Saber Lily from Fate/unlimited codes.

Another seven months, another ten million visits. I’ve had the pleasure of writing three of these milestone posts, which allow me to take a moment to thank you all for reading the site regularly and sharing your thoughts about anime. I said before that Random Curiosity wouldn’t be what it is today without its readers and I firmly believe that even now. I can’t speak for all the other writers, but I know I wouldn’t be devoting as much time and effort into the site if it wasn’t for its readership. While I’m passionate about anime and enjoy talking to those with a mutual interest, the motivation to continually push myself to churn out well-thought-out posts in a timely and consistent manner comes from all of you. I mentioned before that one side drives the other, and from my perspective, it’s the readers who shaped Random Curiosity into the anime blog you see today. The reason I spend so much time taking screen captures and writing up posts is because there are people who want to read them. Without you guys, there’s simply no compelling reason to cover shows on a weekly basis to the degree that RC does, let alone spend hundreds of hours putting together season previews to introduce them. I probably don’t say this enough, but I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve received in the comments and direct e-mails, and all the personal time the other writers have devoted to help meet reader demand.

I have to confess that there were several occasions in the past year that I thought about hanging up the blogging gloves, going all the way back to the spring season that I took off. It had already been a year since I took over Random Curiosity, during which I found myself continually trying to find ways to improve the site and help its community grow. You can chalk that up a combination of ambitiousness and a desire to prove naysayers wrong, but regardless of the cause, it was a far cry from simply keeping the “spirit” of the site going and blogging anime at my own leisurely pace. I enjoyed the challenge and found it a rewarding experience, but when it started requiring more time than I had to spare, I found myself at a crossroads. The real reason behind my post in May was not to stroke my ego, but to assess whether readers were happy with how the site was running in my absence so that I could potentially be away from it for extended periods of time. There was naturally a slight drop off in visits because less shows were being covered; however, even some of the popular offerings didn’t seem to generate much discussion anymore. I figured it was simply due to less interesting shows compared to the winter season, but was concerned about the state of the site. To this day, I still don’t know what to make of the poll results because of the choices I used, as the drop in readership carried over to the early parts of the summer season. At that point, I started to wonder if it was time to take an indefinite leave from blogging, or at the very least, an extended break until I had an urge to blog regularly again.

Well suffice to say, that didn’t happen, as you guys will never let me off the hook it seems. Alongside Prooof and Takaii who continued to plug away and Enzo who joined the site that season, the readership not only rebounded, but also set record highs with the start of the fall season. Who do we have to thank for that? The readers of course. So on behalf of the other writers and myself, I’d like to thank you all for making this one of your regular stops on the Internet, and motivating me more than you’ll probably ever realize just by doing so.


Since this is a milestone post, below are the latest site statistics:

  • 5,300 posts (+560)
  • 241,730 comments (+36,000)
  • 157 million page views (+19 million)
  • 80 million visits (+10 million)

    1. This is the only anime blog that i came upon that i enjoy reading and responding to so great job and keep it up! If this blog ever goes down, i will continue watching anime in my solitude but it wouldnt be as much fun without the lively discussions this blog generates!

    2. This is still THE preeminent site for current anime coverage. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blog influence the viewing decisions of so many people before. I believe this site’s reach, in concert with the amazing speed and quality increases in the fansubbing community, has increased worldwide viewership of anime exponentially during the past decade.

      So thank you Divine, for your fan-based coverage. You truly understand what it means to express your love for a medium without being pretentious, something most anime sites and blogs could learn.

    3. Thanks to all you guys for your hard work! This site was the first anime review blog I stumbled upon in high school, and I am still frequenting it weekly as I am nearing my college graduation. I love the insight that you writers have to offer. The write-ups, observations, and analyses here help expand my experience with the shows I follow instead of just parroting a simple synopsis to me–which is why I keep coming back for more. Again, thanks for all your work! And congratulations on the milestone!

      Agent Penguino
    4. Congratulations on 80mil mark :DDD!!

      This is the only blog that I visit on a regular basis and spam visit whenever the upcoming season reviews are out :]

      Will always look forward to the continuation of this blog <3 <3 ~

    5. That’s a major milestone (actually all of the statistics are quite impressive). I have been visiting random curiosity since late 2005 and have found it to consistently be one of the best anime blogs. Even now after all this time there is only one other blog I visit regularly- quite impressive considering how long its been. I hope the site lives on for many years to come and continues to be a reliable resource for the english speaking anime community.

    6. Congratulations on getting so many visits! Been reading for quite some time since I love the input the writers have on the different anime and the previews have always been quite helpful. Hopefully I’ll be able to rely on this site for many more seasons to come.

    7. Amidst the deserved praise for the staff, as a longtime lurker I’d like to thank the regular posters here.

      I don’t know whether it’s down to moderation or the atmosphere cultivated but the quality of discourse here and the information and insights in the comments have added a lot of value to the site and the reviews.

      It’s not all golden though, with the RandomCuriosity posters as a basis for comparison I’m sometimes left in despair by the rest of the online anime community. 🙂

    8. its us who should be thanking you guys for this awesome site. Truely you not only gave us a place to check out news from the anime world but also a place where we found other anime lovers which made this place all the more enjoyable.

      Please keep up the awesome work and thank you very much.:D

    9. Oh man.. that Saber banner.. DAT ANKLE

      Keep up the good work RandomC! My internet procrastinating just wouldn’t be the same without you guys.

      Oh man.. that Saber banner.. I’m gonna be stroking my “ego” for a bit longer xD

    10. I’ll confess and say that I only just recently discovered this site (recently commenting under the name of “Demented-P”), but I absolutely admit that this has to be the best anime blog site I’ve come across so far and I’ll be happy to see it keep on going. I’m definitely sticking with this site and frequent here more, the news and reviews/overviews of a whole range of different anime shows/films/OVAs are really insightful and refreshing.

      So I wanna say thank you Divine and the rest of the team for providing us with your insight on various different anime. ^_^

    11. To quote Rick Astley; “Never going to give you up!… etc”. Divine… WE LOVE YOU (And Takaii, Kiiragi, Enzo, and everyone else), so please keep on going like the energizer bunny. I shall continue bum to lurk IRC and stalk first posts (my way of showing support!) >:D. *Ahem* Thank you for all your hard work, time, and dedication. It is truly appreciated, whether expressed or not. Also, as devoted as you are, please consider your health first and foremost. After all, there won’t be a RC to go to if Divinebot shuts down… LOL.

        1. It’s not like I wanted you to say it again… don’t misunderstand, I just left my auto-correct still on! (Seriously, is every single one of my comments now going to be considered under-the-influence?!)

        1. For the record, I wasn’t the one who started the “drunk” thingy in the IRC.. 😀

          And don’t worry Kyzel, no one really cares if you’re drunk.. (as long as we don’t read it that way). :p

        2. I wanted to say “something interesting = having trap-fetish”.. but I think that’s kinda worse than being drunk. So I’m gonna keep quiet about that and not comment about it anymore.. >.>

        3. No one cares about the content of my posts huh? If this continues, totally would end up in google searches someday soon, haha. Ah the inevitable infamy. Ah well, I love you guys too. Biology.

    12. Haha Thanks to you ! (I’m french sorry for my bad english) Everyday i come on the website to check the last animes’s exit 🙂 And even it’s in english i can understand what you’re talkin’ about ! Especially i love the season’s preview to choose what anime i’ll see during this season 🙂 So one more time THANK YOU Pleeease keep go on what you do ’cause you helpin’ a lot of otaku around the world (like me lol) XX

    13. Well done RC, you guys have always delivered on your posts. I love reading them everytime I have the chance. It good to see that you didn’t give up on blogging Divine you have improved the site a lot and done so much. Hope you continue the great working keeping this site up and running!

    14. Congrats RC Crew! After all these years I still find myself clicking my RC bookmark minutes after I’ve already read all the latest posts. Even though I didn’t really care for these last couple seasons I still came to read about shows I wasn’t even watching -_-

      This blog is seriously the backbone of my anime interest.

    15. one reason i choose RC is for its objectiveness in the posts unlike other sites which i used to visit in the past

      im not so particular bout any delays in entries or what so ever but i give a standing ovation to the writers of RC for the hard work that they do for us anime fans and may RC enjoy many more years of anime and readership =D


    16. Thanks to you and Random C Crew as well for all their efforts, a couple of years ago my interest in anime was flailing slightly but it was after I read your blogs here and season previews that I was able to pick and choose the good ones and got back in again. I also love reading the weekly impressions of the various series since its a platform of so many different views and makes me see things I would otherwise have missed!

      Cheers to all you guys here at Randomc

    17. Im actually not the type of guy that that post on any site. I find it to be a waste of time. but this is the only site i post on period, because you and the other writers make it worth while to converse about the animes i love. Thanks for your hard work, keep it up!!

    18. I never write any comments on your website just because it is not in my liking, however I do visit your site a lot and enjoy reading all your posts. I know I am not the only one, but I wanted to take this opportunity to write my only commment and thank your for everything.

      Peaceful hate
    19. Your awesome Divine, your reviews are great, your coverage on anime is excellent. Everyone who works on RandomC I thank you very much. Keep up the awesome work and dedication to the thing we love…ANIME! Long live RandomC and here is to 80 million more visits! El Sy Congroo.

    20. Congratulations! I can only hope that this milestone is one of many more to come. I can’t imagine keeping up with Anime without the valuable input RC puts into it’s posts. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, it doesn’t go unnoticed!

    21. I visit your site on a daily basis but I don’t post a lot. But congratulations and keep up the good work! I love the fact there is a new review almost every day.
      And it won’t be anytime soon that anime lovers want to stop reading about the opinions of others about their favorite shows.

    22. I still don’t know what to make of the poll results because of the choices I used“…

      There are probably many factors not related to this site that may have been the cause for the
      readership slump that you experienced – economic, earthquake + tsunami + reactor woes,
      horrible weather in some parts, etc.

      Not to be cliché – don’t hold back on your writings about a series. Personally, I identify with the
      sincerity behind those words and maybe – sometimes there may be some self-doubt about your blog:
      did I write the wrong thing (was I too critical/biased/no coffee yet), did I miss the episode’s point,
      will the readers understand what I said (i.e. am I talking over their head); patronizing?

      As I read other series’ followers posts, I’m impressed by the overall lack of nastiness in what I
      read – this is truly a reflection of the people you attract to this site, IMHO; something that is
      earned by and a reflection on yourself and your staff. When I happen across a series I haven’t seen,
      I see if it’s been covered here, and I’m impressed by reading the old blogs about the series. You’ve
      always treated commenters with patience and respect. It’s quite enlightening to read some of the old
      series’ posts – your character is deeply etched in those writings. I’m not trying to go overboard
      with praise, but all of these points are clearly documented in this site’s history. (It’s also fun to see
      the series develop and share the same experiences/impressions as others who have watched.)

      Honestly, I can’t see any point where you’ve become defensive (sometimes apologetic without cause)
      with a commenter. When an error is pointed out to you, you humbly annotate the correction – no cynicism.

      So, nothing last forever. Will RC be here in 5 years? Anime uses a unique vechicle to present ideas that
      in themselves aren’t necessarily controversial, but may be considered by some to be grossly perverted
      (Yosuga no Sora).

      I believe this is a very strange time in history and think your work is far more significant, in a historical sense,
      than the week-to-week blogging of a series (don’t know if you thought about it in that sense – no pressure).
      I think the community understands what’s involved, though there are many puzzles about this industry that
      I don’t have the insight to explain.

      But it is my hope that no obsticle prevents you from expressing and sharing your love for Anime through
      this site, and more importantly, that you remain in good health and humour…

      …80 million didn’t happen by accident.

    23. Congrats RC! Thanks for covering the animes all these years! I will usually use RC to follow animes which I do not have time to watch and the posts were able to summarize them up nicely! Other times, the site has persuaded me to watch different anime genres due to interesting plots and beautiful screencaps. All in all, thanks for the hardwork! El Psy Congroo!

    24. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching an anime, new or old, and then coming here to see if you’ve convered it. Divine especially, but the others too!, you’re impressions and blogs about each anime episode are always so amusing and I always pick up on things I never noticed while watching them myself, so thank you for always entertaining me and providing such a wide variety of animes, never thought you’d have Hourou Musuko but you do!

      Never ever stop! I mean… please :3

    25. Congratulation on the 80 million visits! I have been following Random Curiosity for more than 2 years now. I visit the site daily to check out the thought and views of every blogger on this site! Anime has always been a big part of my life but most of my friends here in USA do not really watch these animes. It is great to be able to see what other people thought on the new ep that I have just watch right away! In this post you have said that we the viewers very important to you guys, but please do not forget that every writer on Random Curiosity is just as if not even more important to every one of us! Thank you again for maintaining great website!!!

      Ps. I have recently recommended this website my friends who watches animes and they seems to love it!

    26. Good job over these years, been a long time reader and appreciate every article you guys write. Especially the season previews that give me a glimpse of what I would watch. Thank you, and I look forward to more posts from ya.

    27. Congratulations, you truly deserve it. Your entries always rock, and i mostly agree with most of them. I don’t know if that’s just odd, or just plain cool. Either way, keep ut the rock-shattering awesomeness!

    28. Congrats, you guys! (Especially Divine)! I know I don’t comment as much as I should, but I enjoy every one of the posts here at RC, even if I don’t like the anime!

      RC introduced me to a variety of incredible anime and genres that I normally would’ve missed, for which reason this blog will always hold a special place in my heart. Hope you guys continue blogging for a long time to come!

    29. RC has leveled up! At 100 million visits we`re going to a whole new different level of awesomeness. Thanks to all the bloggers, you guys did a great job in expanding my anime knowledge in this past 2 years. Now if you’ll excuse me, I still have to polish my English. ;_;

    30. Congrats on 80 million views!!
      I have to agree that RC is one the best blogs I have seen. From the layout to the quality of the posts, everything is just exceptional.

      I’m loving that Saber Lily banner, but somehow, I still associate RC with the Louise banner. It’s defineitely nice to see the banners change every so often.

      I still remember stumbling upon this site just when the winter 2008 preview was being posted.

      Keep up the execellent work!!

    31. Congrats on the 80 million views! I absolutely love this site and recommend it as the premier site for all new and current anime! It’s the best anime blog in my opinion. I’ve been reading RC for the last few years and I never get tired of it. Plus it’s a great way to navigate through all of the new anime that occurs every season and I like to read articles on new anime that I haven’t see to see if I would like it or not before I plunge to watch episodes. Please keep up the good work! I hope Random Curiosity is around for a long time. 🙂

    32. 80 million already? Congratulations and thanks for the hard work!
      RC is without a doubt the best anime blog out there and I’m sure the readership will continue to point up with the excellent content and insights that you guys churn up everyday.
      Wanted to give a shout out to Enzo as well who has been a great addition to the site. You’re a very good blogger and I enjoy your work both in RC and LiA immensely ;D

      Seishun Otoko
    33. Wow thats great to hear the rebound in readership/visits!
      Granted I’ve never posted on RC, I have been following it since 07~08ish when I discovered this Anime Blog and found Omni’s coverage of Code Geass/Death Note.

      From there its been a daily ritual to stop by and visit and read up on anime I’m following that season, and discovering others I’d otherwise never consider (via the Season Previews)

      I think you, Divine, Takaii, Enzo, Proof, and all past writers for keeping this site together 🙂

    34. Congratulations, I hope Ishihara won’t prevail.
      Since it’s already 80 million visits, why won’t anyone blog CubeXCurseXCurious while they still have a chance to do so?

    35. I’ve been coming to this blog for years now and I really appreciate all the work that you and the other bloggers do. I stopped going on forums many years ago so this is pretty much my only access to talk to other users watching the same shows. I really enjoy reading all the posts and speculations, and especially the season previews which are very useful. There are a lot of shows that I only picked up because of this site. 😀

      Sometimes I see other this site open on other laptops in the middle of class… Kind of awesome to see how many people really come and read this stuff.

    36. Congrats guys. I know I don’t comment around much (the odd one or two here and there) but it’s always the first place I visit after coming home from work to see what you guys have written about the shows I’ve been watching and to see what other people think via their comments. It’s always a pleasure to visit and I appreciate the time you and the rest of the bloggers put into making this place just what it is. Cheers, and here’s to your next 10 million!

      Pot Noodle
    37. Congrats, RC has changed over the years. Your doing a great job with all the new additions. Like the above comment I always visit here to see the updates. Thanks and hope we get a billion.

    38. Congrawrs on such a milestone! I’ve only been here a year, and I thought Divine took over the site much earlier than a year ago, but lemme just say…

      Thanks for all the hard work and long nights, because even if the readers are your reason for blogging, you writers are the reason readers come here.

    39. Before RC i didn’t even watch ongoing anime, i preferred to “marathon” anime so I can capture the whole story in one go. This often meant not watching anime for several seasons to a year. But then I found Best Anime of the Year posts, read those, found this website, and now I’m following 15-20 anime a season.

      The posts are addicting, haha keep up the good work RC. Take Pride in your work.

    40. First of all thanks to Divine and all the writers (Takaii, Guardian Enzo, Proof and the two guests actually) for continuing this great blog that left Omni and keeping it alive because as many here I often (3 to 4 times a day) visit not only to read the comments from the main bloggers, also from the people that also reads the posts and comments because here you can talk about what you see and what others saw in the same episode and you may have overlook and that chance you cannot have it usually with the people closer to you (you know different interests) but here there’s a community. And for all of this thanks to all who writes in RandomC and all who commment.

    41. Thanks as always Divine, your work is more appreciated than you think. And it brings a tear to my eye to see the site in this great shape after I’ve followed it since the beginning. <3

    42. When I see posts like this, it compels me to stop lurking around on this site and give a (more than)well-earned thanks to everyone who makes random curiosity the awesome blog it is. Thanks guys, and hugs from Belgium.

    43. Thanks to writers!
      Yes site views are related to animes in season and shows that are covered…
      And this fall is just the season to come here daily
      And when ever I wana coment there are tons of coments already so I ll use this chance:)

    44. You guys have been doing an excellent job. This is the first anime blog I reference for new shows and discussing the latest episodes. It’s been like that for years.

      On a side note who’s the character on the post and banner?

    45. 80 million that’s a lot @_@

      Well grats on that achievement. I always visit this site because you guys cover a lot of anime so it helps me keep track to what to watch out for. Keep up the good work!

    46. Congratulations to everybody! ^_^ I’ve been following this site for more than 4 years now and I’m extremely grateful to Omni for starting it but especially Divine and the rest of the current writers(proof, kiiragi, takaii, and guardian enzo) for keeping this awesome site going!!!

    47. Congratulations, you guys have consistently done a wonderful job on this site. I don’t think you should worry about last season’s low visits too much; because I think you’re right about it having a lot to do with the inherent popularity of the things being animated during any given season.

    48. <3 you deserve all that attention divine cause well…..(this is about the corniest thing I think I will ever say…) YOU'RE DIVINE!!!! Oh and of course all the other bloggers of the past and present all have my undying loyalty~


    49. Congrats RC! I’ve always followed this blog since the Omni + Divine days. Although I hardly ever comment, it’s been a pleasure to be apart of this community, or rather, apart of the so called ‘RC Lurkers’ 🙂

    50. first time commenter but i have been reading this blog daily for years. Love the site love the community. This site really got me into anime i appreciate the previews because i never knew how to find whats new on my own or was just to lazy to ><

    51. Congratulations guys.
      I’ve been following you as long as I can remember watching anime.
      Although I kinda miss the old louise header, you guys are still one of the best episodic anime blogs.
      Keep up the good work!

    52. Don’t think about hanging up your blogging gloves again until you are super old and can’t type anymore. I really love this site and how it does season previews. I don’t know how I’d even keep track of all the animes that get released without this site leaving me missing some very awesome new releases. Just keep it up and this site will become even a bigger hit than it already is.

    53. I don’t comment much, but I come to the site every few days. Love the layout….the screencaps, and the commentary. I’ve been a visitor for quite a while. Love the site, and hope you guys keep it going. Thanks for all the time you put into it.

    54. Congratumalations!(that’s “Congrats” in Filipino homosexual extended version)


      In 7 months since the last milestone you racked up 80 million post. Keep this up and you’ll get 40 million more in the middle of Winter 2012, supposing were still around.

      KEEP IT UP!

      The MoonDogg
    55. If Omni ever visits, I bet he’d be proud. I’ve been an avid reader of RC since those days, and will continue to be in the years to come. Thank you all for the hard work and dedication you put into making the anime discussion world more interesting.

    56. At first, I started reading and was hoping that it was not another “Omni’s reflection -> retirement” scenario. You can’t imagine how big of a relief I felt when I finished reading your post, Divine. Still! O_O 80 mil! and going too! Ya’ know, looking back…my visits to RC dropped during the last two seasons – it wasn’t the quality of the blogs from the bloggers themselves, but simply that of quality of the shows. I wasn’t motivated AT ALL in watching them. BUT this season…I practically check RC the minute I get online everyday. So don’t worry too much Divine.

    57. I’m so relieved this wasn’t a retirement post…whew. Divine and all writers, please pace yourself, so you don’t burn out. It would be such a loss to the anime community to lose this site. 60 – 80 million is a giant step.

      Its gratifying to see after so many years, Random Curiosity stands the test of time.

      Thank you so much for all your efforts to inform us of the latest goings in the anime world, as well as showing such deep thoughts.

      To the 100 million marker!

    58. Congratulations! I’ve only been visiting Random Curiosity since the last few months of when OMNI was blogging on it. So it has been quite a long while that I am a long time reader/fan. I do occasional comments on some episodes of the anime I like to watch, but I viewed other posts just out of curiosity as well. This is a great site and to keep this community alive on the internet takes a great deal of effort and time. And for that I’m very much grateful to all the writers for their daily input and passion to this special blog. You all made RC a legacy to remember if not appreciated IMO. Thank you guys again and please keep up the awesome work.

    59. Wow! Congratulations, and to think that I discovered this site by mere coincidence last year, but it was a great discovering find a place with so many people interacting and of course the great writers of the posts. congratulations again to all the members of RC 😉

    60. Congratulations on the milestone! Have been a long time reader since the Omni days and can count the amount of comments I’ve done with one hand, but as a proud member of the RC lurkers, would like to thank you and the team for the long hours and hard work put into this site! Don’t worry too much about the traffic stats – they don’t reflect the great work you guys do, but moreso the quality of the content on offer each season. You will still be the first place I look for new shows, as it has been for many a years past now.

    61. Congrats on another huge milestone! Thanks for your hard work. You always have such quality material on this site. It’s so much fun watching anime along with this community. I heart RC!!

    62. Congratulations you guys. I know I’m not a regular commenter, but your site is very much a part of my anime viewing experience, as I simply must read your opinions of every episode of the series I’m following. As such I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much for all the effort you’ll put into this site, and once again congratulations on another huge milestone! And here’s to the next big one!

    63. Long live RC! I think that since Divine has taken over, the already great blog become even better. RC is so good, it’s my one stop blog for all my anime needs. I go to a couple other blogs for the humor of the specific bloggers. However, if RC ever shut down, a huge void will be left that will probably be impossible to fill. RC is a blog that provides so much to the anime community. That’s how I truly feel.

    64. Congrats!!! Love this site.. the best blogging site in the world. LOL.. Saber Lily pic looks really good too! Good Luck and Thank You RC writers!! This is a “Divine” blogging site!

    65. I believe I discover RC back during Bakemonogatari days, when I was searching for a site blogging that show. Since then I regularly visit this site many time a day initially reading new post from bloggers then eventually explored old contents looking for old blogged shows and read them with interest, I actually watched many older shows thanks to the blogs of this site.

      So to RC — Congratulation for this new milestone and hopefully more milestones to come XD

      Note: This is a re-post, I accidentally posted this in Shana III blog, I blame myself for opening multiple tabs…

    66. I don’t post comments very often, but i do visite RC everytime i get my hands on a computer, which is everyday. And I have been doing so since Omni created this site, and been fallowing since Divine took over. You guys are amazing! I watch lots of animes, particularly the ones you guys blog here. Keep up the good work and congrats for the 80 million view!

    67. Sorry for never commenting! Just know I really appreciate what you do with this site and it makes watching anime so much more fun and rewarding for me. Thanks for all of you’ve done so far, and I’m looking forward to more! Congratulations on hitting 80 million.

    68. I, for one, continuously enjoy watching my anime
      then reading this site’s posts (readers’ comments as well)
      Its a richer experience as a whole.
      More power and thanks for all the hard work!


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