After seeing Teppei fly off the train, Charlotte notices that Josephine is still alive despite her wound. Hartmann then frees her from the ropes tying her and reveals that he plans to portray himself as the hero. Charlotte is more concerned about Josephine though and carries her to get some treatment because that’s what Teppei would do if he were there. As it turns out, her guards from before went to medical school, so they are able to operate on Josephine. Teppei meanwhile wakes up to find that he’s alive and on a motorcycle with Alfred and Sylvia. After leaving Alfred behind, Teppei and Sylvia are able to catch up to the train, and Teppei boards it and separates the front of the train from the rear cars. He then finds Hartmann and Charlotte, and he tells Hartmann that, back during the pickpocket incident, his grandfather had really been challenging Hartmann to climb up and follow the right path. Hartmann doesn’t want to listen to anything Teppei says though and instead blows up the front of the train. He also reveals that he’s responsible for what happened to Teppei’s parents, and though learning this pains Teppei, he decides to forgive Hartmann. Since Hartmann still isn’t coming around, Teppei knocks some sense into him, and moments later, the entire train explodes. Teppei and Charlotte jump out and are caught by Sylvia on the motorcycle, and Hartmann meanwhile gets saved by Alfred. In the aftermath, Charlotte is happily reunited with Teppei, and Hartmann goes to Josephine’s side. When Teppei and company return to school, they all attend a dance party with Seika.


Well that was a pretty poor ending. For one, I got annoyed with how Teppei had to get all preachy with Hartmann. I can understand what they’re trying to do in portraying how Teppei has matured as a character, but Hartmann really just deserved to die. In fact, everyone survived, and it was ridiculous because they went as far as to make the random perverted guards into doctors just so that they could save Josephine. Even if I was okay with Hartmann living though, it irks me greatly that he gets magically redeemed with pretty much no consequences after struggling against Teppei all the way up to the point the train exploded. That’s just bad character development and poor writing. As for the very end, they imply that Teppei is ending up with Charlotte, but they really made it as open-ended a harem an ending as they could. I would say it was frustrating not to see something a bit more concrete, but by that point I had given up caring. Heck, I get the feeling that even if they got married, Charlotte would be okay with sharing Teppei with the other girls.

Final Thoughts:

This series showed some promise in the beginning, but the final few episodes really soured me on it. I enjoyed the hot springs episode and the over-the-top eighth episode, but that’s because those managed to be entertaining in amusing ways. They failed though when they tried to be serious with the kidnapping and hero/villain plot and extended it all the way to the end of the series – they should have just stuck with the humor and relationship drama and built something around that. All this is to say that I ultimately can’t in good faith recommend this series to anyone unless they’re really desperate to see some fanservice and have the uncensored DVD version.


  1. Ahaha, that is the best horrible turn around in a while – it’s funny. As much as I was rooting for Sylvia, I’m disappointed in an open ending considering how clearly, in my opinion, this show has leaned towards a Charlotte pairing. Hartmann gets a clearer pairing at the end. =O

  2. Pf, this series could have been something very good and they blowed it at the end. They had the money to make a fine animation but not to hire good writers. Another bluff.

    The question is: Is someone is willing to overcome Love Hina or not? We need a new milestone, I think we are tired of seeing dumbass harems, aren’t we?

  3. Like I said, the whole show is just about boobs and pantsu. I did rather watch Sora no Manimani but I thought just this once, incredibly huge boobs anime will get a decent setting. The entire drama was very exaggerated especially how Teppei can go to great lengths to become the successor of the Arima Group just to lure out the culprit. At the end, he can just forgive Hartmann as he “emphathise” with his plight…

  4. The series started off well but really ended badly. I would not be as forgiving of the mutt that murdered my parents either. Plus an open ending (which I hate). Soro no Manimani is not that bad of an anime either.

  5. Unsatisfying seems to be describe it best for me. I don’t regret watching the show since it did have some enjoyable moments. The ending really did itself a disservice. I’m not sure how anyone could forgive someone who killed their parents and shows no remorse. Terrible.

    I was completely prepared for the open harem ending as the prior chapter hinted in his growing connection to the other girls. Seems like the writers wanted to keep their options open for future work.

    Finally, the premise of the overall story was good. The writers lacked focus, execution and a clear direction on what message they wanted to convey. It should have stayed a romantic comedy and kept to the tone of the light novels.

  6. I kinda agree with ANON here. At least Umineko has an interesting story…. Though not an excellent production for the first two arcs. 😛

    Hopefully 3rd’s the charm and they make a conscious effort of turning the production quality around.

  7. Have in mind that with only 12 eps, there’s no room for much character development or more zaziness around (just compare both versions of Kanon) With at least one more ep, the Teppei-Hartmann showdown could’ve been better, as well a lot more eps centered in Silvie, Yuu and Seika.

    By the way…!/Princess%20Lover!%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2042.jpg

    ¿Saber training chibi-Agrias Oaks of FFT? ¿A new Valkyrie Profile? ¿Or is the future of the Nanoha franchise?

  8. Heh, was there anyone that actually died in realtime in this mess. Like I said b4, my expectations for this anime was medicore at best. It was a H-game of all things – & a pretty gay-ass H-game at that. Just the fact that they could turn it into a regular anime is incredible: if you played the game, you know they didn’t have that much to work with at all. But who cares about that junk. Where’s my DVDs 😛

  9. I actually semi-enjoyed the ending because the show was never really serious in the first place. Though I may only be okay with the open-harem end because Seika past the tsun- part is my favorite character… <__>;;

  10. random perverted guards into doctors= fail!! but lets be serious, were we really expecting much from this series???? come on! i just dont like how the humor totally dipped in the last few ep’s. OMNI, FALL PREVIEW if you please.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  11. Started good, was okay until episode 6, the hot spring episode (Which by now I believe every anime is required to have by law), Episode 7 – 12 was one big sucky story arc. I may keep eps 1-6 and dump the rest.

  12. As many said, it started out ok, but then went downhill most of the time, similar to a bunch of other, shorter, anime series’. I keep wondering why they keep making all these extremely SHORT “series” lately with only a few being 20+ episodes.

    Only fewer are STILL going on and that’s mostly because their mangas are nigh-neverending, lol. (Naruto, Bleach, and whatnot.)

    Seems all such short series boil down to is big breasts and pretty faces with ecchiness. While I certainly don’t mind such moments and all, I DO wish there was more involvement with the plot and much more and better character development to go along with them. Hell, they never even “confirmed” if Teppei became a member of the Society Club. While it’s safe to say that he did, they just completely cut that off with the whole Arima Hills Incident and the kidnapping scheme and ending. Another thing I dislike about such series…starting something, but never completely finishing it x_x;

  13. Short series ALL usually end up lower than expected, don’t they (ex: K-On!)? With Haruhi Season 1 being a complete exception! Is a 12-episode season really not enough to make a show successful?! If so, we are in for some really bad shows, because networks always try to find ways to save money.

  14. But If you ask me he is destined not marry anyone but will end up having affairs with all four them or marry Sylvia like his grandfather arranged with affairs with the other three or his grandfather arranges some legal loop hole to get Teppai to marry all four girls. His grandfathers benefits from this because Arima coorporation get bigger and he gets several future great grandchildren to play with like he always wanted which he was unable to do with Teppai.

  15. “I keep wondering why they keep making all these extremely SHORT “series” lately with only a few being 20+ episodes.”

    technically its always been the case that any given season is mostly filled with 1 season shows (12-13 eps) and only a few carry to 2, and even fewer go even longer. so that’s neither new nor recent.
    besides that, the answer is quite obvious, money. studios make episodes on a LOSS as is, and are completely dependent on DVD and merchandise sales to recover their money. shorter series costs less, force them to need to recover less, and means they only need to sell 5-6 DVDs versus 10-12.

  16. To the anime viewing public: We, the animation staff hank you so much for wasting a half hour of your lives to join us for the past 12 weeks. To reward you for your time, we won’t bother making 12 episodes that are hilarious, we will offer two to three episodes of fan service where you can’t see anything, and we will be sure not to come to any satisfactory conclusion….

    That was terrible, because it started out with a cliche premise, and it was never able to get any of the cliches right. Harem anime? One girl won’t win. Comedy? Nope. Stereotypical revenge plot? To quote the Sopranos fugghedaboutit.

    Yuri Rocks
  17. What do you expect from a series based on a hentai game? the tragic of `Air´? the mood of Love Hina? the plot of Code Geass?
    Look, this series is entertaining, and thats all … I expect nothing more from it

  18. I think… The most interesting CHARACTERS (not body parts)…. were the two guards 😀

    On a side note, Omni how do u manage to balance managin this site and life?0.0 Im in high school and havent touched anime for 2 months 😀

  19. The saddest part about the series is that it had the potential to be something good. The first episode genuinely managed to impress me — there was a compelling and unique premise, a main lead who had a purpose and some skill, some very well animated action scenes (both the chase and the sparring match at the end), and all the girls were introduced as interesting and possibly multi-dimensional during their debut scenes. All of that went out the window once the second episode rolled around and they fell back on the cliché high-school antics and drama bullshit to carry the viewer’s attention. Now, had the show decided to stay this path for the rest of the series things probably would have probably been fine. Instead it decided to make a sudden, half-assed attempt at taking itself seriously again and then everything just went to all hell. The story, action and characters became boring, and it wasn’t even entertaining in the context of a fanservice show. Really, the only thing left for people to possibly get enjoyment out of now are the upcoming DVD versions. Whoopee.

  20. ANON: This and Umineko don’t air on the same day. I had time for a Sunday show, but not a Wednesday one. This may change in the upcoming season however…

    BROOKLYN otaku: It’s coming, but it takes forever to write. These things don’t write themselves.

    Xrtear: I have a friend who really liked Phantom as well, but again it’s a Thursday show and this is a Sunday show. What day a show airs on is very important when it comes to determining if I have time to blog it.

    Sen_976: Yes, but I’m behind on it because I’ve been working on the Fall Preview instead.

  21. @WingZerozxt

    Yeah TM 8.0 was awesome. It came close to but didnt manage to take the crown from Now and Then, Here and There for really good sad anime. Probably the closest any series has come to doing so for me.

  22. Charlotte was epic fail (good thing they didn’t fed me some serious TxC shit in the end), so was Hartmann (how lame can he get as a villain or as a shooter). DIE Charlotte you useless princess who will bring doom to Hazelrink, DIE Hartmann you pathetic excuse for a villain with the most pathetic backstory (and you dare copy Aizen for christ’s sake, well, Aizen is as bad as Hartmann when its’ time to kill the secretary). Just one more time since it’s the last one, DIE CHARLOTTE! DIE! DIE!! DIE!!! YOUR HEAD IS SO EMPTY THAT A BULLET WON’T DO ANY DAMAGE AT ALL!!!

  23. sigh… i’m sad for all the other girls. The whole story attention was on charlotte till the very end which it depressed me a little. Fiance but i don’t see any fiance like. I was expecting to see the main hero associate more with all the female characters more but it turns out every attention is on charlotte.

  24. tbf i started watching because of teppei’s mum, and she got killed off pretty soon.. i dunno why i kept watching… but, as a student, i got time, and i dont mind wasting it on this i guess.

  25. Man that was the weakest anime ending I ever seen. Seriously. Anime was so promising in the beginning but then suddenly it got hella retarded for no reason. What were the writers thinking?

    Also the blurring of undies…not really sure what that was about.

  26. lol what? that guy killed his parents and kidnapped his lover(I guess) AND shot the chick that loves him because he was humiliated when he tried to pickpocket….? not bad ending i guess.. should have at least shown some more tits at the end 🙂

  27. I like the end, teppei forgive Hartmann, i know that is best forgive that hate but the hate go the killers and blood and this never end, great character of teppei and nice person.

    and the Harem girl I wanna that teppei stay with sylvie but he don’t

  28. Hartmann getting off scott free was a jaw dropper for me, someone tell me who else would just “forgive” the unrepentant murderer of their parents, that’s more psychotic than the villain. It was without a doubt the lamest anime ending I’ve seen in a while.

  29. Uhh I couldn’t help but squirm around watching this. They sent everything that was good about this series out the window, and what we get at the end is a buntch of crap. I really liked Yuu and whatever they were tried to do with Seika and Sylvia just didn’t work. The writers could have done better.

  30. I only watched this show because of the OVA, Aparantly Teppei does go for Sylvie and Charlotte is nowhere to be found, its incredible how Sylvie is the one fighting for her country while Teppei stays at home and does nothing, normally its all reversed or something, but DAMN the Ova is awesome, download the OVA now or else. Btw the OVA is hentai.

    Mick Jagger

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