OP1.5 Sequence

OP: 「Happy Girl」 by 喜多村英梨 (Kitamura Eri)
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「家へおいでよ」 (Uchi e Oideyo)
“Come to My House”

It doesn’t matter if you’re related by blood or not, family must stay together.

With a bombshell of an ending just waiting for us, it’s a little amazing how upbeat most of this week’s episode was. Unlike last week where Hina stole most of the spotlight, this week’s episode had a lot more Miu and Sora. While I still haven’t gotten a clear picture of just how mischievous Miu is, it was fun watching her poke fun at Sora’s crush on Yuuta. Throw in Kitamura Eri’s playful voice and it’s almost like watching a younger, tamer, and more blonde version of Kanade from Mayo Chiki.

But amidst all the fun, Papakiki painted a clear picture of just how important family should be. With flashbacks between Yuri and Yuuta and scenes like this, it’s clear just how important this show believes a family should be. Even though I can’t ask for much since this is only the second episode, I think have a much better idea about what direction we’re headed in. Like I said last week, I started watching in hopes of some heart-melting family moments and this week definitely didn’t disappoint.

With that said, I’m still a little shaken up with how powerful the last scene was. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure how much emotion something even as serious as death would pull out from me when a series is only on its second episode. Amazingly, Papakiki managed to reinforce how serious death is by tying it with something it had only briefly mentioned before — Yuuta’s parents death. With a powerful flashback that put Yuuta right in his nieces’ shoes, it gave him the one thing I was looking for, a believable reason for him to adopt them.

While it’ll be a whole week until we get to see my new favorite trio and their new foster parent, the wait is killing me! Seeing how the show is going way past all my expectations within the first two episodes, I can’t wait to see where things go from here. A college student raising three kids in his cramped apartment sounds like a great story but throw in a crazy love interest, a player, and a stereotypical pervert who are all probably going to make his life even harder and you have a great story that should be hilarious. I’m excited.

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ED: 「Coloring」 by 堀江由衣 (Horie Yui)
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  1. newest impression of this show (combined with reading most of the translated manga chapters): Usagi Drop mixed up with Sora no Otoshimono in a blender…

    still, it’s heart warming as well as death – by – moe/fan-service

  2. I love this series so far! I actually picked up the manga and read a whole lot of it also. I just can’t wait to see where this series is going. I just wish Hina wont ever grow up, she is just too cute! So much moe, will they pick up on the fanservice though? I hope not, it is just the right amount, you know? Nice post TAKAII.

  3. While it’ll be a whole week until we get to see my new favorite trio and their new foster parent, the wait is killing me!

    Yeah, this show is now one of my favorite of the season. Heart warming story, a bit of fan service and Hina’s cuteness. Can’t wait for next episode!

    By the way, is it confirmed that the girls’ parents are dead? I think the breaking news listed Yuri as missing.

    1. While it’s not explicitly stated that they’re dead, they’re “missing” from a plane crash, which is really just a nice way of saying, “well, they’re dead, but we’re never going to find the bodies so we can’t confirm it for sure.”

  4. Last year we are treated with shows like Astarotte no Omocha! and Usagi Drop that really hit home. These shows that value family ties and such, this season we have Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai!, I’m surprise to this show because I never thought it will actually be like this as I avoided reading the previews on how exactly Yuuta ended up living in the Takanashi residence and bear the weight of the responsibility of raising 3 children. I say now I’m really looking forward watching this show 🙂

    Bonus points for the well done scenes showing close family ties shouldn’t be broken even in the face of a difficult crisis.

    1. I say you try the first 2-3 episode of this series and decide on your own, it was lots of moe characters but at the same time a fair share of older characters, Yuuta in fact was a college student (for a change) which gives a little bit of credibility that he can manage raising the 3 kids. I’m liking this show, but me liking this doesn’t mean everybody else will like this.

  5. And now the actual premise is in play, I chuckle at certain blogs (who shall remain unnamed) that write off any show with the slightest inkling of fanservice at the first chance.

    1. Fan service is ok if its the right place for it and its not used to beat us over the head with it like Seikon No Quazar. I don’t care for fan service with girls that are not at least 16 or older. Fan service with a 10 year old or a 3 year old (no thanx).

  6. If the parents are “missing”. It’s possible they crash landed on water and stranded on an island or something. Who knows, maybe they get rescued for the happy ending. I can’t imagine how else they could end this series. How all this plays out has me interested.

    Underneath the apparent loli fan service and comedic high jinks, there seems to be a genuine heartfelt story to it as well. Sadly, I’m sure a lot of people will be turned off by the loli service and completely dismiss the show as otaku pandering moe crud. Sometimes these kind of shows can be entertaining if you turn your brain off(with weed recommended).

    I mean cmon, how can you say no to this. Adopt to keep family together? of course! Loli Harem? Hell yeah! There’s always an ulterior motive to doing righteous things.

    Chillax Mang
    1. Yeah I’m really worried too. The same thing happened with C3 (CubeXCursedXCurious) just because of the 1st episode. It came off a lot to people as lolis, harem, and only fanservice anime so quite a few dropped it even though the second episode showed what the series is really about (quite dark at times).

    1. Not gunna lie, I teared up a bit. Even though I knew what Yuuta was going to do, when they flashed to the scene of his sister holding young Yuuta, and it fully hit me that he was going to do the same thing she did for him before…phew, it just got me. What can I say, I guess I’m an old softy somewhere deep inside =X

  7. I was wondering what made Shingo go crazy that I thought he and Yuuta never met yet.
    But after seeing Miu’s work, anybody will go nuts if that thing was in your house. Oh and I was also wondering about the lack of Raika screentime. When that timebomb of a new flash blew up near the end, it’s understandable. I was also a little confused because a lot of synopsis I read said the parents are just missing.

  8. I lolled so hard at the end. I already knew i think from this blog that they would end up in the same house. So i was waiting for a reason for them to be together. So imagine my troll face when they were watching falling stars right on the day the parents were on a plane. And they were singing about stars as well and wondered what they were.
    Your parents dead. lol.

      1. There is a difference in real life and anime. And yes one of my parents did die.
        It’s just when you’ve seen a lot of shows and you already read that they are going to end up together as another aishiteruze baby / usagi drop setting. You watch the episode wondering how they will end up together.
        Seeing how the plane the stars and the song all aligned was pretty hilarious from an obvious point of view.

    1. “There is a difference in real life and anime.”

      No need to tell me, I’m pretty aware of that ;3…
      But there’s always an appropriate word to used

      You do know too that kind of setting is happening in real life.. who knows maybe someone here experience the same thing and seeing that “I loled.. your parents is dead” is a big… >.>

  9. yet i read this u found & quote “http://tenka.seiha.org/images3/papa2/82.jpg

    Ciel had a brother?”

    after watching 2eps in indeed now add in slice of life drama on it darn this series now got me feel heart warming parts & now heard got license by sentai.

    oh please let series be dub in english someday come on deep down it feel must be dub in english.

      1. Hang on a sec… So you’re saying she’s got her white shirt tucked into her buttcrack while her shorts only cover half of her buttocks? Heck, I pray this fashion catches on in real life.

      2. Okay I understand that… But still… The outline of her butt is undeniably visible… You’re saying her shorts and shirt are just really tight around the area? Like spandex tight?

  10. as much as i appreciate how he adopt the trio… i find it weird how yuuta is way more concern about the 3 than losing his last family member… but i guess it would long out the series if he was to enter emo mode.

  11. This would have been a great wham episode ala Madoka ep 3 if it was an original adaption and people didn’t know about it beforehand. Probably would have thrown a lot of people into a loop. Too bad most sneak peaks and summaries already wrote down the premise.

    Zaku Fan
  12. I’m surprised they used a specific airline for the plane that crashed. Though they left of the actual airline name the alliance and livery were clear. In Japanese culture it’s both unlucky and insulting since Japanese airlines take their safety records so seriously.

    Regarding the anime, how is he supposed to take care of three children? I guess the rest of the family is going to have to help financially unless he plans on dropping out of college.

    1. That’s what the rest of the anime will show.

      Either way, since they’re living at his place, I don’t see why you’d need so much money. I’m sure all they’re other expenses like school fees, clothes and toys are already paid for, so all Yuuta really needs more money for is to feed the girls, which shouldn’t be too bad.

      1. No…he’ll have to pay for food, increased utility consumption and or the public bath, clothing, bedding, any health care expenses not covered by Japan’s universal health care, education beginning in high school under Japan’s education system, daycare for the youngest, etc.

        Assuming the older sisters get part time jobs and they all live a spartan life it will still probably be very tight/impossible (especially since many junior highs and some high schools forbid working part time anyway). He’s probably already working to pay for his own tuition and rent which, while cheaper than in the US, would be substantial.

        Of course if the parents have good life insurance the point is probably moot…at least long enough for him to graduate from college and get some kind of job. The girl in high school could also graduate and immediately enter the workforce or even drop out of high school in which case they could probably make it on their own….

  13. Indeed like some posters above said, this episode strongly reminds me of Usagi Drop, though this time involving college students in their early 20s rather than 30-something working-class grown-ups, which I can relate to better, but I’m still optimistic with the general direction this series is taking.

    Kinny Riddle
  14. I have a feeling Yuuta might come across a situation where he gets pressured into marrying the oldest one (Sora when she is 18) later on in the series (assuming if it goes that far) when they get older. Sora is already acting like a house wife, has a strong crush on Yuuta, and Miu already supports it since Yuuta is not blood related to any of them except for Hina and she is only about 4 yrs younger than Yuuta.

  15. All three sisters have the same father but each one has a different mother which is partly the reason the age gap between these siblings is larger than typical siblings. Hina’s mother is obviously Yuuta’s sister. One has a foreign mom I am not exactly sure if it was Miu or Sora but the family decided not to let whoever it was go to her mother just because the mother is a foreigner and does not speak Japanese.

  16. Is it just me or did you guys have a very, very bad feeling when they sung Twinkle, Twinkle little star? It wasn’t as much as the song itself- it was kinda adorable, but the voices were sad the whole time. Then you see the plane after them talking about trying to find a shooting star.

    Just the whole time I was watching the plane, I was expecting something very dramatic- perhaps a little too dramatic, but I would have enjoyed it. Basically I was thinking the plane would be going down and the whole time you see the parents reactions before they die.

    That would have literally killed me.

    1. Don’t drop it yet! This show is still comedy/drama so it’s still going to be fun. Besides the parent’s loss would make a good reason why Yuuta adopted the 3 sisters right? I mean what else they could use to justify Yuuta’s adoption of the three sisters?

      “Yuuta is a troubled and lonely college student. He could not get his love interest so he went and kidnapped 3 little sisters and forced them to call him oji-san and oi-tan.” Yeah. The parent’s loss is much much better as to why he adopted them.

  17. God damnit I hate myself. I never see stuff coming but somehow I saw *this* coming… T___T
    So yeah the impact wasn’t that hard as it could have been for me. I feel sour now. Reading all the comments about how you guys felt made me jelly man…

    And I’m really enjoying the ending song!

    Hao Hao
  18. I find horrible how their family members told the girls that separating them was the only way everyone will remain happy, that´s a miserable lie, they only want to do what´s easy for them, they are thinking out of their own interest not the girl´s. That´s why I respect Yuuta for doing what is right and keeping them together. Family is the only thing that´s woth something in this world, that´s why I love this show so much!.

  19. Takaii kinda forshadowed it last week so I watched the episode in anticipation. Then they get on the plane with a meteor shower going on… It makes me feel the plane got struck by a meteor. Or we can go with the less certain the plane just crashed. Perhaps the parents will return, perhaps not. I will watch this show with hope.

    Suppa Tenko
  20. This isn’t a serious comment, but anyone wonder how Hina has that much hair despite being only 3 years old? (yes, I know this is anime and liberties are taken with hairstyles)

  21. That was totally unexpected. Just before the news I was thinking that this will be a heartwarming family slice-of-life comedy, and then Wham! I got dumbstruck. (yeah this is a heartwarming family of life story I think but I didn’t expect this kind of drama) Man, one hand I’m always impressed when a series can shock on the other hand I was, uhh, I just sad for the girls 🙁


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