「友達、できました!」 (Tomodachi, Dekimashita!)
“Made a Friend!”

With the miles of exposition out-of-the-way, the story is finally getting interesting! Perhaps this is because we’ve entered the part where us ignorant non-light-novel-or-manga readers don’t know what’s going to happen next. Before this, we knew Issei was going to die and become a devil (it was in all the promotional material), and the Scared Gear came too abruptly for any tension or anticipation to build (plus, it was in the OP), but with the arrival of Asia Argento (Asakura Azumi), we’re finally getting into something interesting. “But Stilts!” you say, “Asia is in the OP too! We know she’s going to join the protagonists!”. Yes, but shush! We know she’ll join, but we don’t know how, and since they didn’t resolve it all in one episode we’re left wondering. Finally, there’s more tension in the plot than just that in Rias-senpai and Akeno-senpai’s uniform tops.

That said, I guess the exposition wasn’t completely done with, as the whole chess motif was finally explained. I didn’t have a problem with it this time though. Whereas in episode 2 all the exposition was delivered while standing around and just talking, here it was done much better. For one, the chess stuff was less obvious, so it was actually interesting to learn about. It was also delivered during a largely inconsequential battle, which is always appreciated. It’s nice to have something to look at during exposition, provided it’s not so important that the talking detracts from the action. There’s also just something about classifying people into what basically amounts to classes that I really enjoy. Probably a lifetime of Tolkien-inspired fantasy RPGs and the whole Fate franchise are to blame for that one.

In addition, the character traits that I found irksome last week disappeared. Rias-senpai still scolded Issei, but it was obvious that it was out of concern. As for Issei himself, while he was still plenty perverted – especially about the tit-laser demon with the large rack – he was much more heroic. The part at the end where he was yelling for Asia and struggling to get to her really made me like him even more. As I’ve said before, I like my perverts to have hearts of gold, and Issei is finally proving that he may actually deserve the Harem King title he wants so badly. Well done, sir.

If I had any qualms about this episode, it was that it painted the minions of the church as pretty psycho. In a confrontation between devils and a holy man, it was clear who the good guys were, and hoo-boy, it was not that priest. I would have preferred a little more moral ambiguity than this, but perhaps that’s just me. It’s a minor sticking point anyway…this guy was just a small fry, so it’s okay for him to be a little kooky. I’ll just be irked if all members of the church are like that, save for Asia, of course.

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    1. I am not. On Divine’s advice, I’m only taking two series this season, to get into the swing of things without burning out. He’s hoping to keep us writers around for as long as possible, and I for one would like to facilitate this : ) I will be watching it though, and you can follow my impressions on (shameless plug) my twitter.

  1. ok now we got a crazy wacky excorcist person who total nutcase really whoever voicing that excorcist is so PLAYING AGAINST TYPE.

    yet also laser shooting acid melt doobi beam?! yea queen’s blade called melona is so going why you doobi milk attack on it.

    also seem looking indeed plot starting to hmm with nun girl appear got wonder what next & being a pawn you got long way to be harem king.

    really wonder funi going to dub this series someday (must think which funi va to cast on it.)

      1. MR.KLAC is no high & besides it was around 10:30 or 11:00am i watch ep.3 of dxd in asian time zone of jan 21.

        besides really i’m not into HIGH stuff give i’m wondering who funi will cast in english dub version of it.

  2. Harem King starting as a pawn?! this is going to be interesting…
    too bad I am still on Rias-senpai’s ship, but I still like how Issin became a bit more likeable with his actions this episode. Though there is no way he can be a harem king until he master that gear of his… (right now it is just a power glove that hit people…)
    and again, that ED animation… wants more!

  3. As far as I recall, in the manga Asia and that exorcist are actually rogue from the Church. More like, excommunicated. They explain that during Issei’s impending doom, but I guess Japan just wants to hate the church.

  4. first – your main site is now classified as NSFW with the fanservice shots of angelic/demonic boobs – and with fondling, no less
    second – lightsabers yeah!
    third – nun fanservice! and Asia certainly has some assets advantage over Index…

  5. I too appreciate the subtelty they try to show us with angels that can be bad and demons that can be good.
    It makes me think so hard about other stuff in life too.
    This work is as profound as the dalai lama teachings.

  6. “Yatta!” – I know you probably weren’t referencing anything but I got a Hiro Nakamura vibe just then 😛

    I somehow managed to watch the first 2 eps and skim through the 3rd ep but I can’t motivate myself any further.

    But hey, I give them credit for how outrageous they are. I mean those tit lasers lol.

  7. They glossed over why the Chess Piece system was created.
    It was because the devils lost a lot of people in the Great War and so needs to have specialized devils to make up for numbers.
    And you gotta wonder about the remaining chess pieces. 1 rook, 1 knight, 1 bishop(they missed here that Rias has a bishop who is out of town) and 7 pawns. Some of them havent been filled yet. Add the fact that Asia is in the OP and ED and…yup.

    Also, laser bewbs is definitely not in the novels but it was a disgusting enemy.

    Finally, who’s the seiyuu of the crazy priest?

      1. Red eyes, check.
        White hair, check.
        Enjoys slaughter, check.
        Expressions include the adjective/adverb “shitty”, check.

        Isn’t the priest in this episode an expy of a certain scientific level 5 ESPer called Accelerator? XD

  8. AH’M A FIRIN’ MAH LAZOR…has taken on a whole new meaning with this show. Good gravy, this one really loves to straddle that line between hentai and ecchi. Unlike most hentai, it looks like it has a sense of purpose (which by my experience is mostly shock and titilation….not bad things, really, but….). Now this purpose isn’t that deep, this isn’t a Miyazaki film. But it isn’t depraved, nor is it pointless.

    I know it’s far to early to vote for best ED, but with the 2011 poll still rather fresh in mind, I’m going to state without equivocation that this ED with be the one to beat. Pretty much encapsulates the show, the characters, and the purpose. Besides, it has my fave Koneko flashing that scissor kick. HNNNNNNNG, indeed.

    Thanks to Fabio for pointing out the origin of our brand new favorite nun. I wonder how Asia herself feels about this appropriation. I haven’t found out any connections online. But considering her horror background, she just might be a fan.

  9. Good episode as it left me wanting to know more. I hope from the preview that we are going to see some awesome devil and fallen angel battle scenes. I’m guessing the first person in Issei’s harem will be Koneko?


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