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For everyone that thought the first episode was too fast, too rushed, lacking information, confusing and choppy, or just a dump of stuff that happened in 8 volumes, well I’m glad to say that the second episode is not like that. It’s no surprise, but the rest of the anime will not be keeping up at the pace that the first episode was in. Going forward, we’re going to see the “rest” of the story that is new to both new and older viewers of Rozen Maiden. This starts from the second manga series which was also created by Peach-Pit and features a future in which Jun circled “Don’t wind.”. I haven’t read the manga any further than that so I will be speculating a lot along with everyone else. Please use the spoiler tags in the comments (even though I’ll probably read them all anyway =X).

There’s another loner to join the circle this week. Although it’s never fully explained in the first episode Jun is meant to be a young hikikomori in the making and this episode is a good representation of what Jun (Ohsaka Ryota – damn, this guy is everywhere now…) would’ve grown up to be if he hadn’t involved himself with the Rozen Maiden dolls. He does not socialize with anyone, lives alone and even seems to isolate himself from his sister later on in life (which is sad, because I like Nori). I thought this episode was great for new viewers because you really don’t get to see what Jun is like after the dolls steal the spotlight. I don’t think it necessarily shows him as a great individual to bond with – in fact, he seems kind of creepy sitting by himself and scribbling “die” all over his *coughDeathNote. Just kidding… but Jun makes no effort to really leave his comfort zone and thinks of everyone else as “below” him which should also be some sort of complex. It’s harder to get rid of these habits and thoughts, especially when you’re older and these values and ideas are already ingrained in your mind.

Jun’s coworkers are quite two-dimensional this episode and I didn’t get much of a feel for what their role will be. His boss seems to be a typical jerk and quite negligent of his responsibilities. He probably represents just about everyone that Jun has been trying to avoid his entire life. Saitou (Takamori Natsumi) is seemingly like any other girl going to school and trying to earn some money – but that key she wears around her neck has to symbolize something. Perhaps she’s also a medium? Or will become one? If there happens to be any romance in this series, I’d also bet that she becomes Jun’s love interest, but that doesn’t really seem to suit the mood of this story. Saitou also seems like the typical girl that “just so happens” to be captivated by Jun and somehow breaks him out of his shell. I might be wrong, but all signs are pointing that as well.

The kicker at the end had to be the text message sent to Jun (by Jun). It reminds me of D-Mail
The younger Jun states that Kirakishou is basically the strongest doll right now (in his timeline) and Kanaria and himself can’t take her down. The younger Jun also wants to rescue Shinku (although I’m not sure how) and the message cuts off and the tone of the episode totally changes. I wasn’t getting the skin-crawling sensations last episode, but this week reminds me of why I started Rozen Maiden in the first place. There’s this eerie atmosphere that surrounds Jun and his obsession with finishing Shinku, probably because he has nothing else going for him in his life right now but these anonymous packages of doll parts (also creepy?). I love how they’re incorporating the two manga series together and it makes me curious how they’re going to tie or explain those differences in time dimensions. All the while, the gothic feel of the dolls and future Jun makes me weary of his character but it’s also intriguing to see how he has a knack for building dolls. I guess Jun was always destined to be a doll maker and he just can’t escape his role in the Alice Game.

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  1. This must be like FMA Brotherhood, an alternate dimension where we are witnessing a differenent course of events.

    Or it could be like Fate/Stay night and we are seeing a parallel world where we see two different routes.

    1. Well Fate/Stay Night is a game right? So the reason there’s different routes is because there’s different outcomes to the game.

      Rozen Maiden isn’t a game, it’s just a single story line. So to your point, yes it’s like FMA:B because the anime is a remake of the manga… but instead of giving the audience 12-13 eps for recap, RM did it in one ep o_o

      1. Actually this follows the second manga so it’s not a remake at all and fma:brother hood just followed the actual manga while the original fma anime went off and did it’s own thing because of the amnga not being completed.

        So it’s more like fate/stay’s universe

  2. This episode was much better. I think they made a mistake not telling folks that the 1st episode was a recap of what happened the previous 2 seasons. They should have put up a graphic showing it was a recap.

    That key around her neck looks more like a skeleton key then a Rosen doll wind key. Either it goes to something else or her doll has a key thats different then the regular doll wind keys.

    1. The first episode was actually a recap of the first manga series, not necessarily the first 2 seasons of Rozen Maiden. The anime actually deviated a lot from the manga as well (none of the dolls were killed off and made up characters), so if you want to know exactly where the source material is for the first ep – it’s the first 8 volumes of the first manga series =)

  3. Ok….. Seems like CERN has made their presence felt over here and obviously the Steins Gate has been activated.

    Now I need to initiate my Reading Steiner and gather all my lab members.

    Truthfully, I was lost throughout the entire episode but the D mail at the end put things into perspective for me.

  4. 1st episode was indeed crappy. It was more of a recap if anything. And even then it was still confusing.

    But this new episode should be the true beginning of what this series will be. It was expected that the older-Jun would take center stage for this series. But I wasn’t expecting a parallel universe thing happening where the young-Jun would contact the old one. It is gonna be very interesting once Shinku finally arrives.

  5. Not sure if it’s just me, but even though this arc is supposed to be darker, compared to the manga it still seems more moody and grim.

    At least in the manga Jun still made some facial expressions, instead of looking emotionless and disinterested all the time. And I do not recall this happening in the manga.

  6. That cliff hanger was torturous man, when the episode ended the only thing that went through my mind was: “WHY?!” I need the rest of it! Even though I have partially spoiled myself by reading summaries and stuff.

    Speaking of that boss; the fact that his details are practically lower in both quality and quantity just shows how unimportant he is lol. Might as well remove the color from him along with it. Before the episode aired I thought the girl might have been an older Tomoe or Nori, but oh well hope we get to see them again.

  7. Well the first manga series ended with a cliff hanger.
    Since new viewers do not know what happened, they have to pick up the clues from the material of second manga series.

  8. “What a tweeest”, as they say. Although the sudden change in pace and atmosphere from the first episode has clearly jarred with some people, I found it exhilarating, like jumping into a cold, silent pool straight after baking on a hot, crowded beach.

    I worry about Jun’s female co-worker, though, because Jun needs just a few more female body parts to complete his doll…

    1. If you haven’t watched the original 2 seasons of the anime, I would say you should read the first manga series. There’s 8 volumes and it’s basically what happened in the recap episode but with more explanations and more character development =)
      This episode started off with the second manga series.

  9. Last episode did nothing but provide confusion to new and old audience alike. This episode is simply so much better in every possible way.

    Am I the only one thought of they should have just exclude the previous, and release this episode as the first?

    PS: I have seen all season of anime adaption, but not manga reader. Seem like a big change from “causal fantasy” to “heavy plot-driven”, and I like the new directions.

    1. I think the first episode was also to show the audience that they’re not starting from the beginning. Regardless if you’re a new or old viewer, you still need context for the follow-up episodes. If you saw the ending for this episode but didn’t see the recap one, I think more people would be like WTF?
      But I do think it could’ve been handled a lot better >_<

      1. I get what you trying to say, howeverI honestly don’t think more people will went “WTF” than what they did here. Seeing how massively important being first episode of a new anime season, they kinda chose one of the worst options available.

        Since the new season direction is leading towards mystery genre, they could have make use of the “missing link” as plot factor, maybe play some “flash-back” of alternative Jun memories as he making Shinku for over a span of 2+ episodes.

        That being said, damage is done. Sad day for a fan. =/

  10. having not read da manga but being a fan of the first series.. i was bugged out!! pretty trippy, thought i was watching a different freaking show. especially after that first REHASH episode…..curious…..i also thought the first ep shoulda been excluded, well except for maybe the last 6-7 min

    BROOKLYN otaku

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