「強い敵、現れました!」 (Kyōiteki, Arawaremashita!)
“A Powerful Enemy Appears!”

Clearly, there’s a story of conspiracy playing out here – the miscreant has finally bared its fangs, and a simple act of larceny has proven to be so much more than just that! Kokabiel (Yasumoto Hiroki) has grand plans – that much is certain, but his true intention is not exactly what I had in mind – the ten-winged rapscallion intends to reignite a three-way war that pits the Angel, Devil and Fallen Angel against each other! It’s safe to say the ensuing clash is not going to be like anything we’ve seen thus far – Kokabiel’s belligerence is nothing short of apparent, and the sheer might that he enjoys is probably not a fluke either! Freed Sellzen and his arsenal of stolen Excaliburs are already quite a handful – and now that the identity of his wire-puller has been revealed, the entire machination has just become all the more imposing! I suspect the Excaliburs might still have a critical role to play in this collusion, and that’s presumably where Balba Galilei (Tsuda Eizou) comes into the picture. He is, after all, the man behind the Holy Sword Experiment and by extension, the very person that Yuuto wants to wreak vengeance upon! I hope Yuuto can truly find a peace of mind when the dust is settled – his dreary past is a fine state of affairs to say the least, and the forthcoming showdown is most likely the big stage where Prince Charming will get to settle his score!

Yuuto’s blatant act of dissidence is evidently a cause for concern – and as if that alone wasn’t disconcerting enough, Issei and Koneko have decided to embark on their own path of double-dealing. To be sure, those two did have their hearts at the right place, but such betrayal of trust is no laughing matter – and unfortunately for Issei, he has to learn this lesson the hard way! I’ve made clear from day one that Rias is the apple of my eye – smart, elegant and sultry, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say she embodies the girl of my dreams! Rias sempai’s striking appearance is pretty much self-explanatory, but the crimson-haired princess is not just a shallow sex symbol – in fact, what makes her particularly stand out is her steadfast fortitude and unswerving compassion! Rias obviously sees her peerage as more than just mere servants – she cares for them deeply, and for all her rigor and conscientiousness, Rias does have their best interest in mind! That said, a defiance is still a defiance, and there’s not a snowball chance in hell that Issei was going to get off scot-free – a series of spanks is hardly the worst thing that can happen, especially since Issei was lucky enough to receive an affectionate hug right before his punishment! Saji, on the other hand, was not nearly as fortunate – Souna’s no-nonsense approach is reminiscent to that of a stern parent, and she was quick to give her pawn one hell of a going-over for his missteps! Rias and Souna are both attractive in their own rights, but the stark contrast that exists between those two is also somewhat staggering – whether it’s their preferred modus operandi or the disparity of their boob size, the incessant rivalry that prevails pretty much speaks for itself!

Rias will always be my number-one girl, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to make eyes at the rest – after all, High School DxD is the epitome of ecchi and it boasts a harem of eye-candies that comes in a whole slew! We have known right from the beginning that Issei is an out-and-out mega pervert, but who knew his prurient ventures have evolved into a new branch of ology – an extensive insight into the very fabrication of oppai! For those of you who have had your fair share of dalliance, you would have figured out by now that there’s rarely a boob which is completely synonymous – they come in different shapes, colors, sizes and textures, sometimes there’s even a “beauty mark” to spice things up! When it comes to the exquisite buxomness, Rias and Akeno are indisputably in a league of their own – but if the puerile variety suits your taste better, there’s always the dewy-eyed Asia to get you going! Not to be overshadowed by Rias, Asia’s apron-clad adventure was quite a spectacle to say the least – the sight of her delicate ass, an asset that she so proudly flaunts, is bound to induce waves of nosebleeds all across the board! It really doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of ecchi or not, there’s no denying that High School DxD is a rather elaborate piece of work – a bunch of new names were being throw around in this episode and among them, Azazel is the one that especially stands out! Both a pacifist and a fanatic who is obsessed with Sacred Gears – the aforementioned Fallen Angel certainly has quite a repute! It’s not entirely clear if he’ll make an appearance or not – but even if he doesn’t, there’s more than enough going on here to keep me on the edge of my seat. Whether it’s Kokabiel’s grand assault, Yuuto’s quest for revenge or Xenovia’s next course of actionHigh School DxD is unquestionably firing on all cylinders and I can’t wait to see what Ichiei sensei has in store for us next week!

Random tidbits:

  • Boob-bumps” are simply the very best, especially when they’re covered in nothing but aprons – Admit it, I know you’ve replayed this scene more than once!
  • “Her back is completely defenseless” – Asia would make such a great succubus, that ass alone is worth a million!
  • “Let okaa sama help you get dressed” – Issei’s mom knows what’s best for her son! A good relationship with the in-laws is always key, especially when you’re building a harem.
  • “Rias sempai’s wins in firmness, but Akeno san’s slightly softer” – I would like to applaud the artists and animators for their exquisite artwork. The attention to details is quite something!
  • “The tip is perfectly balanced on her areola, just like a Yamato Nadeshiko’s” – I can’t help but wonder what would it be like to hold Akeno’s boobs in my hands!
  • Hubba-hubba! This is a great shot of Tsubaki – She looks so much better without her glasses!
  • Lo and behold, the combat leotard also has a build-in boob zipper – If I may say so, this get-up is prime for cosplaying, especially in the bedroom!
  • Ouch! Embrace your inner masochist” – Rias sempai can spank me all she wants! Koneko chan deserves a good spanking for being such a naughty girl!
  • “Don’t you ever say his name in front of me, bitch!” – Matsuoka Yoshitsugu is doing a bang-up job as the voice Freed Sellzen. The high pitch of his voice captures the frenzy and mania extremely well!
  • Issei’s client looks like a younger version of Nanbu KyousukeTaiyo, a commeter and presumably a fan of SRW, was kind enough to point this out. Keep the comments coming guys!
  • Question of the week – What’s your favorite cup size? I’ll be honest – I like them big, somewhere between C and DD would be nice!
  • Sorry for the slight delay in putting up this post! I was in between airports and flights in the last few days – four cities in five days makes a pretty hectic schedule!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – High School #DxD NEW 04: An extensive insight into the very fabrication of oppai, and a story of conspiracy that is slowly playing out – High School DxD is firing on all cylinders! #Anime
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  1. https://randomc.net/image/High%20School%20DxD/High%20School%20DxD%20NEW%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2019.jpg
    Internet is for aPRONs!
    Asia definitely would make career as Succubus… if she only wanted…
    Warld War Three(some) is about to break out unless our crew of Devils and Church servants will stop it somehow. Yuuto, time to save the world with power of H!

  2. This show is getting better by the minute. I feel sorry for Saji that he fell in love to a sadistic and strict boss. Perhaps it’s in his mind, but I think that she has her S&M get-up somewhere. (Not the song fools)

    We need more Issei type characters on every harem type shows For The Win!

      1. That would explain many of Asias and Yuuto’s Path. If this Show will ever live Long as Animation, to solve this Secret, i curious to know it

        Yuuto from “Light” taken into “Dark” care. Same for Asia. I dont know the Manga. But would it not be an interesting Plot line? And dont be Shy, even Angel’s was drawn with many “Fanservice” in the Past (Well what was allowed at that Time of course)

      1. Well, they rebelled against Good, because he give the Human a Soul and Free Will. So, after a fight. they where town out of Heaven into Hell. So even Angels are not immunize against Envy. Do Demons feeling Love?

  3. well give before search two church girls tell issei the white dragon is unleash & oh while search here freed again still nutty give going unlimited blades til freed got help valper to make freed used the sword more powerful.

    cue retreat yet kiba & two chruch girls chase them & oh here rias, akeno, & student council give issei & council pawn the “spank” of a thousand.

    then rough night here asia in apron then rias do the same well give bit tempt yet still worry on where kiba?

    then do search found orange hair church girl hurt then get her to recovery yet here nut-freed & he worked with kokabiel who behind this sword & give more to freed.

    cause doing to start a total war & making whole city a warzone to it all so chase is on at the school for to now trying to stop a war to start.

    1. No kidding; the english dub was even more crude and hilarious than the sub (of course as Jamie Marchi was also responsible for the superior Panty and Stocking Dub); Jamie Marchi does a great job as Rias and Chloe Daniels was superb as Asia.

      1. Figures; i kept saying to myself that she sounds so much like Leah Clark. It’s no wonder why I found her to be good as Leah Clark is one of Funimation’s best voice actress’.

  4. Did the LN ever specify how Yuuto came to be involved with the Holy Sword experiments as a child?

    Like, was he a Church orphan conscripted into the experiments, or did his parents/guardians volunteer him? Or did he volunteer himself as a child?

    Just would like some clarifications from any LN readers, thanks.

    1. I’m pretty sure how he came to be involved was never mentioned.

      Then again, the last time I read the relevant volumes I was paying more attention to fixing the British spelling/grammar, so I may have missed something, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t. >.>

  5. My favourite cup size is C, B is too small and D is too big.
    Don’t kill yourself blogging, Seishun, you’re doing so much for the site already . I love your writing, keep up the good work.


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