「喜翠戦線異常なし」 (Kissui Sensen Ijyou Nashi)
“All Quiet on the Kissui Front”

The mysterious Wajima Tomoe, the head waitress of Kissuisou. A character who doesn’t really grab your attention at first, but stands out with her strange faces and over the top actions. Who would have thought that in a single episode they’d be able to really introduce Tomoe while pushing the story a little bit further and teaching a life lesson or two?

While I’m still pretty young, the thought of growing old without accomplishing anything still makes me shiver. Watching Tomoe go through nearly the same thoughts (with a little Japanese culture of arranged marriages thrown in) was what really grabbed my attention this week. When you’re at the point in life that you’re calling other people young and doubting if what you’re doing is really worth it, it probably really stings to think about how your juniors have that bright future you once had. The time to do whatever you wanted without worrying about the next day, not worrying about who you’re going to spend your future with, and no financial pressure dictating how to live your life.

Luckily, as the show introduced that complex problem of dealing with age, I’m glad it didn’t take the survival games too seriously. I remember looking at last week’s preview with a little bit of disgust, thinking about how random insertion of army men would totally break this show. But watching normal people going out and having a good time provided some relief. It’s amazing how the show utilized these crazy guests as the catalyst for Tomoe to get a life lesson of her own. Watching her gain the resolve to try and get fired from her job only to have her plans backfire on her in a good way made for some good times. Tomoe does a great job of refusing to let these setbacks stop her from trying to get fired, and along the way rediscovers something important — the fact that she really does enjoy what she does and that others appreciate all the things she does.

From beating pots and pans to Minchi’s onigiris, watching Jiroumaru naked and being covered with only a towel takes the cake in ridiculous ideas. Not only did he have to show off his jewels to all sorts of strange men, but to get pelted with BBs with no clothes on? I was nearly about to fall out of my chair from laughter. With Tomoe being able to accept things as the way they are, it looks like another problem has been settled. Besides being happy that she was able to convince her mother to believe in her and her decisions, I hold so much more respect for Tomoe. While her angry faces are funny, her smiles are ten times better. Plus, some random serendipity is never bad either.

As the past episodes have shown, the previews can be a wild misdirection of what the episode may really be about. While I think it’s a bit too early for any major characters to start disappearing on us, the preview had all the characters outside of their normal comfort zone. And will Ko finally make his reappearance to steal Ohana’s heart?




    1. “Tomoe is pretty hot looking when she isn’t dressed like an old lady for work. She has nothing to be ashamed of.”

      I thought so to. When they showed her with her hair down I literally thought they were introducing a new character. I would have guessed her as maybe Minchi’s older sister of sorts. She’s quite a hottie and it’s cruel that in the story she doesn’t have anyone (yet) considering how awesome she just became. My whole opinion of her changed for the better with this episode.

      I was really happy for Minchi this episode since her cooking was appreciated for once despite it being a simple snack such as a rice ball.

      Nakochi was as cute as ever as well. Like the sea of thousands out there, I wish I had a girlfriend like her. She’s unbearably adorable. So ero-kawa it’s vexing.

  1. Nako and Minko are getting more and more adorable with each passing episode.
    And I must say that getting an episode where Ohana isn’t the main focus was surprisingly enjoyable. I have to give the writers their due credit for being able to create a cast of developed characters that aren’t one-dimensional.

  2. “When you’re at the point in life that you’re calling other people young and doubting if what you’re doing is really worth it, it probably really stings to think about how your juniors have that bright future you once had. The time to do whatever you wanted without worrying about the next day, not worrying about who you’re going to spend your future with, and no financial pressure dictating how to live your life. ”

    Ugh. I’m at that point and I’m barely 24.

    Anyways, I’ve enjoyed this episode immensely. A one shot deal, but a great one. Tomoe takes the cake as my favourite adult character in the series.

    1. Even worse, I’m not even half way out of 22 and less than a year out of college and it feels like 67 is right around there corner. I’ve been spending my free time before and after work (aside catching up on my season’s anime watchlist) reading investment and financial articles and loathing why I failed to invest in Apple stock when it was at it’s 52-week low of $230…or Wal-Mart when I was only in 3rd grade.

  3. Tomoe-nee-san. <3

    Not only did she fail to engineer her own dismissal, instead she gets promoted to head of her own yuri harem. LOL

    When Tomoe is lamenting about how youthful Ohana and Nako are, it does make me wonder if Noto Mamiko is referring to herself as well as she read out those lines. 🙂

    Having watched Noto Mamiko do younger characters for years, when I finally see a Noto character lamenting about youth, I can't help but feel old myself.

    Oh, and it's really rare to see Minchi's eyes sparkle like that. As long as she shows more of that side, the more audience will understand just how cute she really can be.

    Kinny Riddle
  4. I think it’s still to early for Ko to come into the picture. Tooru hasn’t established his position in the love pentagon! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

    As for Tomoe, she really looked like she was having fun. And you know what the great thing is? It really looked like it was truly fun! If I were those survival gamers, I’d have the same reaction of gratitude. Tomoe’s glistening personality is wonderful. I can’t believe someone as charming as her would be single. (And in real life, are their really women like that? You gotta be kidding me..)

  5. LARPers. Truly a threat to hotel management. Although to be honest, it hard to hate these guys considering that they seem to be having fun. And its good to see that Tomoe enjoys her job despite all her complaints.

    And once again, Ohana impresses me. When Nako was falling apart against the stalking, Ohana is as calm as ever. Tough girl she is.

    You can do it man, you might have ran away last time because Ohana sorta turned the tables on you and…yeah… but now YOU get to corner her!

    Advent Chaos
    1. I’m pretty sure it’s because she’s not as easy to approach as other women. We as guys have a hard time with certain characteristics. Tomoe seems to fit one of those “nice for a friend, but not gf material right now” types. I’m sure she’ll change later on.

  7. So I don’t really like saying bad things but I’ll still express my feelings. Except for the scene when Tomoe used the water pump and had a huge grin on her face, I didn’t even laugh a bit on this episode, I was bored and in fact I was even a bit angry.
    Bored at the fact that I already seen this kind of thing many times already: I’m not saying that unoriginal=bad, but In my opinion it was poorly executed.
    And That’s exactly what got me angry: not only I’ve already seen the same situations, they were also much more funny and well done than here. Just look at FMP! Fumoffu or Seto no Hanayome. I know maybe you’ll feel I’m not happy for the wrong reasons as Tomoe was the center of the episode and not the peeping etc, but when watching this episode, I felt like watching filler. In fact I do think this episode was filler, and Tomoe deserved better things.
    Except for Tomoe’s development, I could have well skipped it. Even the “OKAY BABY GET SOME!” nice level of engrish didn’t put a grin on my face…

  8. Haha it was deja vu for me when they used the “your plans don’t work out.” I thought this episode was kind of average until I read this blog post. It helped me realize some of the subtleties behind this episode. 🙂 I love reading your posts.
    Overall Hanasaku Iroha is really good. I’m not going to be too critical and just enjoy it for what it’s worth. I can’t wait to see Ko-chan next week. And the grandma having problems? :O

  9. I’d so laugh if Ko ended up going somewhere entirely random despite being in the preview.

    But in all seriousness, I’d say the drama’s going to come in a bit later seeing as HanaIro is two-cour series unlike AnoHana. If anything, the Grandma’ll probably be bedridden from either old age or sickness. But I feel as though HanaIro is lightening the mood a lot, so I doubt next episode will be too serious. Also, I feel as though HanaIro is still finding what it wants to be, it feels like it’s in an experimental phase.

    Anyhow, Tomoe is awesome, more please. Oh and Noto.

  10. I know there isn’t much to base an opinion of him on, but I already don’t like Ko. You’d think after getting pissy and ditching Ohana before she leaves he’d do a little more than send her one text between the first episode and now.

  11. Disappointing, so this is the shining jewel of this season, i don’t think so. Anohana’s got this in the bag and stein’s gate, C, even kaiji S2 and others are more in the competition than this. I know I’m late, but after much procrastination with time spent on like the mentioned shows,I just had to make a rant because no one else is. The many cliches, cardboard characters and lack of a moving plot.Is there still a plot? Hanasaku has diminished a bit(much of an understatement)if anyone’s noticed. Also because watching this show, as the start of the whole season, I may have abruptly stated on this forum that this would be the best, well I officially contract that statement.
    Even still I will remain optimistic (unlike Maria Holic alive) until the end.
    still good however: quality animation and MINKO or MINCHIIIIIIIIIIIII!!


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