This chapter felt a bit run-of-the-mill, but I attribute that mainly to the fact that I’ve been taught the moral of “accepting the darkness within oneself rather than trying to conquer it” many times in the past. It’s not exactly something new and I already foresaw it coming two chapters back, so any impact it would’ve made was clearly lost on me. However, despite being a rather overused cliché, I don’t find that its inclusion here a negative effect on the direction of the story. Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, I can easily see the really young generation of fans learning of such a moral for the very first time. As such, it’s hardly what I’d consider a wasted venture when elementary school kids will read Naruto just as much as high school or older individuals.


With Naruto’s inner darkness now cleansed, it looks we’ll be moving on to bigger and better things in the upcoming weeks. Namely, Bee getting all buddy-buddy with Naruto and offering to help him learn how to control the Nine-tails. In this case, it’s already sounding like he has to give it a good ass-kicking first to earn its respect and/or acknowledgment, which is an approach opposite of the aforementioned moral. All I’ll say about that though is that demon foxes within you are a special case and need to be handled differently. =P Other than that, I did get a cheap laugh out of Yamato asking if he can come along, most likely out of concern that Naruto might go berserk again and he’d have to contain him. Yamato sure has it rough. That said, any predictions on how the Naruto versus Nine-tails bit will play out?


    1. wow
      I almost never hear the word tangent in normal non-math circumstances.
      You know one of my old math teachers named her cat tangent? I thought that was kinda funny.


      I think the kyuubi will win kick ass in the beginning but little Nattan (cause yes this is what I call naru) will eventually prevail!

  1. I can’t see Naruto actually fighting the Kyuubi; I think it’s more likely that this is just a metaphor and Naruto will have to beat the Kyuubi mentally by overcoming him. In which case, this step in the training would be a bit redundant since Naruto had supposedly done that by “defeating” his dark self. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to wait and see. >.<

  2. There was an hint at the end of this chapter saying something along the line of “a new team has been formed”, so I expect to see something similar to bleach: Summon your power (bankai – nine-tails), so you can eventually tame/use it. We might even see a Bee + Naruto VS nine-tails fight. Using the strategy of “accepting” oneself twice in a row would be too repetitive.

  3. I got a nice chuckle out of Yamato groaning about Naruto rapping. Naruto teaches kids that the first step to accepting yourself is hugging yourself in the mirror, lol.

  4. a) Naruto won’t be able to contain the Nine-tail because the Nine-tails is the top-tier of tailed beast. Probably sometime towards the end of the series they’ll work together. At least, thats how I feel.

    b) Kisame will most likely interfere and capture Bee. I mean, Kisame is in a perfect position right now to take one, if not both of them.

  5. well i think that while this chapter was a little cheesy with the overall moral, the comment by Stefan seems to be accurate as to why they will need to fight. Cause if anime/manga has taught me one thing (other then fighting is fun to read/watch and point objects are fun) its that you need to crush your enemies and then spare their lives with encouragement and helpfulness to become friends with them

  6. Is anyone wondering about Kasame? Like dude is still chillin in hid sword..Like this be the best time to kill 2 birds with one stone n take bout Bijuu out..It would be funny if his sword fell in love with Naruto/Nine-Tails Chakra since its greater than Killer Bee’s

  7. my theory is like the one in bleach:
    naruto goes into his inner world(that has buildings on their sides :p ) and fight the kyuubi while outside, the kyuubi has gone berserk and bee will contain it as long as possible until naruto defeats the kyuubi.

    1. And then Naruto walk out of the dust with a fox mask he can only keep on for 11 seconds. Until he just keeps it on for longer with no explanation, fights an emo guy with weird eyes and tearmarks, has a hole blown through his stomach and defeats him by the Kyubi going berserk. Also, he gets really long hair when this happens.

      That about right?

  8. is naruto like becoming somekind of ninja-pacifist. “The key to beating my enemies is getting to know and understand them instead of killing them.” He is going to sit at the gate with the Kyuubi and talk to him before opening the gate in hopes he won’t be consumed again.Seems to be his new motto. Which means Sasuke will not kill Naruto or himself. It seems more likely that a double-team against Madara is going to happen.

  9. maybe the kyuubi is still influenced by madara and naruto will clear some hatred out of it by overpowering it with natural chacra? dunno, but i hope it won’t get too boring, as i can’t really think of them fighting each other in a battle..


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