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Hello world! Stepping outside the ‘frozen foods’ section in local grocery stores, I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance.

So what prompted the sudden change of habitat? RC, of course! As a lurker, when Divine opened applications for new writers, I applied since it’d give me an opportunity to combine the two greatest love affairs of my life: anime and writing.

As far as my anime watching habits go, I definitely don’t watch as much as others, but I’m always up for suggestions – so if you have any good recommendations, please let me know! I’d love to have more series to sink my teeth into. This season I’ve been keeping up with Aquarion EVOL, Chihayafuru, Guilty Crown, NichiBros (did they ever come up with a proper abbreviation for it?), Mirai Nikki, Another, Brave 10, Black Rock Shooter and Inu x Boku SS. Technically, that last one’s been sitting in my hard drive, but it will be watched soon enough! There’s more info in My Anime List, but it is a little lacking… And um, please disregard the huge time gap between the series that are listed on there – there were a couple of years when I was forced to contend with shows airing in YTV’s Bionix block.

While I can’t guarantee I’ll watch everything, I also don’t have a set ‘preference’, per se. If anything, I’m willing to watch a series if it falls into either (or maybe both?!) of two categories: fabulous animation or good characters.

Ah, but wait! Before you write me off as shallow; watching something means investing time into it, and well… if I’m doing that, it’d better look good, at the very least. Pretty pictures aren’t the only thing that’ll get me to give something a try though, so rest assured I don’t always ‘judge a book by its cover’. Whenever I start a series, I really like to immerse myself visually and mentally. In the end, the factor that will make or break my opinion of a show is its characters; the plot can suck, but if I don’t connect with the characters, I find it pretty hard to stick with it. Their journey is what I find most interesting, and everything else comes secondary to me.

Case in point: I’ll watch anything as long as I find at least one or two characters I can really connect with. So, yes – I swear I’m not vain!

Aside from watching anime and lurking on the Internet, I like spending my time on the PSP, hacking away on RPG’s and some of the more text-heavy games if I feel like challenging my Japanese. Either that, or I’m breaking my bank account looking for Nendoroids to buy (I will purchase you sooner or later, Mami!).

In any case, it’s a real pleasure to be here and I hope you will find my writing enjoyable, starting with last week’s Guilty Crown!



    1. I’m not sure if Inuyasha was in that block when it first aired, but for nostalgia’s sake I’m going with that one, since it’s also the first dubbed ‘non-kiddy-ish’ anime I watched. I kindda stopped following it after a while though (around the time Witch Hunter Robin finished airing, maybe?)

    2. Ahh, I also remember YTV’s Bionix. It was my only source of anime on TV at the time. Inuyasha, Gundam Seed, and Bleach were my favourite ones airing at the time. I stopped watching when they began showing re-runs, and started searching the internet for other anime to watch.

  1. Oh hey I another blogger I recognize. 😀 I really loved reading some of your comments so it’s cool you’ve become a blogger now.

    I’m breaking my bank account looking for Nendoroids to buy (I will purchase you sooner or later, Mami!).

    I’m with you there. ;A; Waiting for nendo Mami to arrive right now though 😀

    Oh wait so are you picking up GC for Divine then? Or only last week’s ep?

    1. Thank you!

      I’m with you there. ;A; Waiting for nendo Mami to arrive right now though 😀

      I was going to order her actually, but then she sold out on the day she came out on both AmiAmi and HobbySearch… T__T

      Oh wait so are you picking up GC for Divine then? Or only last week’s ep?

      I’m not sure yet, but he did ask me to cover last week’s so that’ll be out soon-ish?

      1. Yeah I also missed out on her on the first round of preorders. But finally bought her when AmiAmi restocked. 🙂 They took so long to restock though D:

        Haha I see. Well look forward to your posts~

  2. I was literally nibbling my mango ice cream mochi when I bumped into a certain wild rice cake (・・)
    I’m not sharing so hands off((((;゚Д゚)))))))!!!

    oh and looking forward to your thoughts and comments on GC (^^)

  3. Oh, welcome welcome!
    I welcome you with open arms! ( ゚▽゚)/ You and are exactly the same. Even if the plot is iffy, falling in love with the characters is essential. Tsugumi for the win.

  4. “If I don’t connect with the characters, I find it pretty hard to stick with it…”
    “…last week’s Guilty Crown…”
    I’m sorry to say, but I think you’ve been watching the wrong show.

    1. I thought someone might say that XP

      Believe it or not I stuck around for Shuu, although I won’t lie – there were moments I seriously questioned my dedication to stick with the show. Shuu did have his douchy moments after all. But he’s actually one of the characters that I was most invested in, and after his ‘turnaround’ in Ep 19, there’s no way I’m backing out of it now!

  5. New one. This is 4th right. So is Divine sending the notice emails one by one?

    SO ye be taking GC huh? I’ll be looking forward to what you got.

    Also any plans next season?

    The Moondoggie
    1. Watching or blogging?

      Watching – FATE/ZERO most definitely, and probably some others… but I’ve been waiting on that since Fall, so that’s the only one I can remember off the top of my head, haha.

      As for blogging, I haven’t thought about it yet XP

    1. *trying to find any small bit in your comment to make fun of*

      Welcome to the team too! Darn, you’re not watching any of the shows I’m writing about, hahaalright, I made sure I didn’t say anything that Divine could make fun of me for…

      *gasp* Verdant has conspiracy theories!

  6. “…I’m willing to watch a series if it falls into either (or maybe both?!) of two categories: fabulous animation or good characters.

    “Pretty pictures aren’t the only thing that’ll get me to give something a try though, so rest assured I don’t always ‘judge a book by its cover’. Whenever I start a series, I really like to immerse myself visually and mentally.

    …Welps, you’re definetly the writer I’m most interested in hearing from up to now, be sure of that! I strongly feel connected to those things you’ve said Bakamochi(I already see people calling you either Baka or Mochi…let’s hope for the latter!).

    I’ll eagerly await your first blog post Mochi, and best of lucks in this new phase of RC!

  7. Nichibros IS the proper abbreviation for it. The sooner everyone accepts this, the sooner we can all get back to the important business of laughing our asses off at every skit that Literary Girl is in.

    I look forward to reading your posts. If I make any negative comments on them it’s only because Guilty Crown is awful, not because I don’t like you! Hopefully you’ll get a better show for the spring season ;).

  8. Aha! Someone who is interested in characters and their development also! I am also a character junkie. The storyline may suck, but the characters always make it for me. Clannad, Honey and Clover, and many other slice of life and romance animes always have to have good characters and development! I am not saying Clannad and Honey and Clover have bad stories! I am just saying that characters always make the series for me, emotional investment in Tomoya and Nagisa make it even more painful when tragedies started happening in their lives. I look forward to reading your posts Bakamochi! Welcome!

  9. Divine’s so busy he has to drop all of his shows before the end of the season? I guess I can’t blame him. Can he at least give final impressions for when they end?

    So BakaMochi, here’s the make or break question:

    What do you think of Guilty Crown so far?

    (i’m kidding, but I am curious what you’ve thought of this “like or hate” show)

    1. Can we please not go there for a while? And your choice of words:

      “So BakaMochi, here’s the make or break question:”,

      can be misinterpreted that you are already in the attack. (To which I hope, and believe, you’re not…)

      The Moondoggie
    2. I’m actually very busy this week because tomorrow’s the beta deadline for my project.

      I’ll probably be back to blog the finale of Guilty Crown though. BakaMochi’s offered to cover last week and this week’s episodes for me.

  10. Welcome to RandomC.
    Yay for watching Carnival Phantasm. What’s your favorite character in Fate series?
    And yay too for watching Yu-Gi-Oh!. I thought no one in RandomC watch that shows because it seems too childish. What’s your favorite card(s)?

      1. Yes, yes I do watch it!

        5D’s was pretty ridiculous, what with the motorcycles that played card games and didn’t kill the driver instantly. But the plot was pretty deep for a Yugioh spin off and it made it a pretty fun watch.

      2. That’s the point I was trying to ask. The motorcycle match. Actually, I haven’t watched 5D’s yet. I get the gist of it from playing the games and watching Yu-Gi-Oh!: Bonds Beyond Time recently. My head’s hurts from the whole “synchro” thing.
        Is 5D’s and Zexal worth watching, not only from story aspect, but also from delivery of matches as well?

    1. @Kusabi: *raises hand* I’ve watched every Yu-Gi-Oh! series (including the three movies) from Duel Monsters onwards and I am currently watching Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL (although Yuma, the main protagonist is getting on my nerves with his ineptitude in dueling). I also duel in real life ranking tournaments. Nice to see fellow Yu-Gi-Oh! fans here on RandomC. =)

      I use synchro-heavy decks online and in real life. Why is the whole synchro thing confusing?

      1. @The_Magus_Killer: Real life ranking tournament? Sugoi.
        Well, basically, I’m too lazy to understand the basic of synchro. I prefer the old “offering-fusion-ritual” style to summon stronger monsters. I think I’ll understand more if I watch 5D’s later. Btw, what’s your favorite monster?

      2. I live in Asia/OCG region, so Konami hosts ranking tournaments on Saturdays and Sundays in certain malls and card shops. I believe the USA/European/Western Hemisphere/TCG equivalent is the YCS.

        Favorite Monster (from the anime): Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem.

        Favorite Monster (from my deck IRL): I actually have two; Karakuri Shogun Burei and Karakuri Great Shogun Bureido (both of which are Synchro monsters).

        Synchro Summoning means adding the level of a “Tuner” monster with the level(s) of one or more non-Tuner monsters to bring out a Synchro monster from the Extra Deck. For example, I tune my level 3 Karakuri Komachi Ninishi (Tuner monster) with my level 5 Cyber Dragon (non-Tuner monster) = Karakuri Great Shogun Bureido (Level 8 Synchro Monster).

        I hope I was informative. =)

      3. Thanx, you were informative enough. So basically, synchro = fusion (without Fusion card)+ ritual. We need required monsters (1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner) and their levels must reach or exceed the level of Synchro Monster in Extra Deck in order to summon it, right?
        But, I think I’ll stick with the old concept when I play Yu-Gi-Oh!5D’s Tag Force 6 later. Hope my Destiny Boards will kill my opponents in only 5 turns. ^_^

  11. Mami-san nendroid? You HAVE to pix once you get it. Welcome fellow Twindrills fan!~

    おはー、もちさん!始めまして!どんなVNが遊び終わりますか。 You said you played text-heavy games, so I assume that’s included, right? :3 (if my Japanese was bad…forgive me >_<)

    1. Mami is… hopefully in my near future?? And…

      大丈夫です!私も日本語がまだ苦手ですからもんだいないです :) And as for VN… I haven’t played any so I wouldn’t be able to tell you XPP

  12. Welcome to RC! That makes 4 of you new writers. Only three more and the Holy Grail War Masters whole new bunch of RandomC anime bloggers will be complete.

    Looking over your anime list, it’s nice to see another fellow Yu-Gi-Oh! anime watcher. Do you also duel in real life? =)

  13. Welcome! That’s the first quote I understand where it’s coming from so you should really be awarded a heart-warming welcome.
    You have Gundam in your MAL but still I wonder who will be the Gundam expert for Gundam Age because there should be one… or not.

    1. Who hasn’t?! Although I haven’t played the VN (I prefer console games) I have played Tiger Colosseum, Battle Moon Wars and will get to Fate/Extra someday.

      If you haven’t seen my IRC nickname, I can tell you that Saber is my favorite girl.

  14. Mochi! Finally decided to post your intro =) I didn’t know you were covering GC, heavy shoes to fill. Don’t worry, compared to a lot of others my MAL is also lacking =(

  15. Welcome to RC! It’s nice to see that we have similar tastes in anime. I also feel animation and characterization come first, unless the anime is especially strong in another category like plot.

    Really looking forward to your posts.

    Mmmmmmm….. mochi….

  16. I’m running out of proper greetings so I’ll just copy paste everything!

    Awesome, looking forward to working with you! And as a fellow newcomer, I wish you good luck.
    Let’s do our best! :]

  17. Woo, good luck with your blogging! I’m looking forward to it, since you also watch anime with characters you can connect with, like me :D. Btw, are you a Hetalia fan by any chance (with your Canada picture)? If so, i’ll love you even more!

  18. Never feel guilty about wanting pretty pictures, Mochi. Anime’s a visual medium–why shouldn’t it look good?
    And, speaking of the PSP, have you played Trails in the Sky? Or Corpse Party? I have no one to discuss with. *sadface*

    Cloud is Not Amused
  19. I appreciate that you are a fellow person that feels that the anime should visually look good or have good characters! I always thought people would think of me badly if I ever told them, but I completely agree with your reasoning behind it. Since you dedicate time to watching anime, it needs to be visually and mentally stimulating. YES.

    I look forward to your time here at RC.


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