「日常7」 (Nichijou 7)
“My Ordinary Life 7”

Well, I didn’t see that coming. Was it me or was most of that first skit just so out there that it flew over your head? The flying airship was cool and I have a friend named Albert who hates it when his name is said in Japanese (Aruberuto / アルベルト), which had me giggling inside every time the King’s name was called out. But even though the first skit felt like it came out from left field and didn’t really get me laughing at first, I was dying towards the end. While I thought we were getting an epic retelling of how Mio received her wooden hair ties, I was a little disappointed that her original ones were just replaced with the keys to become the King of a country. But it’s a good thing Yuuko is there to see everything.

After putting some thought into it, I’ve come to believe that Yuuko might be the unluckiest character in this series. After looking past her horrible luck when dealing with foods, her interesting relationship with Mai, and her irresponsibility when it comes to schoolwork I start to honestly wonder how she handles everything. She’s probably the most realistic character in the show with nothing terribly strange about her. But with life pelting her with things falling from the sky, witnessing live Super Deer Fighter, and objects lodging themselves into her best friend’s hair, it’s amazing that she hasn’t gone crazy yet. Then again, you have to love that resilient personality of hers is probably what keeps her bouncing back.

In Nichijou, it’s pretty interesting how two completely different worlds manage to coexist with each other. On one side there are Androids, child geniuses, and talking cats. The other is full of people who have some extraordinary or weird traits. Can you imagine how fun it would be for these worlds were to collide with each other? I’m hoping that sometime in the future, Hakase and Nano get the chance to spend the day with our trio. Seeing how the short exchange between Yoshino and Nano brought out a side of Nano that I never thought existed, I can only imagine what would happen if Mai got her hands on Hakase or if Sakamoto tried lecturing Yuuko.

While most of Helvetica Standard’s skits still fly over my head and the jump rope skits are slowly losing their charm, it’d be nice if less time was given to them and more to the handful of side characters. Takasaki-sensei is a perfect example of an interesting side character, as he’s the walking personification of the torture that men go through when trying to deal with their crush. That face, the internal deliberation, and the random need to start doing mass push-ups after good news was pretty spot on. It’s small things like this that balance out all the random humor and make Nichijou that much more fun to watch.

P.S. There was also an Acapella version of the ending played this week.


  1. Is she going to be a new character? She looks interesting.

    The skit in the beginning got me the same way. The antagonist had so much spunk it was refreshing. The lack of jumprope left me all empty inside. щ(゚Д゚щ)

    omg I felt so scared for Hakase when Nano was throwing the ball! So fierce!!

  2. That beginning skit actually had me wondering if I wasn’t accidentally watching the wrong show. The animations style was the same… so I kept going and finally realized I was viewing the correct content.

    I’m 100% with Takaii on Yuuko. She is the most likeable character. I also like Nano for many of the same reasons. I feel sorry for both of them.

    I hope they do more with the princple. That deer fight last episode was probably the most epic scene in this anime to date.

    1. I hope they do more with the principle. That deer fight last episode was probably the most epic scene in this anime to date.

      I was hoping to see more of him too. He’s brings huge laughs all the time. The Deer Fight set some standards for funny and outrageous. I don’t think they can top it.

  3. People who thought they were watching the wrong show at first probably aren’t used to Nichijou’s weirdness yet xD I had a feeling Kyoani would pull off something like this a few episodes in. Anyway, favorite part of the episode was when the villain tripped over himself and died. Fail,much?>_>

  4. The voice for the princess seems too familiar so I didn’t really think it was a different show. but how did the cubes fall from the sky through a school’s ceiling?? and was it not night and raining?

    1. The princess is voiced by Hidaka Noriko, better known as Akane in Ranma 1/2 and Kikyo in Inuyasha.


      Besides Hidaka, other cameo include﹕

      Otsuka Hochu of Naruto fame (Jiraiya), who voiced the henchman who lost the two cubes, which led to Yuuko’s epic reaction: NOOOOOOOO~~~~


      And then there’s Wakamoto Norio at the end voicing the World Cube. I just go LOL everytime I hear his voice.

      Kinny Riddle
  5. That opening was Yuuko’s dream, right? Man, what an awesome scenario.
    In a way, the villain’s death was absurdly realistic. I mean, people trip over themselves all the time, and slamming into the floor could certainly make your heart stop or give you a concussion with enough force.
    I wonder what the soldier would have done with the blocks had he not lost them.
    Glad to see the jump-ropers play catch for a change. Sometimes, you just need to take a break from it all.
    Seeing the interaction between Mio’s sister and Nano was fun to watch – finally someone adknowledging her oddity – and it really makes me want more of those two worlds to clash.
    That gentleman, he sure does know how to treat a woman, even if the woman has a giant wind-up key sticking out of her back. He is worthy of much respect.

    1. Helvetica Standard is the name of the manga that one of the characters carries around. If I remember correctly, it’s Sasahara, the guy with glasses and the puffy shirt. But I guess it’s just another “wtf” they use to break up the show. But if you ask me, I’d say it’s a pretty badass font

  6. Two things to highlight in this ep, Noriko Hidaka and Norio Wakamoto.

    My nostalgia just kicked in when I found her voice quite familiar. For people who don’t know Noriko Hidaka, she voiced Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2. The latter needs no explanation since if you don’t know this guy you pretty much need to watch more shows like HnG and Azumanga.

    Moving on, I was quite surprised they didn’t play the OP. They exchanged it with a very tense scenario. Seriously it’s like what JC Staff fails to do with Index. All the psychopath faces JC Staff did in Index II were just downright stupid that I’m no longer able to take them into account. In any case I laughed hard when he tripped on his own leg and died. What a way to go!

    Another thing, I’m glad I can finally have something that I can relate to in this series. Train scene was short and very funny. This scenario happening to me as well back then made this all the more golden. Not to mention the great follow up when Mai laughed at Yuuko for boarding the train all alone. That nasty troll…

    Lastly, when Yuuko couldn’t open the lid. I think this pretty much hapens to most of us but really, this happens to me quite often especially in the morning.

    The idea given at the last part is finally getting to the point where Nano and Mio get to interact with each other. Well if that’s the case, I will be expecting that in ep 14. Since this is a two cour show I wish and wish very hard that there will be an new OP and ED. If they did it with K-ON!! why not? If they don’t then… Well that’s ok for me I still like the OP.

    I was a little disappointed that her original ones were just replaced with the keys to become the King of a country.

    I’m still pegging my hopes that it really gets another scene. I want more of Princess Starla. It wouldn’t hurt to see a lolplot added in just for its ridiculous case.

  7. What a wonderful birthday present Mio gave :D. Too bad Mai didn’t give her anything

    I thought Mio’s sister was going to wind Nano up. Its like her key is just waiting for someone to turn it

    The baseball with Hakase and Nano showed a lot of innocence since neither really cared if they won or anything.

    Zaku Fan
    1. What made this sketch even more priceless was that even Mai couldn’t resist laughing at Yuuko’s stupidity. XD

      (Takaii, you really ought to have a screencap of Mai smirking)

      Kinny Riddle
  8. Some epic self-destruct Takasaki-sensei went through:

    “I wonder if she has a boyfriend? But I must be careful when talking to her while finding out slowly…”

    “Hi, Sakurai-sensei, I wonder if you have a boyfriend… NOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~” LMAO

    Luckily, or rather unluckily (depending on your perspective), Sakurai-sensei is rather dense. Ends up making me root for Takasaki-sensei as a result.

    Also, we finally get to see Yuuko’s group and Nano’s group interact for the first time, albeit very minimal, it sets things up nicely for some epic laughs once they do get together.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. The first part of this episode was really strange! I didn’t know what the hell was going on and if I had downloaded the right anime. Something that did disappoint me a little this episode was it wasn’t much Nano and Hakase time.

  10. There’s a vet in my neighborhood with an artificial arm… I don’t think he would find Mio’s sister very funny. That was the thought going through my head when I was watching that scene.

    The wood cubes were hysterical, though. And Mio’s line, “Oh, this was just something lying around the house” for a birthday present… she really wasn’t kidding. Heh.

    I’ve finally figured out what this show feels like to me– “Seinfeld,” only with some cute bits added to it. It’s same kind of people, though maybe 1/2 a turn less horrible.

  11. And here I was thinking not many guys do mass push-ups in similar situations. After that Takasaki-sensei gag I don’t think I’ll be doing that anymore, it would feel too embarrassing and pathetic 🙁 Totally getting the bamboo sprouts allegory as well.

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