「野兎(のうさぎ)達は朝陽の下で約束をかわす」 (Nousagi-tachi wa Asahi no Shita de Yakusoku o Kawasu)
“The Hares Break a Promise Under the Morning Sun”

The first half was an absolute thrill, with BONES action, high flying emotions, and some actual suspense. Although, I am curious if a tennis ball in an armpit can really halt your heartbeat in your arm even momentarily, so I will try it later for science.

Victorique’s character continues to deliver with wit, laughs, and your daily dose of cuteness. She displays more facets of her personality this time, most of them belonging to her vulnerable side, but cleverly covers most of them up later as if they were acts. The hand holding, calling out to Kujou to stand by her, they all “apparently” had reasons. Though when death seems imminent, Victorique shows that she does care about Kujou, and her cries for him to not leave her alone were almost chilling. She’d never let him know that though, at least not out of a life or death situation. Kujou, of course, helps bring most of it out by being the man he is, and his moral code is strong. I have to say, those punches he laid out were just spectacular. Until the action started, I almost forgot this was a BONES show. Punches move with fluid speed, with water smashing against the opponent’s face, and then spraying outwards for impact. Felt like Hajime no Ippo for a second there.

And now, I’m going to spend a second paragraph on Victorique, because this is how I show my love. Near the end, she reveals a bit about her past, her relationship with Grevil, and her general current situation. A captive princess in a castle slash library, with an “evil” brother, and an “evil” mother, who isolated her in some deep part of the de blois mansion as she was the black sheep of the family. Take evil in the broadest terms, because at least Grevil, while still a major egotist, isn’t as douchey as he seems, yet. Victorique’s already an awesome character, so if you throw some broody past she had to deal with, you get some easy sympathy. Plus, she laughs at her own misfortune. I’d commend to that.

History lesson! The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which if you remember from high school history class, pretty much led to the beginning of World War I. That’s the “big war” Victorique was referring to. It’s pretty much an alternate history take, where people used fortune tellers to predict who was going to win the war, leading to the creation of Queen Berry and the Hares. As for the mystery itself, it was either going to be Julie or Ned, but it kind of turned out to be both.

Julie’s quite the actress. I had to think about it before realizing Ned was the one that couldn’t recognize Julie, rather than the other way around. Skimming episode two, her and Ned’s reactions to things were so ambiguous, it’s almost like they were both fooling each other. So, Victorique knew Ned was the killer (even though he didn’t kill anyone up till then), Julie knew who Ned was (but couldn’t find a way to kill Ned without suspicion, hence the expression when she had to throw away her gun), Ned just resumed his role as the hunting dog probably out of psychosis, and Kujou.. became a man. It’s funny though, Ned probably died never realizing Julie was the one that set everything up, which would explain him throwing her aside, going straight after Victorique and Kujou. I did have one problem though. Julie wanted to set up the Queen Berry as a revenge system, and she invited everyone from the first Queen Berry that ran the thing, so why isn’t that elaborated upon in the end? Sure, it was only one episode ago, but bringing it up and connecting it to everything would have made a lot more impact than playing vague and smiling smugly at my face, forcing me to go back to episode two to confirm things. Still, it was a satisfactory mystery that actually tied itself up pretty well. I liked the connection with the maid being Lee, and how everything came full circle. A pretty good starter mystery, if anything.

Apparently they’re starting with a mystery from the manga next week, something that probably has to do with the new transfer student. I haven’t enjoyed such a crafted chemistry between two leads in a long time, and it has made GOSICK one of my favorite shows this season so far. The question is, do I want these mysteries to be spoon-fed to me, or do I want to have to do my own homework to understand it even more? Nothing wrong with either, but for the lazy man, give me the former!

Note: Actually, it’s not exactly clear whether or not Julie really knew who Ned was either. Ned was called “Huey” back then, and her words referring to that time were extremely ambiguous, at least in translated form. “After all, he didn’t have a pulse then either.” She could have either been using he as referring just to Huey, or connecting Ned to Huey as the same person. But then if she didn’t know, why did she invite “Ned”? Argh. It seems safer to assume she knew.




  1. This was a really good episode and a very interesting story. The development of the personalities of Victorique and Kujo as consequences of the misterie they are solving is the true high ligh of the show. Also, It’s nice to see that Kujo can act like a real man when the situation requires it, planting the seeds of atraction between him and Victorique.

  2. I’m really beginning to enjoy this show. This is becoming one of mye favorite’s show this season. I like the plot and I love the characters. Can’t wait for the next episode to come out

  3. Yeah, I felt that Grevil is in fact, “saving” her. He probably says that he needs her to solve mysteries or something like that so that he could get the permission to always have Victorique let out. I still remember that expression he had back in episode one about Victorique where he seems sad. He’s odd, crazy, an egomaniac (haha), but he seems to be a good guy as well.

    1. He probably wants his little half-sister to be happy and unlike his mom so doesn’t he have a reason to dislike her. He just can’t do too much as long as his parents are in charge, so he tries to make her life bearable at least by giving her things to occupy herself with and a friend to talk to.

    2. I dunno how he is in the original light novel but he seems pretty douche-y to me in the manga. If you notice, he doesn’t talk to her directly and uses Kujou to do so.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Moral conviction, gut, fighting prowess and honest with his feelings, and as a bonus making his preaching short and demonstrating with actions(I am looking at you Touma), Kujo is just full of manliness and a shinning model for the other male leads to follow. That aside, Victoria’s vulnerable side and the way she deals with her past make this episode full of win.

  5. I love that episode. Best one so far. Uses the atmosphere, fleshes out the character for both leads and jumping straight to mystery and foreshadowing the series-wide mystery. This series is definitely improving along the way.

  6. I love Kujou. He succeeds in being that sought after ‘strong leading male’ character, while not being an ass about it. Also, there’s something new and refreshing about his character design. Something about the hair, maybe.

  7. This season I have less shows to watch. But the ones I do watch have all exceeded my expectations and are coming along nicely… Gosick, Puella Magi Madoka, Freezing, Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka, Dragon Crisis, Fractale, Yumekui Merry and of course the returning Kimi Ni Todoke. All are decent and worth watching.

  8. I am so glad that the lead male character is neither a wimp nor a clueless moron. I thought both Kujou and Victorique are developing as individual characters as well as partners. Kujou is of course Watson to victorique’s Holmes. The mystery was a little too big and took three episodes to finish. Even then things felt rushed. I wonder if the two other surviving kids will make a later appearance?

  9. hmmm. Theoretically you can stop blood flow with a tennis ball since some large vein can be found under the armpit.
    At first, I really thought that this anime was really predictable but then again this twist of plot made love this anime a lot more.

    1. Artery, not vein. If there is massive blood loss due to a trauma at the arm extremities (below the elbow), you are supposed to press upon the brachial artery against the upper arm bone to prevent a bleed out.

      1. Heck, even when sleeping your shoulder is carrying your whole upper body weight in an awkward side position, that tends to get your whole arm not circulating blood due to pressure on the arteries on the armpit from such upper body weight.

        I don’t know why, but I get this sometimes when I wake up from a good night sleep. Y’know, finding my arm kinda paralyzed (i don’t feel pain due to numbness, and i can’t even make it move on my own as if I don’t have an arm) until blood starts to circulate (and felt unbearable pain in the process) then the paralysis is gone. Maybe because I’m “chubby”? I mostly sleep on a sideway position.

  10. @KIIRAGI
    Victorica probably don’t know Ned is someone suspicious until to the point they found him lying in the stairs, to when Kujo checked his pulse, that reminded Victorica why he was holding a tennis ball to begin with, and when Kujo is about to check the neck for some pulse, Victorica flustered bec. if they found out he was really alive by then, they’ll be killed w/o fighting back so they used the opportunity to hide and arm themselves.

  11. I am a little disappointed in the adaptation. I haven’t read the original light novels but I do try to keep up with the manga. The Queen Berry arc stretched for a few chapters, and there was a lot to take in but they cut it so short in the anime. It was so interesting that I actually sat there and struggled through reading the Japanese (took me all night lol…) It’s understandable though since I’m sure this won’t be running for that many episodes. Since the Queen Berry story is over in the anime, it won’t hurt to take a look at the manga adaptation if you’re curious and want more depth in the story.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. basically it’s a typical BONES style to not tell a direct narrative cause what’s the point of watching if everything we’ll be explained to you in the end. and they really don’t care about the manga i think. basically GOSICK has 6 full length light novels (they now finished one) and 3 w/c are side stories and i think the next episode will the tackle the first of 3 side story.

      they’ve done a pretty good job in my opinion. ^^ BONES never fail to amaze me.

  12. nice episode! Kujo is awesome in the first part… though taking so many punches afterward isn’t exactly a smart move to save a loli, if I may add… XD
    hopefully the next mystery is even better than this one!
    and our gothic loli is good, one of the non-annoying loli I have seen in quite sometimes

  13. Hate you, guess why?
    Nah, of course i don’t hate you for doubting that Julie knew about Ned being one of the bastards that condemned she and her friends ten years ago. It was a coincidence, right?

    Now just kidding. Great episode, great entry. I knew GOSICK would be this good. Hope they keep it up. In BONES we trust… for now.

  14. Pure F***ING Excellence!

    Victorique’s expression of not wanting to be alone was very dramatic. It makes me wonder if she still dwells on her past or not. With her attachment to Kujo there and all, she doesn’t seem to. Kujo-fighto! ♥

    Kujo puts up a fight! When he got his resolve in check, I found myself rooting for him aloud! (LOL) That was an amazing fight! And I’ve never seen such a murderous look on a person before! D: omg He was INSANE!!!

    Julia is a great woman. She was forced to participate in some sick game as a child. Traumatized from it all, she decided to get revenge by using the money she earned to make a replica and make those fools from the past, the hares! Brilliant! Because those bastards sure as hell deserved it!!

    Best. Show. EVAR! <3

  15. You are right about the great chemistry between the two leads, It’s been a while since I’ve seen that, and I really like it. The first part was epic, and the mystery was concluded with a bitter-sweet ending. The first two eps were interesting, but this one really got me hooked. Turning out to be one of my favorites, or maybe my favorite this season.

  16. agreed, this show is pretty GOOD! but as far a mystery go the actual crimes/sleuthing feels like there are alot of holes if you really think about it…heh, BUT WHO CARES!!! me likey!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  17. I wish people wouldn’t just run away from a mass murderer after they have knocked him down. A lot of trouble could have been avoided if they had finished him the first time they had the chance.

  18. One thing that kind of piss me off is why does Julie and Lee has to go to jail for exact revenge on those adult. So is ok for those grown adult use kids in a murder game but not ok to get revenge in an eye for an eye?

    Let just be honest revenge is the only way to go, cause going to the so call authority especially back in those days where cops are just as corrupted as criminal, and for those adult who are either rich or powerful in a political way, going to police is useless. So only in exact revenge on their own could end it in a satisfied way.

  19. Amazing episode and amazing show. I simply adore the mysteries and the deductions that Victorica makes. However, am I the only one who finds Kujo annoying? What with his ‘I want to protect Victorica’ and his inappropriate way of responding to her one liners at inappropriate times.

  20. This is an amazing short story from episode 1 to 3. The character development, plot and climax are very clear and the ending is good as well. I like how two girls (murder) work their way for 10 years to now without knowing each other wanting to same goal (to make those people pay for what they did to those kids) . At the end, it demonstrate the importance of friendship when they finally meet again. I actually believe two girls did the right thing.

  21. after rewatching episode 3 almost 3 times (this show is really good, very good)

    so Maurice doesn’t recognize Huey(Ned) and Julie, while Ned knows Maurice but don’t recognize Julie, as for Julie she recognizes both that’s why she invited them to the Queen Berry, as for why Ned resumes his role, its probably because of what Maurice spouted back in episode 2, about how the children of different nations have murdered each other inside the Queen Berry, even though some of the details are a lie, Ned and Julie knows the truth, and in fear of having even such a small info leak to the outside world, Ned decided to kill everyone for the secret about the Queen Berry to remain hidden and he tried to start by doing first the same trick he did 10 years ago so he could kill them offguard but it failed due to Victorica finding out that he’s still alive the moment they discovered his fake-death scenario, and he probably heard Victorica’s instructions (Run! Hide in the nearest room! and look for weapons!) his killing intent also shows why he haven’t shown much interest in killing Julie first because he doesn’t recognize her as one of the hares back then and if he did, she would have been killed first. he mainly focused in Victorica because she’s shown too much intelligence (episode 2) and she may lead to discovery of the Queen Berry’s secrets (w/c she really did). In the deck, he probably couldn’t get straight to Victorica cause Kujo is defending her and he doesn’t care about Julie that’s why he just toss her off.

  22. haha i knew that position was weird. It was like try the pulse on my left wrist since I stuck it out for you for easy acess. I was thinking fake arm? but the tennis ball trick was much easiser lol


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