While I’ve been lurking the site during my break and reading the odd comment here and there, I’ve been somewhat detached from the everyday happenings in the past month. I never would’ve imagined that I’d be able to take a break to begin with, so I’m curious as to what the sentiment is towards me doing so. I feel the other writers have done an admirable job filling in for me, but it’s hard to get a feel for what it’s like from a reader’s perspective when I’m in the “hot seat” so to speak. The poll I held about this initially was kind of split over the idea, where more than half of the voters were either a little concerned or flat-out didn’t like it, leaving me wondering if people still feel the same way.

If you’d like to leave more detailed feedback, you’re more than welcome to in the comments, but all I ask is that you word things in a constructive manner and don’t berate any of the writers for their efforts. There will be little to no tolerance for flaming, and I won’t even entertain the notion that it’s “funny”. Random Curiosity has built up a bit of a reputation with its timely posts (i.e. covering raws), insightful and objective content (arguably), and of course, plethora of high definition screen captures, so those are some areas that may be worth addressing to help this site continue to grow as (hopefully) one of your regular anime stops on the Internet.

As always, from one fan to another, thanks for reading.

Edit: Added the Retrospective Look poll for better visibility.
Edit #2: This post will be kept at the top for the next bit, since the feedback is veering toward a direction of personal interest. Please be sure to scroll past it or refer to the Recent Entries in the sidebar for new posts.


  1. I like to be able to come here after a good episode and read what other people thought, just to make those nice feelings last a little longer. With you’re not covering any shows, it feels like there’s barely anything here anymore, which makes it hard to get my anime blog “fix”. Reading your posts also usually does a good job of covering any little things I may have missed, but now I feel I’m all alone in this vast sea of anime :\

    1. Looks like you have a case of Divine-itis. Better go to the doctor to get that check out, I heard it is very contagious…

      Why don’t you try out other flavors of cream? Sure it is not the same as you’re Vanilla Divine, but Chocolate Kiiragi or Rocky Road Prooof or Strawberry Takaii are just as good, too. Just different…change is a good thing.

      1. I was flammed in another thread for basically saying the same thing. It just seems that there are not alot of updates to animes here as opposed to what we used to get. First thing I do every day (after coffee of course) is to visit Tokyo Tosh to snag the new animes that were posted overnight that I follow (currently 23 series this season) and then come here to read what the bloggers and posters had to say about the anime series they cover that I also watch. Been doing that for years.

        I know you guys all work hard and put alot of effort into this site. You do a great job. You asked for our opinions and I’m giving it. Out of the 23 series I follow about 1/2 of them are not covered here. In the past that number would be alot smaller.

  2. Although I voted negatively earlier, the amount of shows being covered this season turned out to be quite phenomenal, and much of the content got out shortly after the airing of the shows. Still though, it just isn’t the same without everyone writing.

  3. To be honest I’ve been feeling a little disappointed with the number of screenshots in some of posts. I know that they had to be trimmed down to keep up today but I like to use them as a picture archive of an episode when I want to be reminded of it.

  4. The first thing I want to say is this: Divine, as a person who runs this site for free, during your own spare time, simply out of love of anime, you have a right to take a break if you want to, readers be damned.

    Personally speaking, I love reading your posts. I’m always analyzing the meaning behind things in anime, and comparing your observations with my own always gives me new insights. But to write those sorts of posts, you have to really be into it, and if you burn yourself out by not taking a break when you need to, this site will inevitably become a job and a chore rather than a hobby you enjoy.

    Overall, the other staff here has really stepped up to cover more shows, and they’re doing a great job, but I’ll be happy to see you writing again when you come back — as long as you come back when you want to, and not because you feel we’re forcing you to.

    1. I agree. Yes, we want to see and read more, but no, we can’t force you to. Just as we need time to do other stuff that’s being freed up because of your posts, you have the right to too.

      Some of the shows I’m watching is not covered, but that’s because I spend time watching. Last season was ridiculous. I had to go here to see any shows, because I simply don’t have time to watch.

    2. My thoughts exactly. But that goes to all the other authors too, thank you for all the hard work! I really appreciate this, and so should the rest of this community. For those who don’t… please stop breathing my air and appreciate what these amazing bloggers have provided for us 🙁

  5. My main worry at this point is the other writers burning themselves out from trying to cover more than they are comfortable. It doesn’t help that this season has a bazillion shows airing either ^^;.

    I certainly miss your input Divine, but breaks are necessary. Not optional, necessary. I’m glad you’re taking one. 🙂

    1. I have to agree. It’s commendable that the other writers stepped up their game and picked up more shows than they are used to. I simply hope they aren’t sick of writing anytime soon. I can tell by some of the posts that they are spending late nights awake and probably stressing themselves out a little more than usual.

      Though I think it’s good for them to get some practice in writing. Your writing helps everyone get a better grasp of the experience, guys. Keep up the good work. Don’t think that because we don’t comment, we don’t care. I think sometimes you say more than we’d ever gather and are left with nothing to say. This is why some of my recent posts have been mediocre.

      Anyway, glad you’re taking your time to lurk around, Divine. Hopefully next season brings forth as many great shows as this season did. Wouldn’t want for you to have taken this season off with such great shows as AnoHana and Iroha just to have you come back to a bunch of horrid shows this summer.

  6. I like it when you don’t do posts because you mix recap with opinions, and I really don’t care to have my time wasted by being forced to essentially rewatch the show to get to your thoughts, so no offense, but the less of you the better. RC has been great since you went on break and makes me feel like the quality of posts is almost back to the Omni days.

    1. You don’t like the seamless blending of summary and commentary? I sure as hell don’t mind having a little reminder on what the recent episode had, or even seeing the context that’ll support his opinions.

      1. No, I don’t, especially -because- it’s seamless. I should have the option of choosing whether I want summary or opinion. Note I didn’t say I want exclusively opinion. I want a choice, and Divine doesn’t offer one. Divine is most guilty of this and thus the fewer of his posts the more enjoyable my RC experience.

    2. I honestly prefer Divine’s style more than Omni’s. It seems like he’s trying harder to create a proper analysis on the show rather than just create a short one and then just barrage the reader with pure opinion.

      1. I agree with you.
        Before Divine’s take over – I used to just glance at the site and move on. Now, I actually carefully read the articles. Divine helps me to clarify some things I did not get or misunderstand and points out bits I missed altogether.
        I do not want a paragraph summarizing what I already know – I have watched the episode already. The seamless integration of opinion and summary gives the post perfect analytical blend I am after.

    3. And before anybody else gets the wrong idea, let me comment on the balance of content. You may think my favorite of the current writers is Kiiragi because of how little summary he goes over, perhaps 20% at most, but not so. I believe both are essential to the essence of RC and both should be included.

    4. Because an extra minute of reading is such a horrific experience.

      Both Omni’s and Divine’s writing styles are good, along with the rest of RC. Take it or leave it.

    5. I like it when they cover what happen, but more important what I didn’t see or explain any confusion that I have. If you watch the anime, it is pretty repetitive to restate everything here. What can anybody here say that you didn’t already saw with your own two eyes. A waste of time to repeat it. I want answers to questions, even if they are mere opinions, predictions, theories, or wild guesses.

      I don’t want to compare Divine to Omni or any other writers. All you are doing is making things worse and hurting their feelings. If you want to critic Divine style of writing, then so do, but don’t bring Omni into this. I long forgot Omni, Divine is the boss here. You don’t like it? Go find Omni and ask him what he think of each episode.

  7. i used to only come here because omni got things out before people subbed it; however given how fan subbers have started to get quicker (maybe i got less impatient too) it is pretty hard to hard to beat them.

    Now i still come back to read the impressions to see if i missed anything important while i was watching and read the discussions in the comments for some new insights and for a few good laughs.

    All the staff here are great!

    where are thou omni?

  8. I think that the other writers are doing a good job even with you on break, but I enjoy reading your reviews the most. I find your reviews of an episode very insightful, that helps me a lot at understanding particularly complex series, while your conjectures on the plot direction are very good and plausible. With your absence this season, I find myself subconsciously cutting down on the times I visit Randomc. This is exacerbated by the large number of shows airing this season resulting in a number of interesting series not covered by Randomc due to the time constraints of the writers, who I acknowledge are doing the best they can. Still, if this break gives you a chance to recharge your batteries, I don’t grudge your R&R. Instead I look forward to reading reviews from a “re-energized, fresh and back at the top of your game” you next season.

  9. All the writers have different styles and preferences. I like Divines posts because he/you tend to be more open minded about shows, especially ones that are more than what they appear on the surface.

  10. I only wish for someone to blog oretachi ni tsubasa.
    otherwise, its ok for you to take breaks. the others are doing well and I find each of their writing nice since its diff from each one. offers some “variety”.

    your style is great. I love how you can be fair on each shows especially the ones being under appreciated. you can see the good points a show has to offer. though I do sometimes think your too fair… your also one of the most daring of bloggers and one the most diverse in taste.

    1. Speaking of which, How are writers chosen to post here, Divine?

      I mean if you are short on hands, maybe some of the bloggers here are willing to become your new writers so you can cover more show and just act as manager to oversee all posts rather than another blogger. I wouldn’t mind writing about one of my favorite show this seasons or the next. I am sure other people are thinking the same thing…

      1. He talked about this a long time back. Divine said that he’s fine with the team of writer’s he has now and isn’t looking for anymore writers at the moment, if I remember correctly. I’m sure he’ll make a big post about it if the need is there. If your interested in simply helping Divine and his blog, why not donate? After a lot of pressure, he allowed the community to help with the hefty funds required to run the site.

  11. The staff here have really covered all the shows you were planning to cover and have done a great job, but as usual, I’d still like to hear your impressions. =D

  12. Even though i’ve stopped following current season anime, this is still one of my first sites I visit every time my browser is opened. I find the “retrospective looks” really helpful when I don’t know what to check out next.

    Hope you enjoyed the break Divine!

  13. Well my opinion for, far most is even though a person is in the “hot seat” or filling in the “big shoe” is something everyone want what it was or what the current trend is. The reason why I like RandomC in the first place is because of the community. Secondly it was the timely manner that the pictures were up when Omni was incharge. Last but not least ofcourse its the post, no matter how many times I watch or read I always come back to the site and see what my writer has to say about the episode or chapter.

    I e-mailed Divine once before(dont know if he remembers or not), but there is no filling in a shoe, he alone kept RandomC alive at the most crucial time of its needs. I love RandomC, I love this community of anime lovers and I love how many, many people are entertained by it, and especially me. I just really hope that Divine doesnt kept worn out like Omni did. If any of you are old enough to remember the last 3 years Omni was in, he had crazy scedules and cant believe he still blogged when he was badly injured. Just my personal opinion, the site is great and it doesnt matter about the type of shows the writers write about, it really depends on the season. If the season have good anime, then I’m pretty sure more people will get in to it, just like those stupid skinny jeans that everyone love. Just a trend!

    any way good job Divine!

  14. I think Takaii, Proof and Kiiragi all do a great job and live up to Random C’s standards. They successfully create informative and thoughtful posts that stimulate discussion.

    My only issue right now is that the number of shows covered this, and possibly last season, felt thinner. I’m never gonna cry out and demand the authors break their backs trying to churn out additional blogged shows. And everyone needs a break, for whatever reasons, real life or just straight up burn out.

    On that note, no one wants you to burn out and do a dozen shows like you did after Omni retired (Great job taking up the mantle though =) ). But seeing you pick up 2-3 shows per season (Seems like a moderate amount) would be great. Your ability to blog based on Raws also helps with discussion since the post comes up right around when everyone’s excited to discuss the latest episode.

  15. While the other guys have done a fabulous job and you definitely do deserve a break…

    ^_^ I miss reading your stuff! Can’t wait to have you back eventual. Keep it up RC staff.

  16. I enjoy this site for its posts, community and pictures. I like all the writers here, they each have their own style and the variety keeps it interesting. I read even the posts of shows I don’t even watch, just because I like to read the impressions/comment of the writer/readers. While it doesn’t really feel like you’ve been gone, as you still posted from time to time, I would like it if you start taking up some shows again, because I’ve always liked your posts Divine 🙂

  17. The main issue for me since you left has been the speed of posts. A completely anecdotal testimony: I used to be able to be oblivious to when shows came out since the posts here were released around the same time as the subs, so I just followed the blog to know if a new episode of a series I’m watching is out. – Which I can’t really do anymore since posts often come out significantly later.

    I also like the format you use and your style (whilst I may not necessarily agree with your tastes).

    Obviously if you need to take breaks then take them, you definitely deserve it, but I’m not gonna lie and say that the quality of the site won’t drop some (IMO).

    1. The other writers rely on subs (at least most of the time), so clearly posts are not going to come out until after the subs. That said, an informal survey of posts over the past two weeks shows that they mostly are out within about a day of the show airing.

      1. I agree. Not everybody here speaks Japanese. While it is a plus, it is not necessary. As long as there is a page to read when I finish watching the episode, all is well.

  18. Not to hate on the others but i like your posts the most. That’s why i was uneasy with you taking a short break. All too often does a short break mean, adios!
    So in short I’d love to see rc’s main attraction back in the new season.

  19. The other writers have been doing a bag up job in your absence. Still, it just isnt the same without you. I still check the site everyday, but it does feel a little light on the posts lately. That said, I totally understand the need to take a break every now and then and am extremely grateful that you put alot of work into getting a good group of other writers to keep the site going during your break. I don’t think most other people in your shoes would have put that much work into it.

    I am sure I speak for most of the other readers when I say that we all miss you and are expecting you to come back all rested and ready to rock.

  20. I have to agree with the points made about the previous timeliness of the posts in conjunction to when an episode actually airs. I used to use the reviews here as a heads-up as to when I should be checking out the next episode of the shows I’m following, but lately I’ve been having to pay attention to the schedule myself since it’s not as reliable an indicator.

    Quality-wise, the other writers have been doing a good job overall. It’s always better to have everyone on board, but not burning yourself out is important, too!

  21. The other writers are great except they tend to focus a bit too much on slice-of-life and male-oriented shows which I don’t tend to follow…so I really appreciate the extra variety you bring to the site Divine~

  22. They are difficult options to choose from. I mean you (Divine) are very much experienced and tend to show more relational/objective view instead of a black-and-white view, like saying:
    A show is now interesting or not, which is incorrect as a certain arc/episode might be interesting for some and not for others. More correct/balanced is to give impressions on different elements on the show instead of trying to summing everything up in a couple of words, which often makes a certain viewpoint very biased as it lacks objectivity.

    That said, I wish for you to get re-involved provided that you showed a good level of objectivity that I presume is resulted from you own personal traits and the experience you had.

    On the other hand, covering a show untimely is almost meaningless. I mean when a certain show are 3-4 days late, it’s almost useless to read the coverage as people are used to look for other impressions of interesting shows after they watch them, not after 3-4 days as it’s meaningless for such people.

    I always avoided to contribute to randomc provided that I’m incapable of understanding raws. But if one day delay is acceptable, I think many will like to contribute, for that I propose to make anime coverage more flexible for people, what I mean is that it’s difficult at the beginning of the season for someone to check which anime he/she will follow, that’s why your writers can cover the first 1-2 episodes, and then if they are not interested in covering the show anymore, they can somehow tell the readers that it’s available for anyone who likes it to cover, instead of keeping the coverage for himself although he/she doesn’t like the show out of the feeling of being obligated to finish what one started, I presume.

  23. @divine – emailed through kyoani and was directed to me (OIC – media relations) to be delivered in this site randomc.net

    in (the) eyes of the anime industry, more specifically, kyoani, randomc become an one stop for my much needed feedback/impressions for me to improve in direction of anime… so having you, divine take a rest could mean a huge loss to my career (hehehe.. – tatsu-san laughed here). no other writer can write ideas more open and fascinating than you. its not like i’m are selfish but if you really do need a rest, go on… just keep this site alive for the sake of better anime. thank you. – for loving nichijou!

    tatsuya ishara – director, kyoto animation

      1. Joke or not. It is still one hell of a compliment, just accept it Divine. I highly doubt your infamous reputation among the anime world, but I do know you bring joys to many bloggers and anime fans alike. For that, a simple “thank you” is good enough.

  24. If Divine comes back now or with the next season of anime depends on what he himself prefers, but it just doesn’t feel the same without him writing the posts with the rest of his crew.

    Granted, all of the bloggers on this site are good, no comment there since there is a bit for everything with all of them now. It just feels a bit weird and empty to have one of the writers missing. Same thing if Kiiragi or Prooof or another writer for this site took a break, it just doesn’t feel the same in comparison to when all the writers are writing.

  25. lol all the answers available in the poll seem to imply either insult or lack of care

    new option: im happy that you take the time to write for us but respect and appreciate your need for rest [x]

  26. seriously not trying to flame, but this post makes me think you want us to say we want you back as soon as possible. massage your ego?

    that aside, i enjoy your posts best among the other writers. that’s not to say they have not been doing a good job, but different people have different tastes, and it does not make sense for a few writers to cover a single show. so too bad for the rest.

    also, everyone has the right to take a break now and then – all the more so given that you are doing this our of your passion and not for $$ – but i am sure you have heard this all before.

    lastly, it would be good to have you back also, not least because there will be more shows being covered by RC.

  27. Divine, I personally like reading your take on shows and I generally have similar tastes to yours, thus you are missed. That being said, the rest of the writers are doing great. They all have their own voice and style with their writing, and I enjoy their opinions. What ever happens, as far as the future, I hope you get back to writing, but but do what ever is needed so you don’t burn out (the same for all the other writers as well). You all do this for nothing, and I appreciate all the hard work everyone does for the site…

  28. Doesn’t really matter to me. While I prefer your(Divi) posts over everyone else’s due to how you write, the other writers have been doing just as good in your absence. As long as they(and yourself) can keep up the quality of your posts, I have see no reason ehy you or any of the other writers can’t take one season off per year.

  29. Don’t burn out man. Keep it a hobby. If it becomes a chore in your mind, then it’s only down hill from there. We take leave in our work lives, perhaps treat RC likewise and take a good vacation. Perhaps only manage the site (or whatever), break down the tasks and let the others handle the writing for a bit.

  30. I’m in the, “The other writers are good, but I like it when everyone’s involved.” boat.

    Not to say that I’d prefer you to come back right away, because Takaii, Proof, and Kiiragi are doing a great job at covering the shows they said they would. They’ve even managed to maintain the enjoyable atmosphere that a lot of us like about Random Curiosity. Kudos to them. You shouldn’t be worried. :]

    The Monthly Posts are really exciting for me. I like how it satisfies a lot of readers that want to see what “you guys” think of the shows we’re watching. Also how it may make things easier during the [hefty] season from a blogging aspect. The way I see it, Random Curiosity is functioning just fine but it’s not as beautiful without you.

    tatsuya ishara – director, kyoto animation
    ^ Uwaahhh…

  31. I voted for “it’s just not the same anymore.”

    … and it really hasn’t been since Divine and Omni were together.

    Now with Divine gone it takes WAY too long to get the summaries up.

    The other writers’ content are okay, but the speed at which they post isn’t. Sometimes it’s two, three or more days since I last watched the episode and have completely forgotten about it/don’t really care anymore to read their posts.

    Just my two cents, keep up the good work.

    1. In the interest of factual accuracy I went back and looked at the timing of posts over the last two weeks and found that only three were clearly** posted more than 24 hours after the episode aired (two of these were C). No posts in that period were posted more than three days after the episode aired. Given that the writers are mostly waiting for subs, I don’t think a roughly 24 hour turn-around is unreasonable. I personally rarely manage to watch an episode before the post is out.

      **I didn’t check exact times or account for time differences between Japan and the site. Someone with more time on their hands is encouraged to check more precisely if they are so inclined. ^_^

      1. Terru, they have been picking up the pace this last week in particular and I praise them for the work they do, don’t get me wrong.

        Although I still stand by my vote; a decision made knowing the bloggers work with subs.

        Divine and Omni work off raws. They often, if not always, release before I get the chance to view the episode.

        In that regard, it hasn’t been the same.

        Keep up the work everyone, I still look forward to your posts.

  32. Went for the first option. That is in no way meant to degrade you in any way. If it can be seen as anything it’s that the other writers are great at what they do.

    Mind you, I do like the way you write articles so I truly hope that all the positive feedback doesn’t make you think “Cool, I can sit back and chill” 😛

  33. Its always fun when you(Divine) are involed in the posts and I had my doubts at first. But all of the writer’s steped it up in your absence and continue to make RC a enjoyable site.

  34. It’s always better when everyone’s involved, you get that whole warm fuzzy family feeling; you know, the one you get when everyone teams up to fight the last boss, complete with a montage of hot-blooded mug shots, like in Gurren Lagann.

    If someone is left out, even for a short time, it sort of creates this gap between the one who got left out and everyone else, a gap that for some people is nigh impossible to fill. On the flip side, though, you don’t have to take so many shows on in the first place if you don’t want to. Either way all I’m saying is that I enjoy everyone else’s posts as much as I do yours, and seeing you post less would be a loss.

  35. the ”others” are doing great. I’d imagine it takes some time and experience to get good at blogging anime (to the level of omni and divine). They are doing a great job, and in a short amount of time have really mastered the art.
    Everyone has its own writing style and I think it’s great that there is some style variation between the bloggers. With that being said, it’d be more fun if Divine was blogging 1-2 show.

  36. Well I was a little concerned that you might feel like leaving RC during you’re break. But I see that you’ve been posting every now and then. Other than that you’ve also left responsible writers behind, and that’s good. They are, sometimes, not as timely as you were in posting.. but not to the point of intolerance. I also liked the fact that you’re views were included in the last Retrospective Look. I guess this little break of yours didn’t really hurt.. however I’m still looking forward to your posts, and I feel others too.

    Take a break when you feel tired (as I know too well that psychological “burnouts” can happen). But keep in mind that we readers do value your views and are happy if you’re present here. ^^

  37. And why is this an issue again?

    You run the place for free, and the content isn’t that bad either, plus there’s always at least one new post every few days covered by your other writers, so you’re entitled to take a break whenever you please.

    We’d rather you take occasional breaks and then come back even more refreshed and fired up, rather than get too burnt out from too much blogging and retire for good. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  38. All of the other writers are great; while it’s always nice to read your thoughts, it’s not like I don’t enjoy everyone else’s. The only “problem” that arose from you taking a break is that less shows were covered, and that’s not really a problem at all.

  39. I’ve also noticed that RC has been unloading some anime. I was looking forward to the updates when all of a sudden the category went poof. But my brother and I have been visiting RC since Omni’s time. That’s where we judge what anime to watch next.

  40. @Divine:
    All of the writers are doing a phenomenal job, especially with the shear volume of shows this season. Although I miss your posts and opinions, It’d be best if you didn’t over work yourself and took breaks now and then 🙂
    The passion and commitment from the writers and people who comment and visit the site is something that is seldom seen on the net.
    Randomc has been, and continues to be a great resource of collective insights, informative industry news, and a friendly community of people who love what I love.

    For that I am grateful

  41. In my opinion the site has doing really well as always, but you have certain objective view that I really apreciate Divine. It´s true that you have to take breaks from time to time, but I´ll always look for your post. I specially love the work you did with Infinite Stratos.

    I really like this site, it has been a mandatory consoult for the new animes every season since Omni was around and has never dissapointed me. Don´t worry everyone of writers is doing a gret job and so are you.

  42. I honestly don’t see what the issue is here? You make this seem to be a big deal. Its almost like you’re craving attention.

    If you want to write about anime, WRITE about Anime. Do it because YOU want to, and that you love it, not because people read it.

    I mean, if you’re in this for what other people think, then there is a fundamental philosophy problem with WHY you do blog about anime.

    For me, raw impressions don’t really hold much water, as I prefer to watch the episode MYSELF first and then see what another person thinks.

    I respect you as a writer, and even more so as a blogger, but please stop with this whole: “Do you guyz liek mah posts? Do you want me to write stuff”

    Honestly, this is beneath you, and I think you should just do what you want, without trying to measure the worth of what you do, or make your schedule based on what other people want =/

    1. While I understand your argument I must say that Divine has reason in doing this. Randomc is a pretty huge community. Divine has a responsibility to this community – to make sure that they continue to read and contribute to Randomc. Therefore he must also make sure that the community is agreement with him taking a break.

    2. You’re welcome to come to such a conclusion if you see fit, since I was aware this post may come off that way when I wrote it. All I can tell you is that this isn’t for an ego boost, and I’m not looking for any type of reassurance to continue doing what I enjoy.

      There’s a very different matter that I’m trying to address from this feedback, and I simply wanted the criticism to fall on me rather than the other writers. After all, this is practically an open invitation for people to voice their displeasure over certain things and I don’t want to subject them to that directly. I’m more resilient to it since I’ve been at this much longer, so do your worst if you feel compelled to.

      Also, I do care what readers think, because I want people to feel that this is place where their voice will be heard. In addition to creating a sense of community, it promotes discussion on a common interest as well.

  43. Technically there should not be any problem with the rest of the staff shouldering the “burden” – they are all very competent writers. Though, I must say, that when you say that Random Curiosity has a good reputation much of that reputation used to stem from Omni, and now it stems from you.

    Being the de facto writer of Random Curiosity makes you a part of its very essence and I must shamefully admit that I have a tendency to read your posts over the rest of the writers’.

    However, as such, I must say that I do believe that you taking a break is not a bad thing. I would even go as far as claiming it is a good thing, simply because this would give us, as readers, the opportunities of getting to “know” the other writers – and if you do not plan to shoulder this massive blog for all eternity then that is indeed a good thing.

    Make sure to come back as brilliant as always!

  44. “The other writers are good, but I like it when everyone’s involved.”

    I think all the writers have been doing a great job in keeping the content flowing in a timely manner, with excellent impressions. I think all the writers have been especially good with plot insight and analysis.

    I found the different writing styles and opinions of the new writers a little jarring at first, but it was just taking a little time to get used to the differences. Once you understand a writer, their style, and their biases the dissonance disappears.

    I still miss your posts Divine, and I think it has to do with you maintaining a more neutral and open minded tone about episodes/series overall. Always rest and take care of yourself when you need to. Come back when you’re rested, good and ready!

  45. Everybody needs a good long break every now and than. I don’t think you need to ask us, but I appreciate it. Put your health before everything else. If you feel like you need a break, by all means take a break to relax your self. Take care

  46. Even though you also write it for your personal enjoyment, I think taking breaks is neccesary so that you won’t get tired of this too soon. We can survive for a while and appreciate your work!

  47. omni come back !!!!
    why have you gone D=

    i really miss omni
    but you are making an awesome job

    nonetheless, you’re being a little bit egocentric with polls like that

    all the writers are making an awesome job to, and the polls looks like you’re looking down on them,
    yest you’re making a great contribution to randomC, but there’s more people involved

    1. It’s been mentioned above, maybe you might have missed it, but Divine _explicitly_ stated that this wasn’t for ego boosting reasons. I personally thought it was a sensible post that showed Divine’s responsibility in his duties as the head writer.

  48. I feel conflicted so I can’t vote (none of the options lets me express myself correctly). The job you guys are doing is great and it might deteriorate (or become greater or just stay the same) without you but I personally feel we can’t force you to stay if you’re busy with real life (that happens so it can’t be helped). But if you could continue with your great work, it’d be awesome. So good luck with finding a solution. And I hope this helps… -_-;;

  49. tbh, i much prefer RC with divine. so i’d say you should definitely come back after this season, and perhaps take it easy and blog less show, or be less strict with the time. but you are probably still gonna blog laods and on time… real life > virtual life… if you want to take more break because of real life no one can blame u >:)

  50. The last thing we want is for the quality of your own posts to go down. We come here to read your posts because we enjoy them. Would be very damaging for the image of the site (and your own) if your articles ever have “I am doing it just because I feel obligated to” or “Got to get this paragraph knocked out fast so I can sleep already”.

    That is the problem we are having at a local amateur theater. Many good people had to move on while the few remaining ones are left to shoulder the whole organization every single day with no help. So now instead of 3-4 productions per year with energy, enjoyment and enthusiasm for more there is 1 or 2 at most and it feels like a tedious drag with “I am not doing that again” feeling in the end.

    Since it was you who appointed the new bloggers, their opinion is valued as much as yours. (or should be).

  51. I think it is fine to take any number of breaks. At the very least I enjoy seeing what you think about other shows, Aria this season for example; so seeing your comments at least in the retrospective view is amazing enough. I find that you are so much more open to watch a wide variety of anime with an open mind. That open mindedness is possibly the thing that I find most appealing of your writing.

  52. I don’t comment often, but I tend to read a lot of what is posted here. I will say that the site has been running well without Divine, but it is noticeably missing his voice. All the writers have their distinct styles and Divine’s was definitely one that always stood out. Maybe because he used to cover so many shows, but I like his writing and look forward to the occasional posts he does make. Of the writers who are on the site I probably like Takaii the best.

  53. I don’t think those of us who have been visiting Random C at least 3 times a week for the past few years (i.e. since 2006) would ever fault you for taking a well deserve break. But that’s not to say we want to you stop writing episode reviews completely.

    Yes, I agree that the other writers are doing great in their respective series. The episode reviews are fast (enough for me). The reviews has enough contents in them, covering summaries and writer’s opinions on the characters. All the writers have their individual styles that are different enough that readers won’t be bored. And in fact, it seems some readers read a review for the writer instead of for the series, which should be a good sign that those specific writers are moving in the right directions.

    However, in the last month or so, I found myself coming to this site only once a week, even though I’m watching 30 shows this season, which means I should have all the reasons to visit the site more for reviews. The reason is simple; the site has become the same as most of the other anime blogs on the net, which is the opposite of why I only come to this site in the past. Yes, the writers cover the summaries, personal views and characters very well. But I’m afraid so does every other anime blogs with episode reviews, except their writings usually give the impression that they are either full of hate towards a show or shower a show with undeserved praise (bias).

    The reason I favored Random C over all others is because 1) you guys do a very good Season Preview, 2) you guys are unbiased and open-minded in your reviews, even if that show is not a show that you would usually watch, 3) there are a lot of screenshots to look at, 4) and the final point is that you guys actually bother to comment on the seiyuus. That is the most important reason why I prefer your posts, Divine. None of the current writers even talk about voice actors/actresses anymore (except for the first episode), for whatever reason. Maybe they don’t know the seiyuus or they’re not good at listening. And maybe I’m a little crazy for wanting a writer to write about something they don’t know about, but this has bugged me ever since you left, and I sure as hell don’t want to leave a post in the other writer’s post demanding that they comment on the seiyuus. I know that they are not at fault and I should cut them some slack, especially over such unreasonable demands.

    In conclusion, I was looking forward to seeing more of your posts after you had your Spring season break. But now that you’re bringing this up, I feel that I should bring it to your attention that no matter how good the others are, nobody can replace you. So if you should decide to make your break into a permanent leave, you should know that Random C will continue to gather fans, but you are welcomed back anytime.

  54. I don’t usually comment, but to be honest this felt like the type of thing to comment on. Divine I hope to you enjoy your break and take it easy, but at the same time I do hope you come back. Everyone here does a great job making this one of the best anime related blogs on the internet, but you were part of the reason I was always reading and have stayed with the site for years now. Just wanted to give out the words of encouragement.

  55. Love the site I must say I did not know what was going to happen when Omni left, but I think its safe to say that I think you have put together a amazing team of writers. I am quite amazed that week after week they continue up the bar and never fail to offer intelligent discussion making your site the one of the first pages I open once the computer has started up. No really thank you if it was not for RandomC I really have no clue where I would go cause there is no one that put out a quality product like what you have here. So from must of us here please keep up the good work.

  56. I love the other writers but ever since OMNI left this site has been yours, Divine. Over the past year I’ve come here almost specifically to read your posts. It’s fine to read the others’ opinions but I really do appreciate reading your insights on different anime.

  57. Divine, you’re doing a fine good. Regardless, you are just human after all. We don’t expect you to be perfect and be an one-man-army. Take a break when you need one. I think all the other writers are doing a fine job. I mean everybody has their own special way of doing things, we can’t expect an Divine or Omni in every writers. Maybe in the past it was focus on you two, but it is nice to welcome new writers and their special style of writing. Beside, with more writers, you guys can cover more anime. There are several anime out there I wish you guys would cover. No need to worry, if anything goes wrong, we will be sure to let you know…

    I read their posts to see an detail analysis of what happen in each episode as well as an what they think about that episode. If you are looking for improvement ideas, how able include an “about me” covering all the other writers. All I see is several paragraphs about you, but everybody else only get their name mention. How able a longer in-depth detail about each writer so I know who is writing about my favorite series?

  58. I feel like now would be the perfect opportunity to give my honest thoughts on this matter. As much as I would like to say that Divine can deservedly take all the time he wants for rest, I do miss his insightful and high quality posts. That being said, under no circumstances do I want you to suffer in your personal or professional life for the sake of this site. I would rather have you take regular breaks or reduce your blogging load than see you quit outright as that would be a critical loss to the anime blogging world.

    To be frank, as much as I enjoyed reading Omni’s posts on the old site, I enjoyed yours more, and your writing style has only continued to improve. Your ability to analyze new shows from the standpoint of a fan looking for some entertainment is what separates you from lesser bloggers who fashion themselves young Eberts in the making. That is why I believe you are, without a doubt, the best blogger on this site and any other site (I also feel that way about Takaii, who I view as your protoge and potential successor when the inevitable day of your retirement comes). Ultimately, your enjoyment from blogging is the paramount criterion for continuing, so I hope you know that your readers owe you so much and you owe us nothing.

    So, I hope you come back for next season with a reduced blogging load that is more manageable on a permanent basis, but I hope even more that you continue to find your enjoyment from this hobby.

  59. Well you are clearly missed by a lot of readers. Maybe instead of a prolonged break, you can focus on a few shows that fit to your tastes so you won’t feel burnt out/needing to take a break. If all 4 writers cover a few shows each themselves, the season would more or less be fully covered.

    Besides, who else is gonna cover Shinryaku Ikamusume S2? It’s gonna be you, Divine. 🙂

  60. Maybe I’m just being a dick and maybe I’ve just been busier but I honestly have not checked RC daily like I used to. In fact its been over 2 weeks since my last visit. Quality of posts havent been the same. All the blogs this season have been concise and lacking in depth. I’ve already said this but RC was at its roaring best with omni and divine doin work. Clearly the new writers are good at what they do but they lack insight and depth. I used to enjoy checking out RC even when the anime sucked balls. Its disappointing when the anime this season has so many shows I enjoy and I havent found the need or interest in checking out RC regularily for any of the shows. Come back soon divine thanks.

    1. I also wanted to add that not having anyone capable of blogging raws isnt a big deal but it could be. I’m part japanese, mostly korean, and there are times when I watch subs and think to myself that translations could be better or something is just off. Japanese doesnt translate perfectly over into english and whoever is translating it has to take liberties when doing so. Maybe this makes a difference when covering an anime, probably not. Regardless its safer to have someone capable of blogging off raws. Faster too :).

  61. As much as I like your writing, I can’t force you to come back write, as Kirito says in Sword Art Online, when one form a party to hunt, one should remember people aren’t a piece of equipment one can lock into my inventory and never remove. I voted for the first choice not only because the writers are doing a good job but because I’m genuinely concerned about you. I remember your post on the last TWGOK episode, you admitted you’re like Keima with games, burning out yourself for blogging. You should take all your time to rest and come back when you feel like it.

  62. In all honesty, this website hasn’t been the same since Omni left.
    It’s not really the writing style as it is the shows covered.
    Omni used to covered what I would like to consider more mature shows, ones with more depth and character than most of the shows that are covered now. When I read his articles I felt that I was actually reading a critics opinion on something that mattered. Now I feel like I’m just reading everyday opinions on mediocre shows.

    I understand that the comedy-romance shows do cover a big chunk of the market but I think this site was far better when Omni was covering the serious shows and Divine was covering the less serious ones.

    With Divine missing the show’s that are being covered are even less appealing to someone with my interests so all I really come here for are the manga opinion articles on the big three and out of habit. I’ve been coming to this website for so long I habitually click the link sometimes despite knowing there’s nothing for me here.

    I guess with that my vote is for Divine to be writing more..?

    1. I couldnt agree more. Also, to add on that, when something thats not romance comedy/pointless ecchi/moe/etc, does get covered it tends to be in a desinterested tone like what happened to Bakuman which was one of the best shows during its seasons

    2. My thoughts exactly except omni was the one who covered mainstream shows while divine covered the quirkier ones and the romance/slice of life anime.

      Saying that the new writers have different styles from divine and shouldnt be compared to him is just a cop out. Writing styles have nothing to do with quality. I have no qualms comparing the overviews omni and divine used to do in comparison to the blogs we see now on RC. There’s a dropoff. And its huge. Everyone hates movie critics but their words bear more weight with most people than what their buddy is telling them about that new movie. Everyone hated on divine when he did detailed, insightful, quality overviews and I wonder where those tards are at now?

    3. I agree with what all three of you said.
      I think that beside the shows being covered there are other stuff that kill the quality here.
      Like that all the new bloggers just don’t have the insight and expirience of the old seasoned bloggers. It’s just simple as that. For someone like me, thier opinion is just boring.
      And I don’t think they can really improve. In order to gain expirience, they need time, which means you’d have to wait a few years for them to reach the level where they might write some intresting stuff.
      The speediness is also a big part.
      If I can watch the episode by the time they blog then there’s need for me to take sneak-peeks at the screenshots and whatnot.

      See Key
    4. This is largely a reply aimed at everything above this post, so read it as a comprehensive rebuttal rather than one that is aimed at singular post. Now, cheese and crackers aside.

      What is this “more serious” shows? There are a handful of judgments I am not sure are fair to be made in this scenario. First and foremost, “serious” is dubious. What is being defined as serious? Is Gundam serious? If it is, Unicorn is being covered (the fact that it airs infrequently and as such is covered infrequently has nothing to do with the staff here). Break Blade is a damn serious show and its also being covered. But let’s take a step back, let’s look at the seasons that have aired since Omni retired. What have we not had in that time? Big mainstream names like Gundam or Geass or Batman. What have we had? Plenty of serious, so let me list them:

      RAINBOW (if this isn’t serious…)
      Sarai-ya Goyou
      Senkou no Night Raid
      Hakuouki (more or less)

      That’s only Spring 2010, if you think there were any more serious shows in that season that were somehow not covered (as every single one of those was covered) then please let me know because I really don’t see any. (Sure, Heroman was awesome and it wasn’t covered but you can’t cover every diamond in the rough.) I haven’t even included Angel Beats or Maid, a pair of equally fantastic shows that were also covered and that, at least for the former and by my understanding of the word serious, were in some ways serious. Summer and Winter, in and of themselves, were pretty lackluster seasons but nevertheless the bigger names and the more ‘serious’ titles were still covered. So, I’ll repeat, I don’t understand this “more serious” claim. The number of gritty anime from season to season number anywhere from 0 to 3 or so, and most of them were covered. This current season is shaping up to be fantastic and with the exception of Tiger and Bunny the more “serious” shows are being covered. Sure, Dog Days, Aria, and a few other fairly good, possibly very good shows are not being covered but its a time of rest and the number of good shows this season is staggering even from a viewers point of view.

      I also cock an eyebrow when someone says that the majority covered is echi/slice/harem, when, in all honesty and much to shame of the market/creators, that is the majority of what any single season entails and, statistically, RC covers a very healthy number of all shows given the pool of selections from which it can pick. Heck, this season has more maturity in it in terms of shows offered and covered than all of Winter and Summer combined. So, this is another statement that strikes a curious beat.

      Lastly, writing style is writing style is writing style, if you have issue with it, offer constructive criticism (we’ve been given opportunities in the past and email always exists). Speaking about experience/tone/etc without offering advice or reason for your qualms helps no one.

      Now then, back to work.

      1. While I do agree that the past few seasons haven’t really catered to a more mature audience I think it’s rather funny how defensive you have to get over something which was purely my opinion.

        When I come to this website and I look at the front page the majority of what I see are animated breasts and blushing faces. Now I haven’t had the time to watch as much anime as I used to this season but glancing over http://www.animeph.com/spring-2011-new-anime-season-preview-list I can tell, just by looking at the preview photo’s, that there are a number of more mature shows that are not being covered as I have never heard of them or seen them on this website.

        I could go ahead and read the previews for all these shows and then point out each one that isn’t being covered but for the sake of time I’ll just direct you to any random page in the blogs archive at a time during which Omni was still active. I personally chose August 2008 (https://randomc.net/2008/08/). If you’ll note every single show covered by Omni has a more serious tone to it especially when but side by side with Divines shows. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romance show or an action show.

      2. While I encourage everyone to use this opportunity to provide criticism about me and the other writers, I want to clear up a misconception about the type of shows we watch and would consider covering. 2008 was when I started blogging, and Omni had asked for my help with shows that he has difficulty finding things to talk about. This was to help balance out criticism that RC only covers mainstream shows (which are arguably the “serious” ones).

        The misconception is that I don’t watch the shows Omni covered, when in reality I watched everything he covered on top of what I covered, plus several more that neither of us did. This is true for every season we blogged together, except for a handful of shows. The numerous shows that I watch (e.g. 32 this season) should be a testament to that. On the flip side, Omni rarely watched any of the shows that I covered alongside his. The only reason I wasn’t covering shows like CODE GEASS and Macross Frontier were because Omni wanted to, and I picked shows from his leftovers. This was mostly out of respect for seniority, and the fact that this was his blog. (I did manage to nab Nabari no Ou from him though.) If I had the opportunity to cover Macross Frontier, I would’ve been all over it. I’ve been a fan of the franchise since the original, whereas Frontier was Omni’s first Macross series.

        Since I inherited the site, I’ve covered everything that Omni would have, since my tastes coincide with his (as confirmed by talking to him about anime every season), but have also branched out to several other genres that only I’m interested in.

      3. Vicis, I do not think I was at all defensive or anything of the sort, I offered you a logical counter to your claim for the time that this blog was in purely in Divine’s hands. As Divine has pointed out above, it is not exactly fair to judge based on a time like 2008 when both Omni and Divine worked in unison (the reasons for this are given by Divine). What is fair, is to look at the seasons since Omni’s retirement which is where my post starts Spring of 2010, and I raised question with this word “serious” as, by all rights, all the serious shows were covered by Divine et al. There is hardly any defensiveness in this sort of reply and my goal was to shine light on your claim because it hardly made much sense.

        I’m also not sure what you are talking about for Spring 2011 as I said, this is a time of rest for the main writer of the blog but, even with that in mind, many of the more mature or at least deep shows are being covered. Yes, there are shows that are not being covered and yes some of them are good/serious shows, but that is partly because your main writer is on break, partly because the other writers have their own commitments, views, tastes, and desires for blogging, and partly because this is a massive season with more than the usual number of good shows airing.

  63. after so much time i got used to the way things are, i wont say that the shows that are being covered are crap, but the shows that used to be covered here used to be much better. anyway i am glad for what you have done so far above all, and i only ask that you do what you feel able and confortable with

  64. When Divine announces that he’s taking a break it feels kind of weird, so I would start looking for him in comments <- Ugh don't take that seriously. Just whenever I randomly read a post, I'm lazy to read every comment so I read only random ones that catch my eye and the blue ones. And I go Aha! when I find him… I'd prefer it if Divine wants to take a break, he can blog zero shows and write in the monthly posts but don't call it a break. Unless he really won't be around for a while. Or I’d start missing him for nothing

    I can live without everything except the monthly retrospective looks, seasons previews and Best of the year posts. Divine watches so many (almost all) shows so it’s interesting to know what he thinks, in short paragraphs and with minimum spoilers. Because he’s a pro? As for the show coverage it’s like: if a show I watch is covered then that’s a bonus.

    Lately I’m getting used to Prooof and Takaii too because they’ve been blogging more shows I watch & coz everyone writes in the monthly posts. They’re good too. UMM.. there hasn’t been many random posts lately just pure anime. Omni used to post some random stuff /news /music /novels /Japan that he thought were interesting for anime watchers. Sometimes they were really interesting. If there’s nothing else other than anime the site name doesn’t really fit anymore? pls write about visual novels too .. just kidding ..not

  65. I enjoy reading everyone’s posts and I think the rest of RC’s staff is doing a bang up job of filling in. It’s everyone’s right to take a break and so I think it’s ok that you’ve done so. At first I was a little sad, but I’ve gotten used to it and whenever you come back, I’ll get used to it again 🙂

  66. I’m not even reading RC anymore, I just check every few days to see if theres something good finally covered, but its always shitty anime or stuff I didnt bother to start watching even when it was decent. This season may not be that good, but not covering Tiger & Bunny? srsly? Its one of the few animes this season that deserve coverage.

  67. Its not so much the speediness of the posts that i miss, its that impression that a person gets when viewing an episode in its original format, without subs. I feel bad for saying this but thats the only really i started coming to this site.Sometimes omni or you would get a completly different impression of an episode ive just watched, and thats what i want to read.

  68. “The other writers are good, but I like it when everyone’s involved.”

    it is nice to see divine come out of surface while taking a break. but it just feels weird not reading divine posts. and omni’s as well. maybe divine can lessen his workload by just blogging 2-3 shows per season.
    hopefully one day omni would write something for retrospective look

  69. I’m flattered by the vote of confidence, but for those of you who feel that the other writers are lacking in detail, insight, Japanese language/culture understanding, and/or familiarity with anime (having seen less), can you please expand on that critique so that they can improve?

    Using a specific post or coverage of a series as an example is particularly helpful, as it provides something concrete to work with. You can simply state what you wish they touched upon in their posts but didn’t, or any deeper aspects they may have overlooked while dwelling on something else. Again, please try to keep your feedback constructive.

    This is nudging towards one of the original purposes of this post, so I’ll be reading all the criticism very closely. If you prefer to speak to me directly about it instead, please e-mail me. I’ll convey your feedback to those who need to hear it. Thanks.

    1. @Divine’s post asking for some feedback on his writers

      I find that your style shifts around too much. It goes from something more _analytical_ to something far more _sarcastic_(<–link here) too quickly. Call me old fashioned but a systematic format appeals to me significantly more. This isn’t to say you should change your style, but instead find a more consistent one. (How is he even supposed do this? ლ(¯ロ¯ლ))
      Actually, what I find most jarring in your writing is the lack of correlation between the attitude of the post and you’re actual _enjoyment_ of the show/episode (What’s with all these Gosick tie-ins?). On that note, it’s an issue that’s been raised before so I won’t beat around the bush: you can _sound_ overly critical in your writing Kiiragi <3. You can probably infer from some of those not so subtle posts around, that you have alienated a part of the readership in your crusade to crush the evil that is bad writing. Being in charge of some of the most popular shows this season, I’m not too sure if you can completely justify bringing such a colourful style to RandomC. Does this make you inferior to the other wirters? No, I don’t think so since you bring a different perspective to these possibly boring shows. However, as a certain book by a certain Peter Drucker would probably say: adjust yourself to the target audience while innovating it at the same time (does that even make sense?).

      What comes next T or P…? ehhh… lmno p qrs t uv
      Sorry brosefs, I don’t have much to say with regards to you guys since I don’t watch most of the stuff you’re covering.

      Eh, sorry man, I don’t watch bleach or nihonjin in dreamland or yugioh though they sound interesting. I was gonna say something about you being possibly a bit too close towards the recap side of things but I wouldn’t have prooooof (Did I just make a punny? A very original one at that? <3)

      Not much to say again and I have to admit I like your happy go lucky style where you highlight what was most amusing/interesting and what not. I just find myself a bit uneasy when you throw your own real life situation into the mix (I’m probably just jealous you have that thing called real life. I should probably try it but I heard it doesn’t have respawn. wtf is up with that?). It’s also great you can admit you teared up like only real men can, but I dunno bro! A bit unprofessional as you admitted so maybe just a bit more toned down, though I still really like your posts.

      Hope that helps! (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆

      – Did he even ask for feedback on their writing style? What is this..? I don’t even…
      – It’s still relevant I guess…
      – Why aren’t you working you stupid [a href] tag! I MAD!

    2. I just want to clarify that knowing japanese language/culture is not really an issue for the most part. It becomes a bigger deal when you’re blogging a slice of life anime and have no first hand idea of what japanese culture is like or rely heavily on subs that is being done by some kid with ADD and a rosetta stone dvd. You could be getting the wrong impression, misinterpreting, or just flat out not understand the situation.

      I havent kept up with RC blogs in a few weeks so its hard for me to pinpoint specific details of what could be improved. Its more a case of it smells right, looks right, but something dont taste right. Its just boring blogs alot of the time. Some of it has to do with lack of insight, lack of creativity, taking too casual of an approach, and some of it has to do with skipping over important plot details in favor of covering JUST what you want to. A good writer should touch on all bases even if you decide to focus on just a few points in the show. I feel like the current writers are all more suited for shonen and comedy anime due to their “style”.

    3. BTW I hope getting yourself healthy and enjoying the time off. I’ll always have RC favorited regardless of whos blogging. Also the complaints are all just minor gripes and mostly just me not being interested and entertained by the blogs. Everyone has different tastes and preferences so I guess I’ll just leave it at that. Come back soon!

    4. well you can’t expect them to be good writers overnight.. they are improving in that department, rather fast actually. each of them are gaining their own writing styles and I see that they are adopting on each situation on how to write certain episodes. Besides it’s their own opinion, so there’s not much to criticize..

  70. There’s one particular writer that I have stopped reading entirely (and covers the most out of the shows I’m watching), so for me the quality of the site has (very subjectively) dropped without Divine’s blogging.

    That said, I’d much rather Divine take a break and leave me with less to read, than work himself to death. Really the Season Previews are by far the biggest reason I come here anyway.

    But I love the new monthly retrospectives.

  71. I’m a long time lurker, first time poster… felt I had to share this since you asked. Lets put aside the part about all of us acknowledging that you have every right to take a break or stop anytime, as that’s a given and we all support you on it.

    However, To be perfectly honest, the changes have been noticeable to me. I think its mainly due to the different style/opinion of some of the writers. For the most part they are great, but I do notice that I don’t really see eye to eye with few of the writers on their summary/analysis of an episode. Before, I would watch an episode, come here, and found that for the most part I agreed with your summaries/opinions about a episode. If something just blew my mind, I had to jump on randomC, because I knew you’d have picked up on it.

    But now, for some of my favorite shows, I come here and scratch my head thinking if we just watched the same show. Of course, everyone’s taste are different and not everyone will agree all the time. But I find some writers (and I say writers so as to protect names) are overly cynical about some of the new shows, or tend to nitpick parts that I think are a bit harsh.
    I believe you were a lot more open minded until the show has some time to flesh out its character development/plot etc… I don’t want to specify shows/names on this post since I don’t want to single anyone out… but right now I do have some favorite writers and some I don’t follow very closely. I also find summaries sometimes are a bit short on details, missing some jokes or important moment (again, stuff that makes me think if we watched the same episode…)..

    Anyway, this is not enough to make me stop coming here, as I do like some of the new writers. I’ve been a regular visitor since before you took over randomC, and have for the most part never had issues. I just hope that in future, you guys can divy up the work so your not killing your self writing the summaries. I definitely want to see you return, but take as much time as needed, so that when you do come back hopefully its more enjoyable for you and doesn’t feel like a chore.

  72. Divine, take a break whenever you need it. This season has been a awesome ride so far, Kudos for the other writers for giving encore level of performance! Love your posts. RC has continued to be RC that I always knew. Awesome coverage, insightful and detailed analysis and impressions, and a large community of anime fans that has built up over the years. RC forever! Keep it up!

  73. First “The other writers are good, but I like it when everyone’s involved.”… Second, about the Retrospective Look posts. I like the idea and the format. I think it’s truly great, however, I consider regular episodes posts as a priority.

  74. I really enjoy the site; I’ve been following RC for as long as I’ve been watching JP anime weekly, which has been a few years now, and always find the summaries/opinions interesting to read, and the screencaps do a great job at jogging my memory about an episode. Even after Omni stopped writing, I still found the site just as great as before, and while Omni had big shoes to fill, you all did so and kept this great site going.

    All I hope now is that maybe the episode summaries could come out a bit faster. Like others have said, I’ve already seen or moved past an episode by the time a summary comes out.

  75. I like to start to say that RandomC is the only anime blog site that is my only and sole priority bookmark -> it essentially my “addiction”. And this all started back in the day when I first started college in 2004 and I had begun my momentum into my obsession of anime which made me stumble upon RandomC and Omni ( I believe it picked up when Code Geass aired). It was a godsend due to the atmosphere of the community, the fan lovers, the comments, and mostly the blog. I came to this website for the blog, though, I have to say I prefer Omni’s style better since I watch subs and, don’t get me wrong for those who wrote previously how it was mundane to have a detail recap of the episode, those posts with screencaps were …how to put it…my only lifeline and the only thing I enjoyed when I was living in places that would have me cut off for 6 months or so of high speed internet or worst – technology ( I remember the excitement and the adrenaline when I am about to embark into a cafe that have decent internet connection). So RandomC was the only way that I truly have in connecting with people that share the same passion as me and for me to somewhat be updated (and kept me sane) for that period of time. So the news of retirement of Omni was heavily heartbreaking and I did for awhile feared RandomC would come to a close….but you, YOU, Divine, picked it up and continue it and with that, I give my thanks and relief for doing so. And look at how this site as progress…I am still shocked about the number of participants this site attracts and (whether if it is a prank or not) how famous it has become -> even in the Japanese anime industry. This is where I find info that I would never could come across, a place where I find rants, arguments, and agreements over series I watch or didn’t even know, a place where I can connect with so many people around the world w/o even knowing who they actually are…and the staff as well as you are irreplaceable. So if you need a break – do so as I have been in that situation more that once- since you have an awesome staff who are willing to step up (and done, in my opinion, wonderful job) and a community who appreciate you and love what you love, too. All in all, when you come back (and please do.. ’cause we are waiting for you to come back.), come back with force :)’cause I wish to read your opinions more in the future.

  76. What matters most for me is each writers personality.
    It’s not really the style of your writing or things like that. It’s just that some writers, like you, appeal to me more because you like the same things in an episode. I love how some writers write about their own opinions or show us their persective. I want to compare it with mine and see if more people think like me. That’s why I read the posts here on Randomc. I like to read yours because, for example, you liked Infinite Stratos for the same reasons i did and because of your knowledge of animes. I like Takaii for his vision on some anime.
    Brakes are okay, everyone needs some time off. But don’t continue taking breaks because you’ll eventually stop writing because of them.

    An idea/suggestion:
    When you take a break, instead of abandoning series or giving them to other writers, how about creating a competition.
    Take the 5 most frequent commenters/commenters with the most useful comments on this site and let them write small, 7 lines reviews about a certain series in one article. Include a pool and the best one get choosen to cover that series while you’re taking a break. This way we, the readers, get to read other peoples opinions and it will stimulate posters to post usefull comments.

    1. Problem with this is that RandomC is based on getting stuff out much earlier due to watching raws and every person who has an insightful comment may not be a raw watcher. Like for example, if I was to do Dog Days, I wouldn’t be able to get it out until Dog Day comes out which is usually from Sunday to Tuesday, but the actual show is aired on Friday.

  77. The other writers are good, personally I do like when everyone is involved but I didn’t vote on that one because if you need time off then take time off, no point in burning yourself out when things are going well, save your energy for an emergency.

  78. I just felt annoyed as now Randomc’s post has slowed down considerably over the pasr 2 years.

    I would prefer if someone could cover RAW once in a while. Makes me wanna watch stuff I don’t even more so.

  79. Divine,
    I appreciate what you are doing an I would like to thank you and the entire RandomC writers for doing what you guys do best: providing interesting and entertaining posts on a consistent basis. I usually don’t comment on the posts or anything, but I am eternally grateful for what you guys are doing. This blog helped me get into anime and become a huge anime fan. And for that, I thank you. Keep up the excellent post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. It will be nice if there are more polls….RC should take a break and start fresh again..that will be better as to check the whole site and update everything in fine details.


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