realized they were looping. It’s nice to hear that it finally ended. I can’t believe they wasted so many episodes on this arc. Three years for a 2nd season and so many wasted episodes. I don’t care how epic the remaining five (??) episodes are, nothing will be good enough to justify picking this season up on DVD. >_<

  29. Also @Savofenno, just in case you havn’t noticed yet, ALL of the season 1 episodes are a part of this “second season” it’s a re-aring of the First season with 14 new missing episodes added to their correct position to the timeline.

  30. Nanika Okashii….

    Sorry J, had to do it! LOL 😀

    Seriously though… If they start the next episode with a shot of clouds, baseball playing on the TV, and Kyon saying… “Nanika Okashii”… then picking up his cell phone it rings… then Imoto-chan “Kyon-kun denwa..” … I will die laughing! Now THAT would be epic!!! of course I’d want the rest of the eps to be the new ep, but still if they started it that way… that would be killer epic FTW!! LOL… I guess I’m sadistic that way LOL

  31. Wait, wait, Is that for sure?? The SIGH is next?? I mean chronologically yeah but I was hoping they’d skip it and move onto the Disappearance. That doesn’t make sense! All the marketing was for the Disappearance! They were making sure to adapt Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody because of it! And all the focus on Nagato in the posters and stuff. The Kyouyen-Haruhi magazine cover…
    I am not happy. 🙁

    But I guess we can rejoice because Endless Eight is over. Imagine poor Nagato! That said though, I thought the ending was well done by KyoAni. I watched all 8 episodes and I didn’t think it was as bad as everyone is saying. I just wish we had more episodes left to adapt… whatever the hell is being adapted. 🙂

  32. I actually watched all 8 episodes…7 took me the longest to watch..(which was today) and I watched 8 right after… honestly if some of us end up going to hell..and the devil thinks of ways to torture us for 8 weeks… then this sure as hell would do it… omg.. While I thought this was clever… it was overkill… 3-4 episodes and we could have lived but 8… thats almost a whole anime 13 episode season.. on the same god…lol..

    While we can all honestly say.. we’ve never seen anything like this before in a anime series…lets hope we can also say…this is the last time we see anything like this.

    The title of this shouldnt be endless 8 it should be endless hell..

    But even though I hated this arc… I watched it anyway.. simply because it may never be done again. The ending was better then I thought it would be..and I guessed it would be the homework by week 3. So when Kyon said it I was like… YA!… wait.. wtf..I was right? You mean to tell me…poor nagato went though almost 600 years of the same 2 weeks…and it was over HOMEWORK!?… I loved Nagato’s expression when Kyon said that… shes like…holly shit! something new!? IS THIS FUCKING IT!? lol..

    Now lets hope the new arc just goes back to the normal haruhi stuff.. if it does then we’ll slowly forget this arc… Either way.. I’m glad its over! woooo! 😛

  33. Finally, with such a short season I cant believe they spent so much time on something that could easily have been 2-3 episodes long max. That arch was by far some of the most disappointing anime episodes I have ever seen and finally its over 🙂

  34. Wow it’s finally over o_o LOL epic moment at the end? Love the music accompaniment and the artistic quality especially as Kyon is slowly coming to realization (after 15 531 repeats..) Heh, when you think about it: Just when endless eight ended, we only have about 2 weeks of summer vacation left. Well, let’s hope for no more disappointments from this show..KyoAni better make it up all up with awesome episodes aftewards…

  35. I sat through all 8 episodes…that was the most difficult marathon I’ve gone through…ever.

    One thing I did to keep myself sane: watching the different ways Kyon answers the phone when Mikuru and Itsuki call him in the middle of the night. The 5th and 7th iterations were the best.

    Panzer Bandit
  36. I watched the first one and read on RC that the second (and third…and fourth…etc) one was almost a complete replica of the previous episode. So I haven’t watched any of them until now. I agree that it was a pretty good ending of the arc, and I can’t wait for new episodes. FINALLY!

    Let’s just be thankful that we only had to wait through 8 repeats and not…well, you know.


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