Unaware of Sesshoumaru’s new ability, InuYasha has gone to see Toutousai about the Dakki sword that he encountered. It turns out that it was made with the scale of the Ryuujin, but this was a poorly forged blade, and Toutousai thinks that InuYasha would have lost against a better one. InuYasha and company nevertheless decides to track down the swordsmith Toushuu who just finished forging another sword with a Ryuujin scale. They find him under attack by the Ryuujin, so InuYasha fights and eventually manages to defeat the demon. To everyone’s surprise, Toushuu himself finishes off the Ryuujin and absorbs his power into the sword, and he next sets his sights on InuYasha and Tessaiga. It soon becomes clear that Toushuu is being taken over by the sword, and InuYasha has his hands full trying to fight him. To make matters worse, Tessaiga starts cracking and soon returns to being a normal sword, however InuYasha doesn’t back down and continues fighting. When Toushuu abruptly meets his end, Miroku theorizes that the sword was afraid of breaking and let Toushuu’s body take InuYasha’s attack. Its powers then flow to Tessaiga, giving InuYasha its absorption ability.

By chance, the group then sees Kouga’s lackeys chasing after Kouga in the nearby forest, and Kagome senses some shards, so they go to investigate. Earlier, Kouga had come under attack by a younger boy who had been forced to work to save his captured brother, and Kouga had followed him to Naraku’s new detachment Byakuya. Kouga, however, has to let Byakuya go so that he can save the captured kid, and in the process, he encounters Mouryoumaru. Right as things are looking bad for Kouga, InuYasha’s group arrives to help, and the two work together to fight Mouryoumaru. InuYasha even tries to make use of Tessaiga’s new absorption ability, but for the time being it proves to be too much for him to handle. Kagome helps them out by marking the spot where she can see Mouryoumaru’s jewel shard, and that’s the spot that InuYasha and Kouga attack. Mouryoumaru is forced to retreat again, and InuYasha can’t chase because he’s been knocked back from being unable to handle the power that Tessaiga absorbed. In Mouryoumaru’s place now is Byakuya who announces that he’s only here to observe, and he goes to report what happened to Naraku.


For the most part I thought this was a solid, action-filled episode, but it bothered me a little that InuYasha and company always seem to be within walking distance of all the big events and showdowns. That’s a sign of poor transitioning and sometimes pacing of the story (though I thought the pacing here was fine), and it reminds me of the same problem I had with Tales of the Abyss, which was another Sunrise adaptation with a lot of the same staff as this series. Granted, I like InuYasha a lot more than that series because it’s got more interesting characters, and I’m a lot more invested in the story, but it’s still a troubling trend. At least the fights this episode were pretty exciting, though I thought that the way Toushuu was suddenly defeated was sort of weak, and Mouryoumaru continued his streak of running away. Tessaiga’s new power-up seems like it could be pretty powerful as well, as long as InuYasha learns how to handle it. Come to think of it, I’d like to see him try to fight Sesshoumaru’s new Meidou Zangetsuha…


  1. Quite sad really.
    I was really looking forward to Sunrise finishing off the InuYasha manga material, but if they’re just going to rush through it like they can’t wait to get it out of the way, then they should have just not bothered at all.
    To properly cover the material, they at least need 2 season (51 eps), but the way it’s going, it’s going to end up 1 season, and that’s being generous…

  2. 1st episode hakudoshi dies, 2nd episode kagura dies, 3rd episode new tenseiga power, 4th new tetsaiga power.

    thats taking the fast forward translation from manga to anime in a whole new level.

    slow down!!!

  3. My guess is that they’re just rushing through all the powerups to set the stage for the final 50 chapters or so and will take those at a more leisurely pace. At the rate they’re going, and going by the known future episode titles, they’re going to hit chapter 500 around episode 11 or 12, which would leave them around 13 episodes to cover the final 50 chapters.

    Just as long as they do the Hell arc justice. Pleeeease do the Hell arc justice. They handled Kagura’s death okay, so I have hope… not to mention they’ve been milking Sesshoumaru’s appearances by tweaking the context of his manga encounters so that he gets screentime in every episode so far (hell, next week almost looks to have an entirely original confrontation between him and Mouryoumaru thrown in, unless it’s another reworked version of the earlier manga battle that’s already been rehashed into two separate encounters).

  4. I agree with Patches. As long as they do the Hell arc with Sesshomaru and his mom, then going to get Rin and all that good stuff without leaving parts out and rushing through it, I don’t give a damn about anything else. I like Inuyasha and Kagome but I really only looked forward to the episodes that Sesshomaru was in. He’s badass.

  5. So yall saying fast inuyasha is worse than NO inuyasha…O.K. Just let them finish this junk. Then my wife, daughter, cousin, & sister can leave me alone about it. They all want DVD copies of the episodes just like I did for them for the last 167 episodes of shit. Why in the hell do they like this shit so much O.o

  6. @Tsukiko: I think it’s the anime’s pacing. Things just don’t have time to sink in like this.

    @rofl: I like that the story unfolds that way. InuYasha largely avoids falling into the DBZ power level gap, and with one badass main villain the whole time through, the series avoids feeling like it’s jumped the shark.

  7. I agree with everyone there going wayyy to fast and they need to slow down and at least have 2 seasons instead of one i mean im thankful you contiuned but contiune it rite plz( also if u plz just throw a ep in when inuxkag kiss pllzzzz u were close to doing it b4 but sota ruined it lol


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