「旅立つために」 (Tabitatsu Tameni)
“Before Hitting the Road”

I don’t know what came over J.C. Staff but this third episode just felt a little out of place. If it was intended to build up some tension before that awesome fight that the preview alluded to, they could have at least made this episode more than just flashbacks! Judging from the comments that episode one got, it probably would have made a lot more sense to air this last week instead of this week.

In the end however, this is just a lot of nitpicking from me. Quality wise, things still look pretty superb. From character close-ups to Shana’s big fiery hand, J.C. Staff seems to have a pretty good idea about what kind of quality they’re aiming for here. While it’s not important how they upgraded the resolution of all those flashbacks from season one; I do hope that this translates into even prettier scenes down the line.

Besides the quality not faltering, this episode did end up being a pretty good recap over what’s happened thus far. While it didn’t pique my interests since I have seasons one and two fresh in my brain, it was probably a godsend tor those of you who didn’t want to re-watch all of the previous episodes. I’m willing to bet that this episode managed to jog your memories at least once! Starting with how Yuuji and Shana met, their battles against the tomogara, meeting their allies and enemies, and ending with Yuuji’s determination for his new goal — it did a good job summarizing a handful of key points.

But, the only problem I do have is trying to accept Yuuji’s decision to abandon everything he holds precious to him in order to save the girl he loves. If I’m not mistaken, I thought that during season two he figured out that being an arrogant kid leads to everyone hating him. Judging from his current course, it would seem that all of the knowledge he gained went right out the window. Be it from having one of the strongest tomogara residing inside of him or just being too stupid to see that what he’s doing is hurting everyone he cares about, I’m having a hard time accepting Yuuji’s decisions. As much as I don’t enjoy the decision he’s made, I am a fan of big “OH” moments and I’m willing to bet that somewhere down the line Yuuji is going to remember why he’s trying to fight for a certain someone.

P.S. Once again guys, I apologize with how late my posts are. Finals are finally finished but I will be out of town this weekend and the weekend after that for college things (CKI!). Due to this, most of my posts will probably be a lot later than usual. Once those two weekends are over though, I should finally be able to get these posts out on time. Thanks for your continued support <3




  1. This episode felt like a slap on the face. The preview gave strong hints that Yuuji and Shana were going to meet this episode, but other stupid things dragged on and on until the very end did the fateful encounter occur…. and I guess we have to wait until the next episode.

  2. I didn’t read the light novels, but I think in the anime it is pretty clear that Yuuji chose to become one with the Snake of the Festival because he wanted to change something (he said this himself). This ‘something’ may be to end some sort of war. Snake of the Festival’s motives are less clear, however.

    1. I think you got mixed up with a lot of things, no snake festivals thing happened nor did he changed

      Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I’ve never liked recap episodes, and this one felt longer than most. Maybe the snippets of new information forced me to pay attention instead of just fast forwarding like usual. Either way, at least it can only get better from here.

  4. Not very good to put a slow episode at the start of the series, especially when the anticipation is building up for their encounter. Still, I find it somewhat meaningful that Yuuji takes his time to walk through Misaki City. More than anything, the recap serves to give newer viewers a summary of what transpired, and though less clear, the reason why Yuuji left. Aside from that, I like how it’s easy to make a comparison between the Yuuji before and the one now. He seems more purposeful, if mistaken in his intentions to end something and presumably allow Shana to live a…normal life, perhaps?

    I’m willing to bet that the light novels elaborated on Yuuji’s motives and emotions better than in here, but the last part of Yuuji’s exposition and the episode itself was good enough to get me looking forward to the clash and see just how powerful Sairei no Yuuji is.

    1. Actually, the anime follows the Light Novel closely in this season. Yuuji didn’t elaborate his reasons until talking with Shana. And this episode was basically the corresponding Light Novel chapter about Yuuji walking through Misaki city, reminiscing about his past with flashbacks to help out.
      Yuuji walks through Misaki city while recollecting his thoughts on everything he leaves behind, to show how serious he is about everything. When he passed Ogata, he realized that noone remembers him. This episode has been way more than just flashbacks. It was Yuuji’s way to sewer the threads to his past to move on (he even said so first thing in the episode). It also shows that Yuuji hasn’t become some bad guy out of the blue, but that he is still the same, and that he does what he does only because he thinks it is right. Now there is only one thing left to do, and it’s the main reason why he came to Misaki city.

      1. That makes sense. The severing is evident in his exposition about having to leave his mom and the last straw was probably Ogata not remembering him. I still question the wisdom of him doing so, however, but he probably needs to do so in order to continue with what he felt was the best option.

    2. As well as new viewers, it also helps to refresh the memories of people like myself who watched the original 2 series when they aired years ago, and thus have rather fuzzy memories of a lot of it. That being said, it did feel a bit too slow and dragged out even for me with only the vaguest remembrances of what happened before.

      At the moment it’s clear Yuuji is doing it all for Shana still, it’s just completely unclear how he intends to achieve whatever it is exactly that he wants while being on the “bad” side.

  5. Yuuji has a pretty good reason for everything he does right now, and the thing you mentioned, hurting everyone he loves, is a natural consequence that he decided to shoulder.
    And he didn’t forget that he is fighting for a certain someone, that was even mentioned in this very episode. Sadly, you didn’t post a screenshot of the scene with him and Shana holding hands. Just so you know, this was not a flashback from season one, from what he said, it’s the reason why he’s fighting.

    1. One more think, takaii, I’m surprised you didn’t really comment on Yuuji openly stating that he fell in love with Shana, and on the handholding scene future he wants to make reality. Maybe you took it for granted that he loves her, but him saying it out loud is something rather sweet, and a development for sure.

      1. I agree with Takaii on this one… I’m totally bothered by the fact that he’s the main villain that I’m utterly confused on what to believe about his goals/motives and his confession. Hopefully things will begin to clear up soon!

      2. It’s impossible at this point to force Yuuji into a black and white “good” or “evil” category. As Virox already pointed out, he clearly stated he fell in love with Shana, which is absolutely HUGE. He’s always been one, more than any other character in the Shana world, to use his brain to come up with the ways to defeat Guze no Tomogara. He’s obviously got something in mind, so let’s trust Itou Noizi that it’s going to culminate into something far more fantastic than “good guys vs. bad guys”.

      3. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the fact that there’s an interesting twist like this in the series. It keeps me on edge! ….. but regardless, I think it takes getting used to the idea.

  6. It’s about time Yuuji realized his feelings toward Shana.. But of course, it’s somewhat of a tease since he’s abandoned his past for his future goal. I just think this will end up backfiring on him as Shana will be emotionally confused as always and will not come to see the “bigger picture” as to why Yuuji decided to follow this course. For whatever reason, his confession doesn’t make me feel any more optimistic about their future.. especially since we aren’t completely sure if it was Yuuji or the Tomogara smirking as he fought Shana in episode 1. As far as we know, they may be a single entity with no one’s feelings overpowering the other. Also, this recent confession leaves me wondering if Yoshida will actually end up sacrificing herself for Yuuji’s future.

  7. Finally some flashbacks… even if the whole episode was a flash back.
    What was disappointing was… THAT I STILL CAN’T REMEMBER EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED (especially season 1).
    I think i really should rewatch some s1 and s2…

  8. One amusing addition this episode added to the novel was Wilhemina and Margery adapting to the modern world by acquiring cell phones of their own.

    It would not be too far off to describe this episode as a shameless excuse to do a recap, but unlike most recaps, this was at least justified, considering the long wait between the end of season 2 and this series, as well as making Yuuji’s inner monologue (adapted straight from the novel) less boring.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. I believe I discover RC back during Bakemonogatari days, when I was searching for a site blogging that show. Since then I regularly visit this site many time a day initially reading new post from bloggers then eventually explored old contents looking for old blogged shows and read them with interest, I actually watched many older shows thanks to the blogs of this site.

    So to RC — Congratulation for this new milestone and hopefully more milestones to come XD

    1. If you’re here just to take the piss, then I hope we don’t hear from you again.

      However, if you’re just being frustrated at the lack of plot movement, then I urge you to stay your decision to drop this, as you don’t know what you’re about to miss, since this final season will stick more closely to the novel than the sub-par second season.

      Kinny Riddle

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