「DEAD night and the DEAD ruck」

With morale low, and the others recuperating, what is team Takashi to do when they see a little girl about to be devoured? Why, save her of course! This is all fine and dandy, but I had a problem with Rei declaring, “we realized we’re still human.” Are you serious? Since the beginning, you’ve (by you I mean the entire group) seen a bunch of people get killed without going to help them, especially with Takashi pushing his “survival of the fittest” moral. For god’s sake, we spent an entire episode on this just a couple weeks ago. While saving a defenseless girl has more reason than leaving alone an older person who’s more capable, I don’t feel it should just make what you’ve done so far “okay” with the comfort that you’re “still human”. A cop-out of a more complex predicament? Yeah, oh well, but it gets worse for me.

I don’t know if I just recently became more attuned to reality or something, but this episode was also way too deep in the fanservice department for my tastes. If you’ve seen those shows where it’s just shameless fanservice almost every other scene, that’s exactly where this episode seems to stray into. I don’t know why they decided to do it this episode, or if they’ll continue with the fanservice turned up this high, but I don’t like it. I mean, after the tenth breast bouncing (you could probably count up to 24) or ass in your face, it really gets annoying and awkward. That’s right, fanservice actually deterred my enjoyment of the action part of the episode. While I did say this was just part of the show, it wasn’t possible for me to predict how much “jiggle-age” would be put into the anime from a piece of paper we call manga, so I couldn’t really know that this was going to happen. The fanservice levels in the previous episodes were fine and even enjoyable at times, but I hated this.

Ironically, I presumed I’d enjoy this episode the most so far, but no such luck. I’m sure other people felt different, and I’m sure a lot of people really liked seeing the constant undress (a given, really). I, for one, actually kept facepalming and yelling at the monitor for them to put some damn clothes on, a little annoyed at how one can be so carefree with so much exposure (yeah, why don’t girls around us do that?). While this may seem like a real downer impression, Hirano really saved the show for me by having the best lines. The music insert near the middle had a refreshing tune, and the ending song was also way earlier this time around, making an interesting tie-in. Other than that, I can’t even say I’m disappointed with Madhouse, but rather just the material itself. The question is, why did I expect anything more? I figured that since the manga had a little more dignity with it’s ecchi, the anime might possibly do the same, and well, for the first 6 episodes, it did. I can take the obvious backside angles and enjoy it in varying degrees, but the jiggling just kills whatever seriousness the show has left. However, is it still mindless fun to those who haven’t read the manga (and of course those who don’t really mind/care about the now bordering tasteless fanservice)? Definitely, through and through.


ED7 Sequence

ED7: 「fuss fuzz」 by 黒崎真音 (Kurosaki Maon)
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    1. The anime on this manga chapter was pretty bad. In the manga, you didn’t know how loud they were speaking, so you assumed they were whispering.

      In the anime, the zombies would have attacked them again and again given the extremely loud talk between the little girl and the guy. The fanservice also went beyond the manga, though the manga writer or drawer is probably has a fetish for oppai.

      Zaku Fan
        1. Oh please, I like boobs as much as the next person but this is just some grade A tacky shit. Oppai may literally translate as boobs but it’s usually used appropriately in this context to refer to gratuitous, ridiculous, over-the-top boob shows. Like if they drew a stick man, they’d need to rig up the boob physics.

          As someone who likes fanservice, this series is starting to be a turnoff which is a shame because I like the premise a lot.

      1. It is kinda fetishistic and obsessive. A little fanservice is good here and there, but massive boob and ass shots every episode, even when they disrupt the action, is a bad thing.

        I find the fanservice a little disturbing given the context as well. Who’s to say that one of these hot girls, whose bodies people have been drooling over, isn’t going to get eaten alive? It would make the sex appeal seem a little morbid in retrospect.

      2. @KiteySs

        Then answer the following questions.
        Which females in the series has large breasts?
        Which females in the series has small breasts?
        What is the porportion of their cup size to body size?

        Then answer your own statement

        Zaku Fan
  1. fanservice is what the term suggests – service for fans. this show is totally unpretentious and amazingly unrelenting in what it is meant to deliver, i.e. unabashed fanservice and action. so stop complaining about it, or else you ought to drop it. i mean, what do you expect?

    1. Sorry, but… What action? There’s a lot of stills that pretend to be action, but that’s it. In fact if this show was nothing but action and fanservice it’d be infinitely more tolerable than it is right now. Instead it’s a lot of boredom punctuated by badly placed fanservice and a little action thrown in the remind us of what the manga was doing.

      This shit is just BORING.

  2. I totally agree with kiiragi here. I was pretty fed up with the FS in this episode. It is puzzling how they decide to take a simple task of rescuing a girl from a damn house half a block away and make it in an episode. The annoying jiggling and fan service everywhere were really pissing me off. EITHER GIVE ME STRAIGHT UP H-ANIME OR GIVE ME MORE PLOT AND ACTION!!

  3. Was that MELL singing the BGM during Takashi’s rescue maneuver? that motorcycle jumping really reminds me of the Kamen Rider Series,Kamen Rider Takashi LOL.Another amusing thing was how much of an airhead can Shizuko be…,she forgot to wear clothes and thus claimed “no wonder it’s cold!”. As for Saeko though, Sexy Thong tied in a tempting knot (the one that looks like it’s inviting a man to undo it) plus naked apron get-up really surprised me in a way or 2 (maybe even my mr.happy got surprised as well I guess…). :))

  4. Agreed with kiiragi. The fan service felt forced in my opinion, was totally distracting. The “plot” of this episode was to rescue a little girl, but that’s pretty much impossible to really take seriously when a girl’s ass or boobs are bouncing right in my my face. I mean you would think they got enough nudity in the previous episode. Apparently not. There is a time and place for fan service (although I prefer it to show through a character’s other traits, i.e. voice, personality, etc.), and this episode was none of the two.

  5. I enjoyed the anime up until this episode. The boobage was at a level of ridiculous and I, too, kept yelling at them to put some damn clothes on. This level of fanservice just does not sit well with me in such a serious story setting.

  6. Not too surprised people continue to bitch about the fanservice, I’ll just shrug and enjoy it. 😛 A rather creepy moment of possible fanservice was when the loli pees on our hero and after a moment of looking grossed out, Takeshi looks oddly pleased by the sensation … I’m sure the loli will be there to provide Strike Witches-sstyle fanservice for the oppai-allergic, but pushing the watersports is a bit questionable.

  7. “This is all fine and dandy, but I had a problem with Rei declaring, “we realized we’re still human.” Are you serious? Since the beginning, you’ve (by you I mean the entire group) seen a bunch of people get killed without going to help them, especially with Takashi pushing his “survival of the fittest” moral. For god’s sake, we spent an entire episode on this just a couple weeks ago.”

    Yes, but you forget one thing: up until now, they didn’t have the power to save anyone anyway. They didn’t have sniper rifles, they didn’t have a bike, they didn’t have a Humve. Now they have the power, and they decided to use it to save someone. How would they have saved anyone else in the earlier episodes?

    1. Yes, before this so did they have the option to die in a futile attempt to save people. Even this time so was it pretty far from a safe rescue. Do you pit your group against a horde of zombies with little chance of winning or do you try and save what you can?

      Its a moral dilemma similar to the one with a full life boat. Do you sacrifice the 10 in the boat to take in one more person?

  8. I’d have to disagree…

    For me, this episode (heck, this show) was pure entertainment, in every sense of the word. Sure, everything about this anime is ridiculous… The ecchi level, the crazy stunts they pull… Completely unrealistic. But shows like these just remind me why I watch anime in the first place… You just can’t replicate this in any other form of media! It’s another zom-com, you should treat it like one.

    So, if you’re like me, just kick back, relax and enjoy the bouncing boobs, hadaka apron, unexpected peeing and more zombie busting action!

    1. Pretty much. Since the start, it’s been a fs/ecchi related show in my eyes so seeing a bit more didn’t phase me out at all. As stated above, they seem to be going at a deliberately slow pace (1 episode = 1 chapter?) and it’s possible the prod cie just really added what seemed to be enticing a lot of viewers (blood and nudity).
      I do agree that Rei’s line about being human was odd (even stupidly cheesy) but whatever. The episode delivered in action, girls and blood…As for the storyline, well they just picked the little girl and the puppy. I didn’t read anything from this particular chapter that would make this episode a profound backstory, philosophical one.
      I mean unless I am really missing something, are we all watching the same thing? I’m just curious as of what everyone is really complaining about.
      Hirano continues to be a real fun character to watch ^^

  9. The fanservice was irritating for me as well. My assumption is that they’re forced to add in extra fanservice to make up for the fact that they’re trying to adapt a single chapter into a single episode. They might have been better served by making Takashi’s ride more impressive or making his walk on the wall tenser but fanservice is probably easier to animate.

  10. For the first 6 episodes it did? Kiiragi did you even pay attention the first half of the season? There was more inappropriate fanservice than in any other series I’ve ever seen. This episode didn’t even really have any more than any of the others. I mean hell, we had a clip show episode already that has a way too uncomfortably long grope scene for crying out loud!

    This was actually the first episode since the first one that I actually really enjoyed because it’s the first time in a while that there was actual TENSION in the action. Part of the problem with making the infection so easy to spread (a single cut or bite) is that you can’t really have drawn out or interesting battles… It has to be incredibly one sided every fight, or you lose a main character. And while watching random panty shots and beating zombies to death is fun the first 2 episodes, it sadly gets old very fast

    1. I’m pretty sure jiggling breasts only occured at most four or five times in each of the past 6 episodes, barring the last one (since it was obviously a fanservice episode, but even then, there wasn’t this many).

  11. “a little annoyed at how one can be so carefree with so much exposure (yeah, why don’t girls around us do that?)”

    If girls around us had their kind of body maybe they would, meh I don’t know but I do know that 2D girls definitely look better :P.

  12. well violence and sex sells. though in a zombie apc. there is little point in worrying about your looks when morality is being pushed to its limits killing people you may know.

    I just wish the manga would speed up a little-or the translation cause their going to start running low on story soon.

    1. So true. Its also a pretty clear sign that the girls trust the guys to not randomly rape them even if they show more then proper in public. Going through hell does make for strong bonds of trust between people.

    1. I only gave summaries for the first two episodes for people who were still on the edge about watching it or not. Even then, they weren’t full on summaries.
      Normally I just write whatever comes to mind after watching the episode.

  13. Hmmm I’m a DFC boot camp member so that amount of oppai wasn’t great in my book. However the selection of short-shorts, thongs and what not was delicious. Also a tastefully loli golden shower? That was pure win. The show got some cookie points for me. I haven’t seen any good plot from zombie movies so an actual rescue mission was a nice add. If they all die at the end I might buy this.

    Island Esper
  14. “I, for one, actually kept facepalming and yelling at the monitor for them to put some damn clothes on, a little annoyed at how one can be so carefree with so much exposure (yeah, why don’t girls around us do that?)”

    maybe they will, when most of the population turned to zombie :p

  15. Kiiragi have you the right to judge a show you watch illegally? I think not, apart this instead of fullfill the article with useless complain you should just make a summary, not turn the entire comment is a personal opinion.
    Learn to write articles noob, if i want a personal opinion i go to read a forum or a blog.

  16. Censor of comments now. Shame that Omni leave RC to incompetent writers like you Kiisagi, old times when i read this blog for summaries is turned now into a ANN forum, fullflled with personal opinions and anime haters.

    1. Since Omni left, RC stopped doing summaries altogether, it’s not something new I particularly brought to the table. If you want reasons, go ask Divine, but if you don’t like it, then it’s your loss.
      As for censoring of comments, I have no idea what you’re talking about, as I don’t trash any comments unless they’re your typical “FIRST!!” ones. As for personal opinions, what do you think a “first impression” is? I gave legitimate reasons behind the things I didn’t like, and some people agree while others don’t.
      Also, besides like one or two comments of people completely offing the show, I don’t see anyone else “hating” on the show without reason. Even then, most of them still enjoy the show, just not the recent uptake on FS.

      1. It was surely a loss, Rc is turn into a blog instead of a informative and summarize website like old times. Personal opinion = derail more people in a side against other = poor quality articles = spamfest of trolls and haters who don’t like some sereotypes.

        Loss yes, shame that Rc become like this. 😐

      2. Um, I’m confused. When was RC ever not a blog? It’s hosted on WordPress, a blogging tool. Even Omni referred to it as such when he created it.

        RC didn’t start as a summary source, which you can see from Omni’s earlier posts with just impressions, and only drifted that way when he found it difficult to find things to talk about on a weekly basis. It may have been perceived as such when summaries became longer than impressions, but that was never the original intention.

        Now if you’re saying you want a catalog of anime summaries without any personal opinion, I can see where you’re coming from. That’s not for a blog though, which RC happens to be.

        I’ve been blogging for well over two years on this site and never had any major problems with trolling comments in my posts, whether I was summarizing or not.

    2. Whats with all these recent posts decrying whats occurred to RC? Makki, you do realize its always been a blog, right? Divine took up the (pretty big) task of keeping RC going, and has done a fantastic job. Getting new blood like Kiiragi, to continue covering as many shows as possible, was a great achievement. I’ve been following RC for a few years now, and, save for a slightly different writing style/personality, I see little to no change in RC now vs RC back when Omni was actively blogging.

      Every time I see one of these, “OMG u suck, wheres Omni” posts I facepalm. Omni has left and chose Divine to continue RC. Ever wonder why its still called RC? Why it still has links to Omni’s old posts? Do you really think Omni is home somewhere, reading RC and angrily shaking his fist at his monitor over the “…poor quality articles” created from people’s “personal opinions”? These posts are the *exact same* sorts of posts that Omni wrote. First Impressions? Reviews? Omni wrote ALL of these back in the RC “old times” as you call it. Heck, if Divine took Omni’s name and kept the blog going without telling anyone, I seriously doubt most of you would have noticed.

      If it wasn’t for all the work of Divine et al (and I can only imagine how much time this takes per show), you wouldn’t even have RC. Don’t like it? Fine, leave. You’re not forced to be here, and you’re not paying anything to view these articles. Even better, why not apply to cover shows yourself? Help fix whatever you think is wrong with RC. Constant, pedantic QQing from whiners doesn’t do anything (“Censor of comments”? WTF? Your post is whats “Fail”).

      Now, as for the actual episode, I have to agree with Kiiragi, and its the same reaction I had to Rosario+Vampire. I rarely even notice most fanservice in manga (unless its an in-your-face full page spread). However, when its translated to anime, for whatever reason, it can easily seem just so out of place, like here. Shame, since I really like the HOTD manga. Fanservice should be as its name implies, service for fans (of the work in question, not of boobs in general). Bleh.

      /wall of text

  17. HOTD surely is awesome but i would prefer if they stop showing excessive boobs + pantsu thingy whatsoever.I mean,the series supposed to be about killing zombies and surviving till the end but it gets less frightening by the day.I was hoping HOTD to be something like Jigoku Shoujo but zombie style!!

    Im only watching this anime now because of its songs.I hope they really improve as the series go on.Plus,this anime is definitely not for the young children,i so wanted to introduce this anime to my young nephew.Dang!!

  18. Well, I dont mind all the faservice, though I enjoy Hirano’s gunslinger antics more… his comment about headshot on first try with a new gun being nothing great at this distance made me ROFL…
    Anyway the nurse gets the airhead of the year award for realising “Oh, thats why I feel so cold…” when shes friggin naked.

  19. As said, the fanservice was really forced in the episode.

    While fanservice in itself isn’t a bad thing, there ARE times and places for it to make it the most enjoyable for audiences unless you’re the type of person who doesn’t care one way or the other and just want to see it whenever/however you can which, as it may surprise some other people, many people DO care. It’s hard to enjoy an anime or manga if fanservice comes off as completely random or in completely wrong moments unless that’s what the anime and/or manga is MEANT to be about (like Seitokai Yakuindomo) which, if the manga is any indication, HOTD isn’t.

    Unfortunately, many anime end up falling that way, especially if either the manga/game/etc they’re based on already has a bit of it and/or they’re based on manga that aren’t finished; like how the anime of Rosario + Vampire filled up much of its time with fanservice galore, especially in Capu2 while the still-ongoing manga has much plot and development going on. The same with Ikkitousen and other such series that have quite a bit of ecchi, but also an actual plot, story/character development, etc.

  20. I really don’t see what all the yelling and complaining about the fanservice is about. You guys knew this was a summer show, meaning it wasn’t going to be a blockbuster (kinda like the inverse for the movie industry where they put out the worst movies shortly after the awards seasons because they know they won’t be nominated) so they just made it highly entertaining.

    I for one agree with SirMuffin who is taking the show for what it is; Boobs, Blood and Zombies. My friend, who I have attempted time and time again to sit down and watch anime with me, enjoys this show. She said to me, “Finally, something that gives me what I like, Love Triangle, Boobs and Zombies!” yes, she actually said this after the first episode. She’s been hooked since and asks me every other day if the new HOTD is out yet.

    I really don’t see what’s wrong with it. The only problem I see with the fanservice is plotwise. These girls are running around almost naked around zombies knowing that one bite could mean disaster. I’m sure anyone with common sense would bundle up to avoid those teeth, but this is anime, where anything can be avoided by wearing less.

    So just putting my two cents in. I know there will be tons more complaints before this topic is done, but as it was stated before, I’m just sitting back and enjoying the service-filled ride.

    1. I think the general issue is not the fanservice as a whole, but more just the necessity of the lengths they went to in this particular episode. While I can’t speak for some individuals who are actually complaining about the fanservice as a whole, I’m isolating this episode only because I had no problem whatsoever with any of the previous ones. Like Greenz said, the “plot” of this episode was heavily undermined by the constant in your face breasts (of which I had trouble stifling laughter every time it was shown). If you’ve read the manga, it’s nowhere as bad.
      You can’t blame people for giving a shit about the story, as that’s also part of the enjoyment. When one enjoyment crosses another and actually begins to degrade it, then people are going to get annoyed.

      1. As you stated in the past, they are trying to extend each episode to cover a full chapter in the manga. I have not yet read the manga, but I assume that this particular chapter was (like ep 4) a lot of action that really didn’t take up much space in real time.

        If the writers are committed to this schedule, they have to fill gaps somehow. I know that it’s laughable at how much skin they do show, but you know they have to keep your eyes busy somehow if they wanna stretch time.

        I don’t pretend to hate the fanservice. In fact, I rather enjoy it (though Shizuka’s breasts ARE laughably huge… I keep snerking every time I see her move). It’s over the top and that’s just what I enjoy. For realism or slice of life, I’ll watch something else, not complain about it.

      2. You know, the breasts don’t have to disappear. If all they did was take out the jiggling animation, the episode would be the same exact length. Because of this, the jiggling was not necessary! Again, that’s the only issue I had with the FS.
        Besides, I’m sure it isn’t the most difficult thing in the world to pan a certain scene longer instead of pulling a chest shot. This was all direction, and imo, they chose a poor one this episode.

  21. I love the fanservice. Thank YOU, MadHouse! I love how people watching a zombie show suddenly want to high-brow it. You wanted high-brow zombie drama that focused on plot and characters? The last high-brow zombie was Mary Shelley and Frankenstein (circa 1818). This is a B-movie that because of the episodic nature of anime gets to drag on and on. Huzzah for Zombies, Tits, ASS and Blood! … and maybe just maybe, we’ll learn something from the character interactions or nugget of moral gold will fall out for all to see like a dislodged zombie tooth.

    Otherwise, you’re taking it far too seriously.

  22. Jeez it like those girls were full o jello. Every slight movement or sudden action; would cause there ‘fun bags’ to go flying about as if gravity didn’t matter. They should have just used it on the roof top and again during the last scene when everyone in the Humvee. That’s it. (I know my wording is kinda messed up, but i didn’t really know how to phrase it any another way.)

    Anyway aside from the ridiculous amounts of fan-service this week, the episode wasn’t bad. Though i do agree with Kiiragi on the wtf moments this episode had. Why go to such great lengths to save one person when you’ve already left so many to zombies already?…Oh wait, its because it’s a little girl.


    In they manga, they explain that ‘all there other clothes are still wet’ so they have to wear the skimpy attire till there dry. It’s still a lame reason, but at least it’s explained.

  23. All you people that are complaining about the way they blog here need to go diaf i mean seriously its a blog. Look up the definition of what a blog is. You are in full control of where you go to read opinions and things so if you don’t like it then stop visiting the site. If you want summaries go look up the show in wikipedia or something. I personally like to hear other peoples opinions on the shows they watch. Since i’ve been coming to the site the sole purpose has been to see what other people thought of the same thing i watched not to read a f’ing recap on what happened in the episode scene by scene. When the summaries were there I always skipped them.

    I would like to thank Divine for keeping the site going as there really is no other site that has this amount of coverage on a reliable basis. The people who complain obviously just don’t know what they have.

  24. Quote”
    While saving a defenseless girl has more reason than leaving alone an older person who’s more capable”

    The way I look at things, an older person could and should be able to defend themselves, and if they can’t then too bad because each of us is responsible for our own lives but with a little kid, they are too young to defend themselves and we as adult or rather being human tend to feel the need to defend those that are young and helpless. Like the anime say we as still human, is in our nature.
    Another way I look at it is if you are a full groun adult and u can’t defend yourself then what need do I have for you, most likely we probably can’t count on you to help defend the group when you can’t even take care of yourself. Thats why kids are treated differently since we as adult don’t expect them to have the same standard as an adult.

  25. I agree with you Kiiragi, way too much fan service on an episode that was supposed to be serious and important. Sure, I didn’t mind it the first 8 times (all in the first 6 minutes..)but after they kept doing it constantly, and in the middle of the cinematic scenes, it was just down right annoying.

    Btw, I think you misunderstood what she meant by “We realized we’re still human..” as you said, yeah they ignored tons of people and let them die, and of course saving the little girl wouldn’t redeem them, but they weren’t looking for redemption. I believe she meant, after all the people they’ve let die and didn’t even try saving, caring enough to rescue the little girl proves they still have emotion and that they can still care enough about someone to do something, thus showing human emotion in which they thought they lost sight off.

  26. Dude! Why is everyone complaining about the boobage in this episode/show!? If you don’t like it don’t watch the dang show. This type of complaining is what makes a show only get signed for 13 or so episodes. I like this show and I’ve always loved the manga..plus..who doesn’t like bouncing boobs unless your gay? I loved everything about this show, and yes people are allowed to complain all they want..but damn no one is even talking about how banging this episode was they keep complaining about “Too much Fanservice.”

  27. FS was kind of too much for the reason that really you aren’t going to wear clothes when engaging zombies? You are just asking to be bitten its stupid I thought they would AT LEAST put something on while going outside guess not.

  28. I have to disagree with many of the comments criticizing the fanservice. I can see where people may feel it’s plain excessive, what’s the point, etc, etc, and trust me, I’ve seen shows where fanservice has gotten on my nerves. But when I watch this series, I get the feeling more and more that the fanservice isn’t supposed to be seen as JUST fanservice. Can’t quite explain it but if feels more like a device. That on one side we have ‘heaven’ and on the other quite literally hell. It sets the mood and to me at least gives a real sharp contrast on how fragile and quickly life can turn for the worse. I see it as more of trying to create that atmosphere of ‘happy boobies!’ amidst all that hell. Even Takashi at the end always reminds us that this is hell. That while as lighthearted as everything seems to be, in reality, they’re in really deep shit. I’m not trying to defend fanservice or in anyway justify its use, but its not fanservice just for fanservice.In terms of excessive, the manga gives some fanservice, (not as much here but that’s cause of the different mediums). Fanservice here is kinda like a theme, as much as the Wild West+Jazz was in cowboy bebop. It creates that mood/style and fanservice just tries to create some of that ‘happiness’ in their world and is just a theme, nothing more and not meant to be taken literally or used as a hook for desperate males.

    Hirano is really the only character I look forward to since he seems to be the only potential dynamic character there is. I suppose it’s necessary to have Saeko and Takashi serve as the foundation, who are tough characters impervious to change, allowing Hirano to develop from a victimized kid to someone kicking serious ass. He’s also fighting to impress, not just survive. Everyone else just seems kinda there, and Rei I feel doesn’t have that much room for development or the manga writers didn’t do well in developing her. She just has to get over the grief. Though any serious development would detract from the focus of happy go lucky kids blasting their way to survival. Living life on the razor edge.

    *Can a shotgun really blow several rows of zombies? I find that quite hard to believe. I’m just gonna say the concussion force knocked but didn’t kill most of them.

  29. this is offically one of the tragic anime between Elfen Lied and Seikon no Qwaser. The father get’s stab like that, and a humans are fighting with one another, it’s getting tragic and more tragic.

    code fanboy
  30. As stated many times already, people aren’t hating on the fanservice as a whole at all (I myself thought Saeko and Saya were very nice, lol), much less in this episode of this anime, but merely how it was applied in the episode.

  31. i’ve not had the time to watch this recently but seriously i watched the first couple of episodes and there wasnt anything like whats in the screenshots above. crazy. i personally dont enjoy too much “fan service” it just removes any seriousness


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