「螺旋の迷宮にその箱はねむる」 (Rasen no Meikyū ni Sono Hako wa Nemuru)
“The Box Lies in the Spiral Labyrinth”

Well, what did I say? Irrelevant support character Simon Hunt stays irrelevant, and dies a befitting death. Then again, he leaves a question, what was he doing and why did he have machine oil on his fingers? Actually, the entire magic act and him prodding them were left without a second note, either to be resumed next episode, or simply never at all.

Roscoe’s agenda continues to switch itself, revealing that the reality was that he was always still part of the occult, and yet he implies to fight only for his own, of which I assume to be the Gray Wolves. That whole memento box mumbo jumbo is what apparently will let him “reduce” both the Academy and the Occult’s power. It’s unknown whether or not he wants to rise in power with the Gray Wolves, or just halt all evolution, sort of as a peace keeper.

The reasoning for our main duo’s relationship was always a bit weak, because the strongest argument Kujou’s got, or rather the only argument he’s got, is that they’re “friends.” So while this episode contained the most interaction with the larger antagonists, it’s development that we’ve hardly had problems guessing half a dozen episodes ago. Cordelia still loves her daughter, gave a ring that wasn’t explained, Albert de Blois is using his daughter, and again for a reason that isn’t explained. I mean how are you going to argue against Albert de Blois with parental responsibility? If Albert de Blois locks his daughters up in towers, do you really think he gives a shit about parental responsibility Kujou? The answer’s no by the way. Albert made some remark about Victorique almost being “complete” as if the emotions were some requirement to be gained. Best not to think too much about that for now.

Then Victorique’s like, “oh man, I don’t know why I was born, leave me here.” I’m pretty sure none of us know the reason we were born, which is why we live life attempting to find our purpose. It’s everybody’s problem! Let’s just say Victorique’s emotional reasoning is terrible because she’s new at this. And seriously, I thought they were going to kiss while running from the water, which would’ve been romantic as hell but they didn’t do it! After 17 episodes, Victorique finally admits Kujou’s changed her, and basically makes a marriage proposal of protection right then and there. I d’awwed. Great episode, if not for restating the obvious (to those that paid attention so far anyway).

The Marquis’ reveal was totally a wtf moment.




    1. Agreed. That one scene was quite remarkable. Having the first ED theme as backing music was an excellent touch, too.

      Perhaps formulaic and cliche- but it was well executed, all the same.

    2. The first ending is still the best…
      The second one is great too but it doesn’t seemed to blend in well with the flow most of the times, if you know what I mean

      1. While the new ED doesn’t bother me on its own, I can’t listen to it during the episode. It is jarring.

        When the music is about to begin, I throw up the ED1 from an earlier episode so they’re playing simultaneously. Then I mute the new one.

        That song and the imagery fit this show perfectly, reinforcing my mood after watching it. The second ED breaks my mood.

        FWIW, I am doing the same with Beelzebub which has a similar problem (except perhaps worse since they changed the OP and did strange things to the ED characters). This is the first season I’ve done this. As an aside, I have to say that I find this season the most disappointing for OP/ED music since I began watching anime seasonally. The only OP that I like is from Azazel-kun and none of the EDs stand out in a good way — and the two shows that started in the previous season have both lost their stellar songs.

  1. I actually suspected the old dude to be the Marquis last episode, but was too tired to post anything about it. Then I’d forgotten about it. Oh well. I absolutely loved this episode and I too wished for a kiss at one point or another, but we know that won’t happen soon.

    Nice review, btw.

  2. I was under the impression that Simon Hunt set the device that opened the gates.
    Think I remember seeing the device have a watch that set things going when it reached midnight.
    *shrugs* Just a guess. Doesn’t explain why he did it though.

  3. Needed more of Cordelia talking. <3 Sawashiro Miyuki. Also I can't get over how perfectly designed she is. Just as tiny as her daughter, but with an air of maturity about her that Victorique lacks.

    1. I think she’s a tad bit taller actually. Not by much but ya, also the way they draw her face overall, the shape and proportions, are different. This, plus the more mature voice and you know right away that she’s older.

  4. And seriously, I thought they were going to kiss while running from the water, which would’ve been romantic as hell but they didn’t do it!

    This! Me too am waiting for it to happen! But no 🙁

  5. oh next is the train mystery i guess. :> note: haven’t read the novel yet :>.

    from what i think, it was either Simon Hunt committed suicide or the old twin lady killed her or Simon Hunt committed an act(he maybe brian in disguise) .

    1. Cliches are cliches because they work. I get how people want something “original” every episode but you’ll never get it. Nothing is original anymore, look hard enough and you’ll find a number of things that match something done in the past. Just deal with it.

  6. Watching Gosick is fun, and reading Kiiragi’s reactions are just add to the entertainment value. Especially how they fluctuate wildly from episode to episode.

    And the music has picked up, 17 episodes in at last.

  7. Anyone notice Marquis’ little black hooded people looked EXACTLY like the twin sisters? Does that mean both sisters and Hunt are alive? Plus I think Hunt stole the box, same door, oil or dirt from digging it up?

  8. Brian Roscoe reminds of the WWII magician Jasper Maskelyne now. I wonder if he’s based on him?

    If I paid a little more attention to the old man I bet I could ahve figured it out sooner, though I did start suspecting he was the Marquis when he was talking to Kujo in the tent.

  9. Okay… so Cordelia seems to genuinely care for victorique so does that mean Roscoe is one of the good guys too?
    The past few episodes of Gosick have been really good and I hope Bones keep it up…

    1. I am finding some similarities with Toradora. We have a tsundere female character in both animes and a very good male lead who isn’t that typical shy, cowardly type.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  10. GOSICK: The next episode should be taking place at the start of the 6th novel (GOSICK VI), which leaves us with 2 more novels after this. There’s currently 7 novels in press, and the 8th novel (and final novel in the GOSICK series) will be published along side the final arc of the anime, according to the author (Kazuki).

    The progression looks like it’ll be: GOSICK VI -> 18, VII -> 19-22 and VIII -> 23-24. GOSICK VIII release date is 06/25 which coincides with 23 airing and is pretty much exactly how Kazuki described the wrap-up of both anime and novel will go down.

    taken from UTW’s post.

    -much like only BONES could pull off like what they did w/ FMA:B

  11. The reason why people are born is simple. Because their parents decided to have a child. The real question is never why you were born but what are you going to do with your life. Purpose is not given but chosen

    Zaku Fan
  12. I love this episode nonetheless, it’s at least a step to the Kujou X Victorique relationship, I’m glad that they had that promise and I love Victorique admitting she knows what love is now thanks to Kujou. I really really hope that this show will have a happy ending.

  13. I like how they are connecting all the past mysteries together, so that the show doesn’t feel to episodic. Anytime a mystery series has overarching cases and subplots, it builds up to a great conclusion, so hopefully the final third of Gosick will be amazing.


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