OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「marshmallow justice」 by 喜多村英梨 (Kitamura Eri)
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「かれんビー 其ノ貳」 (Karen Bii Sono Ni)
“Karen Bee Part Two”

If this were any other show, the fact that we’ve only inched slightly closer to learning Karen’s involvement would be quite disappointing – but Nisemonogatari is no ordinary show. This is a series that knows that one of its greatest strengths lies in the characters developed in Bakemonogatari and uses these first two episodes to reintroduce these characters along with more of the sublime wordplay that it is known for. So while the plot directly related to Araragi’s kidnapping hasn’t been fully revealed yet, the trade-off has been more than worth it.

For a series centered on the story arcs of the “Fire Sisters of Tsuganoki 2nd Middle School”, I was surprised that their formal introduction didn’t come until this second episode. While both sisters sport fried egg hair clips and can be aggressive to their brother, the similarities pretty much end there. If you really think about it, the way a person dresses can tell you a lot about their personality, so I thought seeing the wardrobe choices of the two sisters would be quite informative, only to be quickly proven wrong. Karen’s fashion choices, like her “Bruce Lee in Game of Death” inspired outfit, are an exact reflection of her relaxed personality, like you’d expect. On the other hand, Tsuhiki is all about the feminine bare-shouldered yukata look, but underneath she wears nothing but a mean temper. Maybe each sister’s celestial symbol should be swapped – the moon for the cooler and calmer Karen and the sun for the hot-headed Tsuhiki. In any case, lesson learned: you really can’t judge a girl by her appearance, a theme that would repeat itself throughout this episode.

I’m really hoping that the series will eventually show how the two sisters get along despite their differences, especially as the heroic duo in their quest for justice. They even have the perfect catchphrase! I have to wonder what Araragi really means when he says that his sisters are merely imposters, playing a game. Is he merely referring to the fact that they know nothing of the adventures that he went through in Bakemonogatari, or that he is the only one seeking true justice? Or is there a deeper meaning behind the word nisemono, the namesake of this series? All this wordplay really makes a person like me linger on every phrase.

I don’t know if Araragi realizes it, but he’s been following an age progression (at least according to physical appearance) on his day off from studying. First he runs into the elementary school aged Hachikuji Mayoi and now he heads over to Sengoku Nadeko’s house, who is a girl around Tsuhiki’s age. Araragi, you sly dog. I was surprised that she actually styled her bangs back after being so protective of them in Bakemonogatari, although I think her new look makes her appear even younger. There was nothing young about the moves that she put on Araragi though – the girl pulled out all the oldest tricks in the book. Parents not home? Check. Bed the only place to sit? Check. Room too hot for heavy clothing? Check. Twister? Check, check, check.

Nadeko was almost close to checkmate too – but it looks like King’s Game will have to make its appearance in the next episode of Persona 4 instead. I was wrong about Araragi — he was a perfect gentleman throughout, but that might have changed if it wasn’t for Nadeko’s mother suddenly returning home. He did manage to leave her house with more than his dignity intact though, learning that his sisters are investigating the possibility of a person spreading the curse from Nadeko’s past. Could this be what eventually leads to him being kidnapped?

Nadeko’s house behind him, Araragi was proabably now in the mood for the company of an older girl. He continues with his progression by calling up fellow high school student Kanbaru Suruga (Sawashiro Miyuki) under the pretense of helping her clean her room, and upon hearing that she’s naked, takes off for her house in a cloud of smoke. Araragi, how much longer are you going to hold yourself as a paragon of virtue? The best part of their phone call was hearing Kanbaru’s voice as she described the sad look in her grandmother’s eyes as she walked by the naked Kanbaru on the phone. I don’t even know if having that scene animated could live up to Sawashiro Miyuki’s emotional performance, which was great throughout this episode.

On his way over to Kanbaru’s, we finally meet Karen who is out doing “community service”, which, for all we know, is probably the investigation that Nadeko mentioned earlier. Anyone else find it amazing that Karen is able to do all these poses and spout all these cool phrases while bent over backwards? Araragi with his vampire powers is no slouch either – just look at the height he gets with his bicycle! Karen’s personality, the phone call she received, and the promise of a heroic tale has made me look forward to her next appearance more so than any other character appearing, save Senjougahara.

Araragi’s interactions with Kanbaru were the highlight of this episode for me. While Nadeko has hidden her bangs, Kanbaru has grown them out, which leads to Araragi commenting on them and Kanbaru teasing him with the “erotic” phrases that she mixes up. I’ve always had a soft spot for girls who are quirky teases and Kanbaru is no exception. She is such a huge tease too – I can definitely understand why he proposed after seeing her naked back in a sea of books. She’s tantalizing with words as well, with her constant mention of being naked everywhere. And the basketball jersey as a one piece dress? Kanbaru almost pulls it off better than Mariah Carey did at the 2003 NBA All Star Game. As much of a pervert that she appears to be, you still can’t fall into the trap of judging a book by its cover (pardon the pun), as Araragi found out by from the titles of certain books in her collection. Threatened by his accusation that Kanbaru was less perverted than he was, she set out to prove him wrong in the bluntest way possible – by sexually harassing him. At least Araragi now knows what Hachikuji feels like!

Throughout this episode, Araragi had an interesting obsession with doing things outside; first, it was Nadeko taking her new look outside, and now Kanbaru being naked outside. I’m not sure what the significance with this yet, but knowing this series, I’m guessing it might have to do with the way it is phrased in Japanese. Another thing I noticed was that the sexual tension in this episode was off the charts. I’m not sure that things will continue this way with the show focusing more on the sisters’ stories, but I could very well be wrong. I guess I have no choice but to take off my sweatshirt, sit on this bed, and find out next week.

* Easter egg 1: the soles of Karen’s shoes say SHAFT
* Easter egg 2 (found by Divine): Renai Circulation as background music
* Testing 1080p caps, let me know if you like them/see any differences
* Full-length images: 04, 08, 10, 37

ED Sequence

ED: 「ナイショの話」 (Naisho no Hanashi) by ClariS
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    1. This is the first episode of Bakemonogatari that I HAD to watch 5 times over and over…

      Only second to the second episode where Senjougahara was naked and bend over to give Araragi the perfect “view” to show the depth of her appreciation for him helping her, which I watched 4 times.

    1. Araragi, a gentlemen…Nope.

      You misunderstood our hero. He is pure on lolicon like Nadeko and Hackuji. But the moment he heard Kanbru was naked, he bolted there as fast as he could. Did you saw those dirt tracks?!


      Was it worth the rush? This expression said it the best…


      Man, she basically gave him a live show from every angle. I know what he was thinking: “Damn it, where is a camera when you need one?!”

      1. One thing explicated in the novel was that Araragi was actually rushed in order to see Kanbaru’s depressed/distraught face after her grandmother saw her, not to see her naked. Hence his surprise and embarrassment at walking in on her naked; it was something he didn’t expect, although surely he must’ve enjoyed it regardless!

      2. chaos, you probably aren’t aware of the other meaning of the word “gentleman”.

        If that memetic interpretation of the word is applied instead, then Araragi has indeed been behaving like a “true gentleman” so far. 😉

        (Please refer to my post back in episode 1 for explanation of the real meaning of the word ” gentleman”.

        Kinny Riddle
      1. They do…

        It is biology. That why I always talk to girls with long hair. It represents attractiveness and sometime availability. The oppose is also true. A girl with short hair is perceive as less attractiveness when standing next to a long hair one. For this reason, girls in a relationship or marriage tend to cut the hair short to announce that they are no longer on the market.

        Because guys typically wear short hair, any girl with short will appear boyish or masculine. This is why women in business cut their hair short in order to gain an upper hand in authority. Wearing pants instead of a skirt help. However, if a girl is in sale or marketing, then long hair and short skirt will some skin will definitely double her paycheck.

        The oppose is also true. A guy with long is perceive as more attractive, but more feminine than a guy with short hair. Fabio is the prime example.

    2. I’m with you there. I already found Kanbaru hot in Bakemonogatari so imagine my surprise she got hotter here…actually I got surprised with how hot Kanbaru (AND Nadeko) became here.

      1. That’s why we have 1080p getting tested. The images were NOT stretch to be 1080p. Those are native sized images.
        The difference is noticeable if you’re viewing this page in 1920×1080 resolutions or higher (usually 21″+ monitors).

  1. Check check check indeed… Araragi, you’re gonna be toast if Senjougahara finds out.
    Are you sure Karen’s not a vampire too? Those stunts that she’s pulling look pretty supernatural to me and Tsuhiki’s bare-shouldered yukata *yum*

    Seishun Otoko
  2. God that last scene was hilarious. Took the words out of my mouth. Just when I thought “Now you know how Hachikuji feels”. Those pigtails popped up 😀 Wait so no more real Hachikuji sekuhara? Disappoint.

    I saw a comparison shot, it was slightly but still noticeably sharper. If you have spare bandwidth/HD space and a large monitor or TV to watch it on then I guess why not.

  3. I have to wonder what Araragi really means when he says that his sisters are merely imposters, playing a game. – Verdant

    I clearly thought he meant they have fake personality that didn’t reflect their true self.

  4. Hachikuji’s theme (Kaerimichi, slower verison) was playing in the background last episode when he was talking to her too, similar to how it was for Renai Circulation in this episode with Nadeko.

    1. SHAFT didn’t even have the budget to finish the first season. So Its no surprise this season looks much better thanks to the huge number of BD sales.

      I would buy it if it ever got licensed. But this is not the type of anime studios are lining up to buy.

  5. Wasn’t the reason Koyomi went to Kanbaru’s house because, since his day was free, he moved the date when he was supposed to help Kanbaru clean up her room earlier?

    Nadeko… No wonder Shinobu was so wary of her in Bakemonogatari! And Kanbaru is just awesome!

    1. Just wanted to add after rewatching this ep =3

      marshmallow justice may not be as catchy as ren’ai, but damn are the visuals stunning o_o

      my curiosity is getting the better of me though; are there any occult bees or something? like… a bee god, or bee curse, or whatever o.0a?

      also, I sense that Karen has a strong brocon based on the op o/ calling it now (unless someone called it already u_u) XD and I know Koyomi’s mentioned it before but lulz at how Karen’s noticeably taller than him!

    1. Did you even watch Bakemonogatari in its entirety?

      The series is about character development and interaction. Excuse it for beating around the bush a little and letting us grow to like the characters rather than being just another mystery anime.

      1. @Alec: er, correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t this episode 2?

        Besides, apart from reintroducing the character dynamics (or changing them in Nadeko’s case; she seems to have gotten over her shyness around Koyomi), they’ve also introduced Karen and Tsukihi properly and masterfully so we know what to expect of them, as well as have already dropped hints of things to come;

        -Gahara’s “bee” and “protection” talk

        -Hachikuji’s mentioning that if Koyomi’s family ie his sisters were ever to find themselves in one of those paranormal situations, he’d have no choice but to reveal himself as an ex-vampire- something he’d been putting off for a while.

        -Nadeko’s mention that her curse was actually started by some man’s rumor, and those rumors haven’t stopped

        then on the side of the new characters:

        -Tsukihi mentions that Karen’s out doing something and that they’re not doing anything troublesome, which seems to arouse Koyomi’s suspicions since he believes his sisters are a bunch of “fakers”

        -Karen saying that her “job is almost finished”. I’m guessing it has something to do with the man Nadeko mentioned, considering Karen was trying to help lift her snake curse before. (Karen is ‘Rara-chan’, right?)

        If anything, it was only Kanbaru’s part where I couldn’t find anything relevant, though I could have just as easily missed it if it was really subtle…


        That part requires re-watching!

        And it needs to be said, Kanbaru’s awesome factor just skyrocketed! The voice actors of this series must be having fun with how much life they bring to the cast.

    2. Like I said in my post, I didn’t mind that this was a “pointless” episode plot-wise because the character development of the returning characters was very well done. I don’t think the sole purpose of this episode was to show skin at all, but to really convey the sexual innuendo and tension that pervades both series. If you recall, Bakemonogatari had its fair share of skin as well, from Senjougahara’s shower scene to Tsubasa’s revealing pajamas.

    3. It seems this show is just not for you. Or you severly misunderstand it’s primal cons and concept.

      The highlight of the show are characters and their interactions. And that’s exactly what it is delivering. Also exactly why people love it. As for the plot, it is just a means to end for interactions to have place.

      Also if the next episode is “wasted”by reintroduction of Hanekawa or Gohara for the 2nd time, I will not be one bit dissapointed, even if it means that Karen’s plot is pushed back a bit again.

    4. I’m surprised you’re not even picking up the fact that maybe….just maybe, perhaps Nisemonogatari is building up the plot in a much more different and subtle way than Bakemonogatari did.

      I’m not sure if you’re truly oblivious or not, but the amount of hints being dropped here and there, and how the various interactions seem to be setting up stuff for later on should be enough to tell us that something’s gonna happen at some point without literally throwing it in our faces.

      Also the interactions shown thus far have either displayed the stability or change of development for the different characters.

    5. No wonder every post you have on here has so many low ratings that its hidden. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. If you obviously can’t enjoy/understand the witty and hot banter that takes place in this anime then just leave this treasure to the rest of use.

    1. Its okay… the unique interaction is still there… and it’s still on episode 2…at least those flashy scenes are worth right?….like an appetizer before eating a full course..

  6. That Karen OP might be one of the best visual treats I’ve seen in a while. SHAFT must be swimming in their animation budget, especially after the success of Madoka. If I was told that SHAFT would make it big after the airing of Bakemonogatari I wouldn’t have believed it.

    But damn Araragi literally has girls throwing themselves at him already. Nadeko isn’t being very subtle, but damn is Suruga just being hot now. I find it funny that he was able to get under Suruga’s skin though it only resulted in him getting harassed.

      1. The link! It’s not working ): but yeah Nadeko/HanaKana was pretty HNNNNNGGG during her whole airing time. Even hours after watching…I can’t forget…THAT TWISTER GAME. Am I meant to be feeling bad for Hitagi here?

        But still~ Arararararagi appeals a bit more to my tastes :3

      2. @Saya
        Haha…. nope! I Don’t Bend That Way!
        But still kudos to ARARARARARAGI for handling Sengoku, I’m still speechless on how he endures Sengoku attack, because that whole scene with her is just so….. HNGGGGG, she really wanna DO it.
        If I were ARARARARARAGI will just put my pOnOs to her vagOO , and then J-J-JAM IT IN!

        Wow! Seriously that’s ALOT of gif…wow!

  7. Like I told you Verdant, I will never ever give Sengoku to YOU!!!.

    Anyway setting that aside, I really love how they pull those word play in this episode which makes it interesting. Interesting in a sense we would find out later what it really means or was it literally stated.

    I really think we need a higher quality version of this so that it will look nice for RC banner.

  8. In Bakemonogatari: Nadeko = Moe Sugar Bowl. In Nisemonogatari: Nadeko = SEXY Moe Sugar Bowl! Now my diabetes are joined with high blood. XD

    Located the easter egg #1 but I didn’t notice #2. Gonna check later.

    EPISODE SCORE 10/10 +10000 more for sexy Nengoku.

    The Moondoggie
  9. i courageously admit that i might be treading on dangerous waters by making the following comments.

    nadeko totally stole the entire episode for me and the scene in her room was just jaw dropping. its anyone guess what might be in the thumbprint-locked closet. seeing how she makes her advances in this ep…. i wont be surprise if the closet has ___ (you guys can fill in the blanks)

    thus far…. this scene >> https://randomc.net/image/Nisemonogatari/Nisemonogatari%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2011.jpg has the ability to put dangerous thoughts in some people

    this scene >> https://randomc.net/image/Nisemonogatari/Nisemonogatari%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2018.jpg is just plain risque. sexually suggestive scene that’s not overly done and THIS SCENE >> https://randomc.net/image/Nisemonogatari/Nisemonogatari%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2019.jpg is totally left me speechless. interesting to see hoe he’s able to keep a straight face. in the entire episode, the twister scene blew me away IMHO

    the scene w karen was interesting as well. pretty interesting how shaft shows >> https://randomc.net/image/Nisemonogatari/Nisemonogatari%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2029.jpg one too many times. though her exit was the best exit ever

  10. hmm… for people who doesn’t like this seemingly going nowhere progression, this episode, like the last, was as faithful as it can gets from the LN… I wouldn’t call it reintroduce the character, but more like Araragi flashing out his harem.

    I am surprised, even after reading the LN, at how erotic the scene with Kanbaru was :3 that Araragi Maoyi head was priceless 🙂 though you can bet one thing… Araragi is a pervert!

    For those who want some real plot, next week will be a safe bet, assuming SHAFT continue their faithful run of this series. Show Spoiler ▼

    ps. Verdant, thanks as always with the post, really like your style :3
    pps. nice pick up on the Easter Egg 🙂

    1. You read Nisemonogatari in the language of origin? or is there anywhere a translated version? The same goes for any novel coming after nise, because all, that i could find were the first two novels.

  11. I ended up skimming through a few Bakemonogatari eps after this and I have a question.

    In ep8, (where Kanbaru’s demon contract was nullified and Araragi showed us the intestine lasso), Senjougahara berates Araragi for lying about having an bicycle accident when he was beaten half to death by Kanbaru at the rail crossing. This was especially serious since it was Araragi himself who made Senjougahara promise that they wouldn’t keep secrets from each other during her confession.

    After this Senjougahara says:
    “If you died, I’d obviously do everything in my power to kill Kanbaru. Araragi-kun, are you trying to turn me into a murderer?”

    Araragi then thinks: “She saw right through it. Really, she’s so understanding…”

    So my question deals with what Araragi meant by that internal monologue.

    Does this mean that Senjougahara understood that Araragi kept the secret because he didn’t want her to go hunting Kanbaru? Or was Araragi thinking that Senjougahara saw through the alternate method to nullifying Kanbaru’s contract? Or something else?

    The latter didn’t really fit for me since Araragi later thinks “I can’t believe you saw through all that, Oshino. You…even when compared to a demon, are one magnificent bastard.” which means that he was the one who told Senjougahara the plan and she was just following it.

  12. Oh wow, first we have Nadeko inviting Araragi (lol at him being totally oblivious to what kind of game Twister is), then we have Kanbaru downright molesting his family jewels. LMAO

    If Senjougahara ever finds out, she’d probably castrate him right away, if not kill him. (And of course, don’t get me started on Araragi proposing to Kanbaru at the sight of her naked)

    It’s not just Nadeko and Kanbaru, from series promotional materials, it seems every girl bar the “Fire Sisters” and Hachikuji will be getting an image makeover. Yes, even Senjougahara.

    Kinny Riddle
  13. Since Nisemonogatari’s PV was released last year my attention was pretty gotten by Kanbaru’s new looks and watching this episode, I can confidently say “Kanbaru’s fanservice certainly doesn’t disappoint” XD If anything this fanservice made a worthy rival to Senjougahara’s episode 2 (in Bakemonogatari) fanservice.

    1. It’s a close contender but close don’t cut it ;3

      That slap, complete with ripples, that Gahara-san did will forever be etched in my mind @_@ though I’d like to see what else Nisio+Shaft can come up with to compete o/

  14. I think this episode needed about 2x as many caps as the last one =03.

    Anyway, this episode was even funner than the last, but not quiiiite as interesting. I still find the dialogue with Mayoi to be the best thing that’s happened in the series so far, since it felt as if there was some slight char development or resolve from Araragi. I didn’t feel any of that in this episode, but that by no means makes this a bad episode. In Bake, Hitagi got her own episode(12), so it’s nice to see Nadeko[, Mayoi] and Kanbaru getting that treatment here, w/o any reason other than fanservice, even though it was only half-ish an episode per char. Esp Kanbaru. I’m not too big on seiryuus, but Miyuki Sawashiro’s way of slightly breathing before/during/after her dialogue REALLY emphasizes the sexuality of Kanbaru’s char =03.

    Also, seeing Araragi flipping, grabbing Karen’s feet from upside-down in mid-air and landing REALLY makes me anticipate that Kize(?) movie. Can’t wait to see him at his full vampire strength .

  15. Nisemonogatari has been a disappointment so far for me. Some jokes are funny, but the wordplay just isn’t so complicated anymore (unless everything is lost in translation, but I’m assuming not). Nisioisin is lacking in this arc, I really think so.
    Also, I realize there was fanservice last season, but it seems much more prominent in this one, and is becoming annoying to me.
    I will continue to watch because I want to remember what I loved so much about Bakemonogatari a couple years back. To experience that feeling once again.
    Unpopular opinion, I already know.

    1. To each their own~

      I think the key difference between Nise and Bake is that, in Bake, each girl had 2 or 3 eps focused solely on them, to get their story across, while in Nise we have 12 eps divided between Karen and Tsukihi, so there’s a lot more material to be animated instead of having a lite version. Any novel readers here? I understand from people’s comments that, for the past 2 eps of Nise, Shaft has been very faithful to the source material. Can the same be said about Bake? Say in Hitagi’s arc, how much from the novels were omitted in those two episodes?

      As for the fanservice last season, I guess another key difference is that it wasn’t so noticeable when Bake was airing, considering everyone had to wait for the dvd/bd to be released before we actually saw something visual XD

      But as I said, to each their own.

      I quite enjoy all the subtle (or not so, I guess?) hints being thrown our way, and Koyomi’s quite awesome as a protagonist for a ‘harem’ (though we all know he’ll never be able to fully realise that idea. Gahara-san would kill him, then kill herself for killing him, and Koyomi doesn’t want Gahara-san to die)

      1. I understand they are dedicating more screen time to Nisemonogatari vs Bakemonogatari’s season (the novels are shorter, less arc) but the story itself just doesn’t seem as good as Bake’s. Less of Koyomi’s interesting inner thinking, less gripping and suspenseful convos, less convos you have to carefully listen to, word for word (granted they are all still there, just less prominent). The other side of it all is, maybe I’m just being too nit-picky about it all and should just try my best to enjoy it.
        Watched a couple of the episodes in BD, but I don’t understand what you’re getting at there. Could you elaborate?
        Not gonna lie, I still like the show, I just don’t like it as much as Bake so I feel disappointed (high expectations are bad I guess). Read novels by Nisioisin that have been published in North America (Zaregoto 1 and 2, Death Note adaptation, part of xxxHOLiC adaptation) and remain interested in his writing style and love SHAFT so the combo of the two is amazing to me.

      2. What I meant about the BD was the blank screens we were being shown while the ecchi stuff were happening. If memory serves correctly, the part where Nadeko was being attacked by the snake-demon thing was mostly blank scenes when the series was airing. It was only in the BD where we actually saw the whole thing… and wow there was a lot to see o_o;;

        I rather like seeing Koyomi interact with all the other characters probably even more than hearing his monologues xD Don’t get me wrong, I like his monologues, but I think the cast is just as interesting, and so is his relationship with them.

        It was why I was rather put off that we didn’t hear Shinobu talk last season, since I’m really curious about her character.

  16. Bleh, I hate being to the party. I didn’t see any pointlesness in this. While I may not have read anything from Bakemonogatari, I do have the first two books of Zaregoto and NisiOsiN’s writing-style, when it comes to stories with a large cast, seems to have a bunch of intertwined ‘short stories’ that are either philosophical or foreshadowing.

    Nisemono more or less means fake, right?

    While, it could just be personality development (changing her attitude to Araragi), but Sengoku’s reaction to her mother coming home and how she doesn’t want her mother to think she is a pervert and how she is embarrassed to go outside with her bangs up. It could be debated that bangs-up, flirty Sengoku was a ‘fake’ when compared to how she acts to people other than Araragi.

    Unfortunately my train of thought seems to die when I try to write out things like this so I’ll just point out some other things I noticed…

    -Karen’s and Tsukihi’s choice in clothing are fake o their actual personalities.
    -Kanbaru proving her pervertedness when Araragi accused her of being a fake.
    -Hachikuji’s tease about dancing in the ED was fake.

    The ‘courage’ debate and ‘saying cool things in uncool poses’ debate were rather philosophical; however, saying, “I have the courage to X” implies they are doing it for the greater good, it also implies apathy.

    -“I have the courage to be labeled a pervert” can also have the meaning of “I don’t care if I am labeled as a a pervert.”

  17. Woah Kanbaru has gotten SEXY! Im speechless at how hot she is now. And her sexual harassment is really erotic, i hope to see more of her and Araragi interacting (with a few more sexual innuendo as well) I hope this isn’t the last time we get to see Araragi sexually harass Hachikuji every time they meet since he said he wouldn’t anymore at the end of this ep.

  18. Well tell you the truth….nisemonogatari was the only book the author never thoutgh would get animated…the level of ecchi in nisemono are damn high there is plot of course but…just be prepared


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