「迷い猫オーバーヒート」 (Mayoi Neko Oobaaheeto)
“Stray Cats Overheat”

Ever since the Neighbors Club revealed its plans to film a movie for the Culture Festival, I’ve been wondering how it’d tie into the opening sequence. Because until the end of this episode, it looked like Yozora had somehow concocted an interesting movie that encompassed some of the more interesting aspects from their everyday lives. However, I think it became pretty apparent what’s going to happen next week after discovering that Yozora had plagiarized an entire movie.

That said, I honestly felt that the big reveal this week was a bit of a let down. After episodes of build up and handfuls of hints about the giant misconception bubbling around Kodaka and Sena, I couldn’t get over how lackluster it ended up being. Besides an overly enthusiastic Pegasus and a somewhat erotic looking Sena, there wasn’t much to mark this huge event. And let’s not forget just how quickly Kodaka was to shrug it off — I think the biggest reaction we got from him was an overly raised eyebrow! On the other hand, it was pretty interesting thinking about all the conflicts that are bound to come up now that it’s been revealed that Sena and Kodaka are also childhood friends. Because up until this point, I thought that Yozora had the clear advantage over everyone else with what she shared with Kodaka. But seeing how she’s lost that advantage too, I can only imagine how crazy things might get from here on out.

All in all, even with all of my complaining, this week’s episode still turned out pretty good. There was Rika’s different hairstyles, a completely blown away Yozora, and a super out of place Kobato scene to round out everything. And you know what? After writing for a bit, I think my opinion on that big reveal has changed a little bit. I may have just been a little tired, but it just occurred to me with Sena temporarily out of the way, it looks like a whole new path to Kodaka has opened up. Hopefully this is a path that all of our new characters can use to get some well deserved screen time! (I’m looking at you Kate!)

P.S. Sorry the post is a bit late guys! Been extra busy with work this week and just managed to get some time to finish it up. This week’s question: What’s the most important quality that your best friend/friends have?



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    1. Kodaka had inner monologue about how lucky he is to hang out with her, they did some blushing together and he did not seem all convincing turning down the marriage. I count that as winning some points.

  1. well yea now thing bit more awkward than ever give whole kodaka-sena-yozora give marriage talk & pic showing kodaka & sena as little kiddies.

    yea feel like yozora got wasted on it all.

  2. Kodaka is too dull! Like EXTREMELY

    It seems like everyone more or less knows what is going on, with Kodaka being the exception.
    I felt bad, and sad for Yozora however, its kind of funny seeing her reversing position with Sena.

    1. If you read the Ln’s he’s not as dull as you think, cause the story is from his POV ans he has alot of internal monologue that he knows whats going on, just chooses not to act on it.

      1. Note that this story IS being told from his perspective (actually 3rd person omniscient attached to Kodaka). If he was that dull, WE wouldn’t be able to hear all the girls’ ramblings & murmurs.

    1. Darn, you beat me to it.

      Man it was so damn hilarious how Pegasus not only misunderstood the whole thing, he had to go and tell the whole world about it, which subsequently led to Maria inadvertently dropping such a megaton bombshell on the Neighbours Club.

  3. Kodaka is on a new level of obliviousness… like, I dont know, above and beyond socially blind.
    Poor Yozora… when it rains, it pours. She got robbed of her childhood friend advantage, Sena got upgrade status to fiancee (we all know it’s only an informal agreement between parents, but it IS a status of some bond between her and Kodaka), and now the movie she created was actually blatant rip-off from a cult teen movie. You know it’s like a club making movie with a story about a girl that falls in love in a shiny vampire…
    What? no mention at all of the new character? Yusa Aoi, the fiery redhead speaking with what I have at the start mistaken as the Rie Kugimiya voice? (checked out, she is played by Ise Mariya) She is a true foil to Sena, an ordinary girl hating her completely not deserved success on multiple fronts? I hope for more of her (perhaps joining the Club!)…

    1. I’m not too sad for Yozora to be honest. Can’t really say how things will evolve between her, Sena and Kodaka but after bashing Sena for so long, it feels like karma. I agree, Yusa is adorable! Hope to see more of her ^^

    2. But that’s the thing, Yozora feels that she has lost her advantage, but Sena doesnt even see the fact that she knew Kodaka in the past nor her engagement as an advantage. Yozora has to break away from this cliche preconceived notions about bonds having a certain advantage if your childhood friends if she wants to develop into a better person and have a chance at Kodaka’s heart.

  4. Sena and Kodaka deserve each other imho. I don’t mean it as a bad thing since they already look like an item in many ways. Maria bursting into the room/a scene always bring a smile to my face.

  5. Yozora was really cute in that director’s chair. Love her. Awesome character.

    Sena on the other hand continues to annoy the crap out of me.

    As far as pairings go. Kodaka has a really good natural chemistry with Kate. She may have arrived late in the game, but their relationship just seems to really work.

  6. Sena was really cute in that picture. Love her. Awesome character.

    Yozora on the other hand continues to annoy the crap out of me.

    As far as pairings go. Kodaka has a really good natural chemistry with Kate. She may have arrived late in the game, but their relationship just seems to really work.

  7. So many don’t see that Sena as just as bad as Yozora. She suggest that their class project be about her? She assumes that she got the best grade? She doesn’t even know who the other girls are in her class and doesn’t care who they are, but complains that they don’t like her? I wonder why? /sarc

    Given that we’ve already seen that she doesn’t even pick out her own clothes, I wonder what other “facts” might be lurking about her? Daddy runs the school. She never studies. She is monumentally naive. Have we actually seen something that would imply she’s a genius? Hmmm, could those grades be because the teachers are making sure she wins? Maybe the kids let her win at sports? Wouldn’t that be an interesting turn of events?

    1. Sena being just as bad as Yozora? i cant fully agree with that because while Sena thinks too highly of herself, Yozora is spiteful and a bully, which in my opinion is a hell of a lot worse than being arrogant and full of yourself (not to mention being spiteful and a bully is naturally viewed more negatively). Both of them have their problems but in my opinion Yozora’s outweighs Sena. But i dont think Sena has ever complained about not having any friends, and if this episode is any indication, she doesnt really complain about or care for people who hate her. All she wants are friends who are honest with her, that’s it.

      1. Your wrong about complaining about having no friends. Go back to the first episode where she joined the Friends Club. Her complaint was that she had no female friends and all of the girls hated her. That’s why she joined the club, yet she has no clue why the girls disliked her assuming it was because of her looks, grades and athletic ability. Maybe it was because she’s a bitch?

    2. Hahahahaha truuueee sena can be a bitch (which is a big part of the cynical humor of this show; its hilarious seeing the level of bitch within both Sena and Yozora) but I have recently seen the first episode of the first season, and while Sena did make a comment about having wanting to have female friends and them hating her, it never resembled a “boo hoo, why dont i have any friends i wish these females would like me” type complaint. She, to certain extent, understands why they hate her and wants female friends that will arguably not hate her for who she is. And some of the girls in her class do just hate her just for the sake of hating her; Sena may be a bitch sometimes but even the chicks she aint bitches to hate her i.e Aoi Yusa. I dont think it has ever been explicitly stated that Sena goes out of her way to act like a bitch to her classmates…it’s just that she doesnt give two shits about them and doesnt seem to interact with any of them. Because she doesnt bother to interact with her female classmates or make herself approachable (due to her high opinion of herself) she comes off as a bitch.

      1. You mean the girl who suggested the class project for the festival be about her and how great she was? Yeah, she isn’t a smart ass that looks down on her classmates is she? You don’t have to be the object of her scorn to see how she treats others.

    3. hahaha i found that hilarious that she even made such a suggestion in the first place to have a play based on her…Sena is pitifully self-centered, but see that’s the thing, her attitude about herself has a negatively indirect effect; its more about the outlook she has of life rather than her treatment of others; She doesnt directly attack people, which is why i still feel that she is not as bad as Yozora. Sena made the suggestion to have a play based on her but its not like she tried to bring anyone down when she made that suggestion. Sena is so full of herself past any help at this point (although not without reason; see she’s one of those cocky people who has the skills to back it up…like Kodaka mentioned) that when she made that suggestion, she earnestly thought it was a good idea that would benefit everyone, which made it so much more hilarious. Sena’s attitude doesnt come with an overly negative treatment of others the way Yozora’s does; she’s just a naive girl who kisses her own ass too much. Again, even Yozora’s horrible outlook towards life is hilarious to me and i dont detest her the way others do (although if i met her in real life i probably would) but if i had to weigh the good and bad between Yozora and Sena, it’s Yozora’s sins that tip over the balance for me.

      1. Most people hate people who are too full of themselves.It’s like if your so great why do you need other people to accept you?I’m not picking sides here but people usually like to be treated as equals not viewed as a fanclub.

  8. Take that Takaii and all other Yozora fans, she got double punched, not only is Sena an older childhood friend with Kodaka than Yozora is but she also has/ had fiance status. Actually I think it should be triple punched when Sena showed maturity regarding the matter. Ever since this season started despite Sena being eccentric in her own sense she has been acting more mature than annoying Yozora “Kodaka is my childhood friend” Mikazuki.

  9. I think Yozora may have inadvertantly given herself a new chance. Saying ‘I don’t care anymore’ just might make her ease off the fight with Sena and trying so hard to push people away from Kodaka, becoming more approachable to him. And Sena, who opens their blouse in a church!!!!!!!!

    1. This season her character design trademark is the cardigan. Normally you would take off the cardigan if you are hot. But in anime, you can’t take off your trademark. Therefore the only other option to cool down is to vent. See, totally logical. Yeah, that’s it.

  10. No mention of the poor animation during the chapel scene? Sena’s clothing kept getting rearranged. Please don’t hide the, er, meat once it is revealed. I hope they fix it for the BD releases. Aside from the eye candy during that scene, I thought Kodaka and Sena handled such a big revelation really well. Osananajimi (childhood friend) AND iinazuke (fiance)? That would explain Pegasus’ attitude from the get go, misunderstanding or not. Anyway, interested to see the other girl from the OP show up next.

  11. For those who follow OreShura:
    “Now tell me, which one of these girls do you really like?”
    I’d like to somebody ask the same question to certain other male lead, namely Kodaka from Haganai… Somebody bring Saeko-san!

  12. Ananas

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