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Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru – 08

「ブランド・ゼス」 (Burando Zesu)
“Brand Zess”

With Yuki getting accustomed to life at the Twilight Mansion, the easygoing pace continues on with a trip to the communal bath. It was probably unrealistic to expect to see some Tooko and Aya fan-service as a result, but I can always hope before they bring on the bishounen variety.

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Darker than BLACK – Gaiden 03

Two months later and we have the third of four episodes of the Darker than BLACK side story, which is turning out to be more interesting than the actual Ryuusei no Gemini sequel.

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Arakawa Under the Bridge – 09


There’s ridiculous and then there’s Luna’s Papa from Seto no Hanayome ridiculous, which Stella takes a page right out of by buffing up on-the-fly after learning that Sister’s in love with Maria.

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WORKING!! – 09

「ことりちゃん登場!!」 (Kotori-chan Toujou!!)
“Kotori-chan Appears!!”

There’s pretty much an unwritten rule in anime to be suspicious of any character that can’t be bothered to open their eyes most of the time, but it doesn’t hurt to hear them out once in a while.

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Well it looks like my expectations of ETU turning things around in their match against FC Sapporo were a bit premature. However, the five game losing slump they’re currently in will make their first win so much sweeter — especially if it’s against Fuwa’s undefeated Nagoya Gran Palace.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 59

「失われた光」 (Ushinawareta Hikari)
“Lost Light”

Well that’s news to me. I didn’t know you can force someone to perform alchemy against their will and let them suffer the consequences of doing so. Just when I thought things were looking up with the arrival of May, Darius, Jerso, and Zampano, both Wrath and Pride show up to spoil the parade.

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Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – 09

「とんだお見合い騒動」 (Tonda Omiai Soudou)
“Unimaginable Marriage Interview Turmoil”

It’s probably safe to say that episodes where Junko is involved are loads better, but this one also made me realize that if Hikasa Youko said all her lines here in K-ON, Mio fans would be bursting out of their pants uncontrollably.

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Angel Beats! – 09

「In Your Memory」

After watching eight weeks of mostly comedy, I admittedly got a bit teary-eyed when I saw more of Otonashi’s past leading up to his death after he survived the train crash.

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Durarara!! – 20

「黄天當立」 (Kouten Masa ni Tatsu)
“The Yellow Sky Will Rise Up”

For an episode that revolved almost completely around Simon’s Russian sushi restaurant, it wasn’t the least bit dull as Kadota eventually directed Masaomi to where he can find out who the leader of Dollars is.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 09

「桃太郎までもメイド様」 (Momotarou made mo Maid-sama)
“A Maid Even as Momotaro”

In what started out as a full-out omake episode about the Japanese folktale Momotaro, things got pretty wacky and somehow crossed legends with Urashima Taro at one point. With Usui narrating the entire story however, it turned out that this supposed omake wasn’t a mere omake after all.

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Tamura Yukari – Oshiete A to Z PV (B Gata H Kei OP)

It’s not quite Yamada bobbing up and down and trying to seduce Kosuda like there’s no tomorrow, but we have Tamura Yukari doing laundry, watering the lawn, and just looking pretty. I don’t think I’ll ever quite understand what Japanese promo/music video directors are thinking, but they can’t be thinking that hard if this is what they come up with more often than not. On the plus side, Yukarin’s legs are pretty well accented in those anime-length skirts/dresses she’s wearing (i.e. super short ones), which isn’t an easy thing to do considering how she’s only 157cm tall (~5’2″).

More after the jump, including some old school Yamato Nadeshiko…

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Sarai-ya Goyou – 07

「野暮でござった」 (Yabo de Gozatta)
“That Was Thoughtless of Me”

I can’t say I’m too surprised that Yaichi has a past with another gang, but I am curious as to whether or not this Bakuro group lead by Kuhei has any relation to the guys that kidnapped Seinoshin and faked his death.

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B Gata H Kei – 09

「そんな!みんなの見てる前で…嫌いなんて言ってないじゃん…秋」 (Sonna! Minna no Miteru Mae de… Kirai Nante Ittenai Jan… Aki)
“No Way! In Front of Everyone to See… I Never Said I Hate You…”

If Kosuda’s last minute confession from a fleeting train wasn’t clear enough to Yamada, the one he screamed out at the top of his lungs in front of everyone in class sure as hell was.

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Bleach 405 – Like Father, Like Son

May 27, 2010 at 7:57 am Comments (45)

Naruto 496 – Is There Anything Chakra Can’t Do?

May 27, 2010 at 12:58 am Comments (46)

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