「検索中」 (Kensakuchū)
“Data Retrieval”

It would have been a lot of fun to watch this episode without knowing beforehand what was going to happen. I wonder if that’s possible, somehow. Perhaps traveling back in time…

Gonna have to be careful with the front page caps this week, that’s for sure. Mirai Nikki is one wild ride – after 23 insane eps, it’s only now that things are truly getting crazy. We continue to see the benefit of the breakneck pacing in the eps leading up to the final arc, as the anime is really able to take its time and savor this ending – and even add some bits and pieces to the manga’s version of events, like the appearances of Sixth and Eleventh in the Third World. Heck, there was even another Murumuru omake, which was the last thing I expected – though they certainly made it relevant to the episode. I think those short added scenes added a nice bit of color to the manga version, and if anything Ninth’s grand re-entrance was even grander in the anime.

Yes, that’s right, Uryuu Minene is back – did you really think a character that cool and GAR could be gone forever? It was hard to keep a straight face when I was writing my post for episode 21, and I was worried I was laying it on a little thick – but I made up a little game, to see if I could write those paragraphs about Ninth without actually saying anything untrue. You remember that little conversation she had with Deus, that seemed to be forgotten soon after it was shown? Now you know – and you know the degree of subterfuge that’s been at work behind the scenes of this game from the minute we started eavesdropping on it. The folks playing at the highest levels are no fools, that’s for sure – they’re tough opponents, and Yuno’s chess analogy seems pretty apt to me.

Yuno has always been one of the toughest characters in manga to come to terms with – she’s the embodiment of the yandere trope (Queen, God, take your pick) but she seems to transcend it, and her motivations and indeed her moral standing can’t be pigeonholed easily. And that’s especially true now that we have multiple Yunos to consider. With each new world, we’ve been given a deeper glimpse into the horror that was her life before the game. Here it’s adopted, with an absent father and a mother who loathes her, punishing her for any offense by locking her in a case, feeding her tatami straw… Whatever any of these Yunos became, she was a victim first – but even the first Yuno, the one Yukiteru pledged to save, was already a killer by the time she truly entered his life, and the second Yuno ended hers.

If Deus is to be believed, Yuno has already become a God at least once, and the current Murumuru is her servant, and secretly replaced the Murumuru from the world we’d call “First”. With Murumuru surreptitiously trying to bend the game in Second’s favor a lot of things make sense now, but this is literally a new world – third world where there are two Yunos again, where the other diary holders are alive, and with a Deus-powered Minene flying about with Yukiteru. For his part, Yukiteru has accepted his own guilt, but pledged himself to save this world’s Yuno as he couldn’t save his own. But if you think about the timelines involved, well… I shouldn’t say more, except that there’s lots of stuff in this episode to help it all make sense, and that you should be watching and listening very carefully because all the information you need is there – Sakae-sensei may have a hell of an imagination, but he’s not a cheater.

As we’re already well into the Spring season, it’s nice to have a few final episodes of Mirai Nikki to offer a contrast – it’s unusual to watch a long-running anime coming to an end while the rest of them are just getting started. What I’m most curious about now is whether Asread decides to go beyond the realm of cosmetic and stylistic changes to the manga and actually make substantive ones. They have the time, should they choose to – though for the record, the evidence I’ve seen so far offers nothing to suggest this won’t be an ending faithful to the manga in substance, if not necessarily 100% in style. The only thing I can say with certainty is that Murumuru is a very, very bad counselor.



  1. Well, the pace is getting awesome, that’s for sure! But…

    Mirai Nikki is one wild ride – after 23 insane eps, it’s only now that things are truly getting crazy.

    …Y U so late in delivering the goodness, Mirai Nikki 🙁 A wild ride should have all episodes being as crazy fun as this…

    Anyway, this episode was awesome in all fronts…We finally see Minene make her eventual return, and lots more questions are answered. Above all answers Murumuru’s role in the game was definetly the best; now it all makes sense. Really liking so far that it’s two parties now, with First and Minene (servant role) on one side, and Second and Murumuru (servant role) on the other (I just hope this won’t simply end with two one-on-one duels a la shounen, though…).

    Also really liking Yuno’s outfit. You just know the studio did a good job in the opening, putting all these little references that’ll make you love the sequence more and more as you progress through the episodes.

    Loving the other characters’ actions in this world too. Sixth, Eleventh (still don’t know what is up with him and Deus…). What I liked initially from Mirai Nikki was that even though this 12-player game had a main character, others were always doing their own stuff. This fact wasn’t as strong as it moved forward though…It finally comes back here, with these other players’ cameos. I just hope it keeps like this: Twelfth saving Yukiteru’s ass in all Power-Rangers-glory would wipe away all cons this show may have had up to this point.

    Two things I didn’t get from the episode:
    -What was up with Sixth’s cameo? I didn’t understand what it was supposed to tell us. Her followers didn’t actually believe her…Umm, so? I don’t get it :s
    -Enzo, you mentioned how this Third world had Yuno’s mother being the evil parent (instead of two…sorta). That’s a true fact of course, but it striked me odd: such huge events can be altered in this parallel timeline? …I thought Yuno’s dad was just away for the moment, but he’d soon come back to punish Yuno some more, haha.

    PS: Thanks a bunch Enzo for all these timely posts on Mirai Nikki. It’s awesome to be able to watch your anime episode and be able to come here and comment almost immediately 🙂 Three thumbs up to you, sir!

    1. Deus started the game to find the world a new God as he was dieing. And with him gone, the world would end too. So even if Yuki or Yuno prevent the game from taking place, the world would still end. That’s why Yuno goes back in time, so she can be with Yuki over and over again. It’s either that or becoming a God in a world without Yuki and that’s not an option for her.

      What’s weird, is that Yuki read in his diary that Yuno will kill both the third world’s Yuno, but also its Yuki. Why would she do that if she only goes back in time just to be with him again?

      Another thing I don’t get is how she went back in time before becoming the sole diary-owner. She didn’t win the game as Yuki was still alive. So how did she go back in time? Was it because of Murumuru? If she doesn’t have to be the sole diary owner then there’s no point in killing everyone. Or maybe Murumuru can only go back in time after Deus is gone, so Yuno just has to hold out until that moment?

      1. She intends to kill the Yuki that follows her (Second World) because he knows too much. She would only want the Third World’s Yuki because he would be just like any other Yuki.

      2. Shey, I take it that Yuno still hasn’t become a goddess. Much like you said, she went back in time with the aid of Murumuru, just like Yuki did thanks to Minene.

        So in other words, the competition is still on-going. But yeah, you had a good point: why kill everyone if Yuki can go back in time too, and be with time-traveler-Yuno? Problem solved!

        As regards to Yuki’s diary entry that read Yuno’d kill third world’s Yuki…Yeah, another head-scratching bit of info. But as usual, it seems Yuki can only read and focus on one entry at a time…

  2. 1) One cannot revive people even after one becomes god. But clearly Yuno 1.0 has found a loophole in this because all one has to do is go back in time. Essentially, this is “bringing back the dead.” Otherwise, Yukiteru 2.0 would have been a corpse the whole time

    2) Yuno wants to kill Yukiteru because Yukiteru doesn’t want to kill Yuno? WTF? Essentially, she just wants to play the game then, right? And watch everyone suffer? Because otherwise she would have returned to an earlier period as to prevent the game(s) from ever written and therefore the victims to even get chosen.

    3) If Yuno becomes god again, does she mean she becomes a god god? Does she get Homura-esque powers, so that each time she becomes god through the game, she’ll become even more god-ly?

    4) How on Earth did Yukiteru send Yuno a message while he was falling?

    5) MurMur is Yuno’s servant? Then why isn’t she trying to stop the game so that her mistress can forever be the Yukiteru? And instead making the situation worse for both of them?

    6) Third World… what? How did they get there? Minene? Does Minene have Deus’s powers now? So is she some kind of god of time and space too?

    1. So that would mean a god threesome eh? Or really 3.5? Minene- half, Yuno- 2x and Deus-1x.

      Yeah- the conceptual pieces are all messed and there seems to be some logical inconsistencies. But hey- I can deal with it. Just want to see what happens. Good end, dead end or neither.

    2. 1) Yup.
      2) Well, she *is* mentally unstable. Logic doesn’t really apply to Yuno now, does it? She just wants a happy ending, and in her mind that means having to kill entire worlds to spend a few weeks with her boyfriend. I’m just glad we finally know her true intentions: as twisted as they may be, it’s at least better than having her avoid the matter altogether (much like she had been doing since the start of the series).
      3) I take it that when Yuno travels back in time to repeat history, she is becoming human again to participate in the game. There’s already a space-time god in that timeline too, so there’s no empty throne.
      4) You mean the ‘I love you’? Quick fingers; love can do anything 😀 !
      5) “So that she can forever be the Yukiteru?” I don’t understand that…I guess you meant ‘with’? Umm, in that case, the answer is maybe because she apparently can’t? Deus is in charge while in the game + Murumuru can’t use her powers until Deus dies + Murumuru enjoys this game quite a bit (tells Yukiteru about Yuno’s past saying ‘her role is to make the game more entertaining’) = not really happening, sorry!
      6) Yes, she has Deus’ powers (some of it). I think it’s safe to assume she can stand on equal grounds with Murumuru.

      Bottom line: Mirai Nikki is not perfect dude. Actually, it has many, many holes. So yeah, try to enjoy it, it does have its good points, even if they’re few 😛

      1. I always hear people calling out on Mirai Nikki for being full of plot holes and I’m sure there exist, but I never really thought about them too deeply so there aren’t any that pop straight into my head. Anyone care to point out some of these major plot holes are? Spoiler tags if necessary, but I’ve read the manga anyway, though I guess if its major ending spoilers just leave it out for the sake of others.

      2. From someone who doesn’t know how this will all end, the two major issues I have with the show are:
        —Plot armor: Yuki and Yuno always come unscathed after major attacks. This doesn’t apply only to physical danger.
        For example, Fourth declaring those two criminals, only to have everything turn back to normal two episodes later. Sure, Yuki had a little chat with his mother about this later on, but you’d think the consequences in Fourth’s arc could have covered lots more than what it did.
        —Plot>character: Characters do what the plot needs them to do, instead of having them being the ones that move the narrative forward.
        It’s a tricky relationship, but the bottom line is that when you remove characters from your story for many episodes without explanation, only to conveniently bring them back to have them do something for x reasons, it doesn’t come off as relatable nor believable. This doesn’t apply to characters’ actions, but their interactions too: X guy doesn’t question Y guy’s action only until much further into the story, when it will conveniently trigger something else.

        I’m being picky as you may have realized, but hey, it’s simply what keeps me from saying this show is all gold.

      3. “—Plot armor: Yuki and Yuno always come unscathed after major attacks. This doesn’t apply only to physical danger.
        For example, Fourth declaring those two criminals, only to have everything turn back to normal two episodes later. Sure, Yuki had a little chat with his mother about this later on, but you’d think the consequences in Fourth’s arc could have covered lots more than what it did.”

        That particular example is explained in the manga that the 4th actually confesses everything in a written log about what he was doing as part of his backup plans in case he failed and cleared Yuno and Yuki of all charges. Though Yuno was still being investigated because of the dead bodies and thus we got our hot spring episode.

        “—Plot>character: Characters do what the plot needs them to do, instead of having them being the ones that move the narrative forward.
        It’s a tricky relationship, but the bottom line is that when you remove characters from your story for many episodes without explanation, only to conveniently bring them back to have them do something for x reasons, it doesn’t come off as relatable nor believable. This doesn’t apply to characters’ actions, but their interactions too: X guy doesn’t question Y guy’s action only until much further into the story, when it will conveniently trigger something else.”

        I’m kinda sleepy right now so I can’t remember a particular example of this so could you provide one?

    3. 2) Yuno wants to kill Yukiteru because Yukiteru doesn’t want to kill her, because she would rather play the game w/ Yukiteru again then for them both to be dead.

      3) No. Think that’s a 1 X 1 situation

      4) He didn’t, the future changed.

      5) Because if she stops the game the world ends.

      6) Deus gave her part of his powers, so yes she’s like a demi-god.

    4. “so that her mistress can forever be WITH Yukiteru”
      Thanks for pointing out the typo.

      I really dislike comments that say something along the lines of “yeah, it’s full of plot holes, but nothing is perfect so let’s just enjoy the movie.” The reason why we’re all commenting here is because clearly, just being passive about it isn’t going to float most people’s boats.

      I had the same problems with Death Note too. Everything started out quite awesome-ly, but after a while, the characters (& their corresponding events) just started to get ridiculous and comical. Sometimes even totally going against the main theme. Then the plot twists and turns so that they can quickly “patch things up.”

    5. 1) Pretty much.

      2) Well she basically has to play the game as the world will eventually come to its end and Yuki and her will be participants. She is fine with Yuki existing without her but is not fine with herself existing without Yuki. Thus if she kills Yuki after spending the maximum amount of time with him and continue on to spend the rest of eternity with him in an infinite loop then for someone early on in the time loop equation it seems like a good deal for her.

      3) Everyone generally assumes her powers are reset as well but nothing is directly explained.

      4) Fast fingers I guess.

      5) Deus needs a successor.

      6) Demigod.

  3. Would the world still fall apart if there were no game in this third world? I mean in this world Yuno/god does exist. So when Deus falls apart in the 3rd world there would be a replacement. So it seems as if the way the story is set up there can be multiple gods in existence at the same time. Thus no need for Yuno to kill the Yuki from the second world. If this is the case then the prudent course of action would have been to kill off the mayor before the entire system was devoloped. Thereby negating the “game” so to speak.

    Although it does seem inconsistent that the 2nd world fell apart even though the “god” from the 1st world was in existence in that time plane. Or is there a requirement that the “god” be from the same time plane. If that’s the case then it wouldn’t matter whether 2nd world Yuno kills 3rd world Yuno and takes her place. She still wouldn’t be able to “save ” the world. All she could do is keep the time leap rotation and play the movie ground hog day.

    A couple quick observations-

    It seems Deus did pick up on something when the 2nd world folks made an entrance as there was a status change on a phone. Wonder what this means.

    While conjecture Yuki could do a lot in this timeline to clean up a lot of “crap” that happened to a lot of people.

    I’m really looking forward to the conclusion.

  4. some how I think you mixed up just a part of your explanation…

    spoilers for those who did not read the associated chapter NOR saw this episode
    Show Spoiler ▼

    another thing, the usual bias about original is better than the adoptation is being applied here. xD

    1. It depends on how you look at it, is how I’d answer.

      And how am I being biased in favor of the original? I think my take on the adaptation has been very positive, on the whole. Unless you’re talking about Yunos and not the manga vs. the anime (though I think you’d be wrong there, too).

  5. I like how they avoided time paradoxes by going with the many worlds interpretation in physics. All I gotta say is GO Yuki, I don’t like you very much but at the very least become the shounen hero that Dues in the second world had hoped you to be.

      1. You sure? There are absolutely no more surprises here. Nope, not a one. None at all.

        Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Even after I’ve read the manga a long time ago, I still manage to forget few details of it, regardless how important or minor it is. For this climax however, I just don’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    That said, I’m very happy to see Minene’s back.

    As for the ending, I won’t mind if they change few things as long as it isn’t WAY off from the manga. Like you said Enzo; not necessarily 100% in style

  7. great scott if doc brown, doctor who, & den-o crew saw this yea so what they did time stuff & go like uh onore decade on it?

    flashbacks of yuno started with dead mom, bunny, & 1st yuno axe the 2nd yuno with murmur siding helping 1st yuno.
    now after seeing of yuki still what to do can’t kill yuno.
    yea yuno plan do it again on next world cue calling yuno “insane” see ya next fall.
    yuki falling look like yuno win but yuki climbing to save yuno but fall again.
    suprise our 9th bomber is back with new arm save yuki.
    murmur black balls & missile attack but nothing happen there ok.
    so now another time leap to 3rd world.
    yuki & 9th arrive in 3rd world ask how 9th is ok yea deus doing especially give some deus power to 9th.
    cause deus know murmur’s plans so want 9th to stop them have game all safe.
    now in 3rd world in 2yrs in the past seeing yuno will go after 3rd yuno so save yuno no.3.
    meanwhile 3rd yuno in cage with mom so upset ever more left her in cage & go.
    brief cameo of 3rd world’s 6th-tsubaki & 11th-mayor give 11th all ready show dairy to 3rd deus with 3rd deus notice something.
    yuki & 9th arrive in gasai house give 9th saying don’t change past see 3rd yuno so much pain.
    yea yuki you has to alter the timelines & boom here yuno & murmur.
    make more uh-oh they got 3rd world? yuki’s parents in the ball.
    so 9th & yuki retreat for now with 9th asking what do you want yuno, 3rd yuno, parents, etc?!

    mur-mur extra on doing phone chat with yuno’s mom with mur-mur listen all yuno’s mom probs yea 5 times cause mur-mur only listen to probs yea indeed.

    oh man so much yea i’m so going like what next?

  8. -things start making sense , at last…
    -I told ya to not trust anyone… and especially Murmur!
    -Minene is NOT my waifu – she belongs to someone else, but Deus, I’d gladly take his place (and take the bullets, too…)
    -all the mad scientists of the all universes smiled 😛
    -now we can understand the failure of 11th defences – he was right that all the persons able to open the vault were dead – only one of them was both dead and alive!

  9. Once the main guy, what’s his name, started killing people in cold blood (and he did kill many, including his dear friends) and justifying that with his twisted logic (the “I will make everything back to normal later” crap), this manga and anime went down to the toilet. Then down to the basement for conveniently reviving a dead yet popular character for a cheap plot device purpose and down all the way to the sewage with “`Deleted“`

    Well you may disagree as this is just my opinion and dismay for yet another ruined premise.

    1. I think Yukiteru can still get his wish as Yuno has proven that you can go back on your own timeline. Yukiteru can in theory stop Deus from starting the Servival Game before it happens once he become the new god and present himself as a replacement in the new timeline.

      I’d say finish this series before you write it off since you have apprently been fallowing for 24 episodes.

      1. Let’s call me the victim of losing temptation to the urge to sneak a pick at the available manga from episode 20ish and on.

        Now I am not saying that I know the ending (looking at you, Guardian Enzo!), so everyone relax, ok? I don’t know. Trust me!

        (rather than put people to the trouble of trying to guess if you’re BS-ing or not – and whether your info has any relevance or not – let’s just let them concentrate on what’s happening in the show ~GE)

        now where is my oscar? wink wink nudge nudge. (aw, shucks can’t help the temptation and this line may be my downfall).

    2. wait, what? Even spoiler inside spoiler tag gets deleted??? Guardian Enzo, you run a tight ship around here, eh? What’s the use of spoiler tag then?? I don’t think I’ve seen spoilers in spoiler tags get deleted before.

      1. I’ve said from the start that major, viewer-destroying nuclear spoilers would be deleted even if tagged – and have done so many times. In this case it was more a case of not wanting to see new viewers baited into a guessing game about whether they’re being spoiled or not.

    1. How the heck would I know? 😉 I’m in the same boat you are – just making guesses based on what I see.

      Right now, I would guess it’s going to be pretty faithful, because most of the changes have been stylistic, not contextual.

  10. I haven’t read the rest of the mange (enjoying watching the ending ride) but I’m starting to wonder if your Yuno remembers this encounter in the past that’s happening now. Although you keep going back in time create a new reality, the possibility that Yukiteru interference is what allowed Yuno to start watching him in the first place as her savior.

    I should have know that Minene would be back out of all the players in the second intro Minene, Yukiteru and Yuno were never illustrated in Blue. I kept thinking “why is only Minene’s bombs/smoke screen in blue but not her.” Go kick so ass Minene!!! I doubt that she will last for long however. >_<

    Murumuru is a very, very bad counselor indeed. I was floored to see that section. lol

    1. Oh hey, didn’t notice that in the opening. It’s true that Minene’s colors are inverted, with her being grayscale while the others are in a blue hue. Nice catch.

      Then again, she was given a little more attention than the other diary holders in the first OP (which I am very appreciative of), so it should have been obvious from the beginning that she was a very important character.

  11. So in the world right now are 2 Yukis and 2 Yunos. The 3rd iteration Yuno may actually have a chance to escape her fate of killing her own parents and going crazy. I though Deus brought back 9ths conscience with his attack, guess it was planned further ahead.

    I wonder if 3rd world Yuno could command Murumuru or even call upon Yuno’s power from the 1st world. Yuki still remains indecisive as ever (and hence weak and wimpy). As 9th said, he needs to make it clear to himself what the hell he actually wants rather than act like a kid, wanting his pie while eating it too.

    Final choice may be to decide if he wants to kill 3rd world Yuki and take his place much like Yuno did for the 2nd world. Undoubtedly it is going to be very tempting

    Zaku Fan
  12. Seriously Yukiteru pisses me off even more than Shu.
    I mean he killed a bunch of people, another bunch of people died in front of him including friends and father, even a fucking world, I mean two were destroyed and he still is as pathetic as he was in epi 01, I hate my policy of not dropping stuff, because even without catching a single spoiler I’m not amused by the plot twists, to tell the truth they are rather cliche and weak. And then comes Yuno; I understand that right now she is in god mode (which she shouldn’t be since she hasn’t won this one game yet, but ok I accept she won the first one and all so ok on that), but before that she was just a fucking psycho skinny highschool girl, and still she was depicted stronger than Goku.

    Anger apart, I really can’t understand why so many people like this series, I mean theres gore and psychos, but really? Is it enough?

  13. Heck yeah! Minene. Given that I haven’t really gotten emotionaly invested in any of the characters it surprised me how happy it made me she she showed up. Guess that makes her my favorite.

  14. For me Mirai Nikki is a love story, told in a very twisted way. As we approach the ending, we see the struggle between Yukki and Yuno, and that is basically what this story has all been revolving around if you think about it. Hey, still a better love story than twilight! ^^

  15. Pfft, Ninth? Die? Pfft I knew we’d never lose her. *a single tear betrays the truth* What? No! I knew she wasn’t dead! Really!. *drops the farce* Ohdearduesminenehowi’vemi-iss-iss-ssedyou~ *sobbing mid miss*
    WHOO!!! Get Yuki’s butt in line and fix this mess >D!.

  16. So I am surprised I didn’t see it mentioned in the episode review. But that ending came out of no where. When the ending credits started rolling I thought there was no way that was how the episode ended. Complete cliff hanger wasn’t the issue, it just felt like the episode ended minutes before it should have. You have two characters having a conversation and it just cuts in?

    Then to have my hopes dashed against the rocks. I saw how much time was left after the episode knowing there was no way in hell I had just watched 20 minutes, skipped the end credits and was rewarded with 3 minutes of bad murmur advice. Murmur I think you are now the embodiment of rage for me. You make the perfect villain you adorable rage inducer.

    But seriously, no one else thought the episode felt cut short?

    1. Yeah, I felt that too. You said it yourself: whether it was a cliffhanger or not wasn’t the issue, but instead, the episode ended simply before it should have.

      I don’t know, the only true golden episodes this series has had in my opinion were the first and fifth ones. Asread just dropped the ball with the rest of the adaptation IMO, but they’re not to blame honestly: blame it on the production costs methinks.

      By this point, I’ve surrendered: I’ll just enjoy Mirai Nikki whoever I can, trying to block out the flaws it has (which, unfortunately, are plentiful) 🙁

  17. I was thinking about this today and realized how bad Yuno was tortured. Wouldn’t Yuki killing Yuno be a good thing like putting her out of her misery? Too bad he’s too stupid to realize that.

  18. Yukiteru: “Yuno, you’re insane!”

    Me: No shit, Sherlock. It’s been 24 episodes. Haven’t you learned anything?

    I’m happy at the return of the fan favorite’s Tsundere Terrorist Cosplay Bomber. One does not simply kill off Uryu Minene-sama! =) *And she’s back with super-powers, too!*

    So, let’s have a contest for most hated “mascot character”, MuruMuru vs. Kyuubey. “Demon” vs. Incubator! Take your pick. XD

  19. Oh, forgot to comment on this episode but there’s not really that much left to bring up anyways.

    I like how the scenes with Yuno’s mother were expanded, since it helps to explain her mental state and helps to show that she didn’t just abuse Yuno because she could during her husband’s absence, but rather Yuno was abused because of it. Basically her parents needed to work on their marriage and Yuno got screwed over because of it. It wasn’t quite as clear in the manga as it is here.

    I remember being floored at Minene’s return in the manga and it’s just as magnificent here, especially when MuruMuru’s frustration was being highlighted during their brief fight.

    Also, isn’t it great how Yukiteru was originally a bystander and yet now he’s actively trying and fighting to change the future for the better?


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