「あたしって、ほんとバカ」 (Atashitte, Honto Baka)
“I’ve been such a fool”

The phrase “my mind has been blown away” doesn’t really fit how broken my mind is. As I try to settle my thoughts and try to figure out a way to condense them into something comprehendible, the first thing that comes to mind is how much I would like to rip Kyubei’s head off.

After trying to see the good inside of him, frankly, I’m done. Right now, I wish Homura did more than just shoot bullets through his tiny little body. I could understand if he’s some sort of higher being that lacks emotions because his only goal is to save the people of earth — but he’s not. The idea that every single witch that’s been defeated so far was once a Mahou Shoujo just blows my mind away. But even worse is trying to picture just how vicious of a circle he’s created. Create Mahou Shoujos to defeat fallen Mahou Shoujos so that in the end, he can harvest all their grief seeds. At this point I don’t want to even think about what Kyubei Incubator intends to with his grief seeds. I just want it gone!

With the revelation that Homura isn’t from this era, a few things seem a bit clearer. First, I’m dying to know what kind of relationship Homura had with Madoka. All I can piece together is that it must have been a very special one since I was surprised with how emotional she became. Second, what is that level on her shield measuring? I’m not sure why it stood out to me, but something about it going up after using a technique bothers me.

But what blew me away the most, had to be the final scene right when Sayaka’s soul gem exploded and her transformation into a witch started. While I watched Kyoko sitting there, staring at Sayaka’s warped soul gem, I was hoping that Kyoko would be her saving grace. But, even as much as I didn’t want her to, she started to transform into a witch right before my eyes.

After watching another main character disappear, I’m really rooting for Madoka to somehow find a way to save Sayaka. Unlike Mami, Sayaka’s body seems to have been swept to the side from all the force her soul gem was spitting out. Putting that together with what Kyoko said during the preview, and I’m really hoping that Madoka comes up with something next week.

P.S. Did anyone notice that second of static when Homura was about to say how she knew Madoka? Makes me thing Madoka might really be something special.




    1. “Mahous turn into witches”

      …plausible, but no proof yet.

      “Homura is Madoka from the future.”

      Okay, that’s insane.

      *Watches episode 8*

      …I’m starting to think the staff is just lurking in 2chan to come up with story ideas.

      1. Mahou shoujos turning to witches seems likely possible.

        I cant say the same for Homura being Madoka in the future though. There is just TOO many possible possibilities about what or who Homura is.

      2. Isn’t Mahou Shoujo turning into witches already confirmed? Then witches create familiars, familiars become witches, Mahou Shoujos kill witches/use magic/get corrupted/become witches. Deadly cycle indeed. I’m just looking forward to what Walpurgis Night would entail.

      3. Its more than a deadly cycle, since a Magi Puella becomes a witch and creates familiars, which creates even more witches, it can probably increase the number of witches exponentially.

        I always knew Kyuubei was evil and trying to create more witches. So I assume that Homura’s power is modern weaponary and time control? Sounds like a more awesome Dio.

        Suppa Tenko
      4. @Da5id
        I’m more thiking that the basic plot structure was laid out well ahead of time. The very first few seconds of episode 1 was a old flim reel style introduction. Think about it. A flim reel is used to show something that has happened before whether its your holiday vids or its a commerical flim being made

        With the shattering of the soul gem into a grief seed look alike and Kyubei’s final words, to say there’s any real likelihood of the transformation not happening as of ep 8 is probably closer to lottery probabilities

        Zaku Fan
      5. @ Da5id

        to add to what Zaku Fan had commented, with all those dedicated fanboys/girls trying to dig in anything and everything about Madoka, of course its highly probable that a theory or two might be correct in all the (many) theories that was stated since the start of the show. Also, all the theories will remain as such unless the series have proven the factuality of the subjects.

      6. Actually I’m beginning to believe the whole “Homura is Madoka from the future.” theory. We know from QB’s one line this episode that Homura is not from this timeline. So the question is, where is “Homura” in this timeline?

        So based on that, it might not be a stretch to say that the timeline couldn’t handle two Madoka’s which is why she doesn’t look the same. I think that might also explain the static bit, in that Homura tried to tell Madoka something that might cause a conflict with the timeline.

  1. Jesus Christ .. I don’t know who I feel the worst for, Homura who tries to do something to intervene in spite of seeming to have lost any hope she may have once had in her life and trying to explain things to Madoka .. Or poor Sayaka who honestly was just trying to be a saint in giving her wish to make Kamijou happy and able to play violin again. Only to have him pay her little to no mind after getting out, realizing she’s nothing more then a litch, having her best friend move in on her man because she herself was too scared and then actually being present for the confession. Poor girl lost any will to live. I honestly hope between some intervention from Madoka and Kyouko, Sayaka can still yet be saved. She’s gone through so much crap since Mami’s untimely end.

    1. Poor Homura’s cast as Cassandra in this series. She’s consistently moved to prevent tragedy in the series, and is rebuffed at every turn. Trying to stop Mami from encountering Charlotte, preventing Madoka and Sayaka from making contracts with Incubator, creating the initial (nonexistent) cease-fire between Kyoko and Sayaka, trying to save Sayaka here, continually stopping Madoka from making a contract…

  2. I’m thinking that Homura might be the daughter of Madoka and she went back in time to stop Madoka from becoming a magical girl.

    Since Kyubey always says that she has the greatest potential in magic, probably in the near future, Madoka became a witch and with that great amount of magical power, Kyubey eats her and Kyubey (or someone puppeting Kyubey, maybe another Magi/Witch) becomes the strongest Magi/Witch in history. And in the future, Homura is always fighting Kyubei and the way to end the fighting is to stop Madoka from becoming a magi/witch.

    Just think of it like the situation of future Trunks (in Dragonball) or in Terminator ^_^. They went back in time to stop something from happening.

    1. SOMEONE ELSE SHARES MY THEORY! It’s farfetched and my friends think it’s something else due to little resemblance (one of my friends even think that Homura is actually Mami) but I keep thinking that she’s Madoka’s daughter.

    2. oh gawd. i like this theory. seems very likely. the only problem i see is that, madoka was somehow ‘remembering’ homura already. if homura is yet to be born in the present timeline, madoka shouldn’t have shown signs that she knew her. I say, there’s a memory wipe going on. l’m not sure though.

  3. Sayaka. Oh Sayaka. She was weak and stupid. She was not fit to be an MG. She couldn’t handle being a “hero of justice” with such weak, fragile resolve. In the end, she brought this all upon yourself with her foolishness. And yet, despite how much I couldn’t stand her, it felt terrible to see her fall like this. Nobody deserves this, its such a tragedy.. **** you Kyubee. Just **** you.

  4. I was thinking she is Madoka’s daughter as well from the future. The Incubator is trying so hard to flip Madoka. This kinda reminds me of Ocult Academy with someone sent back to try and alter the past to save the future.

  5. I’ve only started watching this a week ago and just caught up. I must say this. Seriously… how can something so cute be SO EVIL!?

    QB is like the ultimate salesman: Presents itself as a cute animal to attract the girls and sell the contract by only explaining the benefits. And it never forgets to smile at all times, even after getting shot! ◕ ‿‿ ◕

    1. Kyubei reminded me of Al Pacino’s devil in “The Devil’s Advocate”. Very slick work this story. I still kind of feel that Madoka is somehow outside Kyubei’s influence. I also wonder if Homura is like a familiar, something Madoka created like a loyal servant. The daughter theory resonates as well. If she had a daughter though how does it work if your body isn’t you anymore so to speak…..whoa.

  6. I just can’t feel any sympathy towards Sayaka… so many of them have offered to help but she was just too stubborn (noble?) to listen. I say she deserves what has come to her and Homura should have just killed her then

    Moving on, I supposed the next episode will focus more on IKYUbator’s evil master plan… Hope the remaining main characters survives

    Still a mystery why Madoka has so much potential when she’s a useless crybaby, but I guess that’s sticking to the usual majou shoujo theme (Sailormoon?)

    Homura chan
    1. I still believe Madoka is the once in a lifetime Magical Girl already. She just doesn’t know it. She DOES NOT need his wish to become a Puella Magi. If he can get her to make a wish then she will be under his control. I’m guessing in the future he flipped Madoka and she became a bad ass powerful witch and Homura came back in time to try and stop her from making a contract with the “devil”.

  7. If the probability that mami can be resurrected somehow is , let’s say, 10%; then the probability to save sayaka is 0.0001%. And that thing about the body that was thrown away means there’s still hope for sayaka is total fantasy because what QB said in that episode about the body that stays in the witch “world” doesn’t matter anymore because is the soulgem itself that got broken and transform into a witch, in other words sayaka herself transform into a witch, so the only questions to be asked is “who’s going to kill the witch” and “is kyouko going to die next week”. one last thing, Die QB Die.

    1. There is still hope for Sayaka but not for life. Rather the hope may be for her to be released to whatever afterlife she believes in. The key may lie with Kamijo, who Hitomi may have spent the episode explaining Sayaka’s emotions to him.

      Zaku Fan
  8. i wonder if homura and madoka had a yuri thin going on. cause the director did some productions of yuri element animes cough cough magical lyrical nanoha. but idk. i really like the bond and i hope somehow things turn out good in the end.
    I kind of predicted that the witches were magical girls but didnt have proof.
    side note: i hate kyubei more and it kind of makes me wonder whose the real kyubei because from this episode he ate a (clone) or something of his body. Hopefully soon they reveal the intentions of kybei and hopefully stop sayaka and reverse her witch powers.
    But… i wonder what the true kyubei looks like. such a wimp hiding in the shadows

    1. I’m guessing the real Kyubei looks like some bad ass scary demon/devil so he chooses a cute unassuming form to trick girls out of their souls. Its still possible that the furball is Satan himself.

  9. I think this entire episode can be summed up in two quotes

    For Sayaka and Mami: ” Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain.”

    Kyubey: ” Some men just want to watch the world burn”

  10. Jesus guys, stop predicting stuff before you spoil the whole story. XD

    Seriously though, this episode had to have been the darkest yet. I was nearly moved to tears. Turning into a witch has to be a fate worse than death, a fate Sayaka did not deserve. I mean, Mami’s death was tragic, but I never trusted Mami anyways so it did not affect me as much as this did. If anyone deserves to become a witch it should be Hitomi for being a man-stealing bitch. Anyways, as the story stands now, I don’t see any way Sayaka can be brought back to normal. I at least hope the witch Sayaka turns into will look awesome and put up an awesome fight with epic music.
    I wonder what they are gonna do with her body… too bad Mami’s soul gem was destroyed, she could have used it…

    1. You know it’s not Hitomi’s fault for Sayaka’s weakness. She brought this upon herself because she’s just blind and stupid. Sayaka is a walking tragedy, she took a job she was unfit to handle and now suffers because of it

      Put that in perspective. Kyoko suffered the murder-suicide of her entire family. She coped and moved on. Sayaka suffers a heartbreak with her crush. She falls and becomes a witch. Sayaka was too weak.

      1. Who are you to say Sayaka is weak?

        Just because she can’t cope with an emotional blow as what she’s dealt, I’m sorry but stuff like that, when it happens can feel as bad, as what kyoko felt. She’s not weak, she’s just isn’t suited to deal with emotional stuff such as that.

        Also another note, Kyoko’s wish had caused her family to die ,Hence she would most likely feel like she has to carry on, Sayaka didn’t. She helped a person she loved and didn’t get anything in return and in fact gets backstabbed. by her friend.

        All in all I’m not saying sayaka is an awesome MG, but to call her weak, is undermining her a bit too much. and that ppl cope differently.

      2. Remember what Mami told Sayaka? She made it very clear that she should understand the difference of making an altruistic wish and a selfish one. Sayaka made the wish anyway. It was quite clear her whole “hero of justice” shtick was flawed, a simple denial that blocks her thinking from the simple fact that her wish was inherently selfish. She seems to believed that healing Kamijo would somehow bring him them together. Her whole foundation for being an MG inherently selfish.

        She is weak because she too stubborn look at anyone else other than herself and her core beliefs. Beliefs with weak foundations, all based on a teenage crush. Did she ever try to take Mami’s lessons to heart? Did she ever consider Homura and Kyoko’s situation before branding them as “evil”? Did she consider that Madoka’s friendship might be worth living for? The moment her entire foundation is challenged, she crashes spectacularly.

        I don’t like Sayaka but her character is most interesting by far. She was the most flawed person among them, and flaws are what make drama worth watching. In the end, all her flaws came together to make a perfect tragedy.

      3. Frag summed it up quite nicely. I agree with him, however, just because she’s a wreck or that we may not like her (personally I’d admire the selfless, hero complex if it wasn’t a facade) doesn’t mean we aren’t sympathizing for her.

  11. Damn…so how many of you think Kyubei is trying to bring about the apocalypse in some way? At this point, I am so ready for him to be outed as some sort of demon it isn’t even funny anymore. He’s a total 360 from the usual, cute, animal sidkick to the magical girl team.

  12. so close, Madoka is so close to become a magic girl and sacrifice her soul for it… nice job for shooting the whatever (holes?) out of kybei, or incubator, Homura!
    though it is interesting that Houmura isn’t manipulating time, wonders how her magic actually works, it is bad ass for magic girls to use modern weapon such as guns XD
    next week, would we have a boss fight?

      1. though our incubator says that she doesn’t use time manipulation magic… so I wonder what really is her power… hopefully it is something cool.
        and if I may add, kyubei swiss would probably taste horrible considering he eats grief seeds XD

  13. NOOOOOOO!!!!! Sayaka!!! Damn you Kyubey, you damn furry!
    Seriously, this sucks. I really came to like Sayaka over these 8 episodes, so for once in my life, I found myself yelling very bad french at my screen as I watched this…. It’s so depressing seeing her fall over these past couple of episodes…..

    Damn you Incubator!

  14. “inKYUUBEYtor”. Icwatudidther. Come to think about it, that’s a nice nickname that works in context (incubator) yet still suggests something more (Nine-tailed fox demon) and yet still not sounding particularly noteworthy.

    Aww, I was hoping for a screencap of Homura about to Shining Finger Sayaka. You noticed the level on the shield (that was too fast for my tired mind to notice) yet didn’t notice her hand is glowing PINK? Y’know, MADOKA’S character colour?

  15. My fav. episode so far.
    So many scenes were executed fantastic.
    -> Dialogue between Homura and Sayaka and then Homura using a flashbang
    -> Homura making cheese with a fucking Beretta and her emotional breakdown (HNNNG)
    -> Best scene: Sayaka becoming a witch .. damn! this was so strong. The forming of the
    grief seed and her lifeless body .. awesome (I really had some tears in my eyes there)

    I didn’t really care about Sayaka until now. But this episode changed everything.
    Shaft did just everything right.
    also: that amazing fountain!
    also: what is Homeruns house? Are they IN her shield?
    also: does she get the weapons from her shield/house or are they somewhat magical?
    also: can’t wait for next thursday

  16. Another week, another missed prediction… this show keeps defying expectations (and being all around amazing).

    I thought Sayaka would kill Hitomi this week to complete her decent to the dark side, but instead she offed two random guys on the metro… oh well, now I can predict it won’t be pretty for the HitomixKamijou couple next Thursday. It doesn’t take much fantasy to determine what the first target of angry witch!Sayaka will be… will I be wrong once again?

  17. I love how dark this storyline is! Complete reverse of what you’d expect from a mahou shojou(sp) show.

    I didnt expect Sayaka to become a witch, but it all makes sense. Thats one hell of a food source INCUBATOR has set up…

  18. I’m hoping Madoka will become a Mahou Shoujou so she can kill Sayaka herself in that “you’re my friend so I will kill you type thing”… sorry I’m a sucker for cliches XP
    And kyubey… he ate himself…. um…. that’s just a little disgusting
    *wrings neck while no one is looking*

  19. I just don’t know what to say anymore…

    The first thing I have to get off my chest: I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!! ALL MY HATRED TOWARDS HIM WAS JUSTIFIED!! HE MUST DIE!!!

    I wish I felt more sympathetic towards Sayaka, but her words and actions made it too difficult to do so.
    Let’s look at a quick rundown of her foolishness.
    1. Mami warned her about wishing for the sake of others, and it backfired.
    2. Sayaka’s immaturity made her regret her wish and become angry at Hitomi despite her own inability to act on her feelings.
    3. This resulted in Incubator manipulating Sayaka into pressuring Madoka to become a Mahou Shoujo to help her. Madoka’s refusal prompted that outburst from Sayaka at Madoka.
    4. Sayaka deliberately burned the bridge of friendship that Kyouko was trying to build with her out of her misguided notions of justice and her own pride. Sayaka wanted to be a “different” kind of Mahou Shoujo after all.
    5. Sayaka unfairly blamed Homura for Mami’s death, and this resulted in her refusal to accept the help that would have saved her in this episode.

    All that aside, no one deserves to be turned into a monster like that. I mostly pity Sayaka for her naivety.

    As for Hitomi, since we didn’t hear what she said to Kamijou, and Sayaka was standing at a distance, the possibility still exists that Hitomi told him how much Sayaka loves him. Maybe all that talk of forcing Sayaka’s hand was only to break her hesitation and make her admit her feelings to Kamijou, which is what I thought last episode. Perhaps I am wrong, but can you imagine how tragic it would be if that turned out to be the case? Sayaka may have become a witch for nothing…

    Homura’s instant flashbang was an awesome scene, as was her epic time stop gunning down of Incubator.

    I really loved Homura’s home, especially the metaphorical Sword of Damocles hanging over Homura and Kyouko’s heads. For those who do not know the story, I urge you to look it up here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damocles
    It is incredibly appropriate for this show and the writer deserves a lot of credit for such a clever inclusion. The moral of that story is: “Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown.”

    All in all, I still believe the show will have a (relatively) happy resolution despite how tragic it all seems right now. Well, at least I hope it does…

    1. Yeah, it’s kinda nice to be able to have that haterage for The Evil Thing without being interrupted by those who weren’t picking up on it yet.

      I dunno about a happy ending; in my experience, dark series like these tend to be more bittersweet. As is fitting, at this point it would feel super lame if Madoka reset the world to happy-happy-nobody-remembers-cuz-it-never-happened land.

    2. i agree with you about kyoko and sayaka. DX i feel sorry for kyoko. she really found a good company in sayaka. she might have grown attached to her since she somehow saw herself in sayaka and she didn’t like for the latter to suffer the same mistake as her. i’m so sad. DX i like sayaka and kyoko’s friendship. DX

      yeah, i totally agree that sayaka might’ve just misunderstood what she saw. DX what a mess!

    1. This show is clearly the BEST new anime of this winter season. From production value, characters, storyline, shocks & surprises, and all the buzz this series has going on clearly its the best. Gosick and Zombie Desuka are both really good series in their own way but this series STILL stands out as the best.

      Merry, Freezing, Level E, Fractale, and Dragon Crisis are decent series too and well worth your time but all have various minor issues that keep them from the quality level of Madoka, Gosick, or Zombie.

  20. why does a lot of you guys hate sayaka, she doesnt deserve this.
    she tried to save and help everyone, and it bit her back hard. she sacrificed her happiness and love, and still tried to be on the right side but its cruel.
    she’s like archer, had a good and pure dream, betrayed by her ideals and is now causing it.

    1. Not hate, but feel much less sympathy for her because of the following
      i) She understood what Mami was talking about when Mami said wishing for others because of your selfishness is not a good idea. This negates her age/naviety excuse of not understanding

      ii) Kamijo may not have played the violin any more but it was not the end of his life. A wish for such a reason is expedient but stupid. As Kyko mentioned, she could stay by him and help him, which would be what she actually wanted

      iii) A constant denial that she made wrong decisions. This is a common trait in RL.

      Zaku Fan
  21. I wasn’t really surprised by the episode. It was still “fun” to watch.

    Homura just got more mysterious. I won’t even try to guess who she actually is except for from the future.
    I did find it interesting that her weapons are modern day technology like grenades and handguns. It’s quite a non-mahou like departure from the one-shot rifles, the sabres, and the chain lance thingy. Also, her “transformation” was very lacking compared to all the others. Time control is cool though ala Hiro from Heroes.

    1. I would venture that it is not her powers but simply weapons. Her power would be time-traveling so she would have to use actual weapons to fight instead of using her power, which seems to be for non-combat purposes

    2. I believe she has 2 powers, one from Madoka and one from her own wish. Her actions this episode especialy were she breaks down points to Madoka being important to her and not in the i’m her fashion

      Zaku Fan
  22. OHGAWD. imagine my face when those popular theories finally came true (or not yet completely)!!

    -IN-KYUBEY-TOR IS EFFIN EVIL!!!: (shoot me but 2% of my brain tells me he’s still morally gray.)
    -QB has multiple bodies!:(oh gawd, this kinda grossed me out that i wanted to puke. DX)
    – fallen MGs turn to witches: (sayaka’s fall to complete doom gave me chills! it was bloody well-played!!)
    -Homura came from the future: (i just need to wonder where the hell is the present homura?!)
    -Homura and Madoka had this kind of relationship that i’m itching to know!! (i think they’re lovers. Kannazuki no Miko anyone?)
    -Homura’s power is time manipulation
    -the ED lyrics has always been a spoiler to Homura’s feelings for Madoka: ( that scene just gave her away!! she truly loves madoka!! and it was painful to watch! my heart couldn’t stand seeing homura like that. T____T but hell yeah! yuri is becoming blatant now. XD)

    i feel very sorry for kyoko though. DX she cares for sayaka so much that she’s so eager to save her. DX and about kamijo and hitomi, i wouldn’t be surprised if hitomi actually told kamijo about sayaka’s feelings for him. and she’s like the one getting the two together in reality. so yeah, it might be that sayaka just misunderstood that scene. DX

    anyhow,yes, things turned quite predictable but that doesn’t change the fact that they were very well-executed!! brilliantly done in every way!! i just never thought urobuchi would confirm those obvious hints he gave.I Thought he had something else in mind to trash those speculations. but yeah, that was one hella awesome episode!

    first time i’m giving this show a PERFECT rate!!! XDD

    EPISODE 09 PLEASE!! (will it be kyoko’s turn to die? will witch-sayaka kill her?)

  23. Hope? LOL. Hope is not something you should keep while watching this show, it’s just going to twist it and crush your soul. And I don’t think Madoka can or will do anything about Sayaka. I really think that since Kyoko took it upon herself to protect Sayaka, take her under her wings and failed, she’ll try even harder to save her or put herself at risk while trying to defeat her. The death flag has been raised for Kyoko.

    Also, seeing as Madoka almost transformed, the consequence of seeing Kyoko dying could also result into Madoka transforming. Of course, it could also be the greatest troll and having Magica Madoka never having Madoka turning into one but somehow, I doubt it.

    Anyway, pretty clear that Kyubei is collecting Grief Seeds for a reason and that it is named as such by twisting their wish and turning it into despair. Seeing how selfless Madoka is, it should be no surprise to know that she has the greatest potential as well.

    Finally, I’m going with the wild theory that Sayaka’s friend was trying to force Sayaka to confess by giving her that ultimatum. It was too relaxed and easygoing for a confession. Knowing she just turned into a witch, how tasty would it be if she was talking about Sayaka, not confession at all and just hoping to con her into confessing to him all along?

  24. Well Kyubei is evil. Haha, I thought wrong, knew I should have said otherwise. Either way, this anime is getting better and better. Sayaka’s demise brought tears in my eyes and QB’s Revival + cannibalization is just funny.

    I don’t get why Homura keeps such secrets such as “Hey hes evil, you will become a witch”, from those girls, while that not the wisest choice but at least it doesn’t spoil us anything.

    1. She’s an MG and not a witch so it’s possible to see her as evidence against what she says.

      Plus anyone with enough ego to want to become a MG will assume “failed” MGs were weaker.

      And The Thing is just so dang trustworthy! Why would they believe a strange emotionally remote newcomer over a confident cutie like it?

  25. The Thing is Evil. Yes? Finally? Yay!

    Interesting what happened with Sayaka in how she tried to push Madoka into contracting.

    All along I’d felt Mami had been blatantly manipulative; the shiny-dress girl who smiles and looks super attractive while displaying the prizes in the showdown show case (sorry, Price of Right if you don’t get it). Her purpose (from the Thing’s POV) was to do the soft sale on the contract: “Look how pretty my powerful, magical, amazing, heroine life is! Watch how I risk my life as I gracefully dance and smile with confidence!” When that failed, she pulled the pity party on Madoka who is so obviously an emotional sap waiting to be taken advantage of. “I’m so lonely but you can fix my only problem by becoming as awesome as I am!”

    The Thing was the hard sell: “Quick, save yourself by helping me! For your/her sake!”

    Anyway, I know Mami is well-liked, I don’t dislike her but I had wondered how much of her soft sell act was done willingly or was being manipulated by The Thing. Now… I think it was manipulation. Sayaka didn’t know why she had tried to bully Madoka into it after the misery it had brought her; even as she fled from Madoka she wondered why she did it. Perhaps the contract includes a subtle compulsion to try to convert other girls.

    That said, I wonder really how special Madoka really is. That’s a classic sales line: “Buy this pricy sports car and you’ll naturally be the coolest guy in town! You’ve got the potential, all you have to do is give your money to me!”

    But since characters have talked about Madoka’s potential behind her back, I suspect something is there. Clues seem to suggest it is related to her goodwill-innocence. But does this mean she’d be more powerful as a MG, or as a witch? Where does The Thing want her powers? (eaten, by him, obviously, but before that) Madoka seems very prone to worry, concern, and depression; much more than Sayaka was. Does this make her more likely to become a witch sooner and that’s why she’s “better”? Or would her selflessness make her soul more pure and thus resistant to witches and a better slayer of them (and harvester of souls)?

    I don’t want to speculate much about the connection between Madoka and Homura yet. I can’t say they are the same person. I can’t say they are related, lovers, ect. Or if Homura is the MG who tried to kill Madoka the witch. But I’m seeing more visual clues that make connections but I guess I just want to wait for more clues first. Older, long hair Madoka in the OP is one; end of the OP where we see 3 girls: a long-haired pig tailed girl, Homura, then Madoka…. their junction is the crux of the series.

    1. I don’t think so though i initially suspected Mami as well. The internal monologues are trustworthy. She was afraid and lonely BUT there is still the possibility she wanted Madoka as her partner due to her power.

      Given that Mami stopped Kyubei from pressuring Madoka, it may instead be possible that Kyubei decided to use her as bait by getting her killed. It would be 2 birds with one stone.

      Zaku Fan
  26. One more thing on The Evil Thing’s purpose…

    Human girl -> MG/soul gem -(harvests and becomes)-> Grief SEED -(accepted by Thing)-> Becomes?

    Increases It’s power? What does the seed grow into?
    Is Thing really eating them, or just storing and growing them for something else?
    We see it eat its own corpse with its mouth…. he’s not eating the seeds.
    He’s incubating them… keeping them kept in the right conditions to develop….
    The final destination/purpose of the seeds should be a nice reveal.

  27. I came.
    I saw.
    mind blown.

    Amazed how this show does that every week. Even though I was 100 percent sure QB is evil since ep 2 and that magic girls turn into witches. Just wow.
    As a side note, shouldn’t those bullet be leaving bullet holes in the bench?

    1. I re-watched the scene several times. It seems she actually shot from the side of the bench, and thus it wouldn’t hit the wood. What I also noticed is that from the angle she walked in to frame, Madoka was in her line of fire! So basicaly Homura stops time, empties her pistol ands hits a target the size of a cat without hurting Madoka!

      She isn’t just an MG, she’s an expert hadngun marksman! THAT. IS. AWESOME

    1. I think he is more than that. Incubator has its roots to the word incubus L. incubo “nightmare, one who lies down on (the sleeper),” from incubare “to lie upon” (incubate). You can make a lot about it, but there is no doubt that the word describes QB very well, he is a demon, a nightmare, and he is collecting grief seeds to create something and unless he is stopped the least of their problems will be witches and familiars…

  28. So Sayaka turns into a witch? Didnt she say all that hero of justice craps and ride on the moral high horse a few episodes back? I guess it is hard to accept that she is the opposite of what she wants to think she is. It always feels good to see those people that think they are the most saint in the world get crush by realizing their true nature. If she acts a bit humble then I would already shed tear for her tragedy, but nah serves that btich right.

  29. Huh, Kyubey really is the evil SOB that he looked like. Way to dubbely subvert expectations there.
    Now that I think about it, Kyubey really reminded me of the Emperor in that scene with Madoka. The whole join me and you can save your loved ones with the dark side spiel.
    Kyouko (unfortunately for my heart) gets more likable with each passing episode. She’s still a jerk, but a Jerk With a Heart of Gold.
    Totally called the Witches are Mahou Shoujos thing. Called time powers. And hey, Homura could always be her cat FROM THE FUTURE and she might still be older than she looks so all the fan theories will be proven correct.

    Bio D
    1. now i’m reminded that series is nearing its end. T__T i’ve grown so attached with the show. it’s the best thing i’ve seen. DX certainly, i’d cry seeing it conclude. DX

    1. That was actually my favorite little flash image of the episode. Madoka had just asked Sayaka what she could do to make he happy, and Sayaka imagined that picture, ie handing over the burden of being a magical girl to Madoka.

  30. so speculations still continue about who/what homura truly is. She might be..

    -a cat (she might be an animagus)
    -madoka’s daughter (i say, this is very likely)
    -madoka (likely)
    -homura who’s either madoka’s very close friend or lover.(albeit very predictable,this is mah favorite.XDD

    ..and the list goes on.XD

      1. As for me, I have little knowledge of who Urobuchi Gen really is in the start of this series other than the fact that he is the scriptwriter base on the RC’s Winter 2011 preview. I really have no idea why the hype back then, thanks to Madoka I’m curious about his other works. Right now I’m watching Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom.

  31. people are so mean to sayaka here.
    sayaka had 3 options to go through when she became a magical girl:
    homura: be cold, distant and care only for one thing or person(like madoka)
    kyoko: selfish and care for only yourself.
    mami: a selfless and caring person.

    if you picked either homura or kyoko, that means you will leave everyone else behind and dont care for other people. you will have to let some people die, cause misery in exchange for some happiness in your life like whats happening to kyoko.
    mami is a good choice, or would be if it werent for the revelation of what magical girls are or what they might become. be a hero, save everyone while you let yourself suffer.

    as sayaka was founding it out; “is it really worth it to keep saving this cruel world”? if this was a normal magical genre or anything “good” really, her choice would have been a good thing but consequences is you will become the monster your hunting.

    its a no win situation, none of the choices are good, or end up bad.

    besides, you guys complaining about sayaka’s idiocy is just like what other people were doing to madoka after she threw sayaka’s soul gem and not yet a magical girl, saying that she should grow up and become a magical girl to make a difference.

    1. Sayaka should never have been a mahou shoujo in the first place. She deliberately stepped into the abyss while knowing that it was an abyss as Mami already warned her. This is a maytr syndrom, where you feel wonderful with yourself for sacrificing yourself for others. But when the cost comes looking for you, you find youself unwilling to pay it because you chose to be a maytr for the wrong reasons.

      Also Mami is not a selfless person. Caring is unknown but she is not selfless. Notice how she wanted Madoka to be her partner? Notice how she did not try for Sayaka? Notice she commented on Madoka’s power to Homura?

      Even her interal monoliogue was on her loneliness and fear, NOT about what the person would sacrifice to BECOME her partner. Mami knows full well what is needed to be a MS yet she is hoping someone would do so to help her.

      That is not selflessness.

      Zaku Fan
      1. ok fine, mami is not selfless or at least extremely selfless. she is still one of the rare magical girls, that kyubey said, that actively save people rather than just for their own benefit. she was lonely, madoka managed to pull out her true feelings when she said that she wanted to be like mami. mami did try to dissuade them, as you pointed it out, at least saying that to be careful of choosing a wish.

        mami was only in a better situation since she didnt actually have anyone to care in particular and didnt know how much of the deep-end she ended up in.
        sayaka didnt know to THAT extent of an abyss until later. for all she knew, you might get killed, no biggie, everyone eventually does right?but you get to save people and you also get a free wish, and magic powers.
        also, sayaka probably wouldnt have made the choice perhaps, if kamijo didnt have a break down and kyubey was close by at that time.

        its like shirou of fate/stay night, cared for the people close to him while also wanting to be a hero like his idol kiritsugi(mami in this case). he was just lucky that a particular person disrupted his path because of a time paradox.
        sayaka may have made a stupid move but she still did become a hero because she saved others and risked. its not like it was a COMPLETELY selfish decision.

      2. Nope, nothing like Shirou at all. Shirou was COMPLETELY selfless. He is psychologically screwed up to be this way all because of the trauma he received being the sole survivor of the fire. That’s the only reason why he can use UBW. He remains this way throughout except in HF were he lost his powers because he gave up his ideals.

        Sayaka’s wish was SELFISH. Mami SPECIFICALLY warned her about his. Hence her entire heroic resolve is fragile. Her whole sacrifice was all based on a naive teenage crush and not actual altruism. All that superhero act is just her in denial. That’s the point of her tragedy.

      3. @amado
        I know you feel great sympathy for Sayaka but you should also accept that others don’t. Its much like seeing a drug addict long into his addiction. You feel sad for the fellow now but when he tells you how he took that first hit, you want to scream about how stupid the fellow is for doing the first hit. Some people’s sympathy goes down, some don’t.

        As for Sayaka making the choice because of Kamijo’s breakdown, if Sayaka was truly wlling to help Kamijo before even knowing about wishes, she should have readied herself for it and more. The violin dream is just that, a dream. You can find another dream if you can stand up again. If Sayaka truly loved Kamijo that much, she should be willing to help him stand up again however long it takes, not take a shortcut while denying what she actually truly wanted.

        This is the reason i said that she should never have been a mahou shojo in the first place.

        Zaku Fan
    2. Funny how your argument relies on straw-manning both Homura and Kyoko. Even funnier that you compare her to Mami, despite the fact that Sayaka ignored Mami’s most important advice about making wishes.

      It’s just as Zaku said, Sayaka was unfit to be an MG. Heck she was even unfit to be a “hero of justice”. She dove headlong into danger without understanding the cost. When it finally caught up with her, she couldn’t deal with it. Real superheroes like Spider-man or Batman have to face constant personal suffering and keep on going. Sayaka had no such resolve.

      The real tragedy is how she started spouting self-righteous words of how she was so much “better” than anyone. At this point she was already in complete denial since she was clearly breaking. And then she lost it.

      1. like I said, she did make a stupid and foolish decision but cant she have a bit more respect for at least trying to be hero despite her not good enough to be one.

        she did still try to keep on being a hero rather than despairing(ok, she did despair but she did still TRY to keep it together until the bitter end at least).

        I just want others to give her some credit.

      2. The fact is everything that happened to Sayaka was her fault. Sayaka’s fall was all because she was foolish, naive and stubborn. She did this to herself. This is because Sayaka is a TRAGIC character, and a well written at that. This is what all the episodes have been building up to.

        Just because I don’t like Sayaka doesn’t mean I have no sympathy for her. Regardless of what she did, being turned to a monster that kills people is not something ANYONE deserves.

    3. ok, ive cooled off now.
      it still irritates me that some people(not really you guys, others) say “she deserves it” when she still tried to keep on saving people. she’s not completely selfish, if she was, she would have tried to kill hitomi and possibly kamijo, and she didnt. she tried to swallow it down because the other way would be to become like kyoko or homura, who have better lives but give others not so much good life.

      I, however, admit that I like how this show twist it into doing good will give you bad in return while being bad will reward you with goods. in the end, happy ending is bleak and the best that could happen is a bitter sweet one.

  32. QB is a truly evil schemer, in the first episode he already planning to persuade Madoka into contract. He is pretending as a helpless victim of Homura attack to gain sympathy from Madoka, he actually doesn’t have to care if he got killed by Homura that time, but damn what an evil planner. Even Lelouch scheme pale in comparison against QB scheme

    third child
  33. lol. Why would that damn thing eat its own corpse? That’s just disgusting.

    I didn’t expect Homura to burst out into tears there. Its just so out of her character considering she acted so badass and cold to everyone up until now.

    1. Yeah, I’m having the same trouble, base on my MAL stats, I have at least finished/watching 350+ shows, at least 10 of those I gave a score of 10, but those shows really deserves a score of 10, but this series is a different level to my best-of-best.

      My best score for this series is 10++ (with the addition of two “+” sign)

  34. For some reason I figured that Incubator was connected to a cycle with grief seeds and magical girls later becoming witches. After all, the very fact that their Soul Gems become ‘tainted’ implied that the magic itself is a source of impurity, thus with sufficient impurity poured into their soul gems, a witch would undoubtedly be born.

    The night of the Walpurgis is a night where witches gather. Remember how some evil fluffy freak is collecting grief seeds (inactive witches)? I wonder if there’s a connection there.

    His full name Incubator implies that he might know exactly when and where every witch is, and as a result, he likely knew that the witch Mami died against was more powerful than it appeared. If he’s so interested in Madoka becoming his pet, and a future witch, he likely introduced the three in the first place (Madoka, Sayaka and Mami.) Further, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s actually partly responsible for planting grief seeds, he is collecting them after all.

  35. Lots of people seems to think that homura is from the future, but I’m wondering if she may comes from the past, could she be the first mahou shoujo ever and/or kyuubei’s creator ?

    1. Highly doubt that she is QB’s creator. Their interactions don’t give off any of that feeling. As for why she comes from the future, mainly because of the vision in ep.1, and would explain why she knows whats gonna happen and knows Madoka.

  36. Am I the only one who guess that Homura is Madoka’s mother?

    It’s like the one law in murder-mystery story that states the culprit must be one of the already known characters.

    Just a wild guess. It will cause an uproar if I’m proven right, I think 😀

    1. Yeah. I was thinking the same thing about Homura = Madoka’s mom.

      The way Homura breaks down about Madoka thinking herself worthless and is always trying to protect Madoka does have sort of a mother vibe. They both tell her to grow up as well in their own ways.

      I guess we’ll see.

  37. Wow, I just realised that Yuki Kajiura who composed for my absolute favorite Xenosaga series is the key person behinds MSMM excellent music scores… That explains why the scenes are so emotionally powerful!

  38. Oh yeah, and is anyone else noticing the subtly changing op? Like, the beginning scene where Madoka is gripping her skirt and crying–that place used to be pink! And happy! Now it’s blue! Also, the window scene with Madoka rolling around on her bed, the weird liquid dripping down the glass that used to be red is now BLUE. IT’S BEEN BUGGING ME BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING

    1. Good catch. I had to put the ep 1 opening and the ep 8 opening side by side to notice the rain change. Is it my vid or is the final moon also a different color?

      As for why, maybe its because Homura’s attempts to change the future is getting results?

      Zaku Fan
    2. Yes. I believe the rain actually changed in ep 4 from orange to blue. Infact, the op has been changing quite a bit, leading to lots of speculah. The colors changed(bright to darker), the transformation scene, the scene where madoka runs(she runs faster and you see more buildings in the background), the scene where there is a chainfence between the viewer and madoka (there are now two chain fences), there is a pillar of light near that Burj khalifa lookalike now, and the final scene with sayaka, madoka, and mami (it zooms out more and more).

      1. I’m praying not either. I seriously doubt the Madoka = Homura or Homura = Madoka’s mom theories though I won’t completely rule out the possibilities, especially when it’s Gen and Akiyuki behind this.

        Perhaps Homura was in a different physical form from when she first met Madoka? I still have hopes for Madoka becoming a Puella Magi though, and that her wish has something to do with Homura’s appearance in the first place. My guess about Kyuubey’s motives and alignment, as well as Witches being the same as Puella Magis turned out to be true, but I can’t predict anything else! Too many possibilities.

        One thing though: When Homura and Incubator are alone, their conversation seems to become slightly different, as though they’re both hiding something from the other Puella Magis.

    1. your not the only one.

      while I dont really think she’s evil, believe she is up to something like kyubey. plus she doesnt really seem to be taking the right actions if she wants madoka to stop contracting. and her plans almost always backfire….

      1. i don’t think she’s acting.maybe she went back to being all calm bec. she abruptly realized that crying over it wouldn’t do any help.i say, she wasn’t expecting herself to break.

        btw,homura might’ve done many iterations,getting the same results which just frustrates her. As she’d said,she tried warning people before-now, i assume that she’s now trying another method by trying to stop madoka w/o spilling the beans,hoping she’d get diff. result.

    1. Then the most logical thing to do is to stop watching this show. Why are you wasting your time in something you didn’t like? Or….ok I get it, you are a troll, the truth it YOU really like this show, but you are a Tsundere, an ultimate one and you can’t just say the good words to hear, hence you are commenting the exact opposite. Hey, if you aren’t honest, you cannot win the affection of your most beloved 🙂

      It is proven in anime that tsunderes are cute but cut it out would you, be honest!

      1. This in reply to amado…

        I don’t think so, the alias seem to be the very same alias whom I commented back in the retrospective look section. Their he is wondering why Madoka is getting such a high rating from viewers just because someone’s head is bitten off, then proceed on how the show is a shaft crap, shallow and basically a rehash of sailormoon.

        Sorry for the double post, I just don’t quite yet understand how to use the spoiler tag

    2. Mad_Dog seems like one of those Bleach trolls that watch each week and then rant about how terrible it is and they are never gonna watch it again… until next tuesday and they start the cycle again.

  39. So with the different timelines confirmed, the intro could be showing events from this other timeline. Where Madoka became a happy Magical Girl, prevented Mamis Death (later told Homura, which is why she knew Mami would die alone) and so on. Until everything went downhill and the World turned into hell.
    But i wonder who gave Homura her powers? If she knows QB is (a) Incubator, doesn’t that mean she also knows what he is trying to give birth to, because in her timeline he already did? Because i can’t imagin QB talking about this. If so, QB wouldn’t need more contracts and especially none which could grant timemagic. So with this Madoka = some kind of god talk, maybe she granted Homura those powers. And Madoka is fighting QB/the thing he was breeding in the Future, but is lossing.
    If it was QB, than Homura probably wished to revive someone (Madoka?). QB told her that’s not possible and so Homura had to change her wish a little, like turning back time to prevent her death. Or something similar. Would at least explain why she said that it’s impossible to revive the dead.

  40. I have came home as fast as I could from work ignoring my co-workers request to have some good time, very excited that today is Puella Magi Madoka Magica day 🙂

    Finally after hours of excitement and sleeplessness the day before I have finally watched this…

    KYYUUUBEEEYYYY!!!!!! What exactly are you? Hey! We trusted you, didn’t we? You are suppose to be a cute/cuddly mascot character that provides the comic reliefs of an otherwise boring mahou shoujo shows or could also be a friend/trustworthy companion of our dear Mahou Shoujos. So, what exactly are you? Good, evil, both, none, borderline, 60/40, 40/60, 70/30, etc? What did this girls exactly did to have them deserve that kind of fate? Or are you the ultimate deceiver? The Deceiver of all deceivers? Please don’t do anymore harm to the young girls, could you? I hope you still have some redeeming trait…

    Pretty sums up my thoughts, I just hope it makes sense.

    Great Episode!

    PS: Madoka, pls. never be tempted to make a contract with that Incubator thing. Homura, their is always hope, for what comes after a lonely night is a brightened day. Kyouko, you have really change, my opinion of you have already turned 360 degress compare to what I initially thought you are when you first debuted. Lastly Sayaka, I know that fate is cruel to you, you made hasty decisions, and now you have turned into this, I hope you can still be save, but if its no longer possible, I hope for a swift and gentle death for you…

  41. hmmm houmura wish has to something to do with time+space+madoka. hmmm pretty interesting.
    i know this is stupid but Madoka = Kyube :D. just kidding.

    i think that Madoka “was” related to Houmura in the past.

  42. If Homura was really Madoka from the future, why would she be so cold towards Sayaka then? It kinda makes no sense :/

    All in all… Kyubey needs to be killed in every single way possible.

  43. InQBator!!!!!
    Now tell me, how many bodies/lives you have?
    Because faith doesnt tire. Inquisition will exterminate all of them, even if it takes eternity.
    Seriously though, I like Homura moves, modern autopistol and flash grenade… Counterstrike MG?
    I am really pissed off no one managed to help Sayaka. Even if she had to take a path of seflish MG like Kyoko, she would be better off than becoming a witch.
    Homura loves Madoka. No matter who she really is, this one is 100% sure. Now, brace for yuri Doujins wave!
    If they kill off Kyoko to add insult to injury, I am going to do orbital strike on the studio. Then on companies that advertise in this show, mangaka and magazine publishing, printing site and all TV stations airing. I am going full Keyser Soze on them!

  44. K here is what I think.

    First I would like to draw peoples attention to a fact in a earlier episode. If I’m not mistaken one of the characters called a grief seed a egg. An egg of a witch and kyubeys real name is incubator so basically I’m thinking he doesn’t want the destruction of witches, but something worse to be created O.O. not only that but isn’t the name kyubey often referring to a demon fox and kuybey does look a little like a fox to me. I think its the tail. (yay for anyone who wants to rip his head off :D)

    Secondly the whole Homura thing. I found it soooooo very heartbreaking so much so that i wanted to go and some how comfort her. The way her voice cracked it was so emotional T.T A whole load of explanations ran through my head. One was Madoka is Homura’s mother however the thought of that made me cringe from how cheesy that sounded. I mean that would make me face plant my desk and cry from the cheesy cheesiness of it. Also I know this may seem heartless but I can imagine someone doing that unless you are blinded by love which brings me to my second point it was lovers I mean u can sort of see it but I dunno seems sort of half way(I’m hopeful though).

    However no one is loyal like that for no reason so I think Madoka is her saviour a saviour of her body, (protecting her from a witch or someone hurting her) and a saviour from loneliness. I think Homura is a lonely person. She was becoming so cold that her soul was breaking and Madoka saved her. This would give her reason to be so cold to everyone but Madoka. It would give reason to the way she talks about Madoka’s kindness, and the way she acts so angry when Madoka says she is worthless.

    I think the way the characters are written are to make us realise that they are still human. The way Sakuya was written was how a teenager would react she’s blinded by love, admiration, jealousy and thinking she can do everything herself. Just how a teenager would do. I think she is jealous of Madoka and Hitomi and some where within her she was thinking ‘if i do this maybe he will like me. I can show him. I can prove that I am just as good as Hitomi and Madoka. This way he will get his dream I can make Mami proud I can protect them Madoka, Hitomi, kyosuke everyone.’ she always seemed the type to rush into things and not think it through for this i cant hate or blame her she is just a teenager.

    the way they show the characters humanity dealing with not only the emotional stress of growing up, but also the whole love and stuff that comes with it. on top of that the MG stuff the thought of dealing with that makes my head hurt. I think that’s how they want all of the watchers to remember their characters.

    anyway episode 8 was amazing 😀 and looking forward to the next one YAY.

  45. I’m kind of upset that a lot of the fan speculation turned out to be true. Kyuubei evil? Yeah, who didn’t see that one coming. I was just hoping that he wouldn’t be, because it was so obvious. Time traveling Homura? Yawn. Magical Girls become witches – including Sayaka. Double yawn.

    If Madoka becomes a magical girl at the end and saves the day, I’m going to burn my hard drive and then rig a Clockwork Orange style theater up to scrub this show from my memory.

    Jack Spicer
    1. Fan speculation covers every possibility so its natural for some of them to turn out to be true. Thats what makes all of this fun. We watch the episode and then discuss it and speculate on what is really going on behind all the characters and mystery.

      1. Yeah, I sometimes visit animesuki forum and I can’t believe how ridiculous some commentators has become, I mean so what if 1 or 2 of the “x” number of theories turn out to be true? Then they are bragging about it and declaring how predictable the show can be when in reality, it’s all about PROBABILITY/ODDS, the higher the number of theories, then the higher the chance “some” might be correct. Also, it’s not like its not hinted in the show, because all the theories came from a hint that was presented, so when the series supply more details to a previously given hint, it became facts.

        I hope people would be more rational in this kind of situations, but its not like it will go away.

  46. For those thinking that Homura is Sayaka, why would Homura try and kill Sayaka for not wanting to be saved?

    Anyways, does anyone remember how the first episode began? Homura was fighting the nachts-whatever in Madoka’s dream (now most likely a separate timeline). Kyuubei told Madoka that the destruction was inevitable, but that Madoka could change her destiny. I have two theories about this: 1) Madoka can use her powers to prevent destruction from occurring, but in turn has to sacrifice herself (death or something more sinister), or 2) Madoka becoming a Mahou Shoujo is what eventually leads to the destruction and changing her destiny would be not becoming one.

    I am currently leaning towards #1, where Homura’s wish involves wanting to turn Madoka back to a normal girl, but the only way to stop Madoka is to prevent her from becoming a MS in the first place (hence the time travel).

    Another possibility is the above, but because of #2 where Madoka becoming a MS actually leads to the destruction.

    One other note is that maybe Sayaka’s current turning into a witch is a reflection of possibly Madoka turning into a witch in Homura’s timeline, which is why Homura knows about Sayaka not being able to turn back because Homura is currently trying to do the same by preventing Madoka from becoming a MS.

  47. I think Homura ans Sayaka had a very strong bond or relationship. If you rewatch the episodes you can tell especially from ep 4 Hormua says, ” Were fighting for our own wishes” ” Its normal not to get noticed or remeber” Maybe Horuma’s wish was to meet or be with Madoka?
    I like how the series is turning out and i really want to see what is going to happen in the end. i just hope it doesnt have some tragic ending but who knows. this is different than the typical magical girl show :3

    1. I actually thought of this theory since last episode but I’ve been trying to think of how it could lead into that, and it seems way too impossible. Unless you’re telling me Madoka has fake (or suppressed) memories and everything, her family isn’t real, blah blah blah.

      1. I just share out of amusement, but hey who knows, I just found it weird that reaction of Madoka when Kyuubey got shot by Homura, Homura collapses crying and Madoka just left, and like those theories that keeps on popping everywhere wherein Madoka actually made a wish to kyuubey, replacing him as the guardian against the witches then sometime in the future she becomes the very embodiment of Kyuubey. ahuh~ lol

        …now that’s weird… 🙂

  48. I guess Innocence and Naivety can only ever lead to Despair and Loss, in Real Life. Whilst True Happiness is attained through Selfishness or euphemistically, Prioritising ‘Self’ over others.

  49. I swear, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is now officially my favourate anime this season. It even caused me to post for the first time after lurking this blog for so long.

    Each episode has new revelations/unbelievable moments, but this one tops them all so far. From watching the show and reading people’s theories, Kyubei being evil, mahou shoujo’s becoming witches, and even Homura coming from the future was hinted at, but it finally being confirmed was just mind blowing. Oh and Incubator eating dead Kyubei was gross. I actually almost thought he died for real but I should’ve known it wouldn’t be that easy.

    Now I have to know if Madoka will actually become a mahou shoujo. With other shows, there’s always the hint of something happening, but with this one you can always expect for the worst to happen.

    Gah, I have to go with Madoka creating Homura as a familiar, and then Homura becoming a mahou shoujou because they did say that familiars become witches, and mahou shoujous are the precursors to witches.

  50. imho, the key is to balance the self and others… prioritizing either too much leads to disaster. you cannot truly love others if you dont love yourself.

    anyway, i got here perfect quote summing up my attitude towards InQBator…

    “You must face the truth squarely and without flinching from duty. Our enemies are mortal no longer. Mercy for such as they is a chimera; self deception is its only ally. Dedicate this weapon, given unto your hand at the behest of the Emperor, to their destruction. Regard its function as your only duty; you live only to bring cleansing fire. Take up your rod and staff, your armour and psycannon, and go forth.”

  51. This plot is like Claymore for me hauhuahuahua..

    The best character was killed in a stupid way and the heroines could be in the villains. Complete the plot with the boss could be big manipulator in this story. Madoka is like Claymore, except from Homura.

  52. I watched this on Anime44…clicked the top most video which is supposed to be the first part of the video and was really confused. Then the ending song started playing, I realized I watched the second part first, FUUUUUUUUUUU, that ruined a LOT of the suspense and surprise.
    But still, I was pretty blown away.

    At first I thought it was interesting that Madoka would have omnipotent powers that could save Sayaka, but that went away when Kyubey’s real identity was revealed. Guess me thinking he wasn’t evil was totally wrong…he’s the heart of all evil. Sayaka wasn’t the only one, and knowing that all witches were once mahou shoujos is disturbing.

    I am VERY interested to see what Madoka and Homura’s relationship were, and I hope Madoka doesn’t misunderstand her further like Sayaka did. Madoka may have been a mahou shoujo and saved Homura’s life once, or they could of been great friends, etc, so many possibilities, although I’m certain It’ll be something heart wrenching or disturbing.

    1. I DID THE SAME THING! I was like “Oh wow, if the first half is this awesome, I wonder what is gonna happen next!” Then when the ED started I was like “Oh wow! The ED before the OP!? This episode must be REALLY impor- wait a minute…” It was a silly mistake Anime 44 made, but it watching it made the ending much more shocking. It also made me feel worse for Sayaka since I did not see her break down in the first half. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

  53. It looks like the following is true:

    1. Homura is from “the” future

    2. The fact that Quebei/Incubator says Homura is from a different timeline suggests that things were different in Homura’s own timeline and that things have already changed by her being here.

    3. Homura is trying to change the future, specifically by stopping Madoka from becoming a Puella Magi.

    From this we can tell that Madoka becoming Puella Magi will result in BAD THINGS HAPPENING.

    In addition to this, Quebey/Incubator is not the root evil. Homura says that he is amoral and just doing what it is supposed to. Clearly Quebey is just a familiar/tool. Since Madoka becoming a Puella Magi appears to be the cause of horrible evil, she likely is closer to the ultimate evil then that little rat is.

  54. Aww man, such an intense episode! Definitely re-watching or the sake of visuals.

    I’m gonna take a guess, and say the “Incubator” is planting seeds within the souls of young, innocent girls that grow on “taint” and the girl’s souls are the “cotyledon” of the seed. Providing it nutrition as they gather more “taint” and eventually “breaking out” of the shell into fully grown witches, so that Kyubei can feed off them and take over the world? (okay, probably stretching it there.) I know I’m speaking metaphorically, but it makes alot of sense, at least to me. Perhaps Madoka’s innocence plays an important role in her gifted abilities as a Puella Magi allowing her to consume more of this “taint” and potentially become an uber witch in the future. Something Homura wishes to prevent.

    Seeing Sayaka’s degradation throughout the last few episodes was very saddening. I can understand the lack of sympathy for her but in all fairness, I don’t think I would’ve reacted any differently if I was in her situation. Sadly like Mami, I don’t believe she’s coming back. Seeing how this show is a complete 180 from your typical Mahou Shoujo seems to affirm this as well.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but seeing this https://randomc.net/image/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Madoka%20Magica/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Madoka%20Magica%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2034.jpg really disturbed me. I mean, it’s her soul for goodness’ sake! I for sure shared the same shock as Kyouko that moment, seeing her corrupted soul gem reminded me of cancer for many reasons.

  55. The best sequence this episode for me would be Sayaka saying “I’m really an idiot”. The background music, Sayaka’s VA and the animation of her eyes brings forth the despair she felt. The following scene of her tear shattering her soul gem only emphasises deep in the pit she fell.

    Bloody well done.

    Zaku Fan
  56. rewatched the last scene a couple of times and its just so inexplicable… the emptiness in her eyes and the sudden explosion of her soul gem… metophorises someone who has reached his/her emotional limit and her body just went limped like that…

    superbly bloody well done…

  57. Hmm.. Reading from the comments.. Maybe it even makes sense to theorize that, in the future, Homura was going to turn to a witch, Madoka gave her Grief Seed to Homura, she turns into a witch, have QBs as familiars, and Homura wants to stop her turning into a Puella Magi in the first place.. But that’s just pushing the boundaries.

  58. Wow… look at all those cheese holes, sorry, I mean bullet holes. I must be feeling really hungry. One does wonder if QB is made of cheese. lol

    At last, we finally have an anime hate figure that everyone has no problem with bashing.

    Even Shinji of Evangelion had fans defending him from the hordes of bashers. (That was before he finally grew a spine in the Rebuild of Evangelion movies)

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Thanks for blogging this series. If I remember correctly, the last anime to have this volume of comments (excluding the movies/OVA) is probably Angel Beats! Just shows how strong and popular this series is.

      Anime ain’t dead yet!
      Good start for 2011!

      1. Angel beats is very good but the flaw from ep 12 is strong. Both it and Madoka use the “guess what is going on” method to increase interest and intellectual involvement, though they go seperate emotional spectrums. Sadness and hope for AB and despair and fear for Madoka. Both use music very well to accenuate that emotional impact (theme of SSS and BGM in sayaka’s witch transformation) and both do the animation very well though in different styles (beautiful backgounds for AB and shading and lighting in Madoka)

        Saying Madoka is better is not possible as it has not ended. Thats the problem of a good anime. With every episode, you need it to be as strong or stronger than the last until the finale. Angel beats tripped on its final stretch as its ep 12 was logical and had no plot holes and pointed out how long the system has existed but failed as a conclusion of “guess what is going on”

        Zaku Fan
      2. i strongly believe that i’d still be saying the same thing after this show ends. XDD

        that said, i’m willing to bite a tongue if the opposite happens. i have faith in this show..XD either way, i realized it’s not good to compare this to AB since Madoka is leveled higher along with EVA..XD

    2. Takaii!!! thank you for blogging this once-in-a-decade kind of anime!! we very much appreciate every post that you do! keep up the good work! XD

      btw, i’m faqing excited for EP. 09 too albeit i’m a bit nervous what might happen. unofficial rumors say that ep 7 and 8 would be put to shame next ep!!

      MSMM FTFW!!!

  59. …also I hope this serve as a good example for anime studios.

    In my opinion, the anime industry is in need of original anime series (ones that isn’t heavily reliant on novels/manga/video games). If studios will just try harder, this could be the result, they can do it.

  60. One thing that i have felt nagging for sometime.

    Homura seems to conserve magical energy very carefully (though she does expend it to intimidate Kyoko, which makes sense as a full battle costs more energy) and gets tired very easily. We don’t see her using a grief seed. As Kyubei has mentioned, having a lot of grief seeds allows you to use your magical power like it was a platinum credit card. So what if Homura is not recharging? What if she is only using what power she brought along?

    Seperate from that, we did not see Kyoko in ep 1’s dream sequence and Kyubei notes Homura is fighting alone. Despite his evil, Kyubei seems bound to tell the truth but can do so in a way that uses the person’s assumptions against them, eg “it will all end if you don’t do anything” means that his plan will fail if Madoka really does nothing. So taking he is telling the truth, Kyoko would have to bite it before W-night. the only threat prior to W-night would be Sayaka.

    And Kyubei’s name of Incubator. Can it be that he himself is the egg and its not referring to the MS? he is trying to evolve into the next stage using the grief seeds?

    1. I’m actually starting to think she IS an exception. Given her relationship with QB, and what the rat said to her during a scene in this episode, she doesn’t have a contract with QB. We don’t really know whether there are other magical things roaming around, so we have to consider the possibility that QB is the only Mahou Shoujou-maker, and that Homura got her abilities through a different means. She obviously knows more than she’s let on so far, but I love how it’s still a total guessing game this far in the series. Next week’s episode is gonna rock.

  61. Ok, what if Madoka being an MG was actually for the greater good of humankind? and that’s why QB wants her to become one?

    this would mean, QB’s saving humanity VS Homura’s saving Madoka. I say, since homura’s too dedicated to madoka she’d rather have the millions of people die than to lose madoka.

    this might also be the twist that lead shinbo to have the audience rewatch the show- making alot more sense why homura wants to stop madoka.

  62. Total crack moment but Homura breakdown reminded of Madoka’s mother, it was something in the eyes.

    If Homura can truly time shift and has come back in time to save Madoka’s as maybe her “wish/miracle” who says that’s her true-self we are seeing as well. It also explain why she knows so much and her shield measuring is a count down till it’s to late to alter what event she is trying to prevent.

  63. interesting trivia I found:
    “Both Aoi Yuki and Emiri Katou (who voice Madoka and Kyubey respectively) apparently love the Magical Girl genre, and are excited to be in this anime. According to Gen Urobuchi, they didn’t take the plot very well. Aoki Ume seems to suffer a mild version of this when learnt the plot of episode 3 too.”

      1. oh Lawlz.. you’re right..XD anyhow, i’d like to say that i don’t completely hate QB yet. we don’t know yet what his true goals are..but i’m inclined that he’s up to no good (it’s not like he’s aware of human morals though)

    1. In every season of anime their is always a series that will shine above the rest. So this season is won by Madoka, last year it was Angel Beats! But still, this is “still” small compare to what a Gundam 00/Macross Frontier/Code Geass could generate (especialy Code Geass). During those days, I haven’t discovered Random Curiosity yet and I’m certainly not a fan of the type of overhype fans in animesuki does, and the only blogging site that I frequently visit is anime-source and to add insult to the injury I’m not really a fan of mecha way back then, ignoring all the hype those mecha shows generated. Now browsing those series today, I can’t believe how much I’ve miss.

      1. last year? most popular? i think it was k-on! (not in the west though) XD

        and yes, having seen reviews and comments for CG astounds me!! D’Hell! over a thousand! same here though, i haven’t discovered RC yet at that time. if i was,i’m sure i was one to comment more than 20 times. XDD

      2. It’s debatable which is more popular, heck I’m not in the west. This is “only” my opinion, but that series really give me some headaches, specifically on how its moeness is overplayed, overuse at some point its sometimes frustrating to watch. Minus its moeness factor, I really enjoyed watching it for its slice-of-high school life and comedy, and of course I would want to mention meaningful last episode, so many good nostalgia about high school life. Im really getting older now, remembering those things, Its been almost 10 years now when I graduated from HS – Im getting to old! 🙂

        It sucks in the work force!

      1. Hey at least it’s still a grenade, I didn’t even notice that, who knows, it might be future technology. Speaking of mistakes I remember when Bakemonogatari flashing a wall of text on screen with something like this…e.g. PTA = Peparent Teacher Passociation

  64. ok, there’s this certain article from a jap-mag stating this– When a body of QB gets seriously injured,another one is automatically made. MG who kills QB gets her gem tainted horribly. QB eats his corpse to erase any evidence of his past existence.
    i’m not yet sure if these are authentic. But I think they are.

  65. oh boy, here we go again with the time paradox.

    one thing that bothers me is why couldn’t homura have told sayaka about madoka’s future? knowing that homura would have a big influence in madoka’s decisions she should have considered telling her the consequences of forcing madoka in being a magical girl. thumbs up if you agree. oh wait… lol.

  66. This show is awesome. Nuff said.

    I laugh at how much we’re getting into figuring out what the hell is going on. It’s very very dark show. Makes it fun. Well I saw someone point out that speculations are speculations and how people go, Oh that show is so predictable, when it really is a hit and miss probability. First off, some speculations are bound to come out close to being true, and of course, right. I mean, honestly, how many people didn’t think that Puella Mahou Shoujo and Witches didn’t have a connection, well at least a very dark one, especially after Episode 3. Let alone, as it dawned to me (I wish I knew Latin), but searching up the word on the latin dictionary just makes it even better. Of course though, not saying we’re amazing, but it’s always fun to guess what the story is going to come up with. I inevitably, wish I joined the band wagon of Kyubei, or should I say, Incubator as evil. I held back jumping, as I was wondering if it could truly be him not aware of Human nature. But yes, don’t get mad at us, it’s just fun, makes it interesting and puts my thoughts at a place.

    Anyways with the episode. Incubator, I would kill you a million times if I could LOL. Using wishes and young girls, so you can eat them alive, literally. The references of faust, and other stories from the wikia make it much more interesting, but I wonder what he’s truly going to use them for. It’s an interesting question, the idea of corrupt wishes, what could they harness in the first place in terms of power or anything.

    Next off, Sayaka, I really don’t know what to say. Her ideals were strong, but she wasn’t emotionally ready. In the sense, I would say she deserved it. Yet at the same time, staying stubborn til the very end in order to stick with her ideals. I can give her some merit for it. Sure her wish could have been selfish, or a way to hide her feelings… but all she did was watch and let her take Kamijou, she let the thought slip her mind of killing Hitomi, but ultimately she didn’t. Facing the reality of an ideal is an internal struggle… I love how this show portrays the monologue and dialogue. Heck, it’s interesting how people who were similar couldn’t really empathize with her. If only Sayaka Miki actually decided to actually listen. She ain’t no Emiya Shirou, and her ideals were cracked beyond belief, but her struggle was shown quite well. I hope they redeem her somehow next episode.

    Homura pulled an ARCHER! Nah jk, but seriously, her abilities are weird. It’s interesting people pointed out she never seen using a grief seed, and that Kyubei only knows very little of her makes me wonder if she is really contracted under a different person or if she herself is a true one. And how Homura can’t say real specifics in regards to the future already shows that there is a consequence in terms of Time Paradox. Which then goes back to what we should be asking…

    What makes Madoka so special, especially to Incubator. Obviously not her pink hair, and hell we already know he’s quite cunning, so we can’t do the Oh he felt like it. Incubator does have the idea of maintaining, raising, in terms of eggs, or metaphorically, to ponder an idea slowly as in terms of hatching it. Basically to plant a seed. In this sense, he already done so by leading girls into making wishes that slowly get corrupted or killed that turn into Witches. The next part is what he does with grief “Seeds”. I point out seeds since he eats them, and I remember him pointing out that the seeds can become witches again if tainted too much. In a sense, a Mahou Shoujo could let a grief seed hatch into a witch, kill it again, to gain magic(Theoretically, but Kyubei doesn’t allow this obviously and there probably more to it). Then one has to ask, what did they have to fight in the first place if it wasn’t witches. Let alone, it’s weird that Mahou Shoujo tend to know each otehr in some form of aspects, why has no one asked what happen to ____ Mahou Shoujo for example, unless only a small number appeared at a time. Just saying that the number of Witches far exceeds then the number of Mahou Shoujo.

    Unless 1. Kyubei lets out witches hence, the excess
    2. Kyubei has something to do with the Walpurgis Night, as he harvest all the grief seeds in his body, and releases them causing despair.

    Though some things are drawn from Gothe’s Faust, there is a definite spin to it. I would need to ponder some more to find out what Grief seeds could be exactly.

    And to answer your question Kyuzo, there always the aspect that how much would you believe if someone just told you. They could be saving face, be crazy, or anything. The chances of her just telling her working might not get the point across and the idea of knowing your future and trying to avoid it might cause worse consequences. Only way the consequences would be lightened or voided, is if ultimately, Madoka unknownly makes the choice that Homrua wants without actually knowing thus keeping the time continuum, or in the sense, the World at balance.

    Sora no Kaze
      1. I’m scratching my head wondering what part of Madoka is actually morbid enough to warrant censorship…

        If this is true, the only way I see this is “it’s a shameless way” of trying to ride on what’s popular to gather public attention. If scenes like that decapitation (which hardly seen any real morbidity) was enough warrant to become censored, then shows like Gosick, most shonen shows like Naruto, bleach, one piece etc. might as well be banned. Its ridiculous.

      2. rage continues…

        you gotta censor Fractale as well, that show is pretentious, on the outside it a slice of life show when in reality its supporting a bunch of terrorist commit horrible atrocities. Uguu~

        Pretty much sums my rant on those raging righteous broadcast watchdogs (if true).

        Many more…but I don’t have the energy to rant more that this.

  67. I was so happy for an instant when QB turned into swiss cheese. Sadly, the bastard has a trick under his sleeve. If I was Homerun-chan, I would have shot him until he runs out of bodies. Die, QB! And finally Sayaka snapped. It was only a matter of time, but still, I felt pretty bad for her. The scene was beautiful and so sad. Kudos to Yuki Kajiura for the awesome soundtrack. Now, if Hitomi was just revealing Kamijou that Sayaka loves him, it would be really twisted. I can’t wait for the next episode! This is my new Code Geass XD.

  68. WOW!!! This show just keeps generating plot twist one after the next, Definitely a contender for anime of the year along with maybe the biggest shock. Thanks Takaii for keeping all of us posted!


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