The very manifestation of evil makes her grand return – Minerva Orland, the former ace of Sabertooth, is back and she’s all set to wreak havoc! Her whereabouts have been utterly unknown until this chapter and it was unquestionably a topic of intense debate among the manga readers – after all, Minerva’s sudden disappearance was misted in askance from day one and her presence was nowhere to be seen during the entire showdown with the dragons!  No question, Minerva is the very definition of a two-faced bitch – calm, confident and beautiful on the front, but cruel, abominable and insidious in the rear! I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a sadist myself – even so, it would certainly be a stretch to say I rejoiced in seeing the sheer brutality that Minerva has displayed and the sight of Lucy being subjected to such horrifying torment was pretty unpleasant to say the least! Minverva’s reappearance has far-reaching implications – for starters, there’s her involvement with the mysterious Dark Guild, Succubus Eyes, and their connection to the Village of the Sun, the same place where Erza & co. have just set foot on. Just who is Succubus Eyes and what are their intentions – none of that has been spelled out yet and your guess is probably as good as anyone’s at this stage. The only thing that I’m remotely assured of at this point is that Minerva’s quest for revenge has been set in motion and she’s certainly not going to let Fairy Tail off easy – of course, the same could be said for Erza & co., and I sure as hell hope they give Minerva a major can of whoop ass for the horrible things she did!

Speaking of the Erza & co., there’s definitely a throwback quality to seeing the main cast as a single unit again – it’s back to basics with Team Natsu and it looks like the new adventure has finally been determined! Their client, Warrod Cken, is certainly a fascinating individual and his many eccentricities were felt early and throughout. Standing tall as one of the Ten Wizard Saints, it’s not just his ludicrous treelike appearance that makes him stick out, Warrod also has the penchant to crack some of the most asinine jokes – they’re so appalling, I can’t help but get a chuckle or two out of it! His affiliation with Fairy Tail has been made apparent and as it turns out, Warrod is one of the original founders of the guild – along with Mavis, Precht and another unknown man. It remains to be seen how this revelation fits into the overall narratives and the point at issue is whether he shares a similar history with Zeref – a connection that was emphasized just recently in Chapter 340! No doubt, there’s more to the frozen Taiyo Village than meets the eyes and I have a sneaking suspicion both Succubus Eyes and the Treasure Hunter Guild, Sylph Labyrinth, have their sights set on the same prize – the “eternal flame” that the giants worshiped! Aptly pointed out by Gray, the giants looked eerily similar to evil demon, Deliora, and it’s certainly conceivable that Zeref could have a hand to play in this conspiracy – Who knows? Zeref might even be the very person who froze the entire village, and a tie-in with the Black Wizard may well be not too far on the horizon!

Random tidbits:

  • A great shout out to RAVE, the very series that made me a fan of Mashima sensei’s work – Erza as Elie, Wendy as Haru and Charle as Plue!
  • It’s huge, it’s tiny!” – I see boob jokes everywhere. I wonder if Mashima sensei is a fan of High School DxD, “Oppai Banzai”!
  • “Let onee san give it a try” – I’m already a huge fan of Kana and her boob-groping antics just made her all the more awesome!
  • Boob-against-boob yuri action is simply the best – I must try to contain my massive nosebleed!
  • “Sigh… talking about cleavages again” – No worries Levy, I’m sure your bust size is, at the very least, superior to Wendy’s!
  • “Uh oh!”, don’t you dare mess with Erza – Her pissed-off face was just priceless!
  • Everyone loves to hang out in Lucy’s room – Another great throwback, good times!
  • Great news! The anime will be making its return very soon – Rest assured that the first episode will be blogged here at Random Curiosity!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 341 to 343: More fanservice & the return of the ultimate bitch. Let the rage begin! #Manga


  1. Quite a surprise to see Minerva back so soon, but on the plus side, we get to see her at Fairy Tail’s mercy all the more sooner. She makes me wonder if Mashima watches the Total Drama series, because if so, I have a very good idea on who Minerva reminds me of…

    Loved the Rave Master scene! I bet it’s Mashima’s way of foreshadowing the Fairy Tail x Rave Master crossover coming soon in August! I can’t wait!

    Flare’s appearance was…random, like that time she was at the pool park and apologized to Lucy for what she did to her. She just pops out in the bathhouse and suddenly Lucy ask’s if she want’s to join Fairy Tail, what with Raven Tail disbanded, but then say’s she didn’t come to join. I may never understand that chick.

    1. I refuse to believe Hiro didn’t have a reason to put in an odd scene like that. When he reintroduces old things at the start of new arcs, it’s a sign that he at least wants to tie them into that arc, or future ones.

    2. Flare’s probably stalking Lucy ufufu~ :3
      I love the shout out to RAVE – it’s a great series and a must-read for those who haven’t. Elie and Haru are simply the best!

  2. Oh yeah, and that nasty tease with Flare not wanting to join Fairy Tail, making a ton of us thinking it would be neat if she really did join.

    Yes, as Juvia says, it’d be redundant to have another evil chick from a rival guild to up and join Fairy Tail because she has nowhere else to go (she made it sound like Raven Tail disbanded, and I didn’t see her guild mark anywhere on her). But then again, like Juvia, I do love her design and would like to see more of it…

    And knowing Hiro Mashima, he’s yet to reintroduce older plot threads at the start of new arcs that he hasn’t at least attempted to work into the story again. I expect more from this odd reappearance. I mean, a (former?) Raven Tail member showing up around the one place Ivan’s been looking for? It’s fishy, I tells ya…

  3. Any theories on what might have happened to Sabertooth’s master (The Akuma-looking dude)? Do you think he’s just MIA at the moment and will make a return or will he be just another character that is forgotten about?

    1. He has not appeared since Sting blasted a hole in his chest, so he may not even be alive.

      But to be honest, I have little interest in him, and I would not expect him to be seen again. He just serves little story-telling purpose besides being a jerk, and we have the alpha bitch Minerva for that already.

  4. Once a Fairy Tail, always a Fairy Tail. Even after 105 years, Warrod is just as wacky as any other member. But it also makes me wonder if he still carries the guild emblem, because if he does then he would be able to see Mavis as well.

    Warrod is one of the original founders of the guild – along with Mavis, Precht and another unknown man.

    The unknown man is likely Makarov’s father. He even has eyes and build like Laxus.

  5. The ultimate bitch indeed, I was enjoying some light air Fairy Tail before she just had to show up…but if she has a new power that’d be stupid even for FT standards, it’s hardly been some time after the grand tournaments for her to learn anything new.

  6. ahhhh rave master; such fond memories…i remember following that show religiously on toonami. I really loved watching the adventures of haru and elie; they really made such a great team/couple

    1. +50 Seishun Points! Elie and Haru are certainly a great couple. Sieg Hart is my favorite character though, which probably explains why I have a soft spot for Jellal :3

    1. LOL, just LOL. Maybe I am more M than I thought 😡
      I’ll definitely blog the first episode, but I didn’t say I’ll commit to picking up the entire series. We’ll see how it works out 😛

  7. I am shocked, that fairy tail’s Gray and Natsu has been like this for like forever. Even Naruto’s Naruto and Sasuke or Bleach’s Ichigo and Uryu made some improvement in terms of relationships. I guess Natsu and Gray will be like this even until they became senior citizens.

    1. Well. At Last they know not to hurt or kill each other. They Hold Back, because they know each others Strength. If it needed, i bet both can combine their Powers. I sense here a Iceflame Dragon Combo Attack, perhaps with a bit Lightning (Ice is frozen Water..)

  8. I am wholly against Minerva ever joining the guild, but in the dynamics it makes sense- the guild doesn’t really have a manipulative, bitchy, team jerk as of right now besides Laxus and Gajeel, and they’re both male.

  9. *Hiro Mashima reviewing Ultear*
    – Very easy on the eyes
    – Very easy on the ears (Miyuki Sawashiro)

    HM: …. not good. Ultear’s gonna own the show. Let’s make her obaba instead.


      1. There you have it, hotness as an argument not to physically hurt someone who is a total bitch and asshole. In truth, its actually a good argument considering how common that logic is used in most media. That and well, usually violence being moral apprehensive by default, except for humor against acceptable targets and bad guys doing bad things.

  10. Minerva appearing that soon again is great, shes one of my favorite characters. I hope she will join FT one day, she and Erza would be a great combo of catastrophe. And it would be very funny for all the spectators seeing Minerva toying with Erza all buddylike ^^

  11. Is it just me or did Lucy her boobs increase in size the last 6 or 7 chapters?

    And if both gray and natsu can’t get those giants out of the ice, it makes one wonder if it has any relation to iced shell.

  12. It’s Nice to see the Story unfold. But i hope that the Ecci dont take the best part of what makes this Mange/Anime so nice. If they are just there to catch “Ecci” Fans, then i should look Highschool DxD

    So, dont sell Fairy Tail’s Soul to Ecci. Onegai

  13. Haha I enjoyed the chapters and not just because of fanservice. Warrod is an awesome character, I’d really love to find out whether he was just being modest about being the weak one and see him in combat!

    I was also surprised to see Minerva back so soon, usually characters reappear each second arc. Well, looking forward to see how this plays out!

  14. Erza has some priceless faces this week and I have to say, the triple dose of FT recently has been awesome, will be sad to see it end. Anyway, shocked to see Minerva back but am anxious to see where this leads. Lets not forget that Lucy deserves some payback from their previous fight and I reckon Natsu has a thing or two to ‘talk’ to her about, namely hurting his friends and other assorted innocents. Not sure how Zeref fits into this yet, if at all, but if he is absent from this arc, be it big or small, I feel that Minerva may just take center stage as villain this time around. Of course, we don’t know what she’s planning or if she’s working for someone even worse…can’t wait for next week! FT all the way!

    P.S. A couple of thoughts:
    Warrod Cken (forgive any mispelling) being one of the original FT’s was a lovely touch.
    And most importantly, there were several nosebleeds this week.

    1. I’ll most certainly blog the first episode – as for picking up the entire series, I can’t promise anything just yet. Maybe I’ll blog the first few and gauge the reader’s response from there, will see how it works out 😉

  15. Fairy Tail plot roller coaster:
    1. Exposition (usually ok)
    2. Inexplicable fanservice chapter (great)
    3. Every bad guy of the arc appears out of thin air and battles begin immediately (one of the reasons the overall plot is so bad)
    4. Bad guys are built up as way stronger but then Fairy Tail dominates and wins with one strike because friendship (Mashima does this all wrong and power levels make no sense because of this)
    5. Former villains all become good guys or are revealed to be Jellal (why?)
    6. Former villains go into ridiculous and unnecessary slapstick comedy routine that poisons their character design (why?)
    7. Party/fanservice chapter (usually ok)
    8. Next wave of villains appears out of thin fucking air with no transition at all

    1 & 2, checked.
    3 is ongoing.

  16. If Minerva gets beaten again by erza, i will be so pissed. I mean erza got a powerup last time out of fucking thin air and only a sentence explanation for that. She became a demi god. She actually can defy any magic with that i dont even understand man!! Now, mahima has brought her back..i sure hope she lets minerva win this time. I mean fairy tail always wins with thier nakama powers. it’s ridiculous.


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