「かれんビー 其ノ貳」 (Karen Bii Sono Yon)
“Karen Bee Part Four”

Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade 「キスショット・アセロラオリオン・ハートアンダーブレード」, where have you been this whole time? I’ve waited 18 episodes for Oshino Shinobu (Sakamoto Maaya) to finally speak, but this entire time I expected her to have this fragile and quiet voice befitting her appearance in Bakemonogatari – not a haughty vampiress who struts around in her birthday suit like it’s no big deal.

Looks like Araragi’s show of bravado in last week’s episode was all for naught because whatever trouble the Fire Sisters were in had already been resolved by Hanekawa, and all that was left for him to do was to hear Karen’s heroic tale. I would’ve really liked to see the two older siblings get into a tussle and yelling match because that’s how they usually work things out, but unfortunately Hanekawa’s presence put a stop to that. I think it’s also worth wondering whether Karen usually bites Araragi in their fights, or if this is actually a side effect of her curse because Araragi seemed to have a bit of a shocked expression after hearing about the strength of her teeth. Seeing the two sisters revert back to their “sweeter” personalities in front of Hanekawa brought back some memories of Bakemonogatari, but it also served to show that they can be imposters in more ways than one. I thought Araragi really summed it up best when he pointed out that even though they were doing the right thing, they didn’t have the strength to become true heroes of justice.

One person who does possess strength but is loath to accept it is Hanekawa – looking cuter than ever. She’s already my favorite heroine of the series, and ditching her glasses and long hair has only further cemented that status. Their conversation just rehashed what we already know about the situation and spelled out what I and many others have already guessed at: Kaiki Deshuu, the ill-omened con man, is the one responsible for both spreading the curse and afflicting one on Karen. I thought it was creative of SHAFT to play the scene of Hanekawa and Araragi’s when they first entered his room on his TV. They probably didn’t want to leave anything out from the novel but was limited by time constraints, so this is the compromise they came up with. I too, have wondered what kind of clothes Hanekawa wears. SHAFT, make it happen.

The rest of their conversation had some peculiar word choices that stood out to me. The first is Hanekawa’s observation that Araragi’s worry for his sisters seems more “desperate” than his worry for the rest of the heroines, making me wonder what the basis of this remark is. Could it be that Hanekawa is jealous of his sisters? I’ve also had a feeling that a mutual attraction exists between her and Araragi, an idea that gained some steam after she revealed that the phone conversation that made Senjougahara turn so dere was actually a threat to ask Araragi to become her boyfriend. The second is when Hanekawa made fun of Araragi using the suffix “-chan” when referring to his sisters. He hasn’t shown much endearment for them yet, so I’m interpreting this as a sign of his true feelings towards his sisters.

I had completely forgotten that Shinobu lived in Araragi’s shadow, but can you really blame me when she never even said a word until now? I didn’t know what to make of her sudden arrival other than the fact that it completely shattered the image that I had imagined based on her prior appearance. This is a good thing though, because it makes this cast even more memorable with the addition of a Mina Tepeş type character (from Dance in the Vampire Bund). She probably has one of the best opening lines a character can have too – even Araragi was left speechless at her entrance (although the true pervert he is, that might be from seeing her naked or from the thought of marrying her). I haven’t read Kizumonogatari so I don’t know the exact details of their past, but I do know that she is the reason why he was once a full-fledged vampire. Although the two of them might not ever forgive each other for whatever happened, they at least were able to reconcile and share some tender moments, like when he washed her hair and when they shared his tub and embraced at the end.

Even though Shinobu hated hearing countless stories of ghosts and monsters from Oshino, it did make her useful as she immediately identifies the creature that is afflicting Karen as well as the paralyzing flame-like fever that accompanies it. Shinobu can’t consume the disease to heal Karen, so it’ll be interesting to see what Araragi pulls out of his bag of tricks to save his sister, all while probably fighting off Kaiki who is sounding even more dangerous by the second. “A fake who can be more real than the real thing,” is an ominous prediction indeed, especially if the fake is a monster too. One thing that I’m not as clear about is that I thought Araragi had his own vampire powers which enabled him to break Senjougahara’s constraints. Finding out that Shinobu was actually the one who cut the chains leads me to believe that she is the source of Araragi’s powers somehow – a theory which was bolstered when she suggested that he kill her so that he wouldn’t have to worry about his vampire bloodline extending his lifetime. Araragi’s strong character shines through when it needs to. Even when faced with a future without his loved ones, he clings to his idea of justice to do the right thing. I thoroughly enjoyed the two vampires’ interactions in this episode, so I’m really hoping I won’t have to wait many more episodes until Shinobu graces us with her voice.

* Araragi’s version of planking
* What did Shinobu mean when she said she likes “pon-de-ring” but golden chocolate is her favorite? Is it wordplay, or is she just remarking on something that Araragi did in the past, seeing as they can share emotions and senses.
* Tsuhiki’s taken notice of her brother’s muscles, is that why she’s so jealous.


ED1.5 Sequence

ED: 「ナイショの話」 (Naisho no Hanashi) by ClariS
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    1. Ah! Shinobu’s Voice! <3 <3 <3

      Anyway, I'm glad I read through Kizumonogatari a few days ago. It really gives you foundation to understand the Shinobu/Kisshot relationship with Koyomi. When she said 'neither of us will ever forgive one another, and thats fine' it summed up everything for Kizumono very adeptly; considering how it ended. And her silence through Bakemono makes more sense now; she was actually just brooding because she didn't get what she wanted; and making me recall the whole '90% of vampires borne of humans die from suicides' line.

      Good stuff. Good stuff indeed.

  1. “even more memorable with the addition of a Mina Tepeş type character (from Dance in the Vampire Bund).” If only she wasn’t a rip-off of Evangeline A. K. McDowell from the Mahou Sensei Negima franchises!

    It was worth it, waiting 18 episodes, for Shinobu to speak. Having her appear too early would have made things more complicated. As Mayoi said in the first episode “add too many characters [to the harem] and it makes it difficult for the audience to follow.” Now that we’ve lost Oshino Meme, it was time for Shinobu to become “real.”

  2. I was kinda surprised at how talkative Shinobu is. In addition, I haven’t heard Maaya Sakamoto talk in a ‘loli-voice’ so I was sort of alarmed when I heard it. I’m only used to her “Nino” and “Mari” voice.

    The relationship between Koyomi and Shinobu is astonishing (for lack of better words)
    I have read Kizumonogatari and didn’t realise it was that way.

      1. What kind of image am I portraying? D:

        Ah well. *proceeds to save nekkid churaragi*.

        Yep. Very much appreciated. But seriously this has to be the worst timing for you to be seducing me with screenshots from the front page. :<

  3. I thought that Hanekawa would have threatened Senjougahara with something else other than “I’ll ask your boyfriend out.” I guess that this means that Senjougahara really thinks that he would leave her if Hanekawa were to try and take him away?

    1. Pretty much everybody in the series have been stating that since the beginning and how they were amazed he and gahara were together. Like they say, Hit your enemy where it hurts the most. The one place they can’t defend from. For gahara, it is Araragi…

      I wonder how Hanekawa must have felt seeing how Araragi ended up with Gahara knowing that he was meant for her?

      1. just look at what happened to Tsubasa’s appearance… no glasses (she wears contact now), SHORT HAIR!!!… those are the sign of heartbreak. In the LN, when she first had this appearance, it even caused a bit of chaos among the teachers at school… man, that is some serious power of heartbreak 🙁

      2. We know from last season that Hanekawa has been very stressed over losing Araragi to Senjougahara — so much so that the cat awoke. But didn’t Senjougahara realize that, when Araragi returned afterward, he had chosen to return to her and not stay with Hanekawa? When she says “But if you don’t come back I’ll never forgive you” (Ep 14) she’s not just talking about him dying.

      3. Meh. Araragi and Hanekawa are boring together; they don’t have the ‘spark’ between them. I think Koyomi and Hitagi are a much better couple. They’ve got a lot more fire. Their scenes are much better.

        Jared Drake
      4. @dbm, you may have forgotten, but I clearly remember why Araragi choose Hitagi. He said in Episode #12. It was in one of those lightning fast paragraph text. I ttitle it “99out of 100…” because it easier to remember. Here is the full text of what he said,

        “At least I figured this out. Senjougahara Hitagi is… she’s pretty smart, usually near the top of the class, but incompetent at love. Completely incompetent. Even during our conversation when we started dating on Mother’s Day. This girl is so reckless. She’s like an RPG hero who goes straight into a cave without a torch. She’s showing all her cards and throwing herself on the mercy of her opponent. Does she think she needs to use that methodology, like an aggressive diplomatic doctrine, in this kind of fond, subtly budding relationship? It’s horrible. 99 men out of 100 would dump her if she kept pushing it like that. It’s scary. I can tell even though I’m not experienced in love either. Well. I guess she’s doing it because she’s decided I’m that one out of the hundred. I have to tip my hat. Oh no. I’m moeing so damn hard. I can’t even joke about it. Really, I just wanted to leave it all ujp to force and embrace Senjougahara, but even I know I’d lose her then. Even from the start, I never had many cards to play… is I guess how I’d describe my relationship with Senjougahara. Not that I didn’t need them. Sleep. Lying there together looking up at the stars. We make good lovers like that.”

      1. As I said in another comment, Gahara vs. Basa Nee = 1 win : 99 loss (confirmed in a side story collection). Therefore Hitagi had to work her head off to keep the 1 precious win she has against the true and powerful class rep 🙂

  4. I want that banana chair.
    I also want Shinbo to design me a house: it would include at least three ladders that lead to nowhere, a bunch of soundstage rigging in the rumpus room, and nothing but floating spiral staircases. If I don’t feel like I’m having an acid trip about my old geometry homework, it’s not good enough.

    Cloud is Not Amused
  5. So what Tsubasa told Hitagi on the phone was revealed. For all Hitagi’s bluster, she is genuinely afraid of losing her boyfriend. Its kind of sweet when you think about it. I was hoping for something kinkier though. *slaps self*

    It was nice to see how talkative Shinobu was, I kind of wished she was voiced by Hirano. She was great at blabbermouth roles. Sakamoto is very good though. Aside from the 13 minutes of naked loli, Tsukihi entering the bath was a great awkard moment. I chuckled a bit when she saw her brother with a girl, but when she came back with a knife and pot shield I just burst out laughing. Even Araragi’s sisters WANT him.

    1. you sir, you wish will not come true. Aside from roles Hirano already has and sequels of her previous roles, she is unlikely to cast anymore important roles in the future anime world after what she’s done. the woman crossed one too many lines and got the boot and now is taken in by small voice agent company.

      she’s got talent, but talent won’t get u far when u got a shitty personality like hers that fucks every thing that moves. no otaku would want her to voice their favorite characters anymore, I mean would u like to hear a moe character and realize what kind of person your favorite character’s voice belongs to? more and better young voice actresses will arise in the future, for now, Aya Hirano is so dead as a voice actress. fucked everything, now she’s fucked herself over, epic irony in a way.

      1. It’s fu**ing ridiculous how a very talented seiyuu as Miss Hirano has her career “destroyed” because of the retardation and childlessness of the otaku mindset.

        the woman crossed one too many lines and got the boot

        Oh yeah, she crossed the line of having a private sex life. Big fu**ing news!.

      2. I’m glad a woman having an active sex life slander’s her professional integrity like it did Hirano’s. While we’re at it let’s re acknowledge how all otaku’s are ugly obsessive minimum wage virgin man-children.

        Tom Cruise, Russel Crowe and Collin Farell’s rampant douche baggery doesn’t prevent me from going to their movies. It’s bullshit that Hirano got screwed hard for a bit of screwing around. Then again what do you expect from the otaku industry? I bet a lot of Japanese business men humped their Haruhi pillows extra hard after finding out about that story.

      3. I think Hirano has the idol image in her country, having that status, it is her responsibility not to tarnished it. This might not be a big deal to you guys, it may be a cultural/societal thing but to some people (like in our country) this is a big deal. Like some video scandal of some well known actor/actress can become a very big issue (in a national level) and it will take another big issue to topple that.

    2. i think Maaya fits the role very well, the way she talks is exactly as i would have imagined it from the LN! Aya Hirano’s voice would not have carried the pompous regal attitude as well.

      i’ve also waited several years for Shinobu to actually speak lol

      1. I’m quite happy with Maya here, but I think Aya could have pulled the part off successfully also. She has a much wider range of voices than just Haruhi; her portrayal of Chizuko in “Nijū Mensō no Musume” for instance, is totally unlike Haruhi. Aya is quite pompous as Lumiere in “Kiddy Grade”, so imagine that pomposity mixed with some of Haruhi’s simmering impatience.

    1. I can give you a quick rundown on that, although I haven’t finish reading the whole volume… Since I don’t want to post too many major spoiler here,you can find me in the IRC channel or email 🙂

      1. the reason why i ask is because I read and it says that Senjougahara did something wrong out love for araragi which I thought that was resolve to the point that she is more affectioned toward him. I would not like it if, something happens to her.

  6. Araragi wasn’t shocked about the strength of her sister’s teeth. That “look of shock” he gave (I think he was looking at Hanekawa who knows his secret) was because he’d been bitten by something far stronger (Shinobu) in the past, me thinks.

    Also, I have no idea why everyone thinks so highly of Tsunderegahara’s character. The dialogue he had with Shinobu was more powerful than anything we’ve seen in Bake/NiseMonogatari thus far. She kind of reminds me of Horl (Spice and WOlf) in the way she strings her words together.

    I also loved the bit where Hanekawa revealed how she pwned Senjogahara…. That line + Senjo’s face las ep = Priceless!!

    1. Gahara was the favorite in Bake-. This is Nise-, a whole new game at a totally different level. Every character is super-charged.

      -Araragi got a body upgrade: more muscles
      -Hanekawa got a new look
      -Shinobu is TOTALLY different than in Bake-
      -Sengoku is cuter
      -Kanbaru is plain hotter and funnier
      -Hacki is cuter and smarter
      -Both sisters are hot…fire hot

  7. I like Hanekawa and I was sad when Araragi did ask if, she remember anything at the end of last season. I think Araragi like her somehow like the other characters have mentioned that he might end up with her, but this revelation that when Shinobu dies he will die with her also let me a little confuse. what does he mean?

    Senjougahara I don’t really like her like I like Hanekawa, however when she speaks, she says exactly what she thinks and feel about araragi and maybe that is the reason why he likes her the most.

    1. It was secretly implied in the finale of Bake- that Hanekawa did remembered what happened, but choose to denied it out of her strong emotion for Araragi so she “act” like she didn’t remember anything.

      She dies, he dies??? I don’t recall her ever mentioning that. She did say that because she is alive, he will live forever. Thus, she offer him an option: kill her and become human again. He refused.

    2. this is related to what happened in Kizumonogatari… won’t spoil the details, but Araragi has stated that the day Shinobu dies is the day he will die… how you interpret this is purely up to you 🙂

    3. I already had the inkling thoughts that shinobu and araragi had a connection deep and was the reason he still remained part vampire even with oshino’s help. there was the conversation in the last arc of bake- that had oshino comment on how araragi could become back to normal if he lets go of shinobu.
      so im not so surprised and even expected this to come up.

      and finally have time to check up on random curiosity. nice review, verdant. hope to see more of you and too bad I wasnt there to greet you(I think?) during your introduction.

  8. hmm… Shinobu’s existence indeed power Araragi’s vampire abilities. A further demonstration of their relationship and power and stuff will be shown during the next arc (the better arc storywise IMO), so I won’t spoil for now. As to Shinobu’s character… let’s just say she is heavily influenced by Araragi the pervert 🙂
    Tsubasa’s remark about Araragi is basically saying that he is more worried about fire sisters than anyone else in his harem (implying he is siscon), and yes, there is a sort of mutual affection between the two… Araragi view Tsubasa as his savior, while she likes him dearly… and yes, the TV scene is funny since it is Tsubasa scolding Araragi for sexually harassment 🙂
    They finally get to the core of the arc, fake and the curse 🙂 so maybe next week we will have the infamous toothbrush play! 🙂
    ps. the new ED animation has a bit of spoiler Show Spoiler ▼

    for the next arc 🙂

  9. Verdant, pon de ring and golden chocolate are just types of donuts from Mr Donut. She just likes one over the other more. The pon de ring donut is the circly one that looks like a lion mane that Saber also seemed so fond of :D.

      1. Yea I highly doubt it. “Pondering” is not a common word known to a Japanese at all. And it’s pronounced Pon-day-rin-gu anyway, and Mister Donuts never implied the English word “Pondering” in their adverts either. I’m sure it’s Shinobu’s innocent favoritism of one type of donut over the other. I’m sure we’ll uncover more in Kizumonogatari.

    1. Cute…true, but seeing a little girl naked (even if she is over 500 years old) is pretty disturbing to me. Called me crazy, but shouldn’t that be censored or banned?…Even in Japan, pedo is illegal, right?

      1. Omg why do people immediately change the subject to pedophilia as soon as there is a cute, small character involved? Finding childish characters cute does not always = pedo. Also I think that huzzah was talking about her personality, not her looks when he/she said that Shinobu was cute.

  10. “The first is Hanekawa’s observation that Araragi’s worry for all the other heroines seems more “desperate” than his worry for her, making me wonder what the basis of this remark is.”

    Alas, that line is a translation error on Crunchyroll’s part.
    What she actually says is that Araragi’s worry for his sisters seems more ‘desperate’ than his worry for any of the other heroines.

    1. I swear Araragi’s house is like 100 times bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside…. and he probably has LCD OLED window panes giving him imaginary artificial scenery. Maybe it’s some sort of Dr.Who technology. I bet Apple’s gonna patent-troll Shaft soon!!

    2. Unrealistic backgrounds are the series trademark. Compare it to Senjougahara’s house which is shown as being extremely poor.

      You just have to imagine it is a normal sized Japanese bathroom (notice there is no toilet), this is why his sister makes no effort to search the room when Shinobu vanishes.

    3. I noticed almost every Shaft series has amazingly grandiose building designs, from Bakemonogatari to Madoka Magica to Maria Holic, it’s like an architect/interior designer’s wet dream come true.

      Only Hidamari Sketch seems to buck this trend, at least for the main characters’ apartments Hidamari Sou.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. Mind you, while a lot of it could be attributed to Shaft’s design, in Madoka Magica it did seem like they were actually living in the near future what with all the future tech and all.

  11. nv thought shinobu to be so talkative. plus seems like watchin this is much better than watchin H.

    and who would’ve thought that hanekawa knows how to black mail pple. she’s indeed scary

      1. Tsubasa’s change of look is due to her rejection… while I initially raged about her look, it kind of grow on me now as I look at it more and more…
        though it is funny how Shinobu use Tsubasa’s appearance as a criteria for class rep 🙂 guess I wasn’t the only one missing Tsubasa’s old look :3
        As to Hitagi’s change of look from the promo material, it is related to the event in this arc… so I believe it will be explained in this arc

    1. Hitagi was more attractve than Hanekawa, but Neko-Hanekawa blow Hitagi out the water, both in terms of plain bodily hotness and a big rack as well as Neko infamous “Nya Nya” sounds and crazy behaviors.

      1. if she’s gonna’ experience a great degree of stress again and turns into a neko girl what would be the neko version will look like? short-haired? If it is, i wonder if that would be hotter..

  12. Still can’t get over how in only 4 episodes, all the pieces and characters have been set and have been given rather brief, but proper introductions. Perfect pacing. Sad that there’s only 7 episodes left, but I’m looking forward to all the other novels to be animated by Shaft if they can keep up this level of production.

  13. Even though I’ll always be on the side of Gahara you can’t help but notice how each of the girls really suits Araragi in their own way…except for maybe the sisters. 😛 Tsukihi noticing her brothers muscles and going Yandere for him. I guess I can’t blame her~

    Anyway it’s no wonder Gahara reacted like that to Hanekawa. Even though she’s technically won there’s still a sense of insecurity there. And Shinobu. It’s probably even worse since her and Araragi’s bond goes beyond normal human boundaries. And willing to go through the pain of all your loved ones leaving you? I really wonder how this series will end regarding that aspect. Should probably go read Kizu- to get a better insight on his thought process. I know Koimonogatari is for Gahara so I feel like she’ll get her happy ending but it’ll still be bittersweet no matter what or who he chooses.

    I was surprised too at Shinobus voice. She sounds nothing like what I had imagined. I really thought she would be soft spoken and cool. Like the Sakamoto Maaya I’m most familiar with.

    Hanekawa looks really cute with the new hair. I probably like her change the most. So I gotta say, thanks Araragi….for breaking her heart.

    btw what is the toothbrush scene I keep hearing about? Even before this weeks episode. I am super curious. COME NEXT WEEK.

    1. Gahara vs. Basa Nee record = 1:99 (the only win for Gahara-sama is she is the official GF for Araragi), plus what happened to her in the past, thus her extreme insecurity
      as for the toothbrush, it is a bit more than just brushing teeth, but I am not going to spoil it till SHAFT surprise us 🙂

      1. In that retrospect, she does come off as a bit of an underdog in comparison to Hanekawa. Luckily in this case she already won the ultimate title early on.

        Haha I kind of guessed that. But yeah don’t want to be spoiled anymore especially after reading Xziled’s post. I’ll try to be patient. C:

      1. *3* Haha I kid I kid. No problem. Happy to help~

        Yeah I wish the LN industry in general was more established internationally. So many books I want to read but just can’t. le sigh.

      2. I remeber reading kizu directly after bake, and i don’t think it will really spoil the motion picture for you. It is very enjoyable and gives good insight not only on Shinobu/Koyemi relationship, but on Oshino and Hanekawa characters as well.

        Just saying. Because the movie can get to our shore very lately as it usually happens with asian dvd releases.

  14. since i read kizumonogatari, i am really looking forward for seeing kisshot and araragi in action again, and what i have here? she in bath with araragi!? well aside for koyomi is “true” lolicon i think shinobuxkoyomi isnt badat all,giving they share half of their life to each other, and event in upcoming mayoi jingshi LN its the most likely couple for me
    and WTF!? tsukihi? what do u bring that knive for? i hope gaharasan dont find out what happened in these ep, if she found out *shiver*(dont want to think bout it)

    1. like your nickname there 🙂 I love that BGM…
      it is no secret Araragi is lolicon + siscon + pervert…
      though the relationship between Araragi and Shinobu isn’t exactly a couple-like one (regardless of how much some of us want it to be)… they share a bond of … I guess life and responsibility? While I tend to think Kabukimonogatari (Maoyi Jiangshi) as Show Spoiler ▼

  15. The first is Hanekawa’s observation that Araragi’s worry for all the other heroines seems more “desperate” than his worry for her…

    I think the subs got it wrong for this line. My Japanese isn’t the greatest, but I felt like what I heard Hanakawa say and what the subs said were two different things. I think Hanakawa was commenting that Araragi’s more desperate at trying to help his sisters than helping the other heroines, and not that he’s more desperate with all of them except Hanakawa. In her sentence, the sisters were separated from the rest grammatically, with herself being at a the beginning of a long string (“watashi toka, senjougahara toka, mayoi toka,…). Then shortly after, she clearly mentions how Araragi looks different around his sisters, “like a totally different personality.”

  16. Yandare Tsukihi = <3

    Karen in sweaty shirt = Phwoar

    Short hair Hanekawa = <33

    Shinobu speaking like any other wise and regal/aristocratic-sounding immortal would = Awesome
    Kudos to Sakamoto for handling her role well. I especially like it when she laughs.

    Kinny Riddle
      1. Heh LOL. You should just ignore them downs.

        But seeing as you posted something about another blog, it feels way out-of-topic. And the post it leads to is about Bake-. Isn’t the author watching Nise-?

        The Moondoggie
      2. LOL, 😀

        the comments and commenters seem to be the best part of RC. The one thing I never get tired of. We need to do a poll to see if people enjoy the writers more or the comments more…

      3. Checked it, crapped on it :/

        Waaay too many comments by the author in-between screen caps keeps breaking whatever trail of thought they were treading. But then again, that’s twittering I guess.

        I rather like RC’s style where you have continuous prose with the occasional hyperlink to illustrate a point. I’m not one of those people that enjoy reading sports commentaries; I’d rather listen to it while watching.

        So, I’ll throw your words right back at you;

        Have the courage to accept the truth that that’s your opinion, haughty as it is.

    1. Checked it out, aaand
      can’t say i like it one bit, really. One thing is that i don’t really feel the need to read autors opinion, on about every 10-20 seconds of the show. It feels a bit forced at times to chew the show like that for the readers.
      It is suited more for people who have no oportunity to actually watch the show, and okay with the text edition. That being said it is quite a job to write and a cap so much, so here is an upvote for sharing.

      1. LOL, thanks for the up vote. 😛

        It wasn’t meant as an insult. It just I like that style more. Maybe not exact scene per scene, but it does cover everything. RC never state what happen. It is more like you watch it, then come here to see the writers’ opinion and comments. For those like me who missed out on puns and special meaning, RC provide no relieve for us.

        People on here always take the side of RC. It is like RC like Coke and when I mention Pepsi, people will be snapping their fingers and saying, “Oh, no you didn’t!” You mention another blog and you are deemed as an enemy. Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

      2. What kind of response were you expecting Chaos? You come to one blog saying how another blog is the best blog ever and then use the first blog as a stepping stone for it. You can’t seriously be oblivious to how haughty that comes off can you? It would be no different than going into a store and telling everyone they’re dumb for shopping there and should be shopping at Store A instead. Would you really expect a warm reception?

        “Oh hey, I have no idea who the hell this guy is but I’m going to listen to him! Let’s all go over there now!”

        Sorry, not happening.

    2. No offense meant here (if anything this is just to point it out), but part of it comes with how you phrased it. Read the comment again and see what I mean. I get what you’re going with and it’s not that bad, but just how you worded your comments just comes across as nothing but awkward you know.

      Take this one for example:

      We need to do a poll to see if people enjoy the writers more or the comments more…

      Um yeah….what?

  17. Hahaha a naked loli-vampire in a bath with a pervert-lolicon-siscon. He didn’t get a nose bleed, even a blush, nor a slight of embarasment, what a poker face. I wonder what part of Araragi’s body would Tsukihi cut of with that knife. It’s only the 4-th episode, in the last episode there will be an orgy 😉

  18. I knew Shinobu was going to be voiced by Maaya but I didn’t recognize her so kudos to her acting. Now from this episode I wonder why Hanekawa has such a firm grip on Hitagi that she crumbled to Hanekawa’s threat. I always thought Hitagi was a tough girl with a sadistic streak and thought a threat to take away her boyfriend would usually invoke her wrath. I mean, she’d go as far as threaten someone with school supplies and later on almost punctured Araragi’s eye.

  19. Shinobu is not amused…

    trolling aside, wow did I not expect Shinobu’s appearance this episode. And yes, I kinda forgot that she lives in Koyomi’s shadow. I also laughed hard when Shinobu started ranting about Oshino; that must have been hell, considering she doesn’t really need to know about supernatural beings since she can merely eat most of them.

    I wonder how they’ll deal with Kaiki, considering Shinobu’s ominous “even fakes can be more real than the original”… though for all we know, that line is also a lie, and whatever Kaiki did to Karen doesn’t compare with the real Bee sting…

    Actually, now that I think about this, the more true it seems…

    Damn you Nisemono! Now I’m starting to become wary about what the characters say and do!

    1. “A fake who can be more real than the real thing”

      It imply that that Kaiki is not a fake, nor is he the real thing. He is both. An exorcist who cannot control his own power thus rendering him more dangerous the the real thing. At least that was what Shinobu was implying.

      1. That…would be quite interesting, if it were true.

        How powerful are ‘real’ vampires supposed to be, anyways? I know Oshino mentioned something along the lines of the Rainy Devil being a mediocre punching bag had Shuraragi-san been a full vampire, but that doesn’t really tell me much, especially since Koyomi’s goal during that fight wasn’t even to win but instead to outlast.

  20. Okay, building on my symbolism comment a couple of episodes back:
    -The quiet, introverted Shinobu from Bakemonogatari was a ‘fake’
    -And the more ironic part, the elder of the Fire Sisters was stung by a wasp that gives one a fever that feels like they are on fire. The next arc is called Tsuhiki Phoenix… Phoenix are reborn in flames.

    In the end I really enjoyed the end episode.

  21. Holy shit! Look at that perv Araragi! >_< Nisemonogatari has to be the only series that offers us, otaku females, this awesome and manly fanservice, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! *goes and saves all the dirty screencaps* Kukuku…

      1. Whoever told Seto Asami to say “Wan!” definitely deserves a raise…

        I can’t get its cuteness to get out of my head! I daresay, it’s cuter than even Sakamoto Maaya’s “Ka ka!”

  22. I never would have thought that Shinobu was always like that, but I cant say I dislike her this way, in fact I think she fits in perfectly with this cast of sharp-tongued,vituperative,witty characters.

  23. Ok so a little while ago i read up on Kizumonogatari… and i was sad because i’ve already seen bakemonogatari (anime), and I’m like…”wish i could read up on some more…” =[
    So yea… if someone could please help me find another site other than baka-tsuki (because they dont have everything available after kizu) lemme know please =]

  24. I’m actually pretty happy that Shinobu isn’t the quiet/soft-spoken kind of character, but the elegantly haughty type. It’s very befitting of the clips and promotional images we’ve seen of Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade, so I expected no less. Her mannerisms and the way she talks to Araragi clearly gives off this vibe of mutual respect/understanding between them (bordering on love/hate), making me all the more curious with what happened in Kizumonogatari.

    1. See, I’m one of the people that hears a loli get haughty and immediately thinks of Eva-chan, and it sure didn’t help that Shinobu’s a blonde vampire. I definitely see the Holo similarities though.

  25. Well this episode answered the biggest question I had since Oshino left: what is Koyomi supposed to do when he runs into something supernatural he didn’t know how to handle now? Call his adorable loli-vamp for advice, of course!! Also loved it when she ate the handcuffs! But that whole scene between them was so touching in such an unusual way I just felt the need to watch it over and over. Even as Shinobu is telling Koyomi she’ll kill him if he drops his guard, she’s cuddling up to him and he’s gently patting her head. Very odd relationship, like a lot of Bakemongatari, but it works for them! Alson loved how that whole situation had a much stronger “sweet” feeling to it than anything sexual.

    Karen emphasized one of my least-favorite parts of stubborn girls in anime. She’s hurt, she knows she’s sick, yet she’s too prideful and selfish to let someone help her without throwing a tantrum. I was literally clapping when Koyomi told her off as he left the room. Was it just me or was Tsubasa acting a little more condescending towards Koyomi than usual? Stopping the slap was one thing, but then she just rakes him over the coals over everything he says to his sisters. Felt kinda weird.

    Wow… I talk too much.

    1. yes, but his sister defend him every time, she said something to him, which is typical sometime you are mean to you relative, however as soon some one says something mean you will defend them.

    2. Also loved how that whole situation had a much stronger “sweet” feeling to it than anything sexual.

      Agreed, it wasn’t really sexual. From the way it was done it seemed that Araragi and Shinobu really have a special kind of bond.

      1. I cant even understand the relationship.
        Its like they’re lovers of a different dimension. He gets all bloody nosed over the little backpack girl’s undies but then this girl is naked and…i dunno.
        They seem like a married couple who hate each other. but dont…
        ARGH I DONT KNOW! lol

  26. Tried looking even more deeply into the light novel but found only the complete translated version of kiyomi vamp… anyone else have a site that has more translation?
    (the first site i used was b a k a – t s u k i)

  27. Kissshot ♥

    Here’s an excerpt from Koyomi Vamp/Kizumonogatari for those who haven’t read it yet.

    Show Spoiler ▼


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