「食事場の清純者」 (Shokujiba no Senjunmono)
“Innocents at the Table”

With such a huge cast of characters, it’s starting to become a little difficult to keep track of who is who. However, it does feel quite rewarding after spending a some time trying to piece together who’s who and how they fit into this grand story of war, politics, and personal battles. Unlike in the first episode, this second episode started to build the detail heavy story that Horizon is supposed to be famous for.

I believe it’s time for Shinshuu 101! In the past, the world was divided into two parallel dimensions known as Shinshuu and Jusou Shinshuu or the Divine States and the Harmonic Divine States. Living in harmony for many years, the real major problem occurred when the Nanboku-Cho War broke out in Shinshuu. After somehow destroying the devices that held Jusou Shinshuu in place, it literally came crashing down into Shinshuu. Shortly after, chaos erupted as an influx of people who had came falling from the sky demanded that the people of Shinshuu claim responsibility for the mess — eventually leading to a full out war.

In terms of character introductions, automated doll P-01 and Honda Masazumi both got spectacular treatment this week. The latter having faced some of the worst situations that a war-stricken world could place on a girl and the former raising more questions than she answered. Honestly, I was mystified after learning that Masazumi nearly went through sex-change surgery in order to possibly secure a spot within a powerful family. On the other hand, I’m a little confused about whether or not P-01 is actually Horizon. Since no one seems to acknowledger her as anything other than an automated doll, I’m excited to see what secrets she might be hiding within her.

In-between the long and wordy explanations, I’m was so happy that Toori was in every other skit. I love that cocky attitude of his and whenever his face shows up, it’s quite amazing how he’s able to change the atmosphere within seconds. Together with his outlandish personality that somehow allows him to grasp a girl’s boobs at will, I think I may have found one of my favorite characters of the year. It also doesn’t hurt that Fukuyama Jun is providing the perfect voice for Toori.

At the end of the day, I think Horizon will end up being one of the better shows of the season. I personally love the characters and what little was introduced about the plot sounds really interesting. Plus, with a second cour already announced, I’m confident that Sunrise will be able to craft a great adaptation for something that was deemed impossible to adapt.


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    1. I don’t like Toori either. He is just an annoying moron in a arrogant Gilbert Gotfried way. I like the rest of the cast but Toori so far doesn’t seem to have the charisma to carry this series or lead all those people.

      I do like the series tho. It reminds me of Yozakura Quartet with a large cast of different likable people that all have different abilities and are friends.

  1. I dropped this show. I didn’t get understand the first episode and after watching this second episode, I still don’t get it. Too many characters, too many background story, too many everything. And by the way, this show has 27453 characters, and all of them are pretty generic.

    1. The large cast of characters can get somewhat overwhelming, but I’ve found it fun trying to pick out voice actors. Also, the light novel series the anime was based off of was apparently deemed “impossible” to adapt because the story is huge, deep, and complicated. You won’t (and shouldn’t) get the full picture two episodes in, and the series is getting a second season next year. Just reading the synopsis, the basic story isn’t “confusing” but it can’t be explained in a few sentences; it would require a page by itself. Over time, the story should make more sense. I’m at least liking the humor and there’s good potential in the story, so I’ll stick with Horizon.

      Also, you’re watching a TV series. Character and personality traits are rehashed constantly. Complaining about generic characters is just a dense way to criticize a show.

  2. I love this show
    I don’t care if many of the fans hate this show…

    They just need to do some research :p

    what I wanted to see is the fighting scene

    and man I hate that only few group(sub) pick this series XD

  3. I love Toori. He’s the biggest draw of the show for me. He’s just so… charismatic. It oozes out of him.
    Also grew pretty fond of Masazumi this episode. I hope she continues to get screentime, I’d like to see more of her~

  4. The atmosphere of this show is really refreshing, for some reason; especially when Toori is present- and it confounds me that I feel that way since all Toori does whenever he’s around is your typical anime pervert stuff- I think it has something to do with his over-the-top cocky + flamboyant attitude which is atypical of male anime leads- ah well, I’ll probably have it figured out in an episode or two…

    And on another note, it seems like Sunrise really is taking what I called the “hybrid approach” in adapting this show; focusing on the story lines of characters who play proactively significant roles in the plot; the first episode was seemingly just a friendly intro to the larger cast superset- or at least I hope that it was…looks like they’re doing this right so far (Wish I actually knew the story so I could evaluate the adaptation more accurately), but’ we’re only 2 episodes in after all- far too early to make any conclusive evaluations…

    1. Lolz, suspension of disbelief, I suppose? Some kind of hormone therapy to prevent breast growth seems more plausible. But seriously, if there’s one thing I’ve realized in all the years that I’ve been watching anime, it’s that the scientific inaccuracies in series that are meant to be sci-fi/semi-realistic are legion. I’ve ended up just telling myself, “Hey, these guys are writers, not scientists after all…”- and scientific inaccuracies don’t really detract from the quality of the overall story unless they’re bloody stupid, (i.e. calling lizards warm-blooded or something) and/or blatantly obvious and/or of major plot significance; and shove that all into a subset which says “when done for non-comedic reasons + only in scifi/realistic shows.”

      In the end, I think this surgery thing is a minor mistake, and considering that it probably has little to significance the overarching story, it should have no effect on plot quality whatsoever- tiny points off fro not doing their homework, I guess.

      Of course, I will be looking to see if “science out of the window” becomes some kind of trend- and that is fatal for any sci-fi show.

  5. Confirmed, every single character in this series is either insane or in their ways to be, neen Toori the Supreme Commander of this nuthouse. Still, everything so far seems really interesting and has a deep, complex history behind all of it, just the way I like it. Regarding Toori, all I can say is that I´ve never such a carefree character with such carisma to gain the trust of his subordinates to the point they soppurt him even if he is the most incompetent presindent in the Ademy´s history. This show is growing into me.

  6. @Takaii: From what I gather Honda did go through the surgery. And Horizon is the robot. Seems like the original Horizon supposedly died 10 years back. But 1 year ago, a robot which looks like her turned up with no memory. Tooki believes that P-01 is Horizon turned into a robot to save her life (inspector gadget, RoboCop… etc)

  7. Really admire Toori, after reading the summary about him and the light novel in Animesuki, I can understand the reason why Jun is his’s seiyuu, he is a perfect candidate for this role. I’m sure that after ss1 end, Toori will be another big hit of Jun after Lelouch. Believe me, don’t give up on this series cause of its confusing start, you will regret it.

  8. Just finished the first half of volume 1, going into the second half. It did take me significantly longer time to get indulged into the premise and the story itself than any other light novels I’ve read.

  9. I’m somewhat disappointing at where this anime is heading. This anime, like “Maji De Watashini Koi” just showed its true color in the 2nd episode. I’m just hoping the 2nd ep would be a huge improvement.

    Jun, my fav voice actor, is starting to annoy me lately. Idk, it’s kinda like he is turning into Kugamiya Rie.

  10. Second episode in and I have to admit, I am starting to enjoy this more. It’s a “thinking anime,” something close to watching Lain or Evangelion. Looking into what little background information there is on the story, it is pretty clear how complex the story will get later on. Plus, I’m a sucker for history. History is and always will be my favorite subject.

    On top of which, the characters though as random (and weird) as they are, really bring the show forward. Toori is a crazy fuck– simply put. I’ll have to agree with Takaii on him being a favorite character of the year just because of his personality.

    Definitely looking forward for the third episode now, and really glad to hear it’s going have a second cour. With Sunrise behind this, I’m sure they will give this story a proper and well worth it adaptation. You just have to be patient and watch it through (regardless of the obvious fanservice). If one hasn’t noticed yet, there seems to be subtle hints in each of the two episodes so far that something grand is happening in the background.

  11. Iw as so confusing when I first saw Honda Masazumi, she got the body of a guy but she could sound like both a guy or a girl, even now I am not sure if she is a she or a he, maybe just both.


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