「日常11」 (Nichijou 11)
“My Ordinary Life 11”

Boy did this episode start off on a negative note. But by negative, I mean totally hillarious in the form of other people’s problems. I know that every single one of you reading this thought at least once: “What if I got sick so I could avoid (insert problem here)?”

After watching Yukko give up on studying and then deciding to subject herself to an onslaught of different techniques to catch a cold, I couldn’t stop laughing when she woke up feeling perfectly fine. As I’ve said before, I feel bad that life decides to mess with her, but the way she reacts to everything just makes me want to see just how mean life can actually get.

Something about watching the vice principal wallow in depression was strangely enlightening. Don’t you hate it when something ruins your day and it just keeps snowballing until you’re remembering the pointless little things that slightly bothered you a while ago but is now driving you crazy? Just watching him get more and more depressed actually started to bring my own mood down until his daughter and grandson came to visit.

The lesson that I think one should take away from this is that there’s always something in life that makes it worth living. Whether it’s in the form of a cute grandson who makes you mud dumplings or a special someone who cares deeply for you, I think it’s important to never forget about the ones who can bring you up from your lowest point.

Just as the serious level of this episode was about to reach new levels, I’m glad that Sakamoto, Hakase, and Nano were able to bring things back down to earth. First, my cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard during the glue skit. Sure Hakase might “die” from not getting her snacks, but I was dying watching Sakamoto struggle to stay alive. For a second there, I actually thought that he was going to die! In the end though, Hakase still gets the last laugh since both Sakamoto and Nano managed to fall for that trap. You’d think that if you live with a child genius and saw something oozing on the floor you’d try to avoid it right? Apparently, Sakamoto loves being tortured.

And here I thought we shouldn’t get to watch Yukko battle her way through that final exam of hers. I wish that I could stress as hard as Yukko does during tests! While I try to be somewhat responsible and not end up in these situations, I can only make my self sad when I can’t remember things. I’d much rather have to deal with friends giving me erasers made out of sand and teachers who use god awful drawings for test examples!

I used to feel bad for the GO-Soccer club’s president Daiku, but after watching him ride home in a hellicopter, any and all feelings for him have left me.


  1. The glue skit had me laughing so hard I was crying. Then the cat got caught again later in the episode. On a negative note I thought the traffic light at the intersection interludes was a momentum killer.

  2. Ughhhh Yukko makes me want to kill her T__T. I prefer tsukkomi over boke, and Yukko needs some serious tsukkomi. orz. Nagi, Kagami, Watanuki, anyone, HALP. T3T.

    I would totally still watch this show if it was just Hakase, Nano and Sakamoto. … Poor Sakamoto, down to 8 lives me thinks XD. Also, Nano, whyy?! You easily could’ve evaded that and been the rescue. Ok, no it was so much more awesome to see her lose a hand in the glue XD.

    Nano Nano~~ ^w^. totally still my favorite comedic trio in a long while ^_^.

  3. Hakase sure got me smiling this time, with Sakamoto completely covered with glue. Since last time Mio gave her a normal eraser, I didn’t expect her to have a sand eraser as well.

    1. Mio is TERRIBLE! She is my most hated character. But, you need a hated character in order to make the others more lovable.

      I usually despise trolls anyhow, Mio takes it to a level of cruelty.

      The best practical jokes done are those that at first make a person feel terrible, only to later realize they have been fooled and everything is okay. Practical jokes that work in revers, i.e. fooling someone into believing they won the lottery only to realize they haven’t, are cruel beyond belief. They aren’t funny, and they are downright evil. This is how I see Mio.

      1. I do indeed. I am just terrible with names, especially foreign names, even in real life… always have been. I need to revert back to my protection mode by using generic pronouns like she, him, etc… so as not to make a fool of myself. >_<

        But, my point still stands!

  4. Poor Sakamoto almost got killed if he couldn’t breath through his ears(!). You really had to sympathise with him this episode

    Yuko’s self torture through her test was funny as well, mostly because no one could actually answer those questions with 100% certainity. Like she said, it wasn’t an english test anymore

    Zaku Fan
  5. There is that feeling I get while watching Nichijou — it’s like the writer(s) know exactly how a real person might feel in this or that situation and then bring those thoughts and emotions to life without trying to sugar-coat it whatsoever. So while on one hand I /am/ finding it funny to watch Yukko struggle or say, that teacher from a couple of episodes back trying to court the (female) teacher from the girls’ class, I also keep thinking how the exact same things have happened or are happening to me, which isn’t all that funny! Maybe it’s because the show is partly geared at hikkomori population but I am finding it way too easy to identify with the characters T_T

  6. “Whether it’s in the form of a cute grandson who makes you mud dumplings or a special someone who cares deeply for you, I think it’s important to never forget about the ones who can bring you up from your lowest point”. Well put.

  7. Finally got to watch both ep 10 and 11…..

    This episode was surprisingly funny considering they adapted one of my least favorite chapters. I actually laughed at it. Short restaurant skit and the glue fiasco.

    Honestly when the restaurant skit came up and the when the guy served the food in such a manner, my eyebrows met. Suddenly… Nail Art!? WHAT THE FUDGE!!?

    Glue fiasco was definitely my favorite. I just loved how Sakamoto was dying of suffocation while Hakase was crying over dying by not eating any of her snacks. Also that subs.

    *Hakase brings out huge super glue*
    Sakamoto: It’s big!
    Hakase: Because it’s “Super”
    Oh you!! I had an unexpected chuckle from that one.

    I know that every single one of you reading this thought at least once: “What if I got sick so I could avoid (insert problem here)?”

    Sadly I can relate to Yuuko. I actually did this at some point. Back in elementary I drank 1 litre milk that’s past it’s expiration date by only 1 week hoping my stomach would go bad. Saddly the milk was untouched and there’s always a grace period. Oh well I was THAT stupid when I was kid.

    Good ep! Enjoyed the last part because of that Sand Eraser.


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