「Nothing Venture Nothing Win」

Want to know why I love this show much? Week by week, P.A. Works manages to do something amazing each and every episode. The value of a hard earned dollar is something that isn’t preached as often as it should, and I am overjoyed that Ohana demonstrated one of the best character traits to have — modesty. I’m sure that she totally understands that her pay isn’t the best in the world, but to look at things with a half glass full prospective and really appreciate what she has just blew me away. While most high school kids demanding money like it’s something that just appears, Ohana’s attitude toward money and how to make it worth its value is a breath of fresh air.

On the other hand, Takako (Tsunematsu Ayumi) is probably a good representation of the other end of the spectrum. To start things off, it’s no wonder why Okami deems her useless! She doesn’t take the time to really weigh the consequences of her actions, which could lead to some really sticky results. The costumes themselves aren’t really a horrible idea (they’re still pretty bad), but with an Okami that focuses on being as polite to the customer as possible, how wouldn’t flaunting one’s body not directly conflict with Okami’s wishes? Not only that, but did you see that family that had to experience the costumes? That husband looked like he already had enough on his plate, and those glaring looks from his spouse and daughter probably made things even worse. If anything, I’d expect someone who went to college for management to be a little warier of her actions. Maybe I should recommend a certain book written by a man named Peter Drucker. I’ve heard it does wonders for those who use it outside of the normal business environment too.

Denroku or Beanman (Cho) is probably the least outspoken character in this whole show, yet every time he appears he leaves a memorable impression. His hidden and soft exterior feels like it’s hiding a very confident and caring heart. He runs everything behind the scenes, so I’m confident that he knows better than anyone about the status of the inn. In the grand scheme of things, I suppose you could call him another mentor for Ohana. Leading her to the room full of amazing vintage kimonos wouldn’t mean anything unless she had the initiative to do something with them. Like I said earlier, Ohana’s attitude toward certain things is so refreshing that it completely balances out that dense side of hers. Makes you wonder if our Okami acted the same way back in her youth…

It feels like Okami is finally letting down a little bit of that tough exterior of hers. Her words don’t seem to sting as much as they used to, and her insults feel a lot milder as well. I’m not sure what was running through her mind watching Ohana and Nakochi proudly display her works of art, but I’m sure it brought a smile to her face (even if WE didn’t see it). On the relationship forefront, I’m not sure where Tohru’s heart is leading him. Apparently, he finds either Ohana or Nakochi attractive. That scene focusing on him taking an embarassing peek at the two during the fail cosplay attempt only reinforces the idea that he may like Ohana. Minchi, I think you’re in a very dangerous situation right now.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「月影とブランコ」 (Tsukikage to Puranko) by nano.RIPE
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  1. There’s so much going on that I don’t even know where to begin. Ohana looking at the pay as “dude, at least it’s better than what I got for allowance” and Minko going back on her “shut up and die” insult. Makes me wonder what they have in store for the future. I did get a triangle development vibe, but as you said, it could be with Nakochii.

    I still think Minko is one of the better looking characters this season, rivaled by Anaru from AnoHana. So it goes to show you guys my taste in characters. 😛

    1. I think this guy likes Ohana. Because… do you remember he was smiling while eating food? Isn’t it normally Ohana who makes breakfast when everyone is busy? It may not be her… but when he was peeking from the door, it was Ohana in the spotlight. Also, it was only Ohana who tried to bring him back in the last episode… so he may have a soft spot for her… any how…
      There Seems To Be A Very Dangerous Love Triangle Developing.

      Please reply to my site if possible.

      1. Its easy to find who Tohru likes. Who is the one Tohru picks on the most? I think he means the opposite when he insults Ohana. Rather for every small detail he says looks childish are the very same attributes he likes about her. Also I would imagine a chef to be would love a girl who can cook excellent.

      2. a very dangerous triangle, or rather square including Ko-chan… remember Minchi’s murderous intentions “Die!”, attempted strangling and love for sharp objects…

      3. It’s more like a love-triangle with a love-line segment coming off. God forbid we have a love square. That’s only possible if Ko gets involved with two people (to make a complete square).

        It would be awful if we start seeing Ko x Minko… or worse, Ko x Tohru…

        Did I just jinx it?

    1. I think Tohru is imaging the girls in some weird costumes in his own fantasy. And some of them might make him chuckle and make stupid face like that…. and it should looks really stupid that Ren-san is in quite a shock (since Tohru is usually a hard worker) and drop his food.

    2. I’m pretty sure its Ohana. It adds up to his interaction with her last couple of episodes. I hope it isn’t true though, because that would lead to more Minko drama. I’m not looking forward to that if it happens.

    3. I also assume that Tohru smiled like that, ’cause he was remembering how Ohana looked with the outfit that she tried out..
      and probably the chief was shocked, ’cause Tohru most of the time looks a little hard on his expression, dont u think?

      but this development is definitely interesting to behold.

  2. I wonder if Koichi’s going to be an offscreen character. I also wonder if Ohana’s mother will ever get any punishment (or even ever appear again). The money was a good piece.

  3. More than anything, I don’t think that the inn keeper of Kissuiso is dull. I think that she just wants to preserve her traditions, and what’s wrong with that? She’s happy despite the falling business, but that’s just fine.
    Anyways, we also see some development between the love triangle that’s forming. Can’t wait to see what happens next!
    By the way, check out my review of this anime on my new blog!

    1. I don’t think she’s happy. I think she has resigned herself to the inn declining. Her daughter and son appear to have disappointed her, her husband, who I think she dearly loved, is gone. She has become trapped in a rut and has lost the desire to keep the inn going. The maid outfits show that that was not always the case. Beanman knows what she used to be like and has showed that side of Sui to Ohana. Remember back when she talked to her husband at his shrine? She needs Ohana’s optimism to get out of the rut she’s in and she’s definitely thawing when it comes to Ohana. When Ohana came to her in the office, she listened to her. Before she wouldn’t have. Even Sui’s rebuke of Ohana’s bow at the end appeared token.

  4. @Takaii,

    “I’m not sure what was running through her mind watching Ohana and Minchi proudly display her works of art…..” – I think you meant to put Nakochi instead of Minchi there. 🙂

      1. I don’t comment often but I regularly come to the site to read the reactions of other viewers after I watch a show. And of course for the season intro and wrap ups. This is the best Anime Blog around, and I don’t have a whole crew of Anime friends totalk about shows with anymore (We’ve all grown up and gone on our separate ways). This is the next best thing ^.~

  5. I really like Ohana, seeing her joygasm on her paycheck was entertaining to say the least.

    I’m also convinced that she has a more perverted side. She could read an eroge with a straight face and in this episode she was the only one who didn’t mind wearing risqué outfits.

  6. Nakochi. Wow, just wow. <3

    But we all knew she had a great figure to go with her cute personality back in episode 3, no? 😉

    Gotta LOL at Tohru for smiling like a perv while thinking about the girls' cosplay.

    The way the chef dropped his food as a result of Tohru's dirty smile was just priceless. XD

    Minchi, hurry up and reign this pervert in before he wrecks havoc!

    Kinny Riddle
  7. Oh I’m looking forward to Ohana unintentionally derailing Minchi’s crush on Tohru. It’s one of the few times I like all sides of a love triangle. Usually there’s 1 of the characters you end up hating.

    1. Quote:
      you have to wonder if Jiroumaru has done any more of his “stories” during his off times…

      I bet he will be smash hit at the next comiket… all he needs is a good illustrator 😛

  8. Oh great, as if Ohana didn’t have enough problems trying to be friends with Minko… Tohru, you are a stupid man. Even if he was looking at Nako, it still won’t be pretty. Koichi needs to show up; that would set the record straight as to who likes who.

    Those kimonos were awesome. Traditional inns in Japan should always do kimonos!! They should make that like a weekly thing, every Wednesday is kimono day!

  9. Oh noes. I didn’t want this triangle. I hope so much he actually likes Nakochii, and not Ohana, even if everything points it is Ohana, and even if it makes more sense. Like, Minchi obeys him like a dog, Nako might not even talk to him, he might like Ohana who snaps back and shows her strength that way. I dunno why I hate this triangle so much. Because, I think it’s a given Ohana will end up with Ko.

    1. Well you know, Minchi has been very quiet about her love for Tohru.

      The longer she stays that way gives more opportunities for Tohru to pursue his interest in Ohana (or Nakochi) which would result in greater heartbreak for Minchi.

      So, the love triangle is complicating because of Minchi’s nature and Tohru’s developing interest for Ohana (or Nakochi).

      At this rate, hate it or like it – I think that the love triangle is going to become more and more apparent and messy. :X

  10. Great episode. Ohana is just so stinkin’ adorable. She definitely possesses a lot of great qualities. I feel sorry for Minchi more and more as time goes by… who can resist the Ohana charm? Tohru was looking at/thinking about someone, and it wasn’t Minchi! XD
    Speaking of Minchi, I thought it was cute how she told Ohana to die and then when she started to mention that they had agreed on something else she called her a balut, like ‘darn, I forgot!’ lol

      1. True…but with 26 episodes, somebody had better win something, darn it! lol
        But who knows, maybe it won’t matter in the end. I didn’t so much mind Star Driver’s ending, so I guess I won’t mind Hanairo’s as long as it continues to rock my socks.

  11. Now that I look at the “WTF?! They have guns”-men, I actually think that they won’t invade Kissuiso and flee. You know, they are protected by the SUPER HERON! But Hanasaku Iroha is somehow like Fractale. They try to include everything in this anime somehow, and it works better than Fractale.
    By the way, will Ko be somehow important later on? In the first episode, I honestly laughed at him, but now I feel very, very bad for him.

  12. Oh no, the love triangle/square! While I do kind of like them, they always seem to turn out so predictable that I kind of dread it as well. I just hope HanaIro can find a way to make it actually refreshing (if it actually does happen).

    P.S. Did anyone else think that their normal waitress outfits are already super-cute? I always like seeing Ohana in it in the opening.

  13. I kinda predicted the Tohru-Ohana-Minchi love triangle thing since the 2 episode. Haha this anime just entertains me every single episode, and the next one just looks even better. Haid waitress as part of an army…… now that’s interesting.

  14. Amazing episode. Just when I thought there needed to be a hint of romance 😉
    Stemming off from last episode, it seems pretty much set on who he has his eyes on. But if P.A. Works decides to trick us, then that will come as a huge surprise.
    I think by the way the story is heading, the (possible) love triangle will have Minchi develop her character in a good way.

  15. I can somewhat feel for Ohana as well but the problem is I kinda can’t really either. I mean she got 80,000 yen every month for cooking, cleaning, and laundry. I got nothing for all of that minus cooking but add tending to the yard and some minor construction work every now and then. When I got my first pay check the first thing I did with that thing is dump it into the bank. I was only somewhat happy and I was rather stone faced about the whole thing. I only use that “its better than what I got” logic when people start complaining about how little they get/got for allowance (theirs is even weekly to boot).

    1. Perhaps its because her situation is different from yours. Hers is that the amount she received now was better in comparison to before. Seeing a difference in how much you’re earning would make one be a little more appreciative.

      They could have had her given nothing at all before but it would make it seem like she was a mistreated child or something. I don’t think they wanted to paint her mom in a very negative light either.

      1. You’re not listening. My earning amount was $0 USDA (insert any denomination of time) for the chores I did around the house. She at least got 8,000 yen (thanks for the correction Proof exams got me thinking in the tens of thousands) a month which is roughly $100 USDA a month. My internship paid $6.25 a hour with 20 hour work weeks with 4 work weeks a month. That means I got paid $500 a month and roughly $350 after taxes and stuff (making it about $100 USDA more or about 8000 yen more). That means my pay raise was much higher than her and ($0->$350 or 0Y->28000Y compared to $100->$250 or 8000Y->20000Y) I should have been even more happy. Instead I’m just kinda stone faced and depositing the stuff.

  16. Thank god for Okami, I was just about ready to force that crazy wench off the premises myself. If you’re going to spout English to make yourself look superior, you damn well better get the saying right D:!. “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”. *twitch twitch* If that was intentionally part of her character to make her more annoying *le twitch, snap* mukiiiiiiiiii~ *sigh*, oh well. I feel a little bad for Ohana’s uncle, since it seems pretty plain that he cares for this woman, if he doesnt outright like her. But, her business strategy for this client needs a revamp >_>;;. [/rant]

    Overall, Great Ep :D! All the reactions near the end to Ohana and Nako were freakin awesome ^_^…

  17. I think Ohana will end up liking Tohru–I believe she was simply flattered by Ko’s confession (kind of like “awww, how sweet of him…”), but feels as if he’s nothing more than a friend. I mean, the guy hardly ever crosses her mind, and even when she does have thoughts about him, they are easily ousted by whatever other stimulus is about her (and, let’s be honest, Ko seems way too plain for Ohana anyway).

    The unrequited feelings of Minchi and Ko, I believe, will be a significant source of drama in this anime. This will certainly cause many viewers to rage.

    1. Ko getting Netorared would be exciting and potentially rage worthy for others if he was the main character, but I don’t see anyone raging since Ko doesn’t get any screentime anyways.Ohana is the mc though and her possibly liking Tohru is a great way to Netorare Minchi, who I still don’t like.

      I’d still like to see Minchi get Netorared, then maybe she’d stop being a 24/7 bitch.

  18. I laughed at the title, thinking it was a typo, but when Takako said it, “Nothing venture, nothing win” I laughed even more.

    Anyway, interesting development, especially for the Okami, Ohana probably reflects what she was when she was younger. As for the potential love triangle…I going to sit on the Minko bandwagon and say Tohru was imagining Minko in those costumes, if not then Nako. I seriously doubt its Ohana, I mean she has Ko, and from last episode, there was the potential of him moving to where Ohana is.

  19. He is looking at Ohanadid no one see the episode before this one. Ohana went to bat for him at the other inn. I think that has left an impression with him. Why would he be showing sudden interest in Nako. If he had feelings for Minchi. I think it would be expressed differently than what we have seen in this episode.

  20. Takaii, I can’t wait to see your “sting” and “insult” on highschool kids who asked money from you! Maybe in 30 years? LOL

    Seriously, J-parents of the last and this generation are super-nice to their kids, it’s unbelievable. But Hana-chan had always learned otherwise. The first ep. with the “yonige” was telling.


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