I understand the sentiment Kishimoto’s trying to establish between Naruto and Sasuke, but our nine-tails hero still tends to force the issue too much. Add in the fact that they’re both guys and I couldn’t help but picture Naruto telling Sasuke they’re butt buddies when asked why he’s so insistent. If not for that humorous outlook, I’d have to say they’re cutting the cheese awfully thick in recent chapters. I imagine these scenes would make much more of an impact if they were animated with voices and music, but from the manga alone, I’m just not feeling it.

So as expected, Madara comes in to stop the fight. No surprise there, but with Zetsu around and Kakashi/Naruto still arguing over who gets to fight Sasuke, I think they should just cut the chit-chat and all go at it. Somehow, I get the feeling we’re just going to be left with Kakashi fighting half of Zetsu though. On the plus side, at least it sounds like Kisame might still be kicking around like I suspected some chapters ago.


* For anyone wondering, I’ve decided to drop coverage of Letter Bee after falling behind. I’m still actively following the series and quite thrilled about Inoue Marina being in it, the story getting back on track about Gauche, and the announcement of a second season coming this fall, but don’t feel compelled enough to write about it on a regular basis.


  1. well the way Kisame died and the comdey show that was their fight it would be nice… but he is a overpowered character… hopefully he wont have his sword with him… Naruto and sasuke have always been gay bro’s its one of the only constants in naruto

  2. I’m with you Divine, Naruto’s tangent really bordered on the very definition of Yaoi. Sure, their kiss in episode 2 was passable, since it was inadvertant and both got sick afterwards, but now Kishimoto really is going off the edge of the map with Naruto’s declaration. And now that Madara’s showed back up, I’m beginning to wonder whether a fight will break out at all.

    As for Kisame, I’m less sure about. Didn’t he derisively make fun of Hidan and Kakuzu as the “zombie team” or whatever sometime ago? If he did, then I doubt he’ll pull the same stunt and manage to survive with just his head, since the idea sounded foreign to him.

  3. *Madara, sasuke is…. OMG” “Madara put mask back on” lol

    it turned out just as we all thought except for the naruto saying both of them will die if they fight.

    kisame oh kisame the fanfic the great romantic has corrupted me with him “super sword + naruto = OMFGRUNAWAY” lol

  4. Naruto and Sasuke is both killing each other is something I feel I saw coming a long time ago, so I didn’t think what he said was stupid because it made sense to me. Naruto isn’t the kind of character that makes all his impossible and stupid ideas happen, and the only way he’ll be able to stop Sasuke is by fighting him, but if he killed Sasuke then that’d just make this manga a tragedy because Naruto would have betrayed himself and the critical point ye ole “chain of hatred and violence” would persist and thus the ninja world never be changed. Naruto’s gonna be a martyr. Unless there is a twist later on that changes all that, which there probably will be.

  5. “Deus Ex Madara” – that made me laugh.

    Yeah it does sound like Madara is gonna snag himself a rinnegan, though I couldn’t tell if he meant recruit or physically obtain it for himself.

    I don’t see Naruto dying, it’d be big kudos to Kishi if he did do it.

    So Very Odd
  6. ? Kakashi won’t be fighting Zetsu. Zetsu is already leaving in search of Kisame and his black half. This feels like the end of one arc and the beginning of another (that deals with the rinnegan). Wouldn’t mind Kisame still being alive.

    Madara is hardly a deus ex machina no matter how many backup arms he has. He can only phase, warp and manipulate.

    Anyway. The scenes worked for me. Naruto’s confidence made it work. =D

  7. @sharktamer
    Maybe. It sounded like he wanted to get it before it could be destroyed or anything. If he puts it in himself, he’ll be way too overpowered. Although, that leaves a Mangekyo eye for him to put into Sasuke…

    Actually, I think he’ll implant it into Sasuke. Then It’ll be the Rin’negan versus the Sage’s power, very fitting.

    Shad P
  8. this is exactly why I stopped reading naruto right after the whole stupid sage transformation. Now with people fusing bodies, almost DBZ style and sasukes sharingan suposably being the technique made too seal the 9 tailed fox. sounds too me that the buttlovers are going too be loving the same butt at some point, and able too fully control the 9 tails power WITH the rennigan. FU-SION-HOO!! MY BUTT OW!

  9. There are only five things I like about Naruto:

    1. Shikamaru
    2. Itachi
    3. Temari
    4. Iruka
    5. Kisame (Please be ALIVE)Besides, last I heard, didn’t the 7 swords men try killing the Leader of the Mist awhile ago, which should be Madara, but failed at it?

  10. um yeah Naruto has unofficially come out the closet in my eyes. I was more interested in Madara this time. He said something about having some rinnegan eyes on stock. Wonder what he is gonna do with those. Bet Sasuke wont be getting him. Anyway Naruto is gay as hell now. I want a new main character ASAP. Maybe Neji could fill out the role just transfer the Kyuubi to him and they will be good to go. Hell that fox demon is the only reason Naruto has come so far as it is. I would stop reading this crap but I have been reading too long now. I must see how Madara is finally stopped hopefully it is an event where the rookie nine band together to break through the 10 tails and probably let Naruto hit him with some Super Wind Shuriken Sage Powered Rasengan.

  11. Other then the muchly noted naruto parts, i liked seeing zetusu doing something other then watch people. And while the fight probably wont last long, this manga needs some more violence asap.

    i think that mandara will need to ditch his current eyes to make his plan possible (if the sage broke the 10 tails up with the rinengan then mandara will need those eyes to put them back together + that justsu) so sasuke might get them, granted its possible that being the eye collector mandara is .. itachis eyes are waiting for sasuke.

    and the best part is that if they both die.. then konahamaru gets the spotlight XD

  12. This was some of the most gay and predictable shit ever!!!
    Madara comes and stops the fight and naruto and sasuke pull down each others pants and begin a suck fest.

    Will kishi just dive off a cliff while masterbating and holding a pic of sasuke already. Were over him.

  13. Really guys? We’re going to call Naruto trying to regain a lost friend gay?

    Clearly no one here has ever had a profound non-romantic relationship with someone of the same sex…

  14. Whats gay is the constant chasing of the opposite sex friendship you speak of yanipheonu. while Naruto forgets about everything else, the girl who confessed to him, the village, the on coming war, and the sakura who almost died right before his eyes. All is forgiven and forgotten for his love or lust for sasuke. Its ridiculous at best. Just kill him and join the other friends he has who arent bent on spreading death and mayhem.

  15. @yanipheon
    obviously people are poking fun at this. i think the point everyone is making is that the author is going tooooo far with this. naruto has already gone as far as getting the crap beat out of him by another ninja just to protect sasuske. ive heard that love conquers all, but this is ridiculous. naruto has stated ALL ALONG that he is going to be hokage. everyone around naruto is telling him that he is behaving like a kid. sasuke is a criminal now and has committed serious crimes against the world. he needs to be held accountable for his crimes and naruto needs to do it..


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