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OP: 「みっつ数えて大集合!」 (Mittsu Kazoete Daishuugou!) by 高垣彩陽, 明坂聡美, 戸松遥 (Takagaki Ayahi, Akesaka Satomi, Tomatsu Haruka)
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「ガチで愛してしょうがない!?」 (Gachi de Ai Shite Shouganai!?)
“Can’t Help Being Earnestly in Love!?”

Even with the school sports festival and Sakiko stripping down Yabecchi in his sleep, the humor felt a bit lacking last time. Luckily, this episode more than made up for it by going back to misunderstandings and finally bringing in the Gachi Rangers I mentioned back in the Summer 2010 Preview. The only glimpse of them thus far was the poster at Satoshi’s place back in episode two, so I was starting to wonder when we would see Hitoha’s favorite live-action superheroes. Admittedly, I had only read about how she’s a huge fan of them, making the vast majority of this episode a pleasant surprise.

Starting with how Hitoha caught a bit of the show on television and quickly fell in love with it, the skit with her trying to find people to talk to about it was absolute money. As soon as Yabecchi was caught in the confusion over whether they were talking about Gachi Rangers or seeing Hitoha’s underwear, I couldn’t stop laughing at every subsequent thing they said and misunderstood more. It was great material, though I’m inclined to believe such vastly different understandings only work as well as they do in Japanese. Unlike English, the language is highly contextual and doesn’t require the use of any sort of noun, pronoun, nor proper noun to form a complete sentence. With the sole requirement being a verb, a misunderstanding can go really out of whack if a conversation seems to fit it, much like it did here with Hitoha and Yabecchi. More often than not, something will usually give the misunderstanding away before it reaches that point, but I just love it when nothing does for amusement purposes.

For whatever reason, the whole misunderstanding approach on comedy always works for me, so I was amused to no end when that continued on with a sixth grade picture of the triplets’ father, back when he looked exactly like Shinya. There was also Mitsuba’s reaction to a high school picture of Soujirou when he was quite the stud, which was absolutely priceless because it was a new type of “trap” altogether. Not to be overshadowed though was the formal introduction of the three girls who are helplessly in love with the real Shinya, Ogata Airi (Chihara Minori), Itou Shiori (Iguchi Yuka), and Katou Mayumi (Uchida Aya). They sure got one hell of a trio to play these three obsessed girls, with Aya being a fairly new seiyuu whose starring role as Ascoeur in KIDDY GiRL-AND makes her fit the bill perfectly. Incidentally, Minorin’s voice of choice as a sixth grader happens to be less annoying that one she’s using for Mikaze in Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, which is unusual but a very welcome change-up.

At first glance, Airi’s misunderstanding over the photograph that landed her in the bath with Futaba’s father was pretty bad, but Shinya’s mix-up that put him in homosexual territory was much worse in my eyes. Between being labeled gay on top of a pervert and checking to see if Futaba’s underwear was visible during her kicks, I think Shinya was probably better off taking his chances against one of Futaba’s attacks. He just had to hold onto hope that he’d somehow survive it! With the way Yuudai’s willing to set up Shinya out of jealousy towards his popularity amongst the ladies, those two are easily becoming some of my favorites to watch though. Now that Airi, Shiori, and Mayumi have officially joined the antics, the comedy from them is even better. Yaoi fans, eat your heart out! However, it didn’t feel right with the way the Gachi Ranger misunderstanding left off with Yabecchi in a pool of his own tears after Hitoha called him a pervert who deserves the death penalty, so the last bit with the tables turned was like karma at its best. Yuki thinking that Hitoha has an stalker-like obsession with Yabecchi and a S&M type of relationship? That had me laughing more than the skirt one once the elbow was brought up.

Gachi Rangers and misunderstandings. That’s a recipe for good laughs no matter how many times they use it. Hopefully it carries on to next time, because this episode was a riot. Mitsudomoe!

* The opening sequence had added sound effects this time around, so I threw up a copy of it.




  1. The misunderstandings are quite fun, either they show and hear the conversation at the wrong time or they just can’t follow it after a few seconds of silence.
    Hitoha should just shout that she likes gachi rangers.

  2. Gachi Rnagers the source of all misunderstandings….

    LOL hilarious episode Hitoha is definitely my favorite plus the three girls sucking in satou’s air was cute, felt so bad for the shock she was about to receive in the tub.

    Was it just me or did the red ranger sound like Yabecchi.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Mitsudomoe/Mitsudomoe%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2020.jpg
    I feel shame for the father of the Marui Triplets that he’s the SUSPECT
    Shin-chan got chased by the girls just like the BEATLES from the movie A Hard Days Night
    “Can’t this be Love” by a filipino singer

  4. i laughed and laughed and watch it all over again.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. I gotta say, I think this might be my favorite anime this season.

    The teeth bothered me a bit at first, and the proportional heads (especially on the teachers…), but this show funny as hell. I’d put it near the levels of School Rumble and Minami-Ke.

    skdhgkdsjghd too bad it’s only 13 eps long. ;___;

  6. Another hilarious episode. The misunderstandings were played really well and like Divine said if you know Japanese it’s even funnier since some of the jokes were lost in translation in Crunchy’s subs (for instance, with the misunderstanding about Hitoha loving Yabecchi, in Japanese it’s far more ambiguous due to the lack of pronouns which makes it funnier). That aside, I was wondering when they would formally introduce the “Gachi Rangers”, seeing as Hitoha sleeps with an action figure in the ED, and now I wasn’t disappointed. Hitoha’s love of the Gacchi Rangers was funny in general since she really wanted to talk about them with others but is so socially awkward she didn’t know how to express it and became embarrassed about it. For me, it’s also funny or at least ironic on a personal level since it’s been the story of my school life for many years now lol.

    The biggest surprise of the episode was probably the twins’ dad being a bishounen in his youth though. How does he go from looking like an upperclass shoujo lead male to a fat bum living in a middle class house with three kids? I wonder if the fact he looked a lot like Sato in his youth hinting at something? I can definitely see Sato ending up like that though with all the misunderstandings Saito has to deal with. Like being called gay. ^^;

    And next week looks like an onsen episode. I’m expecting plenty of laughs involving Sato getting caught “peeking”.

    Oh, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the new sound effects. I was wondering if I had just missed them all this time in the OP or something.

  7. Time and marriage will destroy any man…..

    Mighty morphing power rangers … oh well bad things die hard. I remember watching that and hating it; but still watching weird. Guess trying to be the pink one was a bad idea.

    More cast members more jokes this is great.

    Island Esper
  8. I love the Hitoha centered stories. Everytime I see Mitsuba and Futaba talking to one another, I cant help but to think of it as a manzai routine, a crazy, violent manzai routine.

  9. My current favourite series of the new season, Hitoha is a great comic creation. I really feel for there dad, he must have a criminal record as long as his arm with all the misunderstandings taking place.


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