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OP2: 「The Everlasting Guilty Crown」 by EGOIST
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「学園 isolation」 (Gakuen)

After the conclusion of “Guilty Crown season one” last week, I’m admittedly torn over the direction of this continuation. The new opening sequence foreshadows a much darker and gloomier tone with Shuu manning up in Gai’s absence, but the episode itself switches back to the school life side of things with a culture festival during a quarantine lockdown. This isn’t the first anime to suggest something as preposterous as holding a school culture festival to help students forget about the graveness of a situation — nor will it be the last — but I really don’t feel that Guilty Crown is in any position to do so after finally making good on its questionable start. Episode twelve was a definite improvement from a series standpoint, albeit still a bit too forced at times, so I had to question the decision to try and lighten the mood immediately after. After all, only two weeks had passed since the repeat of the Lost Christmas. I would’ve like to see a lot more guilt, sadness, and distress in the characters, especially over Gai’s death and the fate of Funeral Parlor, rather than everyone taking it so well. Objectively speaking, the episode itself was perfectly fine; the timing of it was another matter though.

At this point, I’ve come to terms with the fact that Guilty Crown will have a questionable direction — or at the very least, one that I don’t quite understand what the producers have in mind — so I see little point in sounding like a broken record by bringing up the “concerns” that I have before. Execution-wise, I did find it a bit unbelievable to see the other students get on board with Souta’s culture festival idea, and even more so that the extremely volatile Daryl somehow “degraded” to a male tsundere. I dare say I had more respect for him when he heartlessly shot a mother and killed his father after finding out he has a mistress. The mere idea that he has any redeeming aspects is just weird, since I don’t see him quite on the same twisted and manipulative level as Segai. The latter will likely have a prominent role now that Shuuichirou’s cut him off and decided to be the temporary President — not Prime Minister — of Japan, whereas Daryl will probably remain his henchmen at best.

I’m not too sure what Shuuichirou hopes to achieve by sectioning off the area around ground zero — or why he’s still alive — but I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Black Spot in NEEDLESS and to a lesser degree, the Great Tokyo Earthquake in Deadman Wonderland. It’ll be interesting to see how this next arc plays out surrounding this cliffhanger given the similarities, considering that Mana is technically gone and his plan of reviving her through Inori has been derailed. It was a bit unusual to see this moment built up toward by an Ayase-centric episode, but I was willing to overlook that to a certain degree since I’ve been wanting to see more of her character. Granted, these were still far from ideal circumstances to show off her Void Legs — i.e. against some throwaway thugs whom Segai supplied an Endlave with — even if it improved her relationship with Shuu and showcased more of our main protagonist’s evolved power.

While I didn’t particularly mind either development — not even how Void Weapons can be used by their owners now — the latter did come off as a deus ex machina last time. It helps that using one’s own Void Weapon is going to be an integral part of the plot now, but wow did it come out of nowhere. It was almost as if the writers had only decided on that plot point last episode and are now running with it. Whatever the case, I just hope it pans out better than it was brought up, starting with a noticeable shift away from the high school aspect and toward the tone set in the new opening sequence.

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ED2: 「告白」 (Kokuhaku) by supercell
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    1. Well, even Fate/Zero season 1 had a crappy looking episode (11), so I am not surprised that the same applies to Guilty Crown. I actually expect at least 1-2 more eps. with off looking charadesigns like that. Of course there’s always hope that it’ll be fixed for the DVD/blu-ray release, but I doubt it.

    2. This episode was different from the others art-wise because it was outsourced to Studio Pastoral, a company with not as much animation talent as Production I.G. They outsourced to them before for episode 7. Episode 8 was also an outsourcing victim: key animation, in-between animation, finish animation, photography, and some of the CGI was left in the hands of Daume (DearS, Shiki).

      1. Nice idea…. Anyone want to bet the virus’ gonna corrupt Shu sometime later? As pointed out, it’s a very overpowered weapon. I just know things like that doesn’t come with a price.

        The Moondoggie
      2. @Moondoggie: They like playing around with “evolution.” I made the argument in my wall-of-text post that the mechanisms of Void powers, including the Apocalypse Virus (do we think that they are in the same family? Probably), are reminiscent of actual biological mechanisms of cancer. I’d be surprised if *somebody* didn’t go renegade in this show.

      1. Well I can agree with you a little bit,since shu is such a p*ssy ,but he’s starting to grow imo and eventually he deserves any1 or every1,there’s still 9 more episodes anyway,am supporting ayashu as well 🙂

  1. it’s a re-introduction to the cast, so it was undeniably cheesy (still, dat fanservice!!)

    …which leads me wondering: why is the first half not finished within 11 episode??

    another thing, the scenario we’re now shown to looks similar to some of the gundam timelines (Zeta, 00s2) with the enemy faction taking over the overall government and all…

    one interesting note: whats up with that?

  2. I love the new opening, it predicts a drastic change in the mood of the series from now on and I´d like to see how Shu manages to lead Funeral Parlor. In the regards of Inori, I see her a lot more full of emotions that I´ve seen so far and that´s good in my books we´ll finally get an actual development in his relationship with Shu that Gai has no more influence on her. Also the best part of the episode is Ayase, her character catched my atention from the begining and it was cool to see her fight the new Void power Shu just develop, it was a little out of the blue but it was agiven that his had to evolve at some point. I like where everything is heading.

  3. This week’s episode was actually pretty okay. Why exactly? BECAUSE IT DIDN’T FOCUS ON THE MAIN CHARACTERS.

    Usually, school festival episodes are meant to occur right BEFORE shit hits the fan, not after…but I guess you could say that the shit never stopped, considering that the main kids are now stuck inside the school. I guess it makes sense Tsugumi, Ayase, and Daryl were able to blend into high school life, considering…they’re teenagers. Part of me thinks this was just to get them all in school uniforms, but it works in a way. In fact, between the three of them, they’re much MUCH more interesting than the OH MAH SHOE Brigade. The scene between Daryl and Tsugumi was pretty cute, especially considering their circumstances, so hopefully that gets more development, even though, with just that one scene, it has more development in it than the main couple.

    Ayase, one of the few likeable characters, really shined. It might be because I lost a foot to cancer a few years ago, but I can really relate to Ayase’s struggle for self-dependence, if not on her level. The Endlave she piloted for the first half was basically her key to walking again, and without it, she feels useless. But when thugs, directed by Segai, things suddenly come to a head, and she regains the ability to help herself and others WITH…yet another Deus Ex Machina Void of the week made to fit the situation. AAAAAAAAAAAARGH. Well, at least it wasn’t a giant mech. Admittedly, it was pretty kickass watching her and Shu…well, kick the asses of conveniently timed thugs that crash their festival.

    Really, this episode didn’t do anything for Shu and the other school kids, which includes Inori now to, I suppose. I honestly forgot she was a popular singer up until this episode. But c’mon girl, you had two weeks to write some new material, and it’s not like you waste any energy doing work or emoting.

    The opening’s music and imagery are fast paced and exciting, which is something Guilty Crown has never really had a problem with. I’m surprised that Yuu/Daath isn’t in it, as I’d expect him to get at least a little focus. It also seems to be making parallels between Gai and Mana’s relationship and Shu and Inori’s. Which if the last episode is an indication, means that Inori is bound to be tying Shu up, molesting him, and giving him faulty firing arms in the coming episodes. The ending’s overall is pretty standard compared to the first one, and it looks like it’s showing us that Inori has been the one to pull Shu along this entire time…which is pretty accurate, considering the guy couldn’t even save her without getting his commander killed and their one, outdated mech destroyed.

    Overall, beside GC’s usual quirks, this episode did well in giving us a breather from the events of the last incident, and setting up key details for next week’s official introduction to the next and hopefully final arc. And besides that, it gave us more of the only reasons most people watch the show, which is the collective moe of Ayase and Tsugumi. Just keep up the laughs and cut down on the facepalms.


    TL;DR Ayase should be the protagonist, Opening was cool, Ending was meh

    1. Which if the last episode is an indication, means that Inori is bound to be tying Shu up, molesting him, and giving him faulty firing arms in the coming episodes.

      Not a very good idea. Last time something like that happened, Mana caused LC. And romance is just too squick, now we know Inori is a clone of Mana.

      The Moondoggie
      1. I know it’s not a good idea, but it’s what the OP is showing us. And considering that those are the only notable things that we saw between Gai and Mana, we can only hope it’s a red herring, otherwise the writers are going to drive this show straight into the ground.

  4. I’m not sold on it but I guess, Shuu’s convenient power-up is equivalent of getting a new gundam mid-series as well as being the same for Ayase.

    Also would just like to point out that Hare’s void can be used to heal and repair pretty much anything but didn’t occur to anyone to try and see if they could use it to help the girl in the wheelchair walk again.

  5. New opening! Hooray! Loved those new songs and videos.

    Great episode! Aside from lol-festival-time I enjoyed watching Ayase zip around on her new “strike-witch” legs! Just to see her smile again was great after she moped around beating herself up.

    New shipping this week! Tsugumi x Daryl and Ayase x Shu? Hey it can happen right? Ah well I know people like Shu and Inori together…I could be wrong hahah

      1. I agree with that. What they did with Daryl in this episode is just weird.

        Please remember that:

        A) He beat up and nearly killed a mother (IN FRONT OF HER SON) in the initial episodes
        B) He’s a sociopath who commits patricide. Granted, the father was an ass, but still…

        Jared Drake
      2. Tsugumi x Darly? Seriously?

        As to why he keeps on getting pawned by everyone and still miraculously alive is a mystery to me. But thanks to that I remember the Immortal Patrick Colasour from Gundam 00, except that Patrick Colasour is 10x likeable and 10x more character than Daryl. Oh and Patrick x Kati are perfect.

      1. There is no technically, they are. Cloning doesn’t change who she’s related to. And at least Shinji and Rei actually had bonding moments that makes a legitimate relationship, romantic or not. Shu and Inori have literally no reason to be attracted to one another, and the fact that they are siblings has it making even less sense.

      2. But even if they aren’t actually blood related, it still makes no sense for them to hook up. It’s the 13th episode and they haven’t had ANY romantic moments or any sort of connection. They have nothing in common besides the fact that they knew Gai and are both in FP. She may be a clone of Mana, but she’s retained absolutely NONE of her personality traits, for better or worse. There’s literally no basis for them to be in a relationship, let alone any of the stuff that the new opening is suggesting.

        Moral of Guilty Crown: All you have to do to get girls to like you is stick your hand inside them! Several times.

    1. Ayase: Gai gave me this device to determine and locate who would be best suited to taking over Funeral Parlor if he ever died.

      *gets close to Shu* beep beep beep beep

      Shu: Wait, he wants ME to be in charge?

      Ayase: Shu, shut up and move. *Inori is behind him* BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP

      Inori: I’ll do my best, sir.


  6. 1) https://randomc.net/image/Guilty%20Crown/Guilty%20Crown%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2036.jpg I knew he ain’t dead yet.

    2) The new OP was meh, I still like My Dearest more.

    3) Void evolving? Might as well. I’m still curious for the explanation on why Inori’s is a sword. She’s a clone, a tool which supposed to be a new body for Mana. I can understand Gai’s. I can understand Ayase’s. Heck I understand why there is a bandage, camera, binocs and scissors.

    4) AyasexShu. Why? Because ShuxInori is squick as hell.

    The Moondoggie
      1. What makes you think that? They’re sibs, or at least I think. If you will use Haruka as reason, then remember that Gai, in the flashback, mentioned “Shu’s new mom”. Even if not mothers at least they share the same dad.

        If Mana IS not related to Shu, then where did she came from and how did she met Shu?

        The Moondoggie
    1. 2) The new OP was meh, I still like My Dearest more.

      The new ED too was MEH, Departures is 100% better. (never like Koeda’s style anyway) I admit the new OP kinda grows on you after a few repeats but it’s still MEH. What happened Supercell?? 🙁

      1. I’m glad to find a few people to agree with on this score. Meh Meh Meh; and I really tried to like it over repeated viewing cause you can let go how awesome supercell can be. Well, you have to let go sometimes.

      2. Its music. Everyones tastes are different. There’s no way you’d like every single song from an artist. This is especially true with supercell with sooooo many different styles. Ryo is a genius.

        I’m the biggest supercell fan there is and I didn’t like Light my Fire or the new Nise ending. Incidentally I think both the new op and Ed are some of Supercell’s best work. Same with My Dearest.

  7. God I love the new opening sequence. It pretty much encapsulates what I want to see most from this series. And badass scarf wearing Shu and Inori looks so good together.

    LOL’d at Ayase and Shu’s cheesy back to back stance and smile.

  8. Wow… this is probably the most schizophrenic anime I have ever watched.

    And a lot of these characters had so much potential, and it all just goes to waste. I was especially hoping that Daryl would see some interesting developments, especially after killing his father, but he has been degraded to a tsundere, as Divine said. I mean, sure, his dad was a neglectful jerk, but (so far as we know) he never physically abused his son and still spoiled him, so I expected at least a little remorse from Daryl. Also, what happened with yandere-Student Council President. One episode, she’s obsessively searching for videos of Gai, but she doesn’t seem to have a care in the world over her “obsession” dying.

  9. I think this was a good start to the second season. The new OP and ED didn’t catch my attention, but that music during the fight scene was pretty epic.
    So if void weapon can be use by their owner, why can’t Inori use her sword-void … I just like to see her fight more, instead of just being “use”.

    BTW Ayase X Shu. They’re too cute together.

    Also Tsagumi is adorable in that outfit.

  10. Two things of note:

    1) Everybody can now have their Void out and stay conscious and act normal. But when Shu pulls the sword out of Inori she is once again on the ground looking like she’s passed out.

    2) I thought it was interesting that while Ayase was landing next to Shu (after he smokes that Enclave) she holds her skirt down so no one gets a panty flash. It’s amazing that they would put that much forethought into such a simple thing, but then have the overall plot seem like an afterthought.

    1. Obviously, you need to get your girl friend out of the way when flirting with other girls.

      From that stand point, I actually want inori to do what mana did to gai on Shuu. Not that I likes their pairing, just a befitting fate for guys flirting with multiple girls.

  11. Shu’s augment in power was given a reason, and it wasn’t the hand holding. Oh Gai, you sentimental sap you. I thought this development was reasonable and well done, alluded to at the end of episode 11 when Daath mentioned something about Shu not assuming his responsibilities (as king) despite possessing the power. The restoration of his memories also triggering an increase in his powers may sound like deus ex machina, but I disagree with that way of thinking for two reasons.

    First, the analogy that this show draws to biological principles immediately gave me a heads’ up as to a reasonable explanation. There’s a bit of molecular biology supporting my view if you care to read it.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    To simply state the latter case, mutations can knock down the barrier that blocks cancerous gene expression: therefore, an additional functionality (growth) is gained. While this is a bit of a stretch, we can view Shu’s personality in episodes 1-11 to be that “inhibiting factor.” Gaining his memories back effectively allowed him to gain an additional functionality that, as I will continue to argue, reflects a major shift in his character.

    Second, Shu’s increase in power ultimately reflects his increasing empathy. The “guilt” that we learned to be associated with Shu’s power was that of peering into someone’s true, inner self. That, and dragging your friends into dangerous situations and tapping into their chests in order to lay waste to enemies. Needless to say, an extremely invasive process. Shu’s interactions with Ayase in this episode suggest that he has overcome this personal barrier – which naturally flows into his ability to situate himself among others. We heard from Shu back in episode 1 that “his mind worked out of sync” with that of everybody else. With this mindset, no wonder why there was so little synergy between him and his friends. Ayase naturally offered the most support for this point, by telling Shu that Gai had given her the ability to break free of her disability and live a happy life. Is it so surprising that Ayase’s void is something that grants unparalleled freedom? By mirroring the actions of Gai, except through different mechanisms, Shu proves that he is also capable of creating results, and finding his way into the heart and soul of those around him.

    Of course, there are some good questions that have yet to be answered. What is Daryl doing – and why? Does Arisa know about Gai’s death – and how much did she really “love” Gai? We were given hints, but the feelings of non-leading females have been known to often be erratic and/or filled with ulterior motives. That doesn’t scream “inconsistency,” or “shitty direction.”

    However. Praise will have to wait. Bandits do not need to wait for school kids to throw a festival before they raid. As I’ve stated before, GC is no stranger to putting small twists on excessively overused storytelling elements. It seems like they had plans from day 1 to release a show that was chock-full of successful, widely recognized elements, and to use those to build an elaborate world. In part, they’ve succeeded. The larger problem is convincing a large audience that such tools aren’t just gimmicks – and I believe that is a burden they cannot meet.

    Overall, my high hopes that were rekindled for this show last week have continued to be rewarded.

    1. Huh, the thing about Shu’s development actually makes a bit of sense considering how highstrung he was early on. It still doesn’t make him anywhere near competent to actually lead FP, but at least he’s growing in his own right finally.

    2. You are absolutely right, one of the main focus of the series is the evolution of Shu´s character. Shu himself stated episodes ago that when his heart and the heart of the people around him change or grow so will the Power of Kings and the Voids, if you see it from that perspective is not Deus ex Machina at all.

      1. The deus ex machina part comes from the fact that there was nothing to suggest that Shuu’s Void Genome power can evolve like this, and it was crucial to solving the “problem” last time by allowing Gai to wield his own weapon.

  12. well, -I- thought this episode was a step in the right direction… before I came and read the review :/…

    Ayase’s void legs were freaking awesome. Probably a little OP, but freaking awesome.
    It’s clear this series is going to continue being confused about it’s direction. To me, it almost seemed like this is where they really wanted to start things off. It’s almost as if we are watching a Sequel instead of the second half of the first season.

    With allies able to wield their own voids, Shu can build himself a party. Nay, an ARMY! muahahha.

    Hmmn, I’m giving up on Guilty Crown having anything akin to an epic and moving story. It hasn’t pulled it off in the first half, and I dont see it becoming suddenly better in the last half :/. So I’m just going to enjoy the shiny and the good parts, and try my best not to cringe or think too hard about everything it could be doing better >.<;.

    1. You’re entitled to enjoy your shows however you want. There’s a lot of good here, and I wouldn’t even say that there’s bad. There seem to be preconceptions about what “should” be, and it’s making a lot of readers ignore the story being told within the subtleties. Don’t let naysayers make you lose faith in what you consider to be an entertaining show.

    2. Remember it all depends of people taste and that´s the most subjective part of a person. What you consider good or epic might not aply for someone else, so just watch the series and pay little attention of what other classify as good. I myself consider the show is awsome but many desagree with me but that´s beacuse everyone is different and there is no reason to apologice for that.

  13. The main concern for me was the fact that the writers did nothing to follow up after Shu and Ayase used a massive claymore and crazy technology flight boots in front of a crowd of high school kids.

    It did not help further that it immediately transitioned into Inori’s live concert with everyone pretending they did not just see 2 kids take out an endlave.

  14. really? no one will say anything about this? https://randomc.net/image/Guilty%20Crown/Guilty%20Crown%20-%20OP2%20-%20Large%2009.jpg or maybe why he look so dead..i predict someone death too and….since when does this guy walk like ‘da bouss’ althou i adimit the scarf looks epic. but again the scarf always looks epic i love the new OP totally addicted to it =w= i…only watch guilty crown for the OST and animation i gave up on the plot at chapter 7 but you know this episode was pretty good…but the festival was fricking forced and lol yankee in the first minute

    btw i suppor shuXayase althou i think ayase will die…

  15. antihero shu will make this series better and haruka what hapenned to you?
    i guess this will triger antihero shu mode, and with funeral palor scater
    i really looking forward how he will lead them back…

  16. GC Producer: Okay EP 13 writer, you’ve satisfied our audience with Tsugumi and Ayase and that ends your job! Also what’s with the bandits invading the school? We demand school life for crying out loud! You’re fired! EP 14 writer come here!
    EP 14 Writer: Uhm sir, so I guess I should continue with giving the fans their Ayase and Shuu dosage?
    GC Producer: Correct.
    EP 14 Writer: awwwwyeaaaa.jpg

      1. …good point. And in addition to being stylish, they are also functional.

        If this whole freedom fighter thing doesn’t work out, Shoe could go into selling the military designer footwear.

        And THAT’S why his name is Shoe.

  17. Hey a GC episode that doesn’t completely annoy me! Even the OP doesn’t feel lame anymore. Well except for the fact that it tries to shove ShuxInori down our throats when it isn’t even remotely intresting (When is Inori actually going to get a personality?). At this rate I can actually count these decent episodes with more than one hand.

    Points go to Shu for finally going through an entire episode without me wanting to castrate him. Instead most of the emo goes to Ayase who suffers from “I can’t live without Gai because he was so awesome(except not really)” depression. I’ve always believed that Gai was one of the worst aspects of GC since he holds everyone back and it shows. Thankfully she gets out of her funk quickly and looks awesome and sexy while doing it. How does that work anyway? It took Shu ten episodes to get rid of his emo when it only took Ayase one episode?

    The only problem I have is that this episode is filler. Nothing really happens until the end, and the attack on the festival was just dumb and contrived. And why do the writers keep Daryl around? He has no redeeming qualties whatsoever. Just kill him off already.

    Unfortunately the show now has only nine episodes to wrap-up. Will they made the last stretch good or at least watchable? I doubt it. Good thing I’m in a good mood so that makes me somewhat optimistic. I have Kyono Madoka to thank for that. *re-watches Lagrange*

    1. Daryl is going to defect to the “good” side because Tsugumi is going to be the only person in his life to ever give him any love and validation. Which clearly is all he ever wanted.

      1. Take note future writers! As long as you show an antagonist having family issues, its okay for him to murder families and eat puppies because it will make him sympathetic. It totally worked with Mike Myers in the remake movie. And the GC writers have clearly proven they have such competent writers with their consistency and pacing!

  18. So, Shuuichiro and Segai initiated a coup, stood idly by while a city gets half its population decimated, and at the end of it all…they get promoted…


    Not exactly sure what the Antibodies mission statement is, but I think having half a city die on your watch no matter what you reported back to headquarters should have been a irredeemable black mark on your record not a f-ing commendation and promotion.

    Ugh, I know my grammar for this is crap, but can’t really put in the effort to reword this.
    Also, Shu is still too emo, was hoping for a better personality change after Gai’s death…

    1. Grammar is fine, and point is infinitely valid. Then again, if GHQ is known for being anything, it’s corrupt. It’s likely actual ability to accomplish stated goals had nothing to do with this promotion.

      1. It can be both. “Half of its population decimated” just means that 50% of the people were killed.

        There’s actually a grammar mistake in your quote that wasn’t in Ptolemaios00’s original comment though. i.e. “its” vs “it’s”.

    1. I could definitely hear it in Departures but in the case of the new OP Chelly sounds nothing like Nagi. Nothing like her at all. So I don’t think it’s really fair to say she’s trying to copy or sound like her here…

  19. Going to get downvoted for this, but I am sure Gai is coming back somehow…he is still the 3rd most prominent figure in the OP after Shu and Inori.

    They will pull some plot bending “void” where it brings back everyone killed by the virus since the virus memorizes everyone’s genome or something like that.

    Even if this comes to pass, I am in for the long haul for this series. My intelligence cannot be insulted further 😛

    1. If they’re going by the Guren Lagann trope, Kamina was still pretty influential (I think even more so than Yoko, who was still alive) on the other characters, especially Simon, after his death. Gai is on the OP because I’m getting the feeling that the writers wanted to put a parallel here in the sense that Shu = Simon and Gai = Kamina and how Gai and flashbacks of him would help mold Shu’s personality later on.

      But then again I might be giving the writers too much credit than they deserve. There’s actually no stopping them from going by this route you spoke of.

      1. In Gurren Lagann, Kamina’s death had a major impact on the team. Simon himself was a complete mess for three episodes before finally finding his balls, and in terrific fashion. I wouldn’t have minded Shu having a mental breakdown about Gai’s death for a few episodes and then coming back…if he didn’t already do that in episode 10 about killing a kid he didn’t know. And if the new OP is any indication, he’s not done angsting yet.

      2. Exactly. I kept feeling that they were trying to go for the Simon Kamina development thing which was awesome. Remember how Kamina was always motivated by Simon yet Simon said the same thing about Kamina? It is similar here as well.

      1. Guilty crown’s been happy crown so far.

        If they want to bring up the guilt, they need to be fast. But I get the feeling that the writer simply doesn’t have the gut or life experience for it.

  20. add to this list of “walled phenomena” the Gate in the “Darker than black”…
    the show has crossed the lne twice now, from bad to so bad it’s good, and then into what a fabulous trainwreck
    let’s see, near-apocalypse, martial law – and we’re holding culture festival and students council election… we also send one of major villains to act as a tsundere romance interest for some of the more fan-liked female chars…

  21. Just loved the victory pose Shuu and Ayase did right after they killed the Endlave. Wathced it over and over again. I think (read: hope) Guilty Crown will take a different path than the previous arc. I’ll see this arc as a fresh start.

  22. This episode 13….

    A cultural festival – yeah, a show with high school characters wouldn’t be complete without one.

    Lots of Ayase and Tsugumi – I approved of this, especially Tsugumi in sailor uniform, very good.

    Best of all – Shu all of the sudden is a completely different character, as if he transformed 360 degrees, he’s cool, dependable, and certainly worthy as a main character now, as if the producers are listening all the cries of people who do not like his character just 2-3 episode back.

    After weeks of rather disappointing episodes, Guilty Crown is getting to the point that I’m looking forward to see the next episode, the rather cliffhanger ending this week that made me “what! It ended already?” is a sure good sign that I like this series now.

    The only thing left now that I’m looking forward for development was Inori, seriously, she still lacks it.

  23. I fully admit I might be missing something (hard to be observant with all DAT TSUGUMI & AYASE), but since nobody needs Shuu to hold their hand, what’s stopping Ayase from using her Dark Boots all the time? Is there a time limit on Voids? Or is this another “I’m a big girl, I can do it myself” thing? Self-sufficiency is one thing, but when your options are Radical Good Speed or a wheelchair, it seems like a no-brainer.

    Cloud is Not Amused
  24. I have a feeling a new romance is emerging Shu x Ayase. There were hints of it in the first half and now it seems like it is also a possibility. Technically Ayase is the one that brought him out of his socially isolated shell. She seems like a much stronger love rival than Hare and they also seem like a good pair fighting along side eachother.

    1. Honestly… what Ayase said about Gai (which her feelings somewhat stem from): He gave her legs, so to speak. She could escape her limitations through an endlave. Shu doesn’t miss a beat and pulls out some sick antigrav roller blades and, well, gave her legs. I don’t know how much more obvious their chemistry can be, but we’re still force-fed Inori in the OP.

      1. well if put that way , gai give ayase leg (endave) to walk while she give her wing to ‘walk’ (void) so basically shu contribute more thant gai after all he able to give new means to ayase to move on

      2. If you consider what happened in eps 11 and the episode after Shu was forced to kill Yahiro’s brother Jun. Ayase was clearly more concerned about Shu than Gai which was very obvious at the end of ep 11.

  25. They ruined OP and ED, I miss the old songs. Plus, if you have a wheelchair character, why for god sake make her run with some poor script choice??? She has already been more than useful with her handicap without that horrible Void.

      1. “Koeda butchers songs”.

        This. She’s pretty much on my bad side after the “My Dearest” single, which I bought and sadly assumed that the other tracks would be of the same quality and worth listening to. They’re not. Like another commenter mentioned, that “crying voice” she does really is unpleasant.

        I am so scared for supercell’s third album. If anything, more Chelly and less Koeda.

      2. I love supercell and both the new op and ed.

        I don’t agree Koeda butchers songs. I think she sounds great when kept in check as in My Dearest and Kokuhaku (this ed song). However, I do agree the other 2 tracks on the My Dearest single were god awful. My Dearest was so good, so I was really looking forward to the other two songs. God was I disappointed.

  26. Why do I feel that Gai feel emerge again lol. I also feel that very little was explained regarding the virus and what it is etc.

    At least we do know that Shu father is behind all this and is some way connected.

  27. Well i dare say i am not expecting anything anymore from this show. It is still visually ok to watch though and must admit the music is just great. Oh and Inori actually has clothes on now… poor Divine!

  28. didnt Shuuichirou get one-touch killed last ep?
    why the hell Daryl is going undercover in the school?
    do we see “walled out Gate” fron DtB?
    my head hurts… thankfully Tsugumi and Ayase are perfect painkillers
    also I am raising the flag on USS Ayase X Hare after DAT RESCUE shot

    1. i think that person in tv ‘might’ not be Shuuichirou , because i believe he was kill in the previous episode, my guts telling me that it could be yuu in disgust, because he is full of mystery . afterall in somewhere season , gai stated one only person in world will only gain power of king , then how yuu was able to get if she already obtained it.

  29. Didn’t give a rat’s backside about the cultural festival aspect of this episode – I get it, people (especially emotional kids) need a distraction in traumatic/stressful times – it just felt so forced and it irked me how much the FP members seem to gloss over losing their leader/friend/crush/etc.

    Hopefully they’ll bring that back next episode, and with Gai and Mana’s inclusions in not only the OP but the ED as well, I’m still tangentially hopeful for their return.

    The OP showcasing Shuu in a more badass light is excellent, though I also got the feeling it could foreshadow a Bad End with either him, Inori, both, or his school friends dead before the series finale.

      1. Oh I hope so. Shu himself is getting way too much credit. C’mon Yahiro, the guy killed your brother! Why are you making him king of your high school?!

        If they call Shu the chosen one…


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